Insane History of Han Solo’s Blaster & RoboCop’s Auto 9

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In this week’s No Lowballers podcast by GoWild presented by, we’re talking all about imaginary pop culture firearms and what real guns they were built from. We open up talking about RoboCop’s Auto 9 and how it’s a fictionalized build of a Beretta 93r, one of Allen’s absolute grail guns. Brad speaks on how the original plan for RoboCop’s firearm was to be a Desert Eagle and just how much that would’ve changed the entire tone of the movie. Do you think the Auto 9 was the right choice or would it have been better if RoboCop used a Desert Eagle?

Next up, Logan rolls us into the world of Star Wars and the amazing pop culture firearms that have come from the movies, but one sits atop them all…Han Solo’s Blaster. Talk about a movie icon, there’s not a much more recognizable movie firearm. Although not real, the DL-44 Blaster has an awesome backstory as an over the top firearm that was not standard issue. The DL-44 Blaster can actually be recreated in the real world with it being a modified Mauser C96.

We circle around to the recent sale price of the real Modified Mauser C96 used by Han Solo in the Star Wars films with an estimated sales price between $300,000-$500,000. Can you guess what the actual sales price was?

Closing out, Allen talks about the model 1917 revolver from the original Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, and what the average starting price for the auction is. Listen in to see where the auction starts!

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[00:00:00] Hi, everyone. I'm Logan Medish of High Caliber History, host of the No Low Ballers podcast. I'm here today sitting around the table with guys from Go Wild and from GunBroker. com. And this episode ties in perfectly to our previous episode. So in the previous episode, we were talking about real firearms.

and pop culture, history, and movie trivia, and now we're talking about imaginary firearms and pop culture and trivia and history. And one of the guns that we are going to talk about went for an absolute stupid amount of money that nobody saw coming. Gentlemen, welcome to this imaginary pop culture episode of the No Lowballers podcast.

I'm really pumped about this one. Are you? Yeah. Good. I'm glad. Let's do it. I'm a big [00:01:00] movie guy. I know that most of my references will be deep cuts, so I'm trying to, I'm trying to hold back on them. That's alright. We put you in here for a reason, Dan. Let it rip. That's right. You be you. Yeah. What's cool is we talk about the, the imaginary guns, but these are all built on real guns just to become imaginary guns.

Some of them. Some of them, yeah. And that's, I have a connection to this first one but not in the way that would be normal. We're going to talk about Robocop and his gun but my connection with this is that Robocop and myself, we both hail from Detroit. I noticed the resemblance a little bit.

Yeah. But I served my 17 year sentence in Detroit and I made my escape. So that's where our connection ends. But so my connection to rope. RoboCop is that we we both eat rudimentary paste in the morning. Interesting. That's how we recharge. See, I don't even get that joke. You don't remember that in the scene, the movie, they have that like paper cup.

I've seen multiple, I've seen it multiple times. It just has not left. Oh, as a kid, other than acid dude melting. No. I, as a kid, I was always like. What is [00:02:00] that? It was on h it was like that nasty paper cup thing that they like put in his back and he's yeah, H B O was on, or it was on H B O like every 45 minutes when I was a kid.

Yeah. So we've seen a lot. Yeah. Yeah. So let's talk about Robocops Auto nine. At the base of it is one of my grail guns, and I know I'll probably never end up with a Bretta 93 R. Yeah. So it was Beretta's attempt at a machine pistol. A little odd in that it was not full auto. It was only a three round burst.

Of the designs, it was probably one of the smarter ones because that had an enlarged trigger guard and a fold down foregrip. So you could actually get your thumb in there and your hand there to get a good grip on and actually keep it somewhat under control. And it had a compensator. Yep. So cool gun in and of itself.

Yep. Very neat. So for Robocop, he is in. It looks like post apocalyptic Detroit, I think it was actually 1989. What is it 20s Detroit. Yeah, Detroit from like 1969 on has, once the riots happened in Detroit, we've never really recovered, I know I'm going to piss off someone in the comments section.

