Hardcore Canada Goose Hunting Action

Show Notes

This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman we chat with Garrett Regalski who is the owner of Fowl Intentions and co-owner of PA Boyz Outdoors.  Garrett eats, sleeps and breathes goose hunting and adjusts life around chasing the flyways.  For six months out of the year he is putting his shotgun through constant use and abuse in any weather you'd imagine.  Needless to say, opening day cannot come fast enough!.

Garrett shares a ton of his experiences and details how his scouting leads to success.  A ton of miles get put on the vehicles to locate and pattern birds during preseason.  He also discusses calling techniques, decoying, equipment, and much much more.  It's an episode that will aggravate an itchy trigger finger and make your shoulder hurt just thinking about slinging some steel!

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