How to Plan Out of State Hunts

Show Notes

In today’s episode Garrett discusses some of the logistics for planning out of state hunts. Let’s face it, more and more people are trying their hand at doing these types of hunts. The popularity has certainly increased due to the media and content from people doing them, and surely the pandemic in some ways is likely boosting those numbers as well. Most of the hesitation to doing an out of state hunt is either due to the confidence level that you’d actually be able to get what you would want out of that hunt. But a large part is surely also due to the logistics, and not knowing what you don’t know. Over the past several years, Garrett has hunted in Missouri, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Iowa, Colorado, and Georgia, outside of his home state of Minnesota. This year he'll be adding Nebraska and Pennsylvania to the list of states as well. Some of those trips have been group trips, others solo. Some early season, some rut, and some late season. Most were driving, but a couple have been flying, so hopefully this episode will be able to shed some light on the things to be aware of if you’re looking to plan your first out of state hunt this fall. DIY Sportsman is Powered by Simplecast

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