Go for it. Bring it on. I'm [00:03:00] from there. Come on, Tigers fans. Let's hear it. You need a hardcore kind of badass gun for the prototype of the new future of policing in Detroit and you needed something big. Breda 93R is not a small gun in and of itself, but then they, the armorers added on this barrel extension, this big boxy extension with a three way compensator.

So now every time Robocop fires the gun, it's a three round burst, but, the compensator shoots jets of flame. It's super dramatic, looks really cool. Then of course when you've got the android doing a... Twirling finger, reholstering just adds to the charm a little bit.

So it was a a fantasy gun that kind of exists, but doesn't. Could you tell by looking at it that it was a Beretta or? When I was a kid, no, these days, they left the trigger guard area and the grip fairly stock. So you can gather from that, but it's not as apparent as, it doesn't jump off the screen like a model 29 for Dirty Harry or anything like that.

And Brad, this this was interesting. You and I were talking about this, the 93 R. Ish gun that he ends up using is not [00:04:00] initially what they were going to use. So you were telling me what gun were they wanting to use? You're talking about jumping off the screen. They were planning on using a desert Eagle, which I guess was new to that era, like a newer model.

I don't, I'm not sure. Do you, when did the desert Eagle come out? I would check out ladies. Yeah. Yeah. That's the right timeframe. So you got this new gun that they're excited about and they wanted to use it for Robocop, but he's got so much armor on and bulky. that it didn't jump off the screen. It looked like he had a pea shooter because of all the bulk.

But then, with the Auto 9, it's a lot longer, all this, the bulk around it. And it, they had to go that route because the Desert Eagle wasn't big enough for RoboCop. Which is really funny because a Desert Eagle is a... Yeah, but it would have ruined the Matrix if they had used it earlier.

Wasn't that what they used in in Snatch when Bullet Tooth Tony's since yours says replica down the side, whereas mine says point five zero. Yeah. I love that scene. Man, I haven't seen that in so long. That's a great movie. And [00:05:00] wasn't that also, wasn't the Desert Eagle in Falling Down?

With what's his face, Douglas, where he was the businessman that kind of lost his Oh, Michael Douglas? Michael Douglas. Wasn't that Falling Down? Yeah, Falling Down. And he went to the pawn shop. There And they were like, hey, let's go to the back, and he had like rocket launchers, and all sorts of stuff.

I feel like Desert Eagle, I start thinking of all the hip hop songs that it's mentioned in. Yeah. I feel like we could do a whole episode. We're probably not the crowd that should do that. But We might be in the right town for it. We could drum some up. The pool uses Desert Eagles. Yeah. Yeah. Logan, who looks like a classic rock front man.

I'm like a country music guy. We got to get somebody here who's an authority on hip hop, but that would be a cool episode. That would be neat. Yeah. Yeah. That would be nice. Sorry. Robocop. No. Yeah. No, but that, that would have totally changed the whole tone of the film if he had been using a desert Eagle, and it would change it for a few different things.

What could have been with the Desert Eagle. The the Desert Eagle kind of exists in its own little [00:06:00] niche anyway. But if it had been in Robocop, would it have turned the Desert Eagle into the Model 29? Would it have enjoyed a wider kind of pop culture popularity than it does, so that's an interesting What if, and I guess because Robocop had all of the targeting, In his brain, the gun didn't do anything fancy.

Which I can't remember. What? Computer. Brain. Brain computer. Yeah. No, it was a brain. It was like a hybrid. Cause it was like his brain and ste like spine. Yeah, but I mean he's, they had the computer graphic. Yeah, they had the visor. It would glitch out and stuff. Yeah. Listen, you don't even remember the movie, do you?

No, I Don't argue with me. But what did leave an impression was Judge Dredd. Because he was just a man. So he had to have all the tech built into his gun. So the gun did all the cool stuff. So two different camps, leave a comment. Are you team dread or team Robocop and which dread still on urban? The thing [00:07:00] about the autumn nine though, that stood out though, I think is also the sound.

