How K.C. Smith Uses Maps to Scout for Deer

Show Notes

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast, Josh talks with K.C. Smith about how K.C. uses maps to scout for deer in the more open terrain west of the Mississippi. Map scouting can be a challenge in more open regions. As K.C. explains in this episode, areas often provide better cover and forage than what it appears to provide on the map. This means relating boots-on-the-ground scouting to map scouting is extremely vital.

K.C. is often working with unfamiliar territory and limited time. This means he needs to maximize his use of maps to find deer fast. Using Nebraska as a case study, K.C. breaks down his map scouting process from conception to kill. The guys also cover lots of other topics like finding quality food sources, picking the right glassing point, and how deer relate to terrain in more open territory. Tune and hone your map scouting skills from a seasoned pro!

You can find more from K.C. and his partner in crime Tyler Jones, at and on Instagram, @theelementwild

Show Transcript