How to Adjust to Hunting Pressure w/Dan Johnson

Show Notes

Hunting pressure. Studies have shown it very quickly changes the way whitetails behave and move across the landscape. It can lead to deer-less sits and frustrating hunting for the hunter who wants to use the same old access routes to hunt the same old stands. But for those who are willing to get creative and put in the work, hunting pressure from yourself and others can actually help your hunting, if you can understand and capitalize on how deer patterns change when the pressure heats up.

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast, Josh talks with Dan Johnson about adjusting to hunting pressure. Sometimes the adjustments one needs to make are major. Sometimes they’re more subtle. But one thing is sure, if you hunt the entire season with the same strategy and in the same locations you hunted on opening day, the odds of you having regular encounters with deer are very slim. Tune in to learn how Dan makes adjustments to stay on deer despite, and sometimes because of, hunting pressure.

Show Transcript