The villains in the movie are using, if I remember first gen Barrett's were the base gun. That was, it was some sort of. Borderline artillery piece, but it was a Barrett as a base, whereas the three round burst of the 93 made a, but it sounds for every big boom fired at Robocop, you'd hear these multiple bursts going back with the multiple, jets of flame out of it.

And I think the sound, the visual made the auto nine just seem that cooler and that more bad ass of a gun that maybe in reality at a 93 R is right. Yeah, no I would agree. There's that is definitely a situation where movie magic really lends itself. To creating something really cool.

But, we can't talk about imaginary pop culture firearms without talking about the elephant in the room. And that's gotta be Star Wars, right? There are so many cool, iconic weapons in Star Wars that have their basis and their genesis in real firearms. And of course, the Stormtroopers, the guns that they're carrying are based off [00:08:00] of World War II era Sterling submachine guns.

And that's an iconic gun. The heavy 42 machine guns, right? That was something Lucas did really well in Star Wars is not go for the typical sci fi laser, right? Where it looks like it's firing through this series of, glass tubes or something, right? You wanted it to feel You know have that modern feel.

It's almost like a steampunk feel into it in some ways. And they all look used. They didn't look shiny. It was more that kind of Josh Whedon style of sci fi where everything looks realistic and worn. Biggest part of it though, it was just what was practical when they shot in England, the armories were full of, they just finished the big run of all the world war two movies from the fifties and sixties.

So the armories were full of Sterling's and MG 42s and. In this case, the C 96 Broomhound or Broomhandle Mauser. So they needed to make it look spacey. So they swapped a few parts around here and there, strapped a couple extra parts on, put a couple of little rings on a Weldy Wolverine.

And now you've got Princess Leia's gun. So were the [00:09:00] Sterlings in real life as. Inaccurate and hard to hit your target as the stormtroopers made it seem well It's easier to shoot an aim when you're not wearing a helmet the guys unless you're Robocop the guys can't even miss the door frames, they're running So how you supposed to expect them to hit accurately, it's also easier hit your target if you bring the gun up in front of your eyes and use sights instead of from the hip But that's good for our heroes that they shot that bad. That's exactly right. Yeah. No, it was a fairly accurate submachine gun. The troops did quite well with those guns.

It's just that I guess the storm trooper training just really wasn't that good. The gun forced all the storm troopers to be left handed. Yes. Because the magazine on the Sterling comes off the left hand side for your traditional right handed trooper. To holster it, which you never intended to holster a Sterling, but to holster it for a Stormtrooper, now it has to go on your left side.

Yeah. So just because of that odd little design, all the Stormtroopers were lefties. Now we figured it out. Yep. Yeah. This makes so much more sense now. Absolutely. Like, why can't they [00:10:00] hit anything? Damn lefties. Righties who are having to shoot lefty. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But obviously the most iconic one and Alan, you had hinted at it with talking about the Mauser C96.

That is the genesis for Han Solo's DL 44 blaster. And that I think really is the iconic gun. In that movie, can we all just agree that Han Solo is the coolest character? I know Luke is the main hero, but who didn't want to be Han Solo, but Luke carried this gun too. No one talks about it in the swamp with Yoda.

He's holding the exact same gun. No one ever mentions Luke when they talk about this gun. That's true. It's Han because it was military issue, right? That's like the whole thing is cooler than Lando. Okay, now they both drive the same cool vehicle. Now granted, Hans is a little more run down than when Lando owned it.

Han got the girl. Lando didn't. Lando got plenty of girls. My last point. He's been in like the fan wiki, reading all the stuff that people just make up. Here's how I can prove it. Lando wears a cape. Han wears a [00:11:00] vest. Cool dudes wear vests. Yeah, I view it as more like a smoking jacket.

Landis, like the Hugh Hefner. The cool thing about the DL 44, in actual Star Wars canon, is it's supposedly an illegally modified blaster to make it a more powerful handgun than necessarily is legal. So it's the... Is that why it overheats? It could be a Star Wars game, right? I think in general, like the whole concept was like part of the accuracy was like, you could only fire so much.

