Hot Turkeys in the Glades

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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, we talk with Paul Campbell from the 02 Podcast about every and anything turkey hunting related. He spent the majority of his season on the road chasing the thunder with some of his most memorable moments in the Everglades of southern Florida–it was HOT! Pro-tip: Don’t forget your Thermacell! He packed on the miles in pursuit of a Sunshine State public land Osceola, even after finding an unpromising sight at his camp site. He then transferred over to some private land for a completely different style of hunting hoping for success … find out if he finds it or not! Lots of firsts for Paul on his trip as well as plenty of excitement. Listen in to find out why he says he’d love to go back. 

We also cover public hunting perception and how the atmosphere is changing. How do we get more people outdoors and hunting? Paul gives some great advice on how he thinks we can change the perception of anti-hunting and how we should showcase hunting vs how it currently gets displayed on social media. What do you think outdoorsmen can do to help promote the hunting industry in a positive light? Paul goes on to talk about getting to speak to a conservation science class in Ohio. We talk about just how important it is to bring that curriculum into both high school and grad school levels of education as the numbers of hunters declines. Bass fishing teams and national archery leagues are really making a positive impact in that space but how else could we get kids involved?

We pivot to discuss just how stupid a whitetail can be during turkey season. Literally they'll walk right up to your lap! Also, Paul tells a story about how he comes to a whitetail’s rescue; the second time's the charm, right? Lots of fishing gear is dropping on the GoWild platform soon, as well as some collaborative stuff with It's going to be an exciting summer!

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] All right, so you guys have probably, if you're watching the YouTube show you've seen, and if you're in Go Wild, you for sure seen the presence of our forensic gun Dot com. So they are, they've come on to be one of our new brand partners. They are the. The title sponsor of Uncensored right now.

So you'll be seeing us wear some sweet gum breaker swag. I got my hat, it's got the cap on. We will soon have some cool signage behind us that's coming. If you're in the platform, you're gonna start seeing a lot of stuff coming from them. They, what's really interesting that I've learned about gun broker is that it's so much more than just you can buy old guns, which is what I traditionally thought.

It was just like old use guns. They have a bunch of really cool memorabilia stuff on there. You can buy a lot of new guns. You can buy a lot of like accessories and that kind of stuff. We might list some alt stuff on there. Yeah. Yeah. So you were saying before the show? No, [00:01:00] I've bought You spent some money with him?

Yeah, I've bought, I don't know, probably like three, three guns I think. Off a gun broker. Yeah. Sold a couple, which is neat. Yeah, it's, it was a super easy experience. So we should probably say that's Paul Campbell from the O two podcast. Oh yeah. There's this guy you should probably have me on.

Yeah. Just this random voice no one telling heard. What does that velvety sound in my ear? So were your guns new that you bought? No, I the few that I've purchased were, they were all older. You have vintage guns, so to speak. So are there any cool old Turkey calls on there or anything? I don't know, man, you, as soon as you said that they have other memorabilia stuff, my wheels started starting.

I'm gonna mess with it. Is that a coveted thing? Like you'd buy old Turkey calls and stuff there? So I've avoided that. Because I know the moment that I dip my to my toe in that unholy pool, it's just gonna be like un holy, just peeling dollars off. They're gonna be, yeah. It's like Nicks to, yeah, exactly. It's you know when you're trying to die and you're like, oh, there's bag of M and MSS there. I'm gonna have just one, and then 20 minutes later, you've eaten the entire five pound bag of m ms. I was there this weekend. Been there. Yeah. You just [00:02:00] you're just hating on yourself. I know.

That's what's gonna happen if I start buying collectible Turkey calls. But there are a ton of people that, that's their thing. They really. It's have an extensive collection, so it's surely not like a sound thing. It's more of just a, like they've probably gotten better.

It's not the older Turkey calls, they don't sound as good as Okay. Yeah. As they do now and good is like a relative term. Like we think they sound good, but those guys back in the 18 hundreds were killing turkeys with, like rubbing sticks together, yeah. Rubbing sticks and with a ball, like not using a shotgun, then just using a ball ammo. Yeah, there's some, I think the oldest Turkey call I've seen is at the N WTF Museum in Edgefield. Which is moving to the big Bass Pro in Missouri here. Santa Family cares, but like it's moving into the Yeah, so it's going.

Yeah. So the of a TF Museum is moving to the Wonders of Wildlife. That's cool. So John Morrison, I still have never been there. Yeah. I need to go Kansas. I'm going a few weeks. It's in southeast Missouri. Yeah. My cousin goes to an Evangel college right there. Yeah, it's right there next to it.

I need to make a trip down and do that whole thing. I've heard it's pretty, I've heard [00:03:00] it's pretty neat. So yeah. So the n WTF museum's moving there, but there's like this wooden box call. And it's not like the box calls that we're thinking now. Like you can see where this person like hand carved, this thing's hun yo, about 1830 or something like that.

Don't Oh, wow. I'm sure someone watching this's gonna be like, oh no, it's from 1912. I don't know when it is. It's super old. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's just like a hand carved like, Piece of wood that some kid was using to call turkeys with. It's pretty neat. Awesome. It's like you got the lid and everything that you're doing there.

Oh yeah. It's got the lid, but it looks just like something you would carve as a kid, and you, I think Will Primos actually donated it to the Nwtf Museum. It's pretty neat. Like it's a really old call. So speaking of interesting calls, you showed me something yesterday that I had not seen before.

Uhoh this little piece of wood. With a screw in the middle of it. Oh yeah, man. The, I wish I had it. You have it in it. I wish I had it. It's just this, my, my buddy Justin showed this thing to me. It's just like a little piece of wood. It's hollowed out uhhuh looks like a combo basically.

That's, it's about the size it is. And it, okay. It's got this [00:04:00] like aluminum, cap with a screw that runs through it and it's chalked and like you turn it and it makes the sound like bird sounds like tweety bird sounds not like Turkey call sounds. And you can make hundreds of bird. Songbird calls with this thing.

It is amazing. It's the coolest thing. Yeah. And it's just and so my buddy Justin we fished with him last week. Yeah. And he'll just listen to the birds in his front yard and be like, and just start hammering on that thing. And they'll fly up into the tree above him and they're just like, looking for their buddy, they have no idea what's going on.

It's cuz it's really neat. It's a ton of fun. I bought a couple for my girls cause I thought they would wanna play with 'em. They don't care. Now it's me like hiding bushes out in my backyard. So are they like commercially made by a company or is it just something? Yeah, I think you can get 'em on Amazon.

