Grizzly Attack with Dr. Bradley Johnson

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Dr. Bradley Johnson and his three friends embark on an annual adventure into the Beartooth Mountains of Montana. The signs at the trailhead caution folks to “Be Bear Aware”, yet in the past, Brad and his cohorts have had only one encounter with a Black Bear. Despite the low odds of an attack, they arm themselves with bear spray. 

During the final stretch of the 8 mile hike to their chosen camp site, Brad is anxious to get there and pushes forward, separating him from the rest of the crew. As he begins to crest the final summit, he spots not one, but two Grizzly Bears no more than 30 yards away. Before Brad can formulate a plan to distance himself, he can quickly see they are both in a full charge. As he scrambles to remove the safety of the bear spray, a lesson learned from childhood prompts him to make his next move. A move that very well played a role in saving his life. 

As the rest of the story unfolds, it can only be explained as a series of miracles. Brad gives credit to the strength and wisdom that GOD gave to all of those involved in ensuring his survival. This gripping story will have you on the edge of your seat. 

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] So there's the lake, and we're down on one end. We gotta go up along the mountain to get to the other side to where, this campsite was on the way up. And I get a ways away from 'em, and I think it was about a quarter mile in terms of how far I was ahead of 'em. I come up over this ridge and off to my right, there's two grizzly bears and they're only 30 feet from me and they're at a full charge.

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Thank you all for joining us today. You can find the video version of this episode on our Vapor Trail YouTube channel, so please head on over and subscribe today. Our guest is Dr. Bradley Johnson. He is an avid outdoorsman and experienced backpacker. Dr. Johnson is also Rory's ear, nose, and throat specialist.

And the reason he is here is because he has an incredible story to tell. Thanks for being here, doc. How are you? Yeah, I'm doing well. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Awesome. Yeah, for sure. Awesome. Thanks Rory for being back. Welcome back, man. Yeah, no, I'm glad to be back. And I also wanna disclose that, I'll sign whatever we need to so we don't violate any HIPAA laws.

If you wanna share about the t I'm not too worried. I was asking him about that. So yeah, Rory will jump [00:02:00] in and tell us how you two met and How we're here on a podcast now. Yeah. From doctor and patient to outdoors. Right on. I've lived in Texas my whole life up until three and a half years ago.

And so every year, I don't know if it's just the different humidity levels and the different, like pollen and dust and different plants in the air, but my Texan sinuses couldn't take it. And so I was getting sinus infections every year. And then I finally was like, okay, I gotta do something about it.

So made appointment and went and saw Dr. Bradley Johnson and he recommended some, a treatment. So I had sinus surgery done, and I must say total game changer. I, right now I. Have not had an infection since. I can breathe normal and yeah, it feels like I got two pipes going in, and so I can breathe clearly.

Not only that, oh my gosh, I didn't even think about it. My wife, because I don't do cardio a lot, but then I'll, if we have chance, we have a two [00:03:00] year and a four year old, so you can only do so much. With working out she was praising me for doing two miles yesterday out of the blue, and she was like, oh my gosh.

I, I I didn't think you were gonna last, honestly, because she's quite a bit and yeah, I don't know if that's a side effect that's a benefit or not. I'll take it. I'll take it. Okay. Yeah, for sure. But yeah. Do you wanna tell us a little bit about your practice? Yeah, no, I've got this amazing story.

We'll get into that in a little bit, but I just, when I was talking with you in the office, I think you had some camo on or something, and I'm like, this guy's an outdoors man. I you love this story. And we have a, I've just got a little website that I put it out on where, our church's made up a 30 minute video, which is awesome.

Awesome. And it really goes over the whole thing and it's been a nice way to share it easily, and so I think I gave that to you and then I think you're like, yeah, this is pretty, pretty amazing. Yeah. So I, I remember the first time I was sitting in your office and you turned around and you were going to type something on the computer and [00:04:00] I saw your gnarly scar.

And like ever since a kid, I was always been a fascinated, scars love them. Like all kids in college when they're like, oh, I got this tattoo, I got this. That I was always like, I'm looking up scarification. Anyway, just always loved it. So when I saw your scar, I was like, wow that's pretty gnarly.

I don't know what happened to you, but Yeah. Jump ahead to my anesthesia cocktail waking up. Exactly. Yeah. That's when I, we got going down the road as far as what happened and you were telling me and I was just like, wow. And luckily my wife wrote it down Oh yeah.

As far as the website this time. And yeah, I just thought it was too incredible of a story. And so again, that's why we went. To have you on the show. Yeah. So thank you for being here. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah as, as far as that goes, yeah take your time. Let's just, dip our toes in the water as far as, your trip and how one thing led to another.

Yeah, sure. I've got three kids and we've been involved in church and we've got a group of maybe eight or nine of us that we've all done life with, and you try to [00:05:00] get away on vacations with guys just to feel like you're not living if you're not doing something, so we've done a lot of different things. We went to the boundary waters a few times, and then in, oh, Nine, I think was the first time we went out to the Bear Tooth Mountains. So this is right outside of Red Lodge in between Red Lodge and Yellowstone. And that was the first time I've ever been out there.

And it was pretty amazing. And at that time we didn't, we didn't see any bears or anything like that. We, and then we went again a few years later and then about five years later, this is when this all happened. And so myself and three other good friends, we all decided, yeah, we're gonna go back there, we're gonna do this.

And 'cause it'd been a while. And, again, I've was really crazy busy with work way too busy. And, you, you realize if you don't take time, you know your time's gonna be done and you won't be able to do stuff. Absolutely. And yeah. We say, yeah, we're gonna do this.

And so it's myself my friend Justin Reed, who's a [00:06:00] fire captain in the Minneapolis Fire Department, and then Tom Thiry and Todd Green. And so we the way the trip works, we pack everything up and we drive out after work so we don't have to miss a day and drive through the night.

So we're real rested when we get there, and one of the, the funny stories, as I'm, making my list of things to do or to get is I gotta get some bear spray because the trip before we did see a black bear and we came over this little ridge and, it was, probably 40 yards away, so not very far.

But and this black bear is just ripping apart a tree, getting into the grubs and stuff. And it saw us and just ran. It's right up the mountain, I was amazed how quick they can go. But we're like, yeah, I should probably get some bear spray. So I'm at the store getting the bear spray and I'm on the phone with Tom and I didn't know it comes in two sizes, and I don't know is exactly what the size is, like it eight ounce and a 12 ouncer.

