Hunting Exotic Animals and Giant Texas Whitetail

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with Cody Mills, a passionate axis deer hunting guide, cowboy and whitetail/exotic game breeder from Texas. Cody started guiding with his dad on their family ranch when he was just 12 years old. He was quickly immersed into the world of giant whitetails, guiding axis deer hunts and encountering exotic big game animals. When Cody isn’t guiding for a 20,000 acre operation in Sonora Texas his day to day work consists of running an exotic animal and cattle outfit and maintaining a ranch in Harper. He made a name for himself as the youngest pro staffer for Texas Trophy Hunters Association and has competed in several ASA shoots. He has also become a well known TikTok personality with his bright pearl snap shirts, mustache that rivals Burt Reynolds’ and long flowing locks of hair. This is an awesome BS session for anyone that is interested in Texas and the hunting opportunities that the “Don’t Mess With” state has to offer.

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