Gone to the Dogs, Tree Dogs That Is

Show Notes

Todays episode dives into the true meaning of a tree dog.  Everyone has their own idea of what makes a tree dog, so today Steve and Corey give their two cents.

“A brace of cane-backed rocking chairs invited the pair with oaken arms and soon the rough-sawn wood floor was creaking with the ebb and flow of their rocking.”  Taken from “Too Old To Quit,” an essay from his Gone To The Dogs – A Coon Hunter’s Journey book by Steve Fielder.

In this week’s episode, Steve and Corey participate in some summertime front porch-sitting and the conversation turns to the core of the sport of hunting furbearers with the quintessential tree dog.

As sure as pointing dogs point birds and waterfowl dogs retrieve ducks, tree dogs tree game.  Tree dogs come in all sizes, styles, mouths and a plethora of preferences by the hunters that follow them. 

How long is long enough to stay treed? What is locating ability?  Are layup dogs really just hot-nosed dogs that work air currents instead of scent on the ground?  Which is more preferred, a chop-mouth or a bawl-mouth tree dog and is there really a difference are but a few of the subjects explored.

If you consider yourself a tree dog man, we’ve got the tree.  We just need you to help us find what’s up it this episode.  

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