And I'm like, yeah, I wouldn't [00:07:00] that suck if you're basically getting ripped apart by a bear and you figure it out, you should have got the 12 ouncer instead of the eight ouncer. I got the 12 ouncer, but it didn't help me out at all. But yeah, we drive through the night, we each take chance or chances turns driving and we arrive in Red Lodge at about seven o'clock.

We have breakfast and I took a picture of my breakfast, which was, just a omelet and some pancakes and I sent it to my wife and it was for telling, maybe 'cause I said my last meal. And I sent that off. And then as soon as you leave Red Lodge, you drive up into the mountain.

So you lose cell service, like five minutes outta Red Lodge. And then we have 45 minutes, maybe an hour to drive to the trailhead. So you gotta go up into the mountains, all these switchbacks and everything. And then you get to, I don't know, 9,000 feet or more. I don't know exactly what it is. And sorry to stop you.

Did you actually text that to your wife and say that? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Okay. Yeah so yeah, so we drive up there, get to the trailhead, maybe at [00:08:00] nine o'clock or so, and we haven't, you really don't sleep when you're driving in a car, riding in a car and we haven't acclimated to the, we're going from Minnesota to 9,000 feet like that.

And so we're all, in tip chop shape. But but yeah, so we pack up our gear, and. I'm not a very efficient packer just because, I'm packing my bag and I'm like, I gotta make this light 'cause I gotta carry this. But then there's always that little thing, you're like, oh, I might need that.

Which you never really do, but, and then I got an extra, 20 pounds on my pack. So my pack is at least 60, 65, 70 pounds with the water and everything. But it's huge. It's up over the top of my head. Which was actually probably saved me. And I had one of these jet boil canister things, boils water real quick.

And that was on the very, very top 'cause I couldn't fit it anywhere else. And so I'll get our packs on and I'm actually holding my bear spray in my hand the whole time. 'cause I didn't have anywhere else to put it basically. So we [00:09:00] hike in and, you go up and over a bunch of mountains to get to this lake that we're gonna go to.

And this lake is about eight miles in. And we're just sucking wind the whole time. The first mile, it's like you got this pounding headache, you just are, you think you're gonna die, and then you ease into it. You get into it, but but yeah, it takes us probably, I don't know, four or five hours to get to, within a half mile of where we're gonna be.

And my friend Todd Green, he worked for an audio visual company. And he thought that this was this great idea that he's got this big camera bag and he's got this camera and it's got a pretty cool fisheye lens on it and everything. And he's I'm gonna bring this 'cause it's gonna counterweight the, my backpack and make it lighter.

And I'm like, I don't think that's how physics works, but whatever. And and he's struggling and the whole time I'm offering it to take it for him and he's just not having it. And on that last thing he we're sitting on this big [00:10:00] piece of granite and he takes it off and I just grab it and put it on and he's give it back.

And I'm just walk away, and so there's the lake and, we're down on one end. We gotta go up along the mountain to get to the other side to where, this campsite was, which was great 'cause it had a river that was flowing into it. And so on the way up, I'm like, I'm sucking it up.

I'm not stopping anymore. I'm just gonna get there and when they find, get catch up to me, that's great. 'cause everyone knew where they're, we were going. And so I get going and I get a ways away from 'em. And I think it was about a quarter mile, when we distanced it out in terms of how far I was ahead of 'em.

And I come up over this ridge and off to my right. There's two grizzly bears both the same size. So I don't think it was mother, daughter or mother kid. And they're only 30 feet from me and they're at a full charge. We'll be right back.[00:11:00]

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There's not, the picture in the movie where they stand up and go r it's just, there're at me and just, I'm like, just immediate like that right away. Immediate. Yeah. Wow. No. I didn't hear anything except, when I saw 'em coming and so they're at a full charge and I'm like trying to make myself, I, first of all, I'm like, what the heck's going on?

And I'm trying to like, [00:12:00] make myself big and I'm not that big a guy, but, and I'm yelling and screaming and they're no stop. And it, I, it is probably like five, six seconds be between, when they close the gap on me and I'm trying to get the cap off my bear spray, which I've been carrying in my hand very smartly.

Yeah. But I can't get it off. It's basically, and it finally, the bears from, it's about five, seven feet from me, the closest one. And, out of frustration, I just chucked the can as hard as I can right at this bear's head. Oh no. But you know how you throw something in the wastebasket, you're two feet away and you miss somehow.

It went, sailed right over its head and I'm like, you gotta be kidding me. And so when I was younger, we would, we'd go out west with my parents and we'd go to the ranger station. They showed you, films at that point, the reels, and you thought, 'cause I'm old, and you thought this is the coolest thing.

But they tell you, when you're getting attacked by a grizzly, you're supposed to go [00:13:00] face down, and just pretend you're dead. And I'm like, how do you do that when you're getting ripped apart? But but that's what I did. I turned my back to the bear and then I don't know if I have, jumped on the ground or if the bear pushed me to the ground.

I'm not sure which And then I just kinda laid there and, I'm sure it was just a matter of seconds, but it feel like, felt like a lot more. I I've got a couple dogs. They're small dogs, they sniff around at things and, I think only one bear attacked me.

I don't know, I face down for the whole thing, but it's rooting around, it's sniffing, underneath my arm on this right side here. And and then all of a sudden, it just locks in and it basically rips out my lat and Wow. Basically grabs my shoulder and it pulls me off the trail. And I've never had pain like that before.

I've broken some limbs, had some cuts and stuff, but when you say pull you off the trail, he's dragging you? Yeah I figure I'm like the dog's toy, basically [00:14:00] getting pulled off the trail and so I'm hearing. My bones basically crunching and cracking. And so it crushed my scapula there, tore out my lat, and then it got up in here.

And there's a nerve that controls your pinky and your fourth finger there. And so it damaged that as well. And so that part took a minute or two. It's hard to say, but I made this noise. I've never heard myself, and I don't think I could make it if I tried. It's this high pitch, just scream, but it's very primal. Oh my goodness. Yeah. And I'm like I remember just vividly what is that? But I'm screaming and it's like the worst pain I've ever had. And I'm face down and as it, lets go, I turn my head to the right and I see this huge gush of blood and I'm a physician.

