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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, we talk about the upcoming hunting season. We start off with Dan Johnson getting into a story about hostile horses that he deals with on a piece of property he hunts. These horses absolutely do not want to see Dan coming through. From messing with his truck, making tons of noise in the woods, all the way to even picking him up! Yes, you read that correctly! Listen in to see how a horse picked him up completely off the ground while he was trying to whitetail hunt!

Next up Brayden talks about getting out and scouting for this upcoming hunting season. He talks about the

logistics of how he’s figuring out where these big mature bucks are and where he can get to them on a chokepoint. With some real dandies on camera this season, he’s super excited to go after them! Dan and Brayden get into a talk about how helpful it is to pattern mature does that then help you pattern the mature bucks. Dan speaks adamantly about just how important this is and how many people do not take the time to do so. If you can pattern your mature does early season, it could potentially pay off huge dividends during the rut.

We end our episode with Derek telling all about his recent troubles getting his bow dialed in. Different sights, same issues! What do you think was causing his bow to shoot low every shot? Hunting season is just around the corner, make sure to subscribe to hear all our upcoming hunting content.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] All right. And we're live. And we're live. There we go. If only everyone knew how many moving parts go into this? Yeah. We just, we look like we show up and do this every week. Yeah. But it's like we totally forget. It's like our first time every time. Yeah. Yeah. How many times can you be a rookie?

For us, we're on 92. This is 92 times. Not counting our other podcast jokes. Made a name around it basically. Yeah. People come to expect us screwing this up so we are recording this episode. Oh, go ahead man. I was just gonna say I've recorded over 800 in individual podcasts and I still mess up.

Okay. Every making us feel better. All right. Every week or do something wrong every day or whatever. So we are in good company of, there you go. Schmucks. Yep. Yeah. So we are recording this episode on August 14th, which means in [00:01:00] Kentucky we are within a couple weeks of season opening. And dogs September 2nd.

Yeah. Opening day of archery for White Tails. Is that a Saturday? It is a Saturday. It's a Saturday. First. Whole weekend Kentucky or, yeah. Yep. Kentucky. Yep. The first full weekend of September is when we crack it off. So I've been spending time out trying to get, trees trimmed up, checking trail cameras, getting those situated so I don't have to go back in there in the next couple weeks trying to let the woods rest.

I got out this weekend and. Cut some limbs on a tree that I plan on climbing and hunting from and have a camera set up on to see what's coming through there. And I did a dry run with my saddle just to make sure that all the kinks were worked out before I had, everything else going on in my mind at the time.

And I'm glad I did. There were a couple things that happened. Get my sticks. Put back together. I snapped a strap that holds 'em together on my pack. Oh. So there's some things like minor Okay. That I have to fix, but it was [00:02:00] good. You know what, man? Like I've hunted for a while. I wouldn't say I've hunted a ton, but getting up in a saddle is the most fun way of hunting that I've done so far. Way better than getting up into a box stand or tree stand or climber stand. I just enjoy. All the moving parts and getting all the gear together and climbing the tree and getting up there. And so I got up there and sat for probably 30 minutes or so and just was testing my shot angles and figuring out what else I had to cut.

It was just fun being up there, just. Sitting out, looking over the field. Listening to the birds. Yeah. Especially knowing what you got on camera. Yeah. Coming through here soon, that camera's been very active. Oh boy. Oh boy. And what's funny is I had planned to go out on Saturday to do this cleanup on that tree, and since I have a camera running on that tree, I've been getting some pretty sweet updates through the last few weeks and the night before, I was going at 8:00 PM.

This Buck walks a shootable. Buck [00:03:00] walks right through, maybe a 20 yard shot from that tree. And so like it is kicked into overdrive for me. I have, I've switched my brain back from not really thinking about fishing. Did that with the kids this weekend, and it was about them catching some bluegill.

Didn't really care if I caught anything. I have turned myself back to a deer hunter. That's good. All in. Welcome back. Glad you're here. Yeah. No, that's awesome. It feels good though, doesn't it? Oh dude, it's, yeah. Something about a big buck on a trail camera can get a. I don't know. Guy fired up real quick.

Yeah, what you sent me this morning. I imagine you're a little fired up over there too, Dan. Oh yeah, man, I got a, I don't think I showed you guys. Lemme show you. I got a question for Dan real quick before we get into this. Do you have your horse tag? Because I saw that post. Dude, that is a stud.