They're like 10 bucks. That sounds fun. It looks like a, that'd be a fun thing. Papa Paul's garage. Oh yeah, that's for sure where it started. Yeah. Sitting in the deer stand board, just sitting there talking to the birds. Oh yeah. It'd be fun. Scare a deer and you just start tweeting real fast, yeah. I'm just a bird up here. Don't about a bird. Remind me. Yeah. I was tiling my shower this [00:05:00] weekend and then I was marking a tile for Amanda with a China marker and it started, it just hit that frequency where, Be in the moment. I'm like, can I get a little pur outta this? No. Couldn't do it. No. I'll try.

I'll try to Turkey call anything. Yeah, we did. We had the famous beer. Can Ted Boogies, Ted Boogie's beer Can That actually worked. It's amazing what you can make sound like a. Turkey. It is. Yep. Yeah, it really is. It's pretty cool. So you were saying before the show Yeah. You spent five days at home for the month of May, man, I was on the road constantly.

Yeah. And this is just, Paul is probably the most Turkey obsessed man that I know, and he got after it this season. So I did, man, I had a good, I had a good run. I killed a Turkey in mid-March. I killed my first Osceola, which was. Awesome. Down in like the southern zone in Florida. That was freaking cool down with the pythons.

Yeah. Then I hunted pythons and panthers, right? Yeah. Oh my gosh. Yeah, we can talk about that. I didn't see any, I saw python's skin [00:06:00] and so it was actually the python and the panther come like hand in hand here. So I have this giant like it's a tube call. And so it's primo's, foggy, bottom tube call.

And they're more of like a everyone likes that soft calling. You talk sweet to 'em. Like a tube call, I feel is it's like a jackhammer. And I use it like, as a locator call. And it is the loudest thing that you can imagine. It makes my ears hurt and when I'm locating, I'll put enough error.

And I'll hit three little, like clucks is basically what it sounds like or a cut. And I put so much air into it that I get dizzy if I hit it too hard. And so I was in the Everglades, like in the middle of swamp. It was just freaking miserable. I. There's gotta be a Turkey out here somewhere.

So I pull out that tube call and I'm just like, bababa blah, as loud as I could. And, I'm about to blackout and something like, like yells at me. That's the only like way that I can ex explain like what this sound was like. It just screams at me, Florida to me. Yeah. It's, and so I'm like, oh my God.

So I was gonna do a video to send to send to you guys and send a months and, So [00:07:00] I go up and I set my phone in this tree so that I can record myself hitting this thing, see if I can get this thing to scream at me again. And I look up and there's this giant like, python looking snake skin in this tree, and it's just the skin.

And immediately I'm like, no, I'm about to pass out again. It's just cause I, my, I can't handle any anymore, so I move away from this tree. I find another tree and I hit this call again and nothing. And so I was at this little like general store in the middle of. O Okee, Florida. It's. The most remote place I've ever been to.

And I was telling this woman, she was like, ah, I was Turkey hunt. I was like, haven't seen anything. Haven't heard anything. I was like, I didn't hear something like yell at me. I was like, the craziest sound. Cause I had no idea what it's from. She's, oh, that was a panther. I'm like, oh my God. Didn't she ask you did you hear anything weird out there?

Oh yeah. That struck me in your story, that like she asks people, she's, you ever seen anything weird out there? Yeah. Didn't see anything. You see anything weird out there? That's, I think that's what like, brought it up was why is she, yeah. Like this crazy sound swamp people. Man. Swamp people. So to [00:08:00] frame that, that question and why it was so weird.

I was at the like the Everglades like swamp man. Sasquatch, like store that's, it was all dedicated to heck yeah. The weird stuff of, okay, so then that's why that makes flame. So you want there's this giant like swamp man creature in their front yard, and they got one of the, the alligator farms in the back.

You wrestle a gator or whatever, wrestle and is swamp man a mythical creature like Sasquatch? Is that a separate you gonna reframe that mythical really? Or it's real rare? I dunno what he's out there, it's like a skinless cat. Like you can't have the fur in the Everglades. So it's a Sasquatch but no fur.

So it's just a giant dude. It's just a on ly wrinkly pink. It's just a dude on meth in Florida, right? Florida man. The bath salts people that were in Florida. All right. But yeah, so that was the, that was like, that was real wild, man. Yeah. That crazy. Going back, thinking about it. Never saw a panther though.

I I didn't see anything that I would say is a panther. At that moment, like when I made that noise, like I remember looking over and seeing like movement, but it's just like that [00:09:00] flash of brown you see when you're deer hunting, yeah. When you're blacking out from calling up.

Exactly. Yeah. In the corner of your eye, things. And so I'm like, was this thing like. Just asleep under a tree. That's what the woman said. She's no, you probably just, it probably sounded asleep, but you just scared it awake probably. And it was just like, get me outta here. And isn't there a bounty on Python in Florida?

I think there is. I didn't actually see like a live python. So you know, you watch all those videos, there's that one guy that's huge on TikTok, he lives in like outside of Miami and he goes into the Everglades and he's always catching the invasives and the cool cri, you know what I'm talking about?

I've seen these videos. Yeah. So I would drive down, they've got these Just sand roads that cut through the Everglades. And so it'll be like canal, sand road, gators everywhere. And then at night you, you watch those videos and the guys will always hit like the pythons. We'll see 'em like on the road.

And I did that cause I would roost, I would try to roost turkeys at night, which doesn't work in Florida apparently. And I would, and it, it was crazy because the place is so flat. When on this road that I, you could see like the [00:10:00] bridge for 75 going over. And the first day I drove, I'm like, oh, I can see the bridge.

20 minutes later, I still haven't gotten to this bridge. I'm like, my God. It was like, I think I marked it out. It was 13 miles from Wow. Like road, just the sand bridge. But it was just so flat that you could see this bridge. And it, you would drive, I think from like the pave road to where I was camping I think, I wanna say it was over 30 miles and it's just, it's like an hour drive, just maybe more, because you can only go so, so you know.

Sand. You can't go fast at all. And this was just you out at this trailer? It was just me. Yeah. The first morning I rolled into the Everglades, to hunt. It was, I'm not gonna lie, I mean I'm from Ohio. Like we don't have bears. We don't have pythons, we don't have stuff that wants to kill you. No.

At every moment. And that place is insane. And so I wanted to I really wanted to like, get the experience of hunting in the Everglades. Yeah. And so I missed the time to get, I'm gonna back up real quick. I didn't see a snake on the road. That's what all of us started. Didn't see a snake so I wanted to get the full experience of the Everglades hunt.

And [00:11:00] so they've got all these roads that you can take vehicles on, but you have to have a permit. And so I, I knew that you had to have a permit. When I go down there, the permit place was closed. I got down there on a Thursday and during the season at that time, it's only open lake.