I'm like, what Must have evolved or ripped an artery and I'm just gonna bleed out. Up here. And And then, and then I go silent [00:15:00] and I'm just wondering what's next? And initially I thought it was sitting on me, but I think it's just had its front paws on me moving around me and, seeing what's going on.

And one of, I don't know if it was a claw or tooth, that went through that jet boil that was on the top of my head. I really, that my pack saved my life for sure. And then maybe a minute later, then it goes into the left side. And again, that side actually was worse than the right, so it got me a little higher.

I don't have a deltoid anymore. It crushed my scapula on that side. And then it ripped out my tricep as well. Oh my. And broke my elbow and This is all with its mouth. Oh yeah. This is not claws on you, my God. And that side I think lasted longer. It was far more painful. And at that point, I'm ashamed to say it, but I yelled out, kill me because it's basically I would never do well in torture because I can't imagine [00:16:00] the things on tv, yeah. I'd give it up right away. But it felt like you were being eaten alive. Oh, absolutely. 'cause I was, and and then, that part lasted, seemed like a couple minutes. And then it let go. And I'm just laying there, and I'm sure I'm in a state of shock. And I'm just waiting for what is next and for whatever reason they left.

My friends that are a quarter mile away, they heard. A noise initially, and they thought it was like I came upon a Turkey vulture or something like that, that was squawking, and then the second time I think they heard it was my voice, that they're like, that's a human voice.

And so my friend Justin, he comes running and I'm pulled off the trail. So he runs past me and initially, and somehow he sees me. He's the fire captain. Yeah. He's glances outta the corner of eye and sees me there. And I'm certain that I'm gonna die. I, the, i, the pain that [00:17:00] I had, it just never left.

It was just the worst pain I've ever had, and it just never let up. But I'm laying, it's almost like a dinosaur. Your arms are all crippled. 'cause I don't have a rotator cuff. I don't have, and I'm just like laying on my stomach and I'm got a trapped by this backpack on my back.

And, but I'm. I'm telling these, as the other two get there, I'm telling 'em, just leave me here. I'm dying. I'm dead. Save yourselves. 'cause in my mind I'm thinking the bears are coming back and they're gonna get you guys too. But and at that point I asked, I asked them to, to get off the camera, to record my last words to my kids and my wife.

Geez. And I was disappointed 'cause I wanted something a little bit more poignant, but all I could say is, Miranda, Hailey, Ian, Elise, mom and dad, I love you and I'll see you in heaven. And that's basically all I got out. And my, my friend Justin, the [00:18:00] fire captain, he had some gauze and so he knows first aid from being a fire captain.

They're usually first responders, so he packed the wounds and and initially they thought we're gonna carry you out, which, is even being in shock. I knew you're not gonna carry me out. You guys barely got here to begin with. Yeah. Like they're all cramping up and but they made this gurney and as Todd, he goes out into the woods to get, some pine trees to make this gurney.

And he's out in the woods, he hears some rustling and he's telling everyone to be quiet. And then later he talked to the game warden. He is yeah, the bears are probably still there watching you guys. Wow. But then he makes this gurney and they put me on it a couple times, which was just, it was awful.

Can't imagine my whole pain. It's just like they throw you down, oh, it didn't work. We'll try it again, deal. So then they came up with the idea where Todd and Tom were gonna run out, and then Justin would be with me to take care of me, and [00:19:00] throughout this whole time, like even during the malling, I just, I never lost consciousness or anything.

It would've been nice, but I'm just I'm there. And as a physician you know this is bad Things that can happen is, my breathing was extremely erratic. I couldn't control my breathing at all. There were times where I'd go, breath every 20, 30 seconds and I'm like that's usually means you're gonna die, kind of deal.

And so for the first two, two and a half hours, I was really, I'd made my peace with God, and I just knew that, this was it. So Todd had brought a whistle with which was smart, and then Tom and Todd ran out. They just grabbed a couple things, which, in hindsight probably wasn't the brightest idea 'cause they didn't quite know exactly where they were going.

But Todd's blowing the whistle. Tom's in front of 'em and they're starting to run out. But they're cramping up the whole time. The adrenaline only lasts for so [00:20:00] long. And then Justin's with me and Justin's looking around. It's pretty eerie, and after seeing that, I'm sure Tom and Todd just thought every little corner, there's a bear waiting to get you kind of deal.

Oh yeah. But Justin, feels like we gotta get to a different place, which was probably pretty smart 'cause we left all our packs there and I. Somehow he pulls me up by my waist and says, you gotta walk for me. And somewhere along the line, I got the, one of the bears got my hip here.

It's got a, I got a cool, it looks like a smile on my wife is the only one that can see that one. But and then I got some abrasions and some claw marks on the legs that but somehow he was able to get me to walk. And I walked that quarter of a mile basically. And then, I basically almost passed out.

I'm like, I'm blacking out here. We gotta, and so he laid me down and had my feet up to get the blood to my heart. And I'm just looking up and looking through the pine trees and thinking, [00:21:00] oh, this would be beautiful if, and basically just waiting to die, and I just pray for my wife, my kids, and that's, and then just kinda waited for death to happen.

And and then Tom and Todd, so they're going out and they're cramping up and they maybe were gone. They maybe made it, actually it was probably right around three fourths of a mile. And Tom has a cousin who's a trail runner, and they're basically a mountain runner that runs through the mountains for fun.

I don't understand it myself, but those people are nuts. Yeah. I run into him, but but he's praying, he's saying, Lord, please help us to find someone who can get us out faster, like a trail runner. And Todd's in the back thinking, why do you gotta be so specific? Just, someone who gonna get out faster.

And they get about three, three quarters of a mile down the way. And there's these two dogs that are, out in front of 'em. And then just right behind them is, Katie and Dusty, and they're she's actually a trail [00:22:00] runner and dusty is her boyfriend. And they're like, Tom's trying to tell 'em what happened and we gotta get out and we gotta get a helicopter.

And and they're like okay, let's go. And so they go with them maybe three, 400 yards and Katie looks back and is we can get out a lot faster without you guys. And Todd's yeah go. And so almost the same exact thing that, Tom was praying and so they run out. And and then Tom and Todd are like do we go back?