It is a nice buck. So Stu, so funny story about those horses. Ever since I've hunted [00:04:00] that property right now, it's been. Man, it's been like 15 years I've hunted this property, there's always been horses on it. And slowly they're all dying. Okay? Some of these horses are between 25 and 30 years old.

Wow. Okay. And they've never been taken care of. What I mean by that is the person will go out there and throw a salt lick out. They just eat what's in the woods. They are not necessarily tame. If I had an apple and held it out, it would come up and eat it, but they're not like the friendliest horses.

One day I'm walking out of, I'm six foot tall. I'm, at the time I was probably 230 pounds, if not more, and this horse came up behind me. Bit my backpack and picked me up off my feet. What? At night? Walking out of the woods. Excuse me. [00:05:00] Yep. Dude, I would lose it. Did you hear it coming? Oh yeah.

I heard it coming and I was probably felt like God just reached down and picked you up off the earth. And so this is it. And here I go. Move. It was a power move by the lead horse. It's this white and brown horse. It's the leader of the pack. And it goes every time it sees me, it throws its tail up and it starts to stomp and run laps around the pasture.

It goes into the woods like. In this perfect pinch point where you would think deer are just gonna be coming through. What's standing there? Two thoroughbreds. You know what I mean? So two, two big horses. And what a weird hunting situation. When you hear hooves, you think deer. You're not horses.

Exactly. They make all the noises and they're all, I dunno, but the thing, there used to be 12 of them. Now there's only two left. And Ev two or three, I think just two. But every year one dies. And that [00:06:00] just, wherever it dies. And then you'll, during either shed hunting season, I'll find a big pile of horse bones.

Or, this last year, one died right before the hunting season, and so this decaying carcass with vultures all over it and coyotes pulling at it just. Right there during the hunting season. And so the farmer that she's just eh they're, they're old, they're gonna die, no big deal.

Oh, that's weird, man. Yeah, it's mustang tamed mustangs. Like they're just running around out there doing their thing. Jake had a horse one year coming while he is Turkey hunting and just walk up to his Turkey decoys, smell him a little bit and just bit him. Threw 'em around, tossed 'em, and then just stared into the woods at Jake.

And I was just like, I see you. I know what you're trying to do here. Yeah. Is this, turkeys are my friends. Is it a known horse that was known to be on the property? Yeah. This property has horses on it. Okay. And he was just hunting where? Same property. Th these horse. So you go [00:07:00] in through the gate and you have two options.

You can drive your truck in there or you can walk a long ways. And so my, not the truck I have now, but my old truck, if you left your windows open, they would pull at the seats. Tear your seats up. And they will take their teeth and they'll drag it across the hood of your vehicle. Oh gosh. And so my last truck, yeah, my, my last truck had teeth drag marks all down the hood.

Oh my gosh. It's like they knew how to piss you off. Yeah. Oh yeah. It's they've but the thing about it is, I would rather hunt with horses than with cattle because a deer. Oh yeah. A deer will walk through. I was I was like five years ago when there was like seven horses left. They were all, I was in a tree stand right next to a cornfield, like where this it was basically a staging area before they would jump into the bean field and the horses were in the pasture right in front of me, and this dough [00:08:00] group came out and walked right through 'em in these dough, these.

Horses didn't even lift their heads at 'em. Deer will not do that with cattle for some reason, like a cat. The horses like horses and deer are okay from my experience, but cattle and deer, they just don't mix. So there's a cattle farm right next to this, the farm where I'm planning on hunting and it, there's a great kind of.

I would say like a pinch point or a funnel of woods that come straight around this cattle farm over to the creek where I'll be hunting. And I hear the cows all the time when I'm out there. But I've never seen any sort of interaction between the cows at all. So they will literally just like skirt that field and not even try to go in with the cows.

Oh yeah. Yep. That's my experience now with the horses. They just jump right in and. And it's crazy, and I don't know. I don't know what it is. These horses are [00:09:00] way more aggressive towards other if a coyote comes into the field, the ca, the cattle will run away. These horses, they'll just turn and face it and stare it down.

And the coyote knows I can't go take down a horse, right? And so they've learned throughout the years that a coyote is a problem. While a deer is not. And and I don't know why it is, maybe it's just a horse is closer to a deer in makeup and than it is like bovine or whatever you call it.

So I don't know. Interesting. As long as they keep pushing the cows, keep pushing the deer towards me. I'm Bring it on. You're a friend of the cow, guess. Yeah. Heck yeah. Eat more chicken. Yeah.