Friday, Saturday, and it was like a three hour drive from where I was at. So I'm like, you know what I'm here for two and a half days. I'm just gonna walk. And so I would I had some friends team Wing Bone, they got a YouTube channel. Awesome. Guys. They gave me some pins, just some turkeys that, that they had run-ins with down there.

Sweet. But they all had those E-bikes. E-bikes, yeah. And I didn't have anything. So I went to the closest Turkey and it was like a five mile walk into the woods. And I'll tell you what it. Four in the morning in the everglade. It's like the sounds, everything. I'm like, I'm gonna die.

That just, that's just it. This is it. Yeah. I hear a noise up done. It's just but there's signs out there on the trees where it's just black bears are in the area. And I'm like, oh God, okay. And then there's wild pigs, and then there's pythons and there's all these other crazy [00:12:00] things.

I'm walking out by myself the first morning and I like break a stick. As soon as I get in the woods, I'm just like, heart's pounding, and I'm just trying to like, like just. Calm down man, like you're. Top of the food chain, not, at this exact moment, but, I have a shotgun. Like I'm a big dude.

I've done this before. You're going to be okay. Man, it was a wild experience. It was funny, like after I left and it's just hot. It's sandy. There's stuff, it's just crazy. I was talking to Andrew and he's would you do it again? And at the time I was like, absolutely not. I'm just glad I got this outta the way.

And now I just keep like my, I just keep thinking about. The terrain is wild. I just can't explain it. Unless you've been in it and been in it, not just drove through it or been on an airboat, once you've been in it, like I can't stop thinking about it. It's just I it's not flat.

So like physically, I. It's not, but it's so hot and there's so much, it's just so thick. It's crazy cuz you know I talked about seeing that bridge, like I saw this woodlot. I'm like, okay, I'm gonna get over there cuz you know there's turkeys. I know they're gonna be in this pine woodlots and there's this [00:13:00] huge pine, and I'm walking and walking.

I'm like, my God, how far is this? Like I could see these trees and I pull it up on, ax and it's over a mile. I'm like, That's hard. Oh my God, man. And so it just really mentally it just beat me down because I didn't know what to expect. But I would go back I would go back again next year just to try.

It's that type too fun, man. Yeah, that's what it is, man. It just, it's just, it's not a cheap thrill, but yeah. You look back on it and you're like, man, That was fun because it just really you just trying to calm your nerves when you go out there and you hear weird stuff that you're not Yeah, you're not familiar with and there's something goes wrong out there, like it's game over.

Like you're not, you're gonna have a real tough time. Yeah. You said, cause there's no cell reception, the most remote place you've been. Oh, it's insane. And there's alligators and panthers. Yeah. Did you take like a SOS button of any kind or anything? Do you have any satellite communication? Wow. No. So next time, let us know.

We'll get you so you don't die in the gls. Yeah. So we can track down the beep inside an alligator's belly. At least we, I say do it. Skin him put him up under his wall, so [00:14:00] take his eyeball. Did you see any, did you see any other hunters out there? Not one. Wow. Yeah, not one at the camp that I stayed at.

There, there was hunters. This there. The only other person that was, so what really pissed me off is the camp that I got to I just picked it, there's like a chart and you just pick, okay. I pick spot 34 and I get spot 34, and there are Turkey feathers all over the Oh. And there's blood on the ground.

I'm like all so I, it was a little, yeah, I was a little okay, there are definitely turkeys here, but there was one other guy camping there, and he was in his seventies, comes down every year and he's never killed a Turkey. I've been doing this for 20 years. But he he just likes the experience of being there, and so it's neat, man. It's just a it's, like a lot of hunters, they just wanna do the same thing over and over again. That's fine. Nothing wrong with that. I like the challenge. I like pushing myself, and that was definitely like mentally just pushing myself. It was crazy. It was awesome.

So did you see this guy, that guy again after you got your bird? No. When I got my I hunted the Everglades for about two and a half days, and then I [00:15:00] went, I was still in like deep Southwest Florida. I went to LaBelle County, or excuse me, Hendrick County, Lall, Florida. I've got a friend down there that's got some land and he doesn't Turkey hunt.

He bore hunts and deer hunts. And so him and his the other guys who owned the property were, they were like, yeah, come on come up there. So we had a great hunt hunted for one day. And so morning we get out there and I've got sweet Ohio blood man. So every mosquito, mosquito in Henry County, Ohio was I was, so you sit down and you just hear the dude, I, so I forgot my thermo cell.

I forgot to spray. I'm like, eh, we'll be okay. I was miserable, like the sun is coming up. There are turkeys, gobbling. I had to walk back to the truck. To see if I had bug spray, which I did not. I left it all at the camper. The only thing I had in there was a brown, like bath towel that I used that I lay on the ground to stand on so my feet don't get wet when I'm changed in the morning.

And so I'm like laid back and I've got this brown towel and I'm like curled up. The gun is sitting on [00:16:00] my knees and I've wrapped up cuz the mosquitoes can't get through this brown towel. That's all I had. It was miserable. Did you like cut holes in it so that you could see through? Dude, I had, so I had my face mask gone.

I had that thing like just a little bit over my hat and kinda wedged out, up under my nose, just hiding. And and then eventually they got smart and they started like getting, through my. Yeah, just threw my clothes and it was miserable. Those Florida mosquitoes are aggressive.

It's insane. They're different breed and like the sound, like they were always there. Yeah. Like it was, there was a point, there were so many mosquitoes around us and I tried to take videos of my friend cuz he didn't have any on them, bug spray and you could just, I looked at him, there were, there was 200 mosquitoes just flying around his head.

I'm like, this is crazy, man. So we had to like, we ended up, we had to go in, had to get bug spray, had some lunch, came back out and it was like we're walking through the woods and I hit that tube call, boom. Turkey gobbles. And like every Turkey hunter knows that once everything's leafed out, like in Kentucky or Ohio, Tennessee when stuff leafs out and you hear 'em gobble, they're closer than they were at the beginning of the season when [00:17:00] there's no vegetation.

When Florida, I didn't like, If I can hear a Turkey in Ohio fully leafed out, it might be like 150 yards away, depending, it's all depending on the terrain and wind and all that stuff, right? This Turkey gobbles, I'm like, oh man, he's close and I see him walk out and I'm like, oh crap. Like he's 30 yards from us and just comes running like I'm here to die.

And I was just like, we were standing cuz I'm just like, I hit that call and I'm looking around like. We gotta get set up. I didn't realize it was just so thick and there's so much like ambient noise, like bug noise down there that when he gobbled, he was right there, huh? And So I'm like there goes my one chance to kill ocio, this here.