Do we keep going out? And they're like we should probably keep going out just in case. In case, they don't make it for whatever reason. Yeah. Can I just for the viewers and listeners here, I so the reason that you have to have runners go out is 'cause they, there's no cell service.

Oh, absolutely. Yeah. You leave Red Lodge, there's no cell service. Red Lodge is about a 45 minute hours drive from, cell service. And and I didn't have a sad phone or any of that sort of thing, which I do now. And so then [00:23:00] Justin and I are there and Justin goes back and forth to the attack site, three or four different times to get different things such as water and, I was just wearing shorts and a t-shirt and and so he's getting blankets and everything that's sleeping bags or whatever to, keep me warm 'cause I'm shivering at that point.

And And then he's also, thinking how am I gonna signal a helicopter? Because in his mind, the best case scenario, we get a helicopter at five 30 or something like that. And so he finds this granite outcropping and cuts some, red or some pine trees. And then and then Todd, this was the other funny thing is Todd's got this tarp.

We said, everyone's got a packing list. You gotta, Todd, you gotta bring us a tarp just in case it rains. We can make a little kind of common area for us. We're not all just hung hunkered down in our tents. So he's got this tarp and he had a open house. And so for his son, and so he had all these white tarps.

So he brings this white tarp and we're like, yeah, that [00:24:00] really blends in, but but Justin grabs this white tarp and it was like, yeah, I'm gonna use this to signal the helicopter, which is, stands out. But. And then, we're just waiting. And I honestly think if I didn't get out there, get out of there on that night, I would've died.

If I wouldn't have died, I wouldn't have my arms for sure. Just 'cause, there's bears, mouths are not that clean, and so infection was the infection for sepsis, and the bears actually came back to those backpacks and the very, that, that day or that evening. So we're waiting, and Katie and Dusty actually get, get out and they drive to, there's an area on the top of the mountain called the top of the World store, and they're able to, call whoever you called, I guess 9 1 1, and then they patch you to whoever it is.

And And they really had to sell the story to, to get a helicopter to come get me. And they're like can't he just walk out? And she's and she didn't see the [00:25:00] whole thing. And they're like we've got two other rescues going on at the very, at this very moment, some person fell down in a ravine and they're trying to look for this guy.

And then there was a lost kid. So then, we got the smallest helicopter he got. So when I think about a helicopter, I'm thinking, oh, they just raised the lower the basket. Put me in it, bring me up, and we're good to go. But that one wasn't available to me. But it's a kind of amazing right at five 30 we hear first, even before that we heard a plane and I think this was plane was probably for one of the other two that were, they were looking for.

'cause it just went right past. And but right at five 30, we hear this helicopter come over the mountain and, goes right, comes right across the lake and Justin's got the fire going with smoking the green bowels and he's waving that tarp and helicopter went over a few times and we're like, how can you not see that?

But they had to burn off some fuel so when they [00:26:00] landed, the only place to land was below the mountain, basically in this bog area. And it was in September, so it was, dried up but still wet. And so finally they land, and now they've gotta climb up this, mountain. And it's about a half mile up the mountain to actually it's a mile, mile up the mountain to get to us.

Oof. And and so they finally get to us and then they gotta drag, haul me down in this gurney. And fortunately the pilot who never usually does come up, I think was probably enticed by, seeing a bear mauling. But he's just a great guy all around because there's other pilots that won't even get out of the cop.

But he comes up with the nurse and and they put an IV in me, put me in the gurney, and then, now they gotta get me down the. Down the mountain. And Justin's a, he is a very athletic guy, thank goodness. He's basically all muscle and so he is grabbing the head or grabbing the feet.

I don't remember which one. And the other two each have each [00:27:00] side. And this is not the path you roller blade on something. It's a single track with boulders all the way through. And it was just, it was excruciating for 'em in regards to, it took probably an hour to get me down, they'd go a few feet and just collapse with exhaustion and then, pick me up and go a few more feet.

And I think I was fortunate that, they had just gotten this nice Kevlar gurney, which made it lighter, but they pretty much destroyed that one, so probably went back to the aluminum one. Oh man. But we finally get down to the marsh area and they get me in there. And the copter and it's dusk.

It's basically we didn't have much time. They're not gonna come in the middle of the night, and because it's a smaller copter, they're like Justin, you gotta wait. And they're, you've got a rescue crew coming in. They should be here at about 11:00 PM and so they gave him, a couple things and he started a fire and he's just gotta wait there in the middle [00:28:00] of the wilderness after seeing all this and just wait for someone to come rescue him.

And and but yeah, they did come and they got him out. There was four or five of 'em that came with headlights on and took him out in the middle of the dark, and then, I've, I. I had my little helicopter ride and flew me to Billings and I was in the hospital for just eight days, so it wasn't too long.

Oh, wow. Still a long time. Yeah. Obviously everyone had an intricate role and Yeah, absolutely. Part of the miracle of Right. Keeping you alive. Absolutely. And surviving. But hats off to Justin. So my father-in-law, he's an ex fire captain too. Yeah. Yeah. And so with their training Oh yeah.

Of EMTs, that's, yeah. Like you said, that's majority of their calls. It's not fires for sure. Yeah. It's not, it's people with health issues Yeah. And or have been in accidents. And yeah, that's pretty incredible. Yeah. That he was right there. Yeah. 'cause I, I'm sure like I said, everyone had their part of helping you survive, but I bet he [00:29:00] carried a, the lion's share.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he definitely, packing the wounds was a big deal to stop the blood loss for sure. Yeah. Yeah. How you didn't bleed out in that time is just insane. Yeah, it really is. 'cause it's just, I have big pieces of me that are missing and yeah. So it is really quite amazing, that's just crazy. It's an incredible story. Yeah. And I can't even imagine like I've got cold sweats over here, just even thinking about going through that experience. Yeah. And I've listened to a handful of bear tax, read some books and some things like that and it, but it's just like this one, just the detail and everything is just incredible to go through that and to have to see God's role in Absolutely.

In your survival. Yeah. And just the story that you told about the prayers that brought the trail runners in, and so that, that's really cool too. I think that's fantastic. Yeah. And it's as I'm laying there waiting to die and even immediately [00:30:00] after, I knew this was it.