I didn't mean to get us started on a whole tangent about horses, but there we go. Yeah, no, that was interesting. I saw Dan's post on Go Wild the other day of a trail camp. Picture some horses. So yeah, I missed that. That's funny, man. I'd never heard. Oh [00:10:00] gosh. Taco Bell for years. Oh geez. That's dark. So you scouting.

Phil, Derrick got after it. Yeah. Yeah. Phil's had a lot going on just in his life. He's doing like a, kinda like how I did, where I was like moved, got married, bought a truck, new job, like all that stuff. In the same six weeks. He's doing like a similar thing. Just all kinds of stuff going on. And so it's been tough for us to get out together.

And where we were wanting to go, scout is like a place we hunt together. I would not feel cool like going out there without him. Like we're both excited to check out a few things. And finally got a morning. I. And went out Saturday to this where we've been hunting this place on public that we call the bowl.

And Phil actually shot a buck in the bowl two years ago. I shot a buck below the bowl last year. And so we're starting to piece together like how the whole, this whole ridge really like works and flows and we've scouted like, south of the bowl, east the bowl north, the bowl. We really like [00:11:00] the west.

Like all my pins and lines of like routes and paths that I feel like deer are moving through. Stop. Pretty much like at this point West and been reading this, Brad Herndon book, the. Scouting mapping trophy bucks, I think is what it is, and something about topographical whatever.

And so he talks a lot about hunting benches, and. Was explaining how, and I just have heard multiple places, like the big bucks aren't gonna go, especially early season, aren't gonna go spend a ton of time at scrapes. They're gonna, use the thermals or wind or whatever to get down and sent check 'em away from 'em.

And so the bowl has like a bunch of scrapes in it. And we have pictures from the bowl of just freak deer. We're like non-typical, ridiculous looking giants and. Two years ago, we, it was just, we were just trying to shoot deer, right? Out there trying to figure it out. And, we did that over the past two years, but now we're trying to find these giants that are rolling through there.

And what this Brad Herndon guys talked about is like finding the pinch points and all that stuff [00:12:00] around all these other, terrain features or scrapes or rubs or whatever that we have figured out over the past couple years. Found this on the map, found this bench. That is west of the bowl where we hunt.

That's like on the side of this really steep ridge. It's honestly very benchy as well. But so I was like, okay looking at everything, it looks like they're gonna have to roll through this bench. Man, we really need to go check out that area. So I drop a pen, and this was probably a month ago.

Then talking to Phil about it and he's oh yeah, that's interesting, da. And he goes back to his OnX and found, he dropped a pin five yards from where I dropped a pin on the same bench. And he also had a pin drop on another bench that he had found that I didn't see. So we're like, okay, we need to go check these out.

And we basically decided we're gonna drop in off this steep ridge, like really far west of where we've ever dropped in before. On like where the bowl is. It's like basically, Almost on the like nose of this big ridge and we're gonna walk basically the side of it the whole way. [00:13:00] And see if we can stumble across these benches or whatever.

And so we, we do that, we get down in there and dude, it's just just so steep and crazy and with all these finger ridges, it's real nasty stuff that we were working through. And it was fun getting through there and stuff. But so we finally come up to where we had both dropped the pin on the same spot without talking to each other.

And we get up to the top and look around. And there is a logging road that had been cut literally all the way up to maybe, three or four yards from where both of us had dropped our pin. So we're like, dang it, like looking around and We decided to walk that logging road all the way down.

And obviously there's browse line all the way along it, and there's, tracks everywhere and I'm sure it's like dough movement coming through there. But there were some old rubs up above it, up on elevated. Area from like where the logging road leads but stops. So we went up and scouted around in there.

It looks like they're using that logging road to move through. We're like this is a convergence of, or convergence of a bunch of different [00:14:00] trail systems. So we dropped a cell cam there. And we're gonna keep an eye on that area. Remind me, I have a story about my my trail cam, but I'll keep going.

Then we were bummed that bench didn't work out, and so we just keep scouting along the side of this ridge and we get to a spot where he had dropped that pin that I hadn't seen on this bench. And it is like a, it's a true bench. It's legit and it's, but it's real thick and dark and not, I don't know.

Never really hunted anything like that. But obviously have never really. Tried to find and hunt like big deer. That's not something I've ever really done. So this is outta my comfort zone. But there's some sparse trails moving through there. You can tell. Just it's something that if a deer is gonna be trying to scent check downwind or down thermal of the bowl that we have, that we know is east of where we are, it makes sense that they would move through this area.