And and if, I don't know, also in the fan wikis, this is like something that nerds get in there and argue about is over the overheating problem with this. Fictional gun. It's just one, one with the Bond exception from our last episode, the kind of common theme through the big, famous hero guns is they're always over the top.

Dirty Harry is 44 way too powerful for what he needs. Some of the modifications John Wick carries in his guns, crazy over the top. You talked about the SPAS 12. We've talked about the 45, 70 lever guns and dress purchased. The guns [00:12:00] that stand out, the hero guns are these crazy over the top.

So even it's, even though it's a fake gun and it's made up, even it's backstory is that it's over the top, it's illegally modified. It's, something a smuggler would carry. And it's interesting with a lot of the different things that you see in star Wars, is that.

People are trying to create replicas of stuff. We've seen people create some really interesting like lightsaber replicas, but at the end of the day, no matter how much you try, no matter what you start with, a lightsaber is not real and never will be real. Cue the hate mail that's coming from people sitting in the basement, but, hey, if someone knows a place to buy real lightsabers, drop it in the comm No, DM me that information. Yeah, but the lightsaber is never going to be real. But you can have a real DL 44 blaster because the basis is in a real C 96 firearm. And that's something there are people making a lot of modified, DL 44 blasters.

You can get one that [00:13:00] works right. Which is really neat to be able to take that movie aspect of things. And actually tie it into something real that I just don't think you get a lot of. Did you know the I was prepping a little bit for this and then I got going down a rabbit hole because I used to love Star Wars as a kid and I ended up, I was the nerd reading all this fan wiki stuff, but the gun that they used, it was provided by a prop house, Frank Sinatra used the same gun in the Naked Runner that they then took that gun and modified it and built Han Solo's gun out of it.

No kidding. Yeah. I had no idea. Isn't that cool? So it's like the gun that was modified was literally modified from another movie that they still had on, on, in their archives. So you're saying Han Solo carried Frank Sinatra's gun? That's what I read. Lawyered. Lawyered. Yeah, I guess that was a little bit cooler.

Yeah. Old blue eyes coming in. But I thought that was, I thought that was really cool which could even have some of the, maybe the original that I think we're gonna talk about in a second. It could be some of the value behind it too. It's like this has been used in two, like with two [00:14:00] really well known people, right?

And that's, an interesting thing about Hollywood firearms is that, a lot of the movies there, they are renting these guns from armors and prop houses that have these storehouses of all these guns. And so a lot of the stuff gets used and reused over and over again in different films.

And so it's interesting that, it was Sinatra's gun and then it's being used in Star Wars. Too, wasn't the, and you're the guy that told me this, but in my deep dive... This gun wasn't like some of the other ones we've talked about that was made popular just through the movie.

This was like a favorite of Churchill, right? Like even before Star Wars, this gun was already had some notoriety within itself. So you're looking at a popular gun that now was just taken to the next level by being in this sci fi epic. Yeah. Yeah. Whether you are a fan of the Star Wars films or you're just a gun history nerd, The silhouette of a Mauser C 96 is iconic, I mean that, that broom handle that is such an iconic [00:15:00] design on that gun, there's no mistaking it for anything else.

And so whether you're a star Wars fan or you're just a gun nerd, like you're infatuated by the C 96 for one reason or another, there's a Venn diagram of the Mauser fans and the Star Wars folks. And in that overlap are the ones who understand that. The Han Solo gun is a Mauser. Yeah, it's that overlap.

Exactly. Yeah. And we've talked about, existing guns that things are glued onto in the Robocop and the Han Solo guns to make it look like future guns. And there's also this huge category of future guns in movies that They're usually lower budget movies where they use real guns that just look futuristic and they're like, oh, this is a future gun and you're like, wait, isn't that just like a G36 or a P90 or?