I had this peace even through the worst pain that I've ever had or ever want to have is I had this piece that, I know where I'm going, even though, I thought I had a lot more time to live on this earth. But I know where I'm going and I don't know if how you get that piece, if you don't know where you're going, or even how to just get through it without having that piece to, just to think about. That putting you at peace and trying to kinda get your mind off of what's going on maybe a little bit. Yeah. And I think it's a blessing too that, I don't have, I can relive bite by bite, and I have no.

Post-traumatic stress or any of it. And my cousin, he's a writer, and I asked my wife to call him the next day so I could relive or rehash it all because I just found it just to be amazing that I'm still alive and I didn't want to forget any of the details of it. 'cause I just, I do think it's a miracle, absolutely. Yeah, for sure. When they [00:31:00] send in those rescue teams, did they leave Justin with extra bear spray? Or what did they come in with? She didn't have any of that, so I think what she had what they had was some Taco Johns that they hadn't eaten yet. And I'm just thinking you're in the middle of an attack.

And I think they gave him like I don't think they had a sleeping bag. I think what they had was a, like a down coat or something like that. An emergency blanket. That's it. Yeah. And I think they did have a sat phone they gave him. Okay. Okay. But I don't know that he used it but just in case probably the most useful part out of that whole thing.

I'm thinking. Yeah, I don't think he ate the Taco Johns. He's a kind of a, he's a purist. He is I'm not, I understand. Don't, leave anything behind, leave no trace. But in that situation, I'm throwing that as far away from me as possible. You got some hungry bears in the area.

No way. And you guys went in there with full packs, so that probably didn't help anything either, where, you got the most amount of food as out of the whole trip right there. Oh yeah. No, they didn't bring any of it. And if the bears just asked me, I had a whole little, [00:32:00] whole pack of jerky, I would've gave 'em all good stuff.

But But no, the reason we know that the bears came back is so Justin hiked out that night and then the game warden was there and so he slept at the game. Warden's, got this beautiful house up in the mountains and then there's a guest cabin there, and they've got horses. So he got to stay with him.

And then they loaded a couple horses up and went in to basically go back to the attack site to To pick up all the stuff and figure out, what happened here. And so when they came, his, they, the game war had a dog and the dog's name was, we called it meatball 'cause it looks like a meatball.

It's just I think it was Australian something. And they're just like, you can't believe this thing can just cruise through the mountains. Like with No, but he was thick and but the dog got ahead of everyone. And when it got to, where the attack site happened it scared the bears away and they saw 'em running because they were gonna shoot 'em.

But they were still hanging out in the area. Oh yeah. They came back to [00:33:00] the packs and basically, had at the packs that night. And yeah. We were left there. It was a good thing. They. Or Justin had me move down the mountain, so Yeah. Yeah. No kidding. That's wild how relentless they are sometimes.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. You'd be main course at that point, right? They had a bunch of appetizers in those backpacks. Exactly. My god. Exactly. Yeah. So a few questions. Yeah. Just regarding the attack. Far as, you said you tried to make yourself larger, obviously, to scare them off, and there's no such thing as a small grizzly, but Right.

If you had to guess, like, how many pounds do you think One, I, you, this is off the top of my head, so I, they're the same. I'd say at least 400 pounds. And yeah, I go through that scenario. I've gone through it a bunch in my head as what could I have done dead for number one, I could have got the spray, top off, but I, I think maybe if I just stood my ground, I'd be fine. There's no way you fight a grizzly bear. But maybe if I just don't flinch, it's gonna, back's gonna false charge. I don't know what they call it. It's like a false charge or something like that. But I'm like if I do that and it gets me on my back like, I'm a turtle, I [00:34:00] can't roll over and, then I'm really posed.

So I guess I think I did what kept me alive. But yeah, I just wonder could you have done something different? But but we go back every year just to I think for myself it's a sacred spot. The, this world drags you in every direction, but what's important, and so I go back there to ground myself and remember, all the stuff that we're told is important really isn't.

It's, for myself it's faith, family, friends, absolutely. But but I don't, the bear spray's in my pack now. I basically, I got a big gun that I use and I have right on. Got more faith on the gun than the spray, yeah, absolutely. So what caliber are you carrying now? So I just use a 45, or not a 45.

A four. What is it? 40 millimeter. Okay. Yeah. I just figure I, I got a lot of shots with that. Oh, for sure. And I got 16 shots, so one of them's gotta hit something vital. That's a large caliber and it's also enough to [00:35:00] have control over. Yeah. Yeah. I get to the huge cannons, hand cannons.

You gotta be precise. Where you, that thing, sorry, cut you off. I've done some research and I think, everyone has their own take on it. But yeah, that's just, yeah, I was just gonna say, that was my next question is Okay. Does it have a whole magazine or is it Oh yeah. The guys that have six rounds I'm not, I'm going to the whole magazine there.

No, 16 rounds for a chance to hit, I'm putting it down. No. Yeah, this, for me, this part is just crazy. 'cause I've done a ton of backpacking out there too. And like we were saying before we started, like in Glacier, My buddies and my wife and I, we ran into a grizzly and we were lucky that, it ran off.

Yeah. They said it out there. They're right now. This was oh nine that happened. Yeah, no, they're definitely not as afraid of people as they used to be. Yeah. And they said at least for like the national parks, a lot of 'em there have now gotten used to so many sprays. That they see the red can supposedly, yeah.

They'll see that and they run off, but, and I grabbed mine right away. Yeah. And it was, it was [00:36:00] 60 yards away, but he ran off. Yeah. But now this just is crazy. 'cause this whole time it's probably ignorant youth, but, it's just won't happen to me. Yeah. And when that happens, like that whole time we were there, then we also saw signs of mother in Cubs in area, pack your food, carefully.

And whatever. And the, it's always a thought, yeah. But like hearing that is just man, I was probably a lot closer than I thought. It's just nuts. Yeah. And I think people. We'll put it in their pack or whatever. And it's if you're gonna use that as your primary, you should have it at your hip, at the very least.

Yeah. Because you're not gonna have time to dig through your pack. I actually have an attachment that I made on my strap, my backpack strap. Just so it's right there. And then I guess I put a lot of faith into that too. 'cause I'm like, 'cause for me I try to do like ultra light packing, so I'm taking the least amount of stuff.

And so we've talked about it years ago when we went to Tetons. I'm like, I'm not lugging a gun along. Yeah. I think I did that when we went to the Appalachian Trail and it was just so annoying. [00:37:00] Bringing that much weight. Yeah. No, not late. Now hearing that though, I'm like maybe second guessing like I'm one of two people with a can.