And we walked it and found like there's trails that do exactly that. So we ended up setting [00:15:00] what I called, like a shot in the dark camera right there down in that bench. That's like watching over that area just to see we both were like, this is not what we normally do with the trail cam.

Like a lot of time you're setting it where you're pretty sure deer are moving through there. Like it's pretty obvious, there's a lot of, a beat path or something like that. But we're like we've taken inventory out here already. This isn't an inventory trail camera.

This is like us trying to figure out like the big buck movement. And so we now we have two cell cams sitting along this ridge system that leads up to. Where we have a ton of scouting hours and hunting hours and trail camp pictures and, figured a lot out over on this side. So we're hoping to kinda hone in on this movement that's east of where we've been hunt, or I'm sorry, west of where we've been hunting, and maybe piece together the puzzle a little bit more.

But I was actually listening this morning to what's his name? So it was Tony Peterson and mark Kenyon on wire to hunt. And they were talking about how mark was talking about how if you have a puzzle and you like lay [00:16:00] the puzzle out on the table, it helps to have like corners and edges and then you start filling in the middle.

And he was talking about how ESC scouting and trail cameras and stuff are like your edges and how If we saved ourselves a couple of bad or like fruitless hunts by going out there and figuring out like, oh, there's a logging road here. This is totally different terrain than it's what, on what's on Onyx or what's on, Google Earth?

Like you can't even see it. So you didn't see the logging road until you were there? No, not there. Yeah. Not there anywhere that we could find. That we did the e scouting and all that, and if we'd have just gone off based off of that, then we'd have gone out there and. Been like, oh crap, and scrambled and had to find something else to go somewhere else, and who knows what we just screwed up at the time.

Yeah, it was good to try to put both of those things together. It's like ESC out and see what you can see, but then go out there and really make sure, because like we, I felt really good about that, but if you'd asked me about that last week before I went out there, I'd have been like, yeah, we're gonna, we're gonna be hunting that bench pretty hard this year.

And there's no way I wouldn't have [00:17:00] done that. Yeah. Spent at least a day or two, like trying to get out there. Yeah, it was a good trip. Is that any activity on that camera yet? Just like empty pictures. And it rained immediately after we went, so I'm not like, I don't know.

I was, that's good. Yeah, like the scent is outta there and everything, but still don't have any dear pictures from either camera. Hey I'm intrigued about this bowl that you're talking about. Yeah. So he's gotta try to get a pen drop. I'll send it to you. What direction is the low ground in this bull?

'cause obviously in a bull, the water's gotta drain out somewhere and usually that's like the gap in this bull where, what direction do is the low ground? So it would be south. Okay. South. So obviously anything out of the north would be an awesome. The cool thing about that bull is that and I, dude, you just described one of my favorite places to hunt.

You have, you've, you have high ground all around you and Yeah. Thermals. [00:18:00] And really any wind direction. If you have a polling thermal, let's say after the sun goes behind the ridge, the thermal switch, they drop down. Yeah. Or on a morning hunt, before the sun's up high enough, all the thermals are dropping down into one location.

Yeah. And in, in my experience, that location, whether it's an east wind or a west wind, or a north wind, probably not a south wind but all those other ones, it may swirl around a little bit, but it's all exiting out of one. One area. And so that is where the, that is where I would put a tree stand typically.

Yeah. But my question to you is, does that logging road lead to the bottom of that, that south part of that bowl where everything drains out? So that one that we found does not, there is one though down below and that's where I shot my buck last year. So we, okay. I shot mine like below it down, actually [00:19:00] it was standing on a logging road when I shot it.

But. The one Phil shot was actually like in the bowl. Like we were, we had both set up our saddles up there and he shot it, like in amongst it. And there's, there's three scrapes within 35 yards in there. It's just, it's wild. And that's where we've got the pictures of three massive deer.

Like I've never seen deer in person this big. They're huge. Have you seen Zeus again? No, never have. And yeah, I feel like you would've, we probably would've heard about that deer getting shot. We would've heard about that deer getting shot a thousand percent. That thing's a freak. And that's the thing is like trying to figure out, how do you hunt that guy?

And instead of just seeing there's deer all over the place back there. Yeah. But what, where are the big guys moving through? And that's why I like thinking through the mindset of okay, don't think about what is their route going to the bowl like, 'cause they're probably not, they're probably going south where he's talking about all the thermals dumping out.