And so we just sit down. I'm like, dude, I was like, just take me somewhere that we can sit and set up, and he's oh, there's this little clearing inside this giant cypress swamp. And I'm like, perfect. Take me there. And we go there and we sit down for two hours. It's 93 degrees. Oh, I'm dumping sweat.

I look at my buddy Clyde, he is dumping sweat and this is his first Turkey hunt, right? So he's having a terrible time and he pulls his mask on. He's man, this [00:18:00] Turkey hunting sucks. I'm like, No, it doesn't. It's a lot of fun. This is a weird day. We've seen some turkeys and we both have our masks down.

My legs are on the ground. My shotgun's on the ground hadn't called in 45 minutes. Pow, like 20 yards right over our shoulder. And I look at Clyde and his eyes get about this big, and there's a really neat like phenomenon for Turkey hunters. And that phenomenon is when someone else that's never heard of Turkey gobble close hears it for the first time.

Yep. Because this is like li it can be life alter altering, right? Yeah. And it is so loud. Yeah. Feel it. And I see his eyes get like this big and he's and he pulls his mouth and wear his mask up like real slow. Yeah. And pow again. And I'm just sitting there and I'm like, Oh God, I gotta pick my gun up.

My legs are flat on the ground, my mask is down. So I pull it up and he and he comes in. I and I think he was probably about 20 to 25 feet from me Gobbles again. And I'm just like, oh my God, dude, I'm gonna pass out. If you have noticed a trend, it's me passing out and say, yeah, I think he might have some blood sugar issues.

Yeah.[00:19:00] Just definitely an excitement thing. And so he comes out and I shoot right over his back cuz he was seriously 25 feet from me in that. Pattern on my gun was so tight, just went just side to side, and he turns around and takes off running. So I leaned forward and I'm like, Calm down, get on 'em.

I'm that tss man, that stuff's good to 70 yards, but I don't shoot really over 40. I'm like, but you, I knew that I had time to get settled in, and I did. Man, folded him up, man pile picture there. So yeah, it was cool. But so he takes off and you just leaned forward? I just leaned forward and I got on him and I got a better beat on him because, I think I'm gonna say that the pattern was tight, but he was just, I've never shot it a Turkey that close.

It's close. Judo was crazy. So I think I just went. Cuz that, that pattern coming outta there, it's gonna be real tight. Yeah. And so I just missed him, but I didn't miss him the second time. Hey, it's awesome you got 'em. So that was your Florida? Florida I got, yeah. And then I, my next trip I went to Alabama hunting with the Woodhaven guys down there.

And that was tough, man. The, I think like the hardest weather pattern for me to hunt is [00:20:00] wind. I hate it. I'd rather hunt like a slow downpour. Yeah. But when it's When it's windy, it really takes away, I think a hunter's, like our number one sense for Turkey hunting is hearing. If we can't hear 'em, it's hard to hunt them and changes the way you do it. But it was so windy down there that, we had a couple run-ins with some turkeys beautiful property, but like hunting with. With Mike Pentecost from Woodhaven, who is like the guy's, one of the elite Turkey hunters Yeah.

Of modern times and one of the best callers of modern times. And man, like what I learned from him just in, we hunted some in Florida and then we hunted some together in Alabama and maybe three days hunting. And what I learned from him, just in three days hunting was, it was amazing. Just the way that those like elite Turkey hunters see the woods and how they react was just, it was really neat.

So it's crazy to hear from a guy like you that you go and hear from a guy that you're learning from yeah, man, I, I just I'm an okay Turkey hunter. I've had my [00:21:00] moments of success and I've never been one that like, I always wanna learn something.

Yeah. From anyone, it doesn't matter, man. I think that's the, that's a huge mistake that people make is they stop learning. They become uncoachable or they're like I don't need to learn from it. Cause we can learn from anyone. Yeah. If any at any age, and they're really good.

Turkey hunters that are 15 years old, that if I listen to them say something, I'm like, damn, that's pretty smart. I'm gonna take that. I like I don't my ego doesn't dictate my learning, so That's good. Yeah. Yeah. But learning from a guy like Mike Pentecostal that's special, man.

I, I'm, Hopefully get to hunt with him again. But guys that are that good, it's, there's not many of them. Yeah. Yeah. It's crazy to hear that guy that good goes out and strikes out sometimes, oh yeah. That's yeah. If you're, doesn't make me feel better, but No, that just feel normal.

Yeah, there, there was times and that's just Turkey hunting, that's just how it is. Yeah. And when you're there's a certain type, when you're, running or gunning or. Whatever it may be, sitting on a field, there's certain like mental power that you have to [00:22:00] master, to do.

So sit, when Derek and I went hunting farm that I took him to in Ohio, but I took him there because I know that it's gonna be like a 10 hour set. But those Turkey, it could be a 1,000. Those turkeys are going to be in this field at some point in time. And if we are here, you're gonna have a really good chance to kill 'em.

And so I knew that Derek had that mental fortitude because it's a, yeah, you're not walking, but man, it's tough to sit in the same spot sitting there. Tough. Way harder than we sat. For me, that's worse. That's way harder. Yeah, dude, we sat there for 11 hours under this honey cell one spot.

One spot. We got up and stretched a little, a couple times and, but we were so concealed, we could talk and, yeah. Eat and drink and not worry about busting them. And sure enough, man, they're there. And that's just how that farm is. There's no it's a small piece of property.

There's not a lot of woods. You have to be, there's a 250. Yard section, you can set up anywhere and those turkeys are gonna come into that field multiple times during the day. You just have to be there and you have to be [00:23:00] ready. But that's tough too, and it's, I think a lot of that is probably tougher than walking through the woods a thousand percent because I can walk through the woods 15 miles.

Yeah. And just have a great time. I'm seeing new stuff and seeing new terrain. I'm calling, I'm finding birds. Birds, yeah, man. Let's go get 'em. And so yeah man it's neat to learn how like other people. Hunt and see other people fail because you can beat up on, like you said, you can beat up on yourself all the time.

If you're just, if you're smoking turkeys or deer every time you go out like you, like this isn't fun. And you talk to those guys that have been ultra successful. Like Mike, his 500th Turkey that he's killed in his lifetime was last year in Mexico, was a Goulds.

And he's I'm done. So I'm not doing it anymore. He wants to take his kids out hunting. Yeah. And get them up to speed. And there's some guys that I've met that have killed so many deer. That they're just like, I'd rather teach someone else to do it. Yeah. Teach a kid or teach my view of anyone.