I think the other thing is if I had stuck with the group, if it wasn't just me, I don't think they would've attacked all four of us, but. I don't know. Yeah. I wonder too, even if you had a pistol, if you would, it just sounds like it happened also. Oh, yeah. They just felt threatened immediately and Yeah.

Decided if they were gonna, it was just, it was, under 10 seconds that Yeah. Wow. From the time you saw them till they were on two seconds. Wow. And I think about what you said when you threw it and you missed, it's almost again, just they're coming at you.

It wouldn't have been easy. You're in the moment trying to make a quick decision. Yeah. And even if you had gotten the cap off when I when I was going bear or elk hunting out in Idaho. Yeah. I had planned on having bear spray and I bought, they make. Practice ones. Yeah.

Oh, yeah. And so I had bought a couple of those and I posted a photo of it on Instagram or something. Yeah. And I had a bunch of people [00:38:00] go, does that thing shoot a 44 mag too? Because that's what you're gonna need. Yeah. Basically everybody's saying you're crazy if you're gonna go into Grizzly country without, with just that.

Yeah. And I did, but so I guess I'm crazy, but I did practice with those. Yeah. And they shoot out a lot of stuff really fast. So it's, there's a little bit of recoil there. Yeah. And so if you've never done it before. Yeah. With them that close, that could've been the case too.

Like you could've got it off Yeah. Over their head, whatever. But just, yeah, I, as far as the proper weaponry, it just, it seems like maybe in that case I don't know if anything would've helped you. Yeah. I don't know. It's it's tough to say, yeah.

When I was in the hospital there just a little bit further over by Jackson Hole, there was a guide. And his, whatever, the guy he is bringing with they had shot an elk the night before and then were coming in the next day morning. And they basically got attacked by these grizzly bears.

And the guy, he had a, I don't know [00:39:00] if it was a nine millimeter, 10 millimeters, but he had a, he had his gun and they had the bear spray. They sprayed the bears, didn't stop the guy. I'm not sure why, but he threw it to his client the gun and the client couldn't figure out or couldn't, maybe just didn't have time to, to, maybe it was jammed or whatever, but never got the shot off and ended up, killing the guide.

And I, I don't know if the client, I'm sure he got mauled too, but it was like just within, a week of mind. You hear this other story and you're like, And similar area too. Yeah. It's just maybe under a hundred miles from where I was at. Yeah. Did they, did any game wardens go looking for them since now they're, obviously ferocious towards humans?

Yeah. So later in the season, they're, they do the elk hunting there and there was a bear that was killed. They're not sure if it was the same ones or not. You, one of the elk countries, had a bear charge 'em and he shot it. But I don't know if it's the same one.

It's hard to say. Interesting. Yeah[00:40:00] I'd say a lot of this stuff is pretty relevant to us out here, just 'cause yeah, you guys are living in it. Yeah. We got a lot of, elk hunters around here and that's eventually a dream of mine. And I always think okay, if you do shoot one, you gotta hang the quarters.

And then next step for me is making sure there's no blood in that tent. 'cause Yeah. If you have food or whatever, they'll come in there and check it out. And that site where the mother and cubs were we found out after we left Glacier a week later, there was a woman there with her kids, I think, and she decided it'd be a good idea to bring the food inside the tent and yeah, she lost her life 'cause they went right in there and tore her up.

It's yeah, grizzlies are not a thing to play around with, but No, I know like most guys, I guess you're crazy, but like you said but my buddy that just came in here, he is saying that he carries a gun every time out there. And yeah, I guess if I'm hunting, maybe. Probably would do that.

'cause I have a huge elk with me. Potentially. Yeah. But for backpacking, I was just focused on going light. Yeah. But second guessing that a little bit. Yeah. They make one it's [00:41:00] called the PD 3 57. It's made out of a titanium. It's super light. But I know the PD doesn't stand for this, but for me, 'cause I have one, I call it the palm destroyer.

Oh God. There's no, it's all recoil smack. There's no way to absorb the recoil at all. And so Yeah. Your palm's just messed after a few shots. Yeah. But save your life. Yeah. I was gonna say a bruised palm versus, playing with God. Oh that's a different story.

Yeah. The other thing the game warden said is, when you're, the bears have gotten to figure out when they hear the gunshot. They know there's an elk down, and so it'll actually draw them to these areas and I don't know how true that is. It's getting what the game warden said, but I think they're not as afraid as what they maybe used to be.

I don't know. Yeah. I think if I was Justin that had to your buddy that had to stay out there, I've probably hung out in a tree as high up in the tree. Yeah, I'd be in trouble with black bears, but yeah. Yeah, that'd be super scary. Just to, I'd be just looking over my shoulder constantly the whole [00:42:00] time.

I don't know, I don't think I'd, yeah. Did the other two friends that were with you, they, where did they stay again? They because they got outta there so they got out, but they got out at dusk, so there, there's no way they would've got out in time to get an air airport or the helicopter. And then they got a ride into town.

So Nice. Do you still talk to the, that Katie and Dusty to this day? Or any of those people? Yeah. Yeah. So they come with us, when we go back out there most times. That's so cool. Yeah. Do they bring the dogs too? They bring, yeah, I think one of 'em probably smart. We always bring one at least. Yeah.

Yeah. I think that of everything, a dog is probably your best bear defense, that's awesome. Because it'll at least buy you time and most dogs aren't gonna run away. Yeah, exactly. I've heard, stories like this before too, where, you know, I. The people involved you never really lose touch with 'cause they're the ones that saved you.

Oh, yeah. That's so cool. Bad way to meet, but no, it's cool that you keep that connection there. We all meet people for a reason, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So when you go up [00:43:00] to this lake, do you, so I'm assuming you're going up there and you're camping for a few days? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So we'll just camp and then, fish.

That's all I've ever done. Like you the elk hunt is on my wishlist or bucket list. Yeah. But I've not yet done it. So like the deer hunt, that's about all the time I take For sure. You're done. Yeah. That's probably the most beautiful place to fish at, honestly. Yeah. Great. Yeah, I mean it's pretty, pretty nice.