That's where they're going. They're trying to just, they're trying to skirt down below. They're smart. They're not. Gung-ho as much, going up to the scrapes, like the [00:20:00] younger bucks, they're gonna go just breeze by and, point to point yeah. Check things down, thermal or whatever.

So we're trying to think more like that of like, how is he gonna be moving in order to do that? So I. I don't know, man. I, that's the thing about setting these cameras, like the two we just said. It's I wasn't expecting to get a bunch of deer on camera from I'm hoping that if we can get just one shot of one of those big deer moving through there, then it's okay, pick the right wind in the right, one thermal or whatever, and go give it a shot because, and you're not going out there to shoot a dough. I'm not dragging a dough out of. Yeah. That where it's terrible. Hey, don't discount dough, man. Yeah, like for me, I hunt dough groups. Okay. 'cause ultimately dough groups are what's gonna pull a buck in, right?

Yeah. If you can pattern a dough group, in this area. Holy cow, man, that, that would be amazing because ultimately late October, or early November during this pre-up process, they're going to come in and [00:21:00] cent check these dose. Okay? And that'll give you an I, if that'll give you an idea of where these bucks are ultimately gonna come.

'cause right now, up until. Mid-October they're gonna do exactly what you just said, and they're gonna stay down. Wind of all the terrain, they're gonna use their nose to cent check. Entire areas I mean like hundreds of acres are coming down into, or however big this bowl is down into one area.

You, you find the dough and what the dough are doing in that bowl or. Whatever. And you get on that dough group. 'cause eventually the biggest maddest buck, the most dominant buck in the area is gonna be the first one to pick. The dough group. And if you can find that man, that's such a huge leg up.

So that's where the logging roads come into play. And this is something Mike Larsson talks a lot about is like the grid pattern, the way that, bucks move like perpendicular way do's, move the doughs hammer these logging roads, like they are [00:22:00] beating up these logging roads that move like vertical up and down.

The side of this ridge, obviously, it's not like a hard and fast rule. It's like they don't, it's but for the most part, like if they're moving perpendicular, that's why the theory of okay, bucks are probably moving along the side of the ridge and there are paths going up and down from this bowl and stuff where and I've seen it with my own eyes, doze moving up like uphills that I would not imagine like deer would go up.

But there's just bee trails that they're using. Yeah, that, that's definitely part of the story is like what are the dos doing? And part of maybe, you know what that camera that we put on that logging road, that's like the convergence of all those, it looks like different trails and stuff like that.

Is that maybe we do get some dough groups on camera moving through there, using that logging road. I don't really know, but just trying to figure that area out. We really don't, we have no hunting time out there. We now have one scouting trip over there, like just, I don't know a lot of question marks about that whole area, but I feel like figuring that out.

Helps us know [00:23:00] how to actually hunt the area a lot better because it's the one like missing piece to how we're thinking about how they're moving in the area. So yeah, I, to me that's, it would be awesome. Go ahead. It would be awesome to get multiple. Trail camera pictures of shooter deer.

And what I like to do is I like to lay a hard copy down whether that's on printed, you print it out or even you can just do it on like onyx or whatever mapping device. You can just draw lines from point to point. Every time I've seen a deer at this deer I'm tracking now. Every time in the past three years, I've either encountered him or I have a trail camera picture of him.

I draw, I connect all those dots and it creates a shape. And then the center of that shape is where I try to find the best terrain feature within this shape. Or surrounding. And that's where I plan up. And that usually is where these deer, you put in enough time in these [00:24:00] locations by. By doing that.

And you're gonna find just where all the deer, not just the buck you're after, but the, all the deer move. They terrain is that way for a reason. All deer are not just, those are using that logging road, but all deer. Are using that logging road. Maybe not at the same time, but they're deer are an animal of lease resistance.

If they don't have to go through the thickest, nastiest stuff, they won't. And that's why that logging road is, it's such a ease of use for 'em. Yeah. But eventually the bucks are gonna come to that. And so that's where, like for me I just love putting dots on a map, connecting all of them.

And then within that is a terrain feature. That, in 2018, that's how I killed my buck. Yeah, no that's great advice. I have seen with my eyes bucks and os use the logging roads. I saw the biggest buck I saw, I've seen in person to date. He woke up not far from me and I he woke up looking right at me and I couldn't [00:25:00] move.