And I'll die way before I get to 500 turkeys, but. I like that aspect too, man. Of, of bringing new people into it, so it's neat. Yeah. On the sitting in one spot thing that was, I [00:24:00] was telling, I forget who somebody around here my one takeaway from this season was like trying to sit in a spot longer.

Cuz when you're on public land and you're talking to the birds or whatever and you like, you're getting 'em close and you're not sealing the deal. Yeah. I think it was Appalachian assassin and go wild. I saw a comment on somebody's post of it was. I think somebody was asking like, what's, some more advanced Turkey hunting advice or something like that, and he said, sit 30 minutes longer than you think you should.

A hundred percent. Yeah. And dude, I know of two specific situations where if we'd have done that, we'd have had birds Yeah. Coming right into our setup and had good chances. But it's just hard when you're on public land and you're hearing gobblers everywhere and you're just like, ah, these guys aren't playing ball.

I'm gonna go play these guys are playing ball. I'm gonna go over here. And you're just bouncing around in the woods, like just sitting there. It's way harder. Yeah. Like chasing those distractions and stuff. And I, I think so to really hammer that point home for people that are listening in Alabama, I'm hunting with freaking Mike Pentecost.

Yeah. Turkey killer. If there's ever been one. He's, a hundred yards behind me calling birds up. We got a bird sitting [00:25:00] on this, on this creek bottom, just hammering. And we could hear some hen we're trying to get him up there and we sit and the guy was hunting with, he's man, he's let's move down a little bit.

Because there's this real nice little soft bench that comes up and he's they're gonna come up. They're gonna come up right there. So we're walking down the path and there was another like s just another Turkey that what, that hadn't gobbled. As soon as we came up over this little rise sitting right there in the middle of the path.

And so if we would've sat for literally three minutes that Turkey was, he was coming to us and we just didn't know because we were hunting the Turkey that was gobbling. Yeah. But I'm be, once again, that Turkey, it was a mature Turkey. Coming in, I'm shooting him. Yeah. And and that's not for everyone, people say he didn't do it right.

But I'm like, I'm hunting outta state, I got him a church Turkey that, that comes into the calls to see what's going on. I'm gonna take that Turkey 10 out of 10 times. But, we sat there, this thing was literally 70 yards from us, but it was just enough terrain drop that we didn't know that he was there.

Dang. And he never gobbled. But the dude on [00:26:00] the bottom, the creek bottom was booming, so we were trying to get, hope that he's gonna come up that path and it's, but, and that's something that just in the last couple of years I've really started to say, okay. Slow down, and that's tough to do, but it has definitely worked out.

There's no wrong way to Turkey hunt. Let's make that perfect. Know, I don't know. I found a few this year. Yeah. It's interesting. It's like you travel around and hunt quite a bit, but compared to deer season, I want Turkey season to be three, four months long. Cuz by the time I get into my flow, Yeah, it's over.

I get it's the last hunt of the season, and so if I'm only hunting on a Saturday and a Sunday here and there, yeah, I need more time. Yeah. I think it's one of those so I hunted in New York. That was my last stop this year, and I hunted three days and then I was home for a couple of days and traveled some more, and then I went back.

And I had a couple events and I had one full day to hunt. And so I get in there and it was just like, I know that there are [00:27:00] turkeys in this area. So I just wanted to like, I wanted to be deliberate with my movements, I didn't wanna go in there and just start ripping around this property cuz it's a pretty small, like this property it was public.

It was under 300 acres for each little lot. So it's a bunch of little lots, right? And so I had found a bunch of turkeys. I'd seen some, so I was like, I wanted to be very deliberate with, with my movements and what I did. And it was, man, it was wild, dude. It was just, but it was one of those if it would've been early in the season and I had one day to hunt there.

I'm just gonna be all over the place. Yeah. I'm gonna walk that entire place. I'm gonna go to another one and walk that entire place and then, and just rip through there. But because it was, three months into the season, I'd had, I already killed a couple birds I was able to say, okay, there's no pressure.

Just have some fun. Just see what's out there, man. Just, and it was really neat. But yeah, like you said, if that would've been my first week of Turkey hunting, I would've been. Bing binging, binging all over the place. So yeah, but I was in a groove at that [00:28:00] point. Yeah. What was your your total for the year and where did you go?

It was just, it was two, so I, yeah, I killed one in Florida, one in Ohio. Struck out in Alabama, struck out in, in, in New York. I took a lot of people hunting for their first time. Yeah. Cool. You hunted in Kentucky too, right? No, I didn't get to come down. I had made plans I just couldn't, I just couldn't get, I had so much travel with work.

Yep. And on that end that I just couldn't, I couldn't get down here. But, I had a ta I had a tag in Michigan that I didn't even get up there, but it was neat. I, like I said, I spent, last couple of years I've taken a lot of people hunting and I've put a lot of I mean like the first, like here in, in Ohio, the first four or five hunts, I didn't even bring my gun.

Cause I had other people with me that was just like, I'll get my chance. I'm not worried about it. I want you guys to have a good experience and a good hunt. And and I ended up killing my, my tur, my Ohio Turkey the first week of the season, Lindsay, the first week. And then after that it was just like, Get as many people out into the woods as I can.

So it was pretty cool. Yeah. That's awesome. I got to do that for the first time for Turkey hunting this [00:29:00] season with my little cousin, taking him out and he had Turkey hunting before, but he'd never run and gun style. And we got, you were tur talking earlier about gobbling close to somebody for the first time.

Like he we got one like at 10 feet, oh yeah. Like it was, he was on the other side of a hedge, but like just seeing his eyes turn into. Dinner plates, man, just yeah, it's a cool thing, man. It's like saying you hook into the first like big fish. Oh gosh. It's that. I think that, you know when you see someone fall in love with the outdoors, Whatever that pursuit is.

That's a special moment, man. And I love being a part of those. Yeah, I like that more at this point in my life than I do. Like the last couple of turkeys that I've killed, I've been by myself. And that's fun. That's, Turkey hunting for me is like a very spiritual moment. It's fun, watching your friends celebrate, and watching that excitement, that's really, that's always really cool.

So yeah, thankfully Phil and I are both able to hunt together something like, dude, I don't remember the last time I hunted by myself. I'm always like, I'm with him with Tucker, with somebody. Like I'm the opposite. Yeah. You like by yourself? I'm always by I'm all for. Like other [00:30:00] people, like it's a social activity for me.

Like we get out. Yeah, I'll do either. I'll do either one. Yeah. Yeah, I do. I do the lone wolf, Turkey hunts, man. Do you, yeah, because I'm willing I like talk about like Florida, I will put myself through pure misery just to find a Turkey and it could be swamps, mountains, doesn't matter.

