Hunting Before Deer with my Great Uncle Harvey

Show Notes

This episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast is a very special one. John takes a little road trip and records this episode with his great uncle Harvey. Harvey was born in 1939 and lived most of his life within a stones throw of the Red River in both Oklahoma and Texas. Harvey has done a little bit of everything through out his life. He began farming cotton at a shockingly young age, he was hauling cotton gin equipment on a truck to west Texas before he was old enough to have a drivers license, and even helped out with a gold mining venture for a short time. While all of that was going on he also got his pilots license, drove a mail truck, and came surprisingly close to catching a state record fish.

Harvey talks about what he hunted before their were any deer in the area, and how he vividly remembers seeing his first whitetail doe. Oddly enough his first ever deer was a mule deer he shot in Canada, and that's a memory he will never forget for more than one reason. He tells all kinds of stories from hunting and fishing, and even a great story about pulling a jet through downtown Ada. You will want to listen to this episode over and over again, and will be laughing all the way through.

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