I couldn't get a shot. He was staring. I was just in a, I was shocked that he was there. And. He like walked away and I never got a shot, but I watched him just walk outta my life, literally right up that same logging road that I had seen a ton of dos walk up. And I now know at the time I didn't know where that logging road went.

I know where that one goes now. And honestly, it seems like they're using it to get back up into that ridge system, back up into those. That bowl type area. So it's just, I don't know, before the logging roads were in the area, it was difficult to hunt that area. Now it's just like another variable in the equation of like, how does all this play together?

And, it's, it just totally changes how you think of like how they move and stuff. I don't know. I'm sure logging roads are gonna keep being a big key for us. Hunting out there, it's just. I don't know, how it comes into play with what time does a big buck use a logging road versus the d and all this stuff.

We just, we need some camera data, honestly. We need a little confirmation. But yeah, I feel like we're getting there. [00:26:00] We're getting there. So what happened with your trail camera? Oh, okay. So yeah, I told the story of the one that got cut down on the private property. An update there, we found out from the guy I went to high school with who lives close by is there's a bunch of dudes that run dogs in the area.

And because it's private, they get worried that when their dogs run out of the private, that if they get busted on camera, that. Farmers are gonna come after 'em and all this stuff, so they'll just cut down the cameras to keep and take the SSD cards to keep, which not cool. But I'm glad it's not somebody that's like trying to poach out there or something like that.

That was gonna get a little dicey. It's I'm call Chris, see if Chris knows. Yeah. So I was all right with that. But the that's unfortunate. Yeah. I assume you're talking about Chris Powell. Yeah. Chris Powell did it. Yeah. Yeah. From hounds Man xp. Yeah. He talks about it all the time.

It's like the, out of all the hunters, right? The Hounds men probably get the worst rap because [00:27:00] there's not number one, there's not a lot of them. And then you got guys like that who and I'm not sure what the law is where you guys are at, I think legally, You can go retrieve your dogs.

Okay. To retrieve. Yeah. Yeah. The right to it seems like there would be in certain that I know I'm sure you have the right, most hounds men most respect, the Hounds men that are respectable, they'll go to the landowner and just be like, Hey, listen, my dog got on your property.

Can I go get 'em? Yeah. Just as a courtesy. But when you got guys stealing trail cameras, man, if that is in fact who it is, man, that just sucks. Yeah. And that's the thing is I can't say it's for sure, I don't know that for a fact, but I Was that a cell camera? It was, yeah. Oh, yeah.

You were saying you thought he might've approached it from that, so he didn't Yeah, he didn't steal it. He just took the SSD card out and cut it off the tree, so I, I don't know. Wouldn't be okay with that. I'm not okay with it, but I'm preferring that if there's a, if there's a raccoon hunter running through the area at night, I'm not worried about it doesn't, I'm not as worried [00:28:00] about that as I am as, oh my gosh, this has been a lease hunting property in the past.

It's not anymore. Are there, is there some disgruntled fella. That's coming out there, scouting, trying to, and I'm gonna run into him in the morning and I already know he's a tool. Yeah. If he's poaching on somebody else's property and now I'm on someone else's property that I'm not willing to die for.

Yeah. So that was the scenario in my head when I found out it was the dog guys, it was like, sucks, but I'm all right with that compared to having to get into a scuffle or something. But anyway, the update. On the camera was where it fell down. It was opened the latch was open on like where the control panel is on it or whatever.

So it wasn't waterproof. I'm like, ah, shoot. Like I could see some of the water had gotten into the camera like lens a little bit. I could see there was water kind of pouring outta the battery port. I'm like, ah, this thing's probably toast. I let it dry out. Took all the stuff out of it.

Rice, yeah, put it ha rice. No not a bad idea. I don't know. But so the problem was, I, so it had been sitting in my gear room for, a week and a half or something, and I took it out Friday night before we were [00:29:00] going Saturday, just to see maybe I can get this thing working again. And I, you know how you put that little sim card in for Verizon or at t or whatever.

I went to pop that out and with the sim card came A bunch of water outta that little port. Wow. And I was like, oh, okay. If it was gonna work before, it's definitely not gonna work now. So I dried everything off, got it all cleaned up inside there, and called Phil. Told him about it.

He's I have the, I have another at and t card for mine that we could probably put in there. I'm like, okay, we'll see how it goes. I leave it overnight and let it dry some more and wake up the next day and run a test through it. And dude, it works perfectly fine. Really? I was like I could not believe that.