And I will beat myself mentally and physically into the ground. And have a great time doing it. I feel like you, but if I've got you with me, I'm like, oh shit man. I'm sorry. We've gone 13 miles, it's 90 degrees. We haven't heard a single Turkey gobble. Is he doing okay mentally? You gotta know you've got the right person.

Yeah. That you're dragging through all this stuff. Exactly. And, So those solo hunts, man it's usually like, all right, let's go do some terrible stuff. Yeah. Nothing's off. Let's go do some terrible stuff. Nothing's off the table. All options are at play. Yeah. I like getting in them, man.

Especially on public land, where it's just you really have to push yourself to get there and cuz you know, at that moment, there's. There's no one else that's out here unless there's someone unhinged like I am. And if they are and I see in the woods I'm gonna go talk cuz we're [00:31:00] probably gonna be, best friends.

Yeah. I do. All right. Sorry, go ahead. Go ahead. Somebody was talking. I was about somebody. You go ahead. No I do enjoy going with other people and most of it is because of watching their reactions and seeing yeah. What, how they, especially the same way with fishing taking you fishing early on when you started fly fishing and watching how excited you get when you hook a fish.

And Yeah, it's some of those things it's, you can't replicate it. It's, no you can, and I think just high level, like philosophically speaking, I think there is there's a responsibility for. Sportsmen and women to bring up that next generation. It's not just kids, right?

Because if I bring a kid into the, we do an outreach event or whatever, and I bring a kid from the inner city and he has a great time, but his mom or dad don't hunt, or her mom and dad don't hunt or fish, whatever it may be, a kid may never do it again. And. You and I just talked briefly about this.

So there's a group that does, they do a study every couple of years on the approval of legal hunting, hunter [00:32:00] participation, all of these things, and it's basically like the R three movement, recruit, retain, reactivate, we've all heard about that. And so 2023 they haven't really released this information, but, so they're like the approval.

Of legal hunting in this country bottomed out mid nineties, 72% of people approved of hunting peaked mid tens, right? 80, I think it was 84% approved of hunting. We've dropped below that 80% of approval on hunting. Okay. We dropped 4% and this is in three years, right? 20 20, 23. We lost 4% of people that approved of legal hunting in this country.

So you say what's that equate to? That's 13 million people. Have changed their mind, have changed their perception on legal hunting in this country in a three year period. And so there's a lot of things behind that. None of which I'm like smart enough to talk about. Like I can just hear people, you talk about you guys are in it, the social, the media story that's told by hunters.

You've got people like. Josh Bomar. That's putting out don't shake your head. [00:33:00] You know where I'm going with this. Yeah. And this is my own bias. You got people like Josh Bomar that put these videos out of a Turkey getting its head split open by a bow. Okay. That's an ethical shot.

Like that turkey's dead. But you put that out. If I'm a, if I'm a non hunter and I see that, And I'm like, this is not a game. No. And so I think there's, I think that hunters and the story that we've told and are telling, like we're kinda like shooting ourself in the foot, so to speak.

Yeah. And if you're with those 13 and if you're viewing it as, Hey, here's my highlight reel. And your highlight reel is, the death of the animal. Yeah. For me that is like the low light wheel. Yeah. The highlight is everything around that. Yeah. Yeah. Which I think is most people. But you said that it bottomed out in the seventies?

No, mid nineties. So 90, I think it was like 95 when I looked at the data. Okay. It was like 72% was in 1995 and that was like the drop. And so there's a lot of like societal factors that go into that. We've got a very anti-gun. Tight. There's some thought that being anti AR 15 [00:34:00] automatically equates to like, I'm anti-hunting cuz they use guns or whatever, but this group they really do an extensive, exhaustive research and study on this topic. And I think as hunter's we can just ignore it and say Screw 'em. It doesn't matter what Abso I mean it absolutely does. Yeah. If that number and so what's scary is you're starting to see, and this is coming from the researchers, that there's like a, there's a philosophical shift towards being anti-hunting.

Yeah. In this country. And that matters, absolutely matters. And so the more people that we bring into it and Matt Ella talks about qu quality over quantity, right? And that's a debate that we will never have today. The less people that do it, And the less people support it it's a real thing.

And it's a real threat. Yeah. And so I think it's important to bring people into the pursuits, the outdoors, whether it be fishing, trapping, hunting. Hiking, camping, whatever it is, just to, to experience it and understand the role that hunters and anglers have within the world of wildlife conservation.

That's an important topic. Thousand percent. And [00:35:00] Brad early on talked about this with Matt, Ella did a big thing about like how social media's ruining hunting and all this stuff. Yeah. So obviously as a outdoor social media company, we were like, we should respond to that or whatever. And his.

Point, like what you said about Josh Bomar or whatever, like his point was, if you're just sharing an image of a bloody animal once or twice a year, like people are totally missing the story of what hunting Sure actually is, right? If we're, if we care about preserving the lifestyle and all that stuff and these things that matter to conservation and all that you have to think about the role you play in that.

And the role we play in that is really the storytellers of. What we do. And if you're just like reading the last chapter to people, like they don't understand, there's no context, there's no, nobody sees you struggle and suffer and plan and, get gear and do all this stuff. And it's important to share the times you strike out.

It's important to. To share the times you go scouting, it's important to share the meals you cook with it. It's important to share the times you take a buddy out, like all that stuff ultimately paints a picture for these people. [00:36:00] And that don't understand or don't part participate, that like it's a worthy pursuit.

It's a good thing to do. It's a, it should be painted in a pod positive light. But yeah, we've got some, we've got some folks in the industry that. Their knee jerk reaction is it's legal, it's ethical. It's I love to do it. Screw you. I don't care about da. And it's yeah like I get it.

We don't, we shouldn't have to apologize for what we're doing. But on the same token, you can do a lot of damage by taking a, I don't really care what you think mindset to the next generations of what's going on here? So I'm going to, this is like a stretch, but equate it to like having children.

Okay. It is totally legal for you to yell negative thoughts at your child, but you're not gonna do it because you don't want them to have negative thoughts down the road, like you want them to be confident people, so you're not going to yell negative things at your child and your house. Its the same thing with hunting.

If you want the positive effects of what you're doing to be out there, you've got to put that positive message forward [00:37:00] and that positive message is not splitting a turkey's wig. It is. Experiencing nature, seeing nature, and it's, full like hearing turkey's, gobble, like there it's full experience and then having someone else see that and preparing the food from what you've got that's the positive story.

