Gone To The Dogs: Steve and Corey Talk Stud Dogs

Show Notes

The bees are humming and the hoot owls are wondering who’s doing the cookin’ in this episode from the front porch as Cary returns to the Gone To The Dog Podcast after welcoming a new daughter into the Gruber household.

While he was gone, Corey joined the fund-raising ranks with his involvement in a charity called Wags for Kids.  His plan involves raising money for deserving kids needing therapy dogs and such and it produced the idea of a coonhound stud dog auction.   Thirty owners agreed to provide stud service on social media to the highest bidder with all proceeds going to the benefit.  The plan is working great and the boys talk about that in this episode which naturally leads into a much broader discussion of the ins and outs of running a stud dog in today’s tree dog market.

The discussion runs the gamut of pros and cons and provides a lot of insight and information for anyone thinking of putting a nice hound up for public stud.  Pull up and rocker, sharpen up your Ticonderoga #2 and let’s talk stud dogs with Corey and Steve.

Show Transcript