After all, like it is not designed to be waterproof inside of all that. It got rained on, I don't know how many times and it still works. Great. So what brand? That's a Tica, it's the Reveal xb, which they don't sell anymore. It's I don't know, they combined all their cameras down to two, I think.

I think it's, yeah. The X two now, I think. Yeah. And then I can't, I don't know. There's [00:30:00] a pro. The pro, yeah. Yeah. But that's good to know. Yeah. No I've been really happy with it. So that was a testament to it actually, like handling some weather and stuff. Have you had ants get into one of 'em yet? I haven't, no.

I've heard, I've had a couple just get Yep. Nests of ants inside of 'em and they're done. It cooks 'em like you can't use them, huh? They just get in the batteries. You can use them once. Ants like I, most of the trail cameras that I run are Exodus. Oh yeah. And They get ants in them all the time because their bottom little moisture hole is big enough for an ant to crawl in.

And I get ants nest, but it doesn't usually kill the camera. Yeah. The ones I've had, it's it fried both of them. Yeah, I haven't just, I opened it up and shook it out and I haven't ran cameras in quite a few years, but when I did, I occasionally would get ants in 'em and like it wouldn't fry it, but it's just like going to check that camera.

And this is before cell cameras are real big, so you'd actually have to go out there and pull the cards and everything. But just [00:31:00] opening the camera up and getting it with such a hassle. 'cause you're covered in ants now. Yeah. Falling out. Yeah, it's never fun. I wanted to hear a little bit and talk a little bit about your whole bow setup up Delio.

'cause I think it's maybe some, it's left i's a quick story. It's a quick story, but it's quick story. But I think some people might learn a few things from it. Yeah. So the quick spark Notes version of the story is, I shoot a heavier, a arrow to start with. My bow was shooting fine last season, got my bow out a few weeks ago to go shoot it to, start shooting it or whatever with you.

And I was actually trying your release 'cause I was thinking about switching up releases and, because you forgotten your release that day. Yeah. I didn't know that until after I decided thinking about switching your visas. Yeah. No I shot his and hated it. And he can attest to it. He was there.

I fired a couple arrows with it. I'm like, no, I, this is, I know there's gonna be a bit of a learning curve here. It would take getting used to a new release, but I hate this so much right now that I'm not willing to do this. So I was like, not a thumb release guy. Yeah. So I was [00:32:00] like, I'm sticking with my normal, strap on the wrist and the caliper trigger style release that I use and So then I go into my bow case and I can't find my release.

I'm like all right, I guess I'm done shooting for today, but you have to watch me shoot for a little while. But what was going on the few times I did shoot and I was trying not to look too into it because I was using his release, but my arrows were hitting super low and to a little more info, I had actually lightened my arrow up slightly.

Not a whole lot, but I was just using a lighter green. Field tip, and I'm like, why are my arrows hitting lower? And I, there's a couple explanations for that. The trajectory of the arrows now changed 'cause the arrows lighter coming off the bow and stuff like that. I. Shoot with my release a couple days later.

Same deal. They're shooting real low and I'm like, what's going on here? And I had the theory, but I threw it out on a go while just to see if what other people thought too. But my theory was that my DLO had moved on my string and took it to the pro shop. That's absolutely what happened. We got it realigned and everything, [00:33:00] secured it on there.

Went ahead and got a new site also. I was wanting to do that. Got the new site on the bow, got this new site cited in bow's, shooting great now. And I went back to my original weight arrow anyways so the confidence is back with the bow I've been shooting about every evening. Getting that new site just dialed in that's the last piece of the puzzle for me.

I gotta get out and shoot some more and, Be comfortable with that. Yeah, I got the, I went with the trophy ridge react, H four and it's got the technology, whatever in it where like you get your 20 and your 30 yard pin sighted in, and then you're 40 and your 50 'cause it's an H four, so four pin. Your 40 and your 50 in theory are supposed to be spot on after you get those first two set.

I've only been shooting 20 yards. 'cause I do most of my shooting at the firehouse 'cause I spend most of my life at the firehouse. And where in the back parking lot that we have this one little area to shoot my bow at safely. I can't really go past 20 yards. Yeah. So I haven't been able to get out to the range here, close to the office that we'll go to shoot 30 [00:34:00] yet.

Yeah. But, and it also works in reverse too. Like when you, they say when you shoot 40 and 50, it dials in your 20 and 30 a little bit tighter. Yeah. As you get that more honed at 40 it Yeah. Tightens it. Yeah. Yeah. I'm excited to get my bow back. Yeah. You shot a week, another week or so?