And we have, we own it to our kids and next generations to do right by the animals. And that begins with. Telling that story in a Yeah. Positive way. Ab absolutely. Like you said, it can't be just a highlight reel of the two seconds of a, an entire year's worth of effort or a lifetime's worth of effort, and all of the good that comes out of that, that two second cliff, that's what we get.

That's what we get hung up on. And that's perception is reality. And, it's We have to take it seriously, and there are a lot of guys online, Sam, so Holt does a really good job of, telling like the whole story, and the and then, the windfall, from excise tax and everything, like how that affects positively impacts conservation [00:38:00] efforts in all 50 states.

And, so there is a lot of good that, that comes out of the hunting. Media, if you will. Yeah. I don't really know what to call it anymore, but yeah, man, it's a it's a responsibility that we collectively share and that we collectively need to take seriously because, there, there are a lot of people that are anti, that will always be anti, that want to see it go away.

And you see it in the New Jersey Bear season. You see it in. In Colorado. Yeah. You talk about Chris Powell. That guy talks about it. Yeah. Because they're hunting the fuzzy critters, the, the store. What's he call 'em? Fairytale, fairytale critters or something like that.

Yeah. The, yeah. The public perception of bears. Yeah. The bears and lions. Yeah. What's the anthropomorphize or whatever, is that the yeah, that's a good word. But yeah. So it's Scrabble. Yeah. It's, and I know this, yeah. Really took a like, a high level philosophical turn here, but it is important.

Love, it it is, yeah. There are a lot of organizations out there that are actively like managing and monitoring. The threats to, gun rights and hunting rights and fishing rights, across this country. So support, [00:39:00] those. Definitely.

Yeah. Sportsman's Alliance, we got an article coming out soon that Brad wrote about them and just trying to support them more, like everybody trying to do. What we can to support the people that are actually like making a difference. Yeah. In conservation and stuff. So they're based in my hometown Yeah.

In Columbus. That's a great, that's a great organization. They've got a really cool program that I would like to see and I would say every school in the country, but I'm gonna say every rural school in the country, and it's the conservation science. Class that they have. Man, what a cool class to taken for school, man.

You talking about I wish you would've had that when I was in high school, I was taking accounting. I didn't Environmental science trig, that was pretty, it was more on like stream health. Yeah. Wetland ecosystems and stuff, but it was still pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah. That curriculum is designed around the positive impacts of hunting and fishing.

Cool. Basically the North American model of wildlife conservation that we have. And I, it was really neat. Last fall, I was invited to talk to one of those classes in Ohio, the conservation science class, and it was great, man. The first question I asked, In each class was, [00:40:00] are there, are there any hunters in the class?

Kids raise their hands. Are there any non-hunters kids raise their hands. Are there any anti hunters? And I'm not asking cause I wanna make fun of you or beat up on you. I'm just genuinely curious. And like one of the classes this girl raised her hand and anti, I'm like, thanks for your honesty.

And so we talk about. Throughout the class talked about the positive impacts, everything that we've talked about. Yeah. And at the end I asked, are there any kids in this class that would be interested in hunting or fishing but don't have the opportunity, don't have the chance, and that girl, but would want to.

And that girl raised her hand. I was just inside, I was like, oh yeah man, it's how, yeah. I was like, look at that. But it's neat and I think it's just you talk about it the right way and kudos to Sportsman's Alliance and everything that. Those men and women of that organization has done, and the people that support them to, to come up with that curriculum and start to get it.

It started out small, but I think they're getting some wind in their sails with that. And it's really neat. And that's, that came from like a real rural community where you've got kids that are, you think about, 50, 60 years ago that's your base of hunters and anglers, right?

And then now you've got [00:41:00] a, Two kids in the school, that hunt or whatever, more than that, but Right. A very small percentage in a very rural agricultural hunting. Community and it's, it's falling off the face of cliff popularity of hunting and fishing in this country and we really need to do a better job about it.

Yeah. I know I would've been way more into hunting if like my, if that's what my buddies did in high school, but it was sports and I wonder what impact, like the pervasiveness of like travel, sports and all that stuff Yeah. Has had on like hunting activity because like I didn't have. Really weekends that I wasn't doing travel.

Baseball, basketball, and sports were, sponsored by your school when you were on your school sports team. Imagine if your schools had, some schools have fishing leagues, right? A lot of 'em do. It's a increasing thing. Like a lot of high schools are bringing on bass, fishing teams.

Archery's big time. Obviously Yeah. Archery is getting bigger. Na is really big. And the National Archery and School. When school's program. Yeah. Those folks are really doing, doing a good job. Yeah. But it is, man, it's that opportunity, right? Yeah. It's the, what's [00:42:00] the opportunity that these kids have to go out and I think that, for decades we focused on kids, but we didn't focus on the.

People that drive the kids to those events, yeah. So there's been a big shift within the R three model about Yeah. Targeting those people and then, they'll bring their, they'll bring their kids that's Raise 'em outdoors, man. That was, yeah. That's their big thing of the parents and the kid come in they both get taught about things so that it doesn't just become like a, the kids interested but the parents aren't, or don't have, don't like care to make it a priority in the home or whatever.

It's like the family. Training kind of thing. I thought that was pretty cool that they did that. That was how I was raised. Like my grand, my grandpa, my dad grew up in West Virginia and my grandpa and uncles, they all hunted. My dad didn't. He just didn't, he didn't, he wasn't anti, it just wasn't something that he wanted to do.

That's like my dad. Yeah. And I remember Just begging to go fishing. And then he'd gimme the stuff and he didn't fish, so he just dropped me off the lake. And I'm just like learning how to do it. And I wanted to hunt and I would see, cousins and friends that would go deer hunting.

And I'm like, I wanna do this, and it just didn't happen. Didn't happen. And [00:43:00] then, my twenties, I was just like, because I was at that point, I was the one buying all the stuff and driving myself to the place to hunt so that, that opportunity. But not everyone gets that, definitely I will say community of go wild. There's tons of people out there ready to take anybody that wants to go try something for the first time. Yeah, that's, all of us, I'm sure we would if anybody said, Hey, I want to do it. I don't know where to go, what to do. With a little bit of education beforehand, you can get into any of this stuff that, hunting, fishing.

Yeah. I can take you out and not shoot turkeys anytime you want. Yeah, we can go hike around with a shotgun. I'm really good at all year. Conserving the Turkey population. Yeah, that's a good Concerning the Turkey. We'll just start hunting with cameras for a couple years. Yeah. Yeah. Really bolster the population.

That's probably, yeah. That would've been a good tip for me this season to just go out and try to see turkeys more so than shoot them. Phil actually told me that's how Phil got started deer hunting. He had a mentor early on. Give him a camera and tell him, go sit in that stand and take his, take as many pictures of deers as you can.

