Hunting and Family with My Wife Mackenzie

Show Notes

A fan favorite is back on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast this week. John's wife Mackenzie joins him this week to talk about hunting, family, kids, and the balance of it all. This episode was a hit last year, so John decided to double down and go for round two. John and Mackenzie start off by talking about how much more challenging this hunting season was now that their daughter Hallee is getting older and fully mobile. Hallee is at the age where she needs constant supervision and is always getting into things. So when John took off for the deer stand it put a lot more pressure on Mackenzie. On the other side of the coin, John felt that same pressure which made leaving much harder on him.

The hope of this episode is to help all couples out there know that they are not alone. Life balance is tough, no matter if it's hunting, work, or just the hustle of modern day society. John and Mackenzie have found that communication and expectations are monumental in retaining a healthy relationship during the fall, and honestly year around. They go through the things that have helped them communicate better and get through a fun, but challenging state of life. Even if you are young, single, and ready to mingle, this episode is packed full of good lessons for the future.

Show Transcript