Yeah, I probably got another week. He said. It might have been, he might, it might be sooner, but I'm not holding my breath 'cause I waited till Everyone else waits to take theirs I think when you get it back, we need to go over to that other range in J Town 'cause it's a lot nicer than the one over here at Sawyer.

Newer bags. Did you all hear or know that there's one in the Parklands now in Cherokee, or no? No, Noss the one I'm talking about in J Town. Oh, okay. Yeah. Okay. For some reason you said Parklands and I'm instantly went to Cherokee, went to Highlands. Yeah. But no that's what I'm talking about.

That's okay. Out at I just heard about this one a few a week or two ago. I didn't know it was out there. If it's new or Yeah. Yeah. It's nice. It's really nice. It hasn't been run through yet. The one over [00:35:00] here, we've even witnessed some people out there with crossbow shooting 'em that aren't supposed to be, and they just the bags are all shredded.

Oh, yeah. One of 'em is literally shredded in half on the ground. We don't even shoot the actual targets that they have. I haven't. One, we just bring our own blocks. Yeah, just use the space, but yeah. Yep. But yeah, that's the bo story. It's close. I'm excited. Yeah. I can't wait. Yeah, I've been I'm as excited about Deere as everybody else here, but I've also been putting in quite a bit at work and effort.

Here locally on our early Goose season, I. I've been, yeah, that's what's mid-September? September 1st. First, yeah. Day before archery opener for the Western zones. And that's what I've been out, I wouldn't say scouting, but when I've been out in that area, keeping an eye out for geese, and I've marked a few properties on Onyx.

I've sent a few letters waiting for some response in the mail. Do you hand write them? No. Oh, okay. So I type up kind of a. Specific to the area letter, and I'll usually send that same letter to multiple [00:36:00] landowners in that area. But then I'll just go in and edit each one to where it's got like their name and address and I might throw in a few little.

Things that are specific to those properties. And then I hand sign all of 'em and then I hand write the actual like address and everything. Drop in some stickers and love letters. Freeh? Yeah, free. So you know, I'm waiting for some responses from there. I had one round go out, I think it was on this last Friday.

And then, I got another round in the mail this morning. So nice. Indiana squirrel opens up today. A lot of people are getting lined up for that one. Yeah, I'm fired up for it. Thanks, man. No, not, no. I love squirrel hunting. He can't deer hunting for a while after we can. Yeah. So he's gotta do something. No, I love squirrel hunting.

It's super fun. And then we have a goose season coming up here. Just passed a new law recently where the raccoon is open season all year now. Oh, interesting. So there's no more turkeys? Yeah. I hope so. Yeah. Of all the wildlife biologists [00:37:00] that I've talked to in North America, the raccoon is the most overpopulated animal in North America.

Huh. Interesting. They, I had a yo of damage. Yeah. I had a Yodi Yiping in my backyard last night. He was the only one that gets that perspective. Why? That's of where my neighborhood is, but it's, Yeah, they're everywhere, man. They don't mess around. They're. I have seen them in the area. Yeah.

But they are like in my backyard. That's crazy. That's another level. Yep. Cool. Deer season is, I'm gonna call it upon us, so Oh, yeah. Yeah. A bunch of, we're shooting our bows, getting cameras, looking at everything. Deer season chatter. Yep. Looking for goose. And I'm headed back down to Tennessee tomorrow for more bear scouting, so Yeah.

It's time things are about to start getting real busy for me. Yeah. And for people that listen regularly, you probably notice that we run like a pretty significant like three, four week delay on our shows, like through the summer and stuff like that, just for us, like we have other jobs and stuff.

But getting [00:38:00] close to deer season here, we've actually got it down to where we're only a week ahead. And so we're gonna try to, and we're gonna try to keep it. A little bit tighter so that we're not talking about early season stuff when y'all are in Rutt and all that. So we're gonna try to get it down maybe even the week of during rutt and stuff for us.

So that's the plan if Lord will in the creek don't rise. We'll we'll keep with it, but Dan, thanks for joining us this episode. Thanks, everybody out there listening. Make sure you get into Go Wild Log this podcast, get your. Points tons of, there were some shares that we released with gun broker that disappeared off the shelves.

Yeah, they were gone almost instantly. So there's gonna be more stuff like that dropping soon. So get those points, cash in those rewards, and we'll see y'all next week later. Thanks y'all. Later guys.