How & When Deer REALLY Move w/ Brandon Gador of Quiver

Show Notes

We've all heard the old wives' tales about when and why deer move. Some swear by cold fronts, others could take or leave them. Some hunt solely based on moon phase, others think it's hocus pocus. Collared deer studies suggest that deer movement doesn't really fluctuate much from day to day, but that simply doesn't align with what hunters see when hunting. So what are we to make of it all?

In this episode of How to Hunt Deer, Josh talks with Brandon Gador of the Quiver Hunting App to see when hunters REALLY see the best deer movement. Brandon operates the Quiver Hunting App, a simple way to log your hunts and deer sightings. Over the years, Brandon has amassed a ton of real-world data that has produced some interesting findings. During the conversation, he shares what hunter log data reveals about how deer move around cold fronts, the moon, time of day, and time of week.

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