You guys, are you going after trout? Yeah, just trout. Right on. Do you ever. Do you, are you allowed to keep them, when you're there or you just throw 'em back? Yeah. Yeah. No we'll cook 'em up and Okay. And you throw the gut piles very far away. Yeah. Throw 'em in the water. Yeah. Yeah. That'd be my next concern after that.

Boundary water is like you said. Yeah. You've been there. It's the same thing. You were hunting there last year and you were trying to do it on purpose, keep the carcasses by you. But if I, yeah, if I would've been smart enough to keep the first day of catch. Oh, that's right. And I catching, but I was like, sh. Long story short, yeah. I was up in the boundary bottles. I didn't wanna bring a bunch of bait, so I was just gonna catch fish. Fish. Oh, [00:44:00] fish. That was gonna be your bait. Yeah. And use the guts for my bait. And the first day I was out, I was just slaying small mouth bass. I'm like, oh, if it's gonna be like this, I don't need to keep any of these.

Oh, yeah. And so I just but then for the next four or five days, the weather got bad and I couldn't get out on the water. Oh, sure. So I was using duck carcasses, but so even if I had got the fish, I don't think it would've mattered. Yeah. Because there was a Pine Martin coming in and stealing Oh yeah.

Stealing it all. But yeah, it definitely something I guess you'd want be careful about. When, so I question I wanted to ask is, did you ever put together like any sort of marketing plan with Jet Boyle to see if they could, I didn't. I should I, I should have reached out to them and then my backpack was granite gear, so Oh.

I should have reached out to them for a replacement strap at least. There you go. Yeah. So they had to cut me out of it. I was just gonna ask. Yeah. Do you still have the jet boil with the tooth mark in it? No. So that was the unfortunate thing. So when they brought all the stuff back, they, the bears had ripped a, ripped it apart and [00:45:00] I think they just wanted to go through what was, good and yeah.

They threw the rest of the stuff away, not really thinking, just, I think the memory was so fresh in their head that they just didn't want to remember any of it. And they didn't know like how things were gonna turn out either. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. Would've been a badass thing to keep that jet boil.

Yeah, it would've been nice. Fire mantle, right? Yeah. Tell me the story there. Uhhuh, I guess the scars are enough, right? Yes, absolutely. Absolutely, man. So you're, as your family now, like on high alert or they have anxiety every time you go back with your buds? I'm sure they do, but probably not too much, 'cause what? What are the odds, right? Yeah, now. Now you're packing too, so that's gotta give you some confidence. I know. It would me for sure. Yeah. Some extra confidence too. You do have a SAT phone now as well? Yes. Yeah. I think my dad, when, thing is, when I went to Tetons, he's he got this person, or personal locator, beacon.

So it's basically same thing, right? He's you gotta take that and again, it's a thought. Yes, because every time you leave those [00:46:00] trail ads, it's like, Goodbye signal. Whatever happens in six, seven days, uhhuh, it happens. Yeah. And I got asked too, for Justin, did he have this wicked medic pack or did he pack pretty light too, or?

No, so that was one of the the God things I think about it is about a week before that, they'll have these inservices or these things where, the paramedical come in and give a clinic on this, that, or the other. So they they basically, gave this clinic on, penetrating wounds like gunshots and that sort of thing.

And Justin grabbed some curlex, which is basically gauze. So he brought that along with, I don't think he brought a whole lot else with, but that was, you're lucky, definitely instrumental. Yeah. Because I get chewed apart for that all the time. Every time I head out, I, I grab two bandaids.

I. Probably four gauze pads. Because I'm like, that'll help more than a bandaid. Yeah. But I keep it light. Yeah. Like the first time I went out was a huge pack. I'm like, you don't need this. What are the odds? You're so lucky you had that without, you'd be pulling shirts out. For padding, that's crazy. [00:47:00] Yeah. I, in my survival or safety kit, or first aid kit I started putting sutures in there and needles and stuff like that. 'cause when ears and I were up in snowbird, I. Oh, yeah. We were shooting a three D course up on this Yeah. Snowbird in Utah and he had slipped and his ankle went down a rock, like a sharp rock and sliced him open.

Yeah. And it was pretty bad. And so even just simple little things like that. So I was just like, yeah, it'd probably be a good idea to have a needle. And how cool of a story would that be? I stitched myself up in the wilderness. It just drives me nuts. Like packing all that extra stuff. Last year was like the first year I was finally like, packing with bow on my back and hunting and I'm like, instantly after the first day I get back, I'm like, I'm not bringing this.

And the medical was the same. I don't even know if I brought a med kit at all. I guess I had a lot of faith that I could drive back to town, but I was just like, ah, it's just cactus and, whatever else. But yeah. Rick, I'm glad you brought [00:48:00] that up. So now. To you Dr.

Johnson. So what do you bring now with you As far as the safety kit or, yeah. I don't bring a lot. I bring some gauze and bring some duct tape and some like ace bandages, just in, some medical tape just in case someone sprains an ankle or something like that.

But I don't go too crazy. Yeah. That's smart on the duct tape. Yeah, you can duct tape a, an ankle if you need to. Yeah. In regards to lacerations and such, keep good pressure. Yeah. With the gauze against your flesh. And then believe it or not, I don't know if you guys know this, but duct tape when you wat it up Yeah.

And you light it, it's a great fire starter. I had no idea. Really? Yeah. It's amazing. Yeah. Wow, that duct tape, that's a good idea. That's been in my pack for six, seven years. I guess I could've been using that. Yeah. I, I don't know what the e p A says about the emissions coming off, but at least you know that little bit time that it burns, man, it sticks and it, yeah.

Your fire's going on. Just don't cook your fresh cooked fresh meal. Yeah. Let it burn off. [00:49:00] Yeah. I don't know if, I don't know where I heard it. It was a survival expert of some sort. Probably Dave Canterbury or something, but I have a lighter, and then I've got duct tape that's wrapped around the light.

That's the way make the roll a little. Yeah. Smaller. Yeah. Compact. This is so perfect. I'm just gonna replay this part, this segment right there, right before you go. Yeah. Just be like, see, you don't need all this stuff. Just go lightweight. Yeah. Survive faith. Yeah, that's right. No, I'm forever adding duct tape now to my pack for sure.

Awesome. I always have it in my truck, but I can't bring my truck with me into the woods, yeah. No, I always have duct tape with me too, but I keep it light. I don't want all the stuff. I rarely use it. Yeah. I don't know if I've ever used it, but yeah. Seven years old is what mine is. At least Great.