That's what he did. And that's how [00:44:00] he got learned to be quiet and get close and take the picture and do the thing. I was like, that's a, that's an interesting way to get a kid like into it before they're may be ready to shoot something about themselves. Yeah, just sneak up on him. It's summer in a bean field or something, yeah. Yeah. Dude, we uhs. We went out to this like pristine property this past weekend and got, it's crazy when it's not deer season, how close you can get to deer. I don't know what it is, but crazy. It's crazy. Yeah. It always happens. We're like we're literally fishing this creek and four dos like, I don't know, 30 yards up the creek.

Just walk across, look right at us and just. Slowly walk up right across the way. It's I don't know, it makes me feel like an inadequate hunter. Deer are at their dumbest during Turkey season. That's just the dumbest part of the year for a deer. I've, I took a video, I was hunting with Andrew and we were on a controlled hunt and in northern Ohio for his Turkey season.

And I took this video with my phone behind me and there was a deer less than 10 feet behind me. And she knows that I'm there. Like I'm not trying to hide it at all. Like I've got the camera up and then she just [00:45:00] walks around and she comes in front of me to get a better view of me. And I filmed this deer for, it was over three minutes that I took a video of this deer and she's like getting close.

And then finally I'm like, bit, I throw my hands out and she, drops down and takes off and stops and turns around and starts looking. And I stand up and I'm like, would you. Get outta here. Go you're messing me up. Like turkeys are working in, and what is that? Why are they done?

I have no idea, man. I have no idea. So this park you're at though, is this one of the parks where people show up and feed 'em apples and stuff? No. No. This is, they like to, you're like, where's my food? Yeah. No definitely not like that man. But it was Man, it was funny just getting, even in, in, in New York, I had a deer come to within just, 10 yards of me and just looking at me and I'd hit 'em with, the hand movements or whatever and just freak 'em out and just stands there.

And it's just funny watching 'em, come in and just be deer. And then, I, I like watching 'em too when they're like in New York, there's this huge field. I'm just sitting there with my binoculars, just watching them just chase each other and jump around.

There's a couple fawns that are real little. I found a fawn in the middle of the road. [00:46:00] But the mom just like panicked and ran to the woods cuz she must have seen me walking. And the fawns just in the road. I'm like, you are going to die. I'm gonna help you out little man. And so he was pointed this way.

This deer is in the middle of the road. So I pick him up and I just, and I don't know if you're supposed to do that. I'm like, I had no idea. And it was it, I actually thought it was dead because there was some, like there was some blood on this deer. Oh, shoot. Oh, she's fresh. Oh yeah. And so I'm like, oh man, you're gonna get smushed.

So I just move him off the side of the road and then he starts like squawking and I'm like, You're in nature's hands, man. Like you just had to figure this out on your own. I helped you out. And I look and he'd gotten wedged in between two, two branches. And I'm like, dude, really? I gotta go pick this deer up again.

So I pick him up, I pick him outta this, and I just set him down. I'm like, stay there. Stay outta the road. Yeah, she's gonna be back. Don't stop in the middle of the road like you're gonna get killed. And then finally like her hurt her on the. Other side of the road. I'm like, oh, I put you on the wrong side of the road.

It's pick him up. I step on the other side of the road and he's wobbling. And then I finally see the mom like come up and they connect and just take off. And I'm like, you're good to go, my friend. [00:47:00] What a weird day for that dude. This little monkey kept moving me around. Yeah. This hairless monkey.

Yeah. I'm like I'm just looking at him. I'm like he's for sure gonna die. If he's, cuz there's cars just pretty regularly on this background. I'm like, they're. They're gonna come right over this hill and just smush you, man. And you're not gonna give you a fighting chance, but the rest is on you.

Yeah. Obviously if you saw one in the field, you would leave it for Oh person that, don't dunno that you always leave in the road. No. That, no. That's the only reason I touched that deal was because he was in the middle of the road. Yeah. I'm just gonna get smoked. Oh yeah, he's for sure gonna get smoked.

Yeah. So I'm gonna get hammered for that one online. Did psa I know I could feel people listening you're not supposed to. It's like, all right, we've got a couple, I was just reading the date. Someone at Yellowstone got a baby elk and put it in their car and drove it to the police station.

Wow. And they're like, guys, it's Yellowstone, so there's gonna be a lot of animals. That's what you came here to see? Yeah. They're, they've been doing it for thousands of years. Wow. [00:48:00] And I don't know what they thought the police were gonna do. All the places I found they're gonna arrested. Yeah. I found a no.

They're gonna go out, back to the reintroduce the wolf cage. Let's give him the taste for elk right off the Yeah. Yeah. Some stupid people. Can't fix 'em. No, you can't fix 'em. A lot of 'em earn stupid prizes out there in Yellowstone. Yeah, that's true. They make for great YouTube content. Yeah. But.

Cool. Wrap us up, Jacob. I appreciate you being here, man. Thanks man. I glad. I appreciate you guys. Stopped in, hang out for a little bit. Filled our bellies up with biscuits and gravy this morning. Yes sir. Did. We're rolling in. Glad we didn't fall asleep during the show. That'll be later. Naps in the card.

I smashed one of those Celsius drinks and a cup of coffee just so I could have those Celsius screens drinks. Those Get me through the day, man. I love 'em. They're good. I love 'em. Yeah, I was real carb heavy today for breakfast, but. Totally worth it. So yeah, go check out our

See what weird and cool stuff they got for you to buy, spend [00:49:00] your money on, see if they got old Turkey calls. Yeah, find some small Turkey calls. I'm staying off that. Don't tell Paul about 'em. Yeah. And Paul tell people where to find you, your podcast, all that stuff. So the podcast is the O two podcast I co-host with the Andrew months.

You can find that on all platforms. And then the How to Hunt Turkeys podcast, which is also on all platforms. That's been a lot of fun. It's a little slow right now. Turkey season's over for everyone. But dive back into that and you can find me on. Go wild man. Just search Paul Campbell.

Log this. I'm on the other ones, but I don't log onto those. So don't get too much hate mail on Instagram and text. Yeah, get beat up lately. Yeah. Log this show log, log some O two. How to hunt Turkey. Podcast shows, get some rewards. Bunch of stuff we, you keep hearing us talk about it. Bunch of stuff coming up this summer.

It's gonna be dropping in there. We're doing some collab stuff with gun so you'll see some rewards coming from them. And then also, To hype it up again, lots of fishing stuff dropped in the platform, so get up there and use some of your rewards. Buy some new lures for the ones you hung [00:50:00] in the tree.

Did plenty of that this weekend. See y'all next week.