The reboot of Battlestar Galactica was the king of that. The handguns were FN 57s where they attached a fake grenade launcher. Originally they were FS 2000 and P90s and then when the series got picked up they went to the Beretta Storm carbines. But yeah, all those guns look trippy to begin with.[00:16:00]

And, the producers went, just give it a sound effect, right? Oh, in, in that universe, they actually fire proper projectiles, loaded cartridges, projectiles, but it's Chris vector been used in any sci fi. I feel like that, those look, yeah, those do look super sci fi. And I don't watch enough sci fi.

I don't know if it has. Video games for sure. I know it's been in some video games. I'm thinking like the Halo guns from the Halo video game series. Those look like Chris Vectors. I'm just thinking that gun, if you were going to do one of these. That is good. I bet it will put a sound off in the comments.

They're going to hear us talking about this now. And they're going to make a movie just to be able to do it. This is not good of an idea this is. Now we just need a good plot. That's the easy part. We'll leave that to the writers. They're on strike. At this point, at least, they're still on strike. By the time you're hearing this, maybe not, but they're still on strike today.

Eventually. I'm a patient man.

As long as the check comes through and there's enough zeros, I'm patient enough. Maybe we could do it. Hey, [00:17:00] there you go. I'm not sure writing is that important in modern Hollywood anyway. Just use AI. Everybody's doing it. But so there are real guns that things are glued on to, to look like future guns.

There are futuristic looking real guns that nothing's done to and still look like future guns. And then there's my favorite gun, which is a future gun. That looks like nothing on the Earth, and that is Fifth Element's, what's it called, the ZF 1, the Zorg industry, that's got Aero Launcher, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, Net Gun.

Freeze gun, the redirection, the redirect, the recall replay button. And if they don't pay you for your shipment, you push a little button and they blow up. Don't push the red button. Yeah, don't push the red button. I'm gonna guess gun brokers never seen one of those come through. I know Adam Savage made a replica of it.

I wouldn't be surprised if, 'cause I've seen on gun broker some of the rubber prop guns on gun broker where they're like, Hey, this is a rubber, prop that was used in this movie or whatever. , I wouldn't be surprised if [00:18:00] someone's made one at some point. We'll save that one for the next movie episode, but we haven't talked about...

The blaster and how much it goes for or how much it recently went for and like the value of it, which is, we got to get into that because this is going to blow people's minds. Yeah. So the actual with legit movie provenance, without a shadow of a doubt, it is the modified Mauser C96 that was turned into the D44 blaster that was used by Han Solo in the film.

Undoubtedly, right? Sold at auction in 2022. And it went up for sale with an estimated sale price of 300, 000 to 500, 000, which is an astronomical. That's house money, right? Like you could buy a house with that amount of money. And so unless you've looked at my sheet of paper I want to see, we'll go around.

Does anybody want to take a guess as to how much it hammered for? Can I know, I don't know, but I know that there's a difference if it [00:19:00] is an individual buying it or if it is like a museum buying it, like if the Smithsonian bought it, that would... This is probably a Saudi Prince based on selling it.

Saudi Prince money? Yeah, I can tell you if the Smithsonian bought it, it wouldn't have even made the low estimate. I'm gonna say... There's no money for it. 20 million dollars. Okay, maybe a distant Saudi Prince. Like a cousin. A cousin. One who's been excommunicated. They set you up for failure. 5 million?

It's a good guess. Alan, do you have a guess? I'm sitting next to you and I can see your sheet. So I'm not going to. Oh, fine. How about off camera? Brayden, what do you think it went for? Tell us, Jamie. 2.

7. So he's thinking 2. 7 million. Alright it's interesting that we've thrown out these really big numbers and that everyone thinks it's going to blow past its auction estimate, right? And the whole point of creating an auction estimate you want to accurately Bracket that because that's that lends more credence to your auction house, you know [00:20:00] Obviously it that's really impressive if you can blow away past that right but with something like That you don't have a comp for right, you just give it an estimate and you hope you're in the ballpark And for this auction house, they were nowhere near the ballpark which and that made them very happy by the time it was done, it sold for 1, 057, 500.