It's just sitting in my bag. Moleskin. That's a big one. Yeah, that Oh yeah. For the blisters. Yeah. That's a big one. I don't get blistered too bad, but I still have it there from when we went to the Appalachian Trail, one of my roommates in colleges used like the whole roll. I'm like, dude, like unreal.

I was gonna say, if you've never had to use it, you're not [00:50:00] working hard enough. Come on, man. So you guys got any trips planned or you personally? Yeah. We're gonna go back out and at the end of August here. Oh, very cool. Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. We'd love to see some pictures, when you're out there.

Yeah. If you'll share 'em with us. Oh yeah. That'd be really cool. We could post it maybe, or Yeah, if you've got some, any photos from the whole ordeal. Yeah. We put a bunch of stuff out on our, we made a website 'cause I didn't wanna. Forget it, okay. And then it makes it real easy to share the story.

Yeah. And the website is a live dash 20 Okay, perfect. Apparently there was a concert in 2018, so they got it without the dash, but live, but it is weird 'cause we would name our stories or our trips, every year. And so this was alive 2018. That was the name of our trip, wow. It's ironic. Right on. Is there ever a time of year, I'm trying to remember back. From just going out there. Is there a time of year that they say the bears are more active? I guess they're more active in the fall that makes sense. [00:51:00] They're travel. We went a week or two later than we normally, then we're going now and they're trying to fatten up for the winter.

Yeah. And that's what they thought. They thought when they went back there, there was a whole bunch of, the red squirrels would get the pine nuts and then bury 'em in these Cs, and that's what they were, these grizzly bears were digging 'em up. So though the Warren thought that they were just trying to protect these pine nuts, which, I had a lot of better stuff if they wanted.

Yeah. They had to ask. Gosh. And you crested just over a hill and they were there. Yeah. It wasn't much of a hill. It just, just, God. That's nuts. That's, that was the same thing for me. Think you hear 'em or whatever and it's just yeah, they're right there. Yeah. And we were lucky.

We had the National Geographic, he stands on his hind legs in the middle of a berry patch. I'm like, no thanks. Yeah. I'll let you have it. I'll go back across the bridge. You have a great day. Yeah. But yeah it's sketchy though. Do you guys ever do the hay bear thing?

When you walk in here? No. No. Now, we'll actually we have a, we are spottier. The first time we went back, I, we bought one of these [00:52:00] little portable speakers and just played music the whole time. Oh. We didn't see, we saw some squirrels, but other than that we didn't see anything.

But that was quite all right. But we'll do that. And, but I think if you just stick together, you're Yeah. You're pretty safe. Yeah. That's what the, what do they call those? Like the park rangers, glacier were saying just, stick together and just talk amongst yourselves.

Yeah. It'll probably be fine. And yeah, we were grouped up, but there's people with the bare bells that drive me nuts and Yeah. Those are just annoying. But there's all sorts of things that'll help. I think I'm just, for hunters, like relating to back, like we're all about trying to be quiet.

You're gonna be, yeah. You're not gonna be bringing Bear Bess or bringing music. No. Not at all. It's just you just better hope, and maybe have a side arm ready. Probably the best idea. Yeah. I don't think so, but yeah. Yeah. I'm looking here on your website. This is really cool.

So thank you for that. 'cause that'll give us some stuff that we can do. But I'm I see that there was an article the story was in People Magazine. Yeah. Yeah. That was pretty neat. Yeah, they did a good job with. Of keeping the faith in it, yeah. It's just I can't believe that Joanna Gaines got the [00:53:00] cover over your story.

With her new life with five kids. What the heck? Yeah. Yeah. You definitely deserve the cover. Yeah. But yeah, just, wow. What an incredible story. And I love that you guys keep going back. That was a question that was circulating in my head Yeah. The entire time. I wanted to be sure to ask it.

And you got, you were able to tell us that, so that's really cool too, that you guys still get out and you do it and Yeah. Just amazing. Yeah. And thank you so much for, coming here and sharing your story, as avid out outdoorsman. That's the connection is Mother Nature, right?

And for, it doesn't matter how much we prepare, mother Nature always reminds us. Of, of how brutal she can be sometimes. And it's pretty incredible again for you sharing your story of survival. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So thank you. Yeah. Yeah. No I counted a blessing to be able to go through it, absolutely. There's worse things in life to go through, for sure. So that's amazing hearing that wakes you up and like you said, yeah. All these important things, right? Yeah. Yeah. They're not,[00:54:00] your family being number faith and family being number one and two that's huge.

Yeah. Much more important than, I guess getting an arrow customizer done, but that's up there too. A little plug there. Folks, that brings us to the end of this episode. Dr. Johnson, where can folks find you if they're moving up to the Midwest from Texas and they really need to get their sinuses checked out?

Oh yeah. So the name of our practice is Oakdale Ear, nose and Throat, but we're not in Oakdale, Minnesota, we're in Maple Grove, Plymouth and Robinsdale, okay, excellent. And then you've also got the website a live dash 20 Yeah. So make sure everybody goes and checks that out. You can get some more details on the story.

There's some videos there. Yeah, our church did a 30 minute video, which is the best one. It's got, a little snippet of, right after the attack and Okay. So Right on. Excellent. What church is that? It's called Plymouth Covenant in Plymouth, Minnesota. Is that's on their website too?

Ah, I don't know if it is or isn't. [00:55:00] Okay. They should put it on there. That'd be, yeah. I think maybe maybe at the heading of the video, maybe I, yeah, there is the video there from Plymouth Covenant there should be able to see that. Yeah. Amazing. You can find us at the Range Podcast on Instagram and Facebook.

Find me Jake Ivy three on Instagram. And Jake Iversson on Facebook. How about you, Rick? Yeah, you can find me at Ricky dot Wayne 80 on ig and Ricky w Bruley on Facebook again. Please be sure to head over to our Vapor Trail YouTube channel. If you like the video, hit that thumbs up button and make sure to subscribe so you can be up to date on all things archery.

And once again, big thanks, Brad. Yeah, appreciate you joining us. Absolutely incredible. It's been a pleasure. Thank you. And with that, we are going to pack up our bows and arrows and leave the range. Have a great day everybody. Peace. Thank you. Vapor Trail is now offering an exclusive discount to the Range podcast listeners.

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