Healthy Forest, Low Grade Timber Removal, and Better Habitat for Deer

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In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes), discusses a hat giveaway this week from Whitetail Company. If you want to get in on the giveaway, please email me This week Greg Berndtson (Berndtson Timber Management) and Jon talk forestry, logging, and deer. Greg is a forester and logger, and provides his background and management tactics that are intended to evolve properties as we know it. Greg explains the equipment he uses afield to manage his jobs to ensure he can perform and work is done efficiently.

Jon discusses ecological restoration, low grade timber and goal setting. Greg explains how to approach valuing timber and future potential. Greg explains what is good versus bad timber and what tree species we may want to keep or get rid of your property. Greg talks about diversity and what species in his region are considered low grade and explains the market option for low grade. Greg talks about steering the forest in a healthy direction and what you can do as a landowner.

Greg explains the human dynamic of property management, evaluating a property and why our forests need good work to ensure that commercial harvest creates better quality down the road. Greg explains the step-by-step process to changing the forest, and how he approaches the understory and overstory of our woodlots to improve areas for silviculture purposes. Greg mentions the legacy impacts of deer browse and harm it creates to better quality habitat that most are trying to develop.

Greg and Jon discuss forest health and looking at individual trees to determine what trees we want to keep on the landscape. Greg provides a formula on general and specific tree species to consider when making decisions to cut or leave. Greg explains the volume (in tonnage) that he would consider reasonable for considering a low-grade timber job. Greg the benefits of his business for clients and what doing good forestry means to him. Greg and Jon end with discussions around building a better property around an equation of smart timber management, resulting in better deer and deer habitat.

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