That's less than I would have thought. You're never impressed. Clearly you guessed 20 million. Yeah. Banksy can graffiti on a brick wall and it goes for 20 million. Yeah. But that's because people who are buying his stuff are. stupid. People who are buying guns as investments aren't stupid. And it's one of those things where people think they're going to get their money back.

That's going to increase in value. And I think this is a good, a great example of something that's going to increase in value. You were talking about in our last episode about, we were talking about how many different Versions of a gun there is there's some that are designed to get beat up and some that are designed for the close up hero shot.

And you were like which [00:21:00] one gets the most money? And I know that all the actors like I know Terminator or Arnold Schwarzenegger has. the main shotgun, lever action shotgun, at his house. I'm sure Clint Eastwood has one of those, it walked off the set sort of things. I wouldn't be surprised if Harrison Ford has one of the blasters at his house.

Wouldn't you think? Just Harrison Ford and who he seems to be personality wise, I'm not sure Harrison Ford remembers being in Star Wars. And I sure don't think he actually cares. He just seems like that type of guy that isn't a memorabilia type. He's is the check cashed? Really? I got the other, I would think he'd go in.

I don't know, he was really disappointed they didn't kill him off. Yeah, and plus he's still doing Indiana Jones. But I bet he's got Indiana Jones. We'll come back to Indy here at the end. We should do, episode idea, non firearm weapons. Because that made me think of the bullwhip. Yeah, that would be interesting.

But on the [00:22:00] prop gun thing, I don't know if it's true, but in the, again, deep diving I forgot I was actually researching for a show and it was just fun reading, but the one of the resins apparently went, of this gun, like the mold, the rubber guns, I guess as you were calling them. I found that one went for 550, 000 in 2018 of this gun.

Wow, that's interesting. And I think that is a testament to just how popular Star Wars stuff is. Because there, there are some movie franchises that it doesn't matter what it is, anything associated with it, the big fans with Deep Pockets, they want it, gotta have it. Lucas knew that. I think, I can't remember the exact.

So I'm just going to make this up as you do on a podcast. But I know when he was negotiating, the rights within his when he was, when he still owned Star Wars, or maybe it was when part of the sale to Disney, I can't remember, but part of his terms wasn't about the grossing of the movie. It was in the merchandise.

That was the, that was actually the original Star Wars. Yeah. So it was the in perpetuity deal on merch. When he negotiated with 20th Century Fox, he took a huge cut on [00:23:00] pay, but he wanted a cut of the toys. Yeah. And nobody had done toys at that point. And Fox is yeah, absolutely. And the toys and the merchandise line has made him.

20 fold over what the movies not to mention selling Lucasfilms for three billion dollars. Yeah, Georgina. No, George is not So Alan you wanted to mention something about Indiana Jones? We took a look at some of the movie stuff We do have up for sale and one that comes up Quite often.

There is a gentleman who's associated with Bapti, which is one of the film houses and he periodically would put up for auction. He's got the model 1917 revolver from the original Raiders of the Lost Ark movie. I guarantee Harrison Ford doesn't have it in his Wyoming ranch house. It hits our auctions every now and then.

And the reason it continues to come back up, he's a little off, I think, on his auction estimate. So this one, I'm not sure we've talked about. Anyone care to guess what he starts it at the listing price usually? 3 million. I'll say I don't associate Indiana Jones with any sort of gun and the only scene I can think of is where he shoots the dude with a [00:24:00] sword that would be, I dunno if it's that exact one, but it is that model.

But I'm trying to, I'm going through my memory bank and I can't think of another scene where he is shooting maybe on the wooden bridge or that's not even, we don't have time for you to do this anyways. Make us a number anyways. Just tell us 20 million dollars and move on. It's gotta be less than the blaster though.

It's gotta be less than the blaster. He's saying what he's asking for. I'm gonna say 500. I'm gonna say 500. Logan? Knowing that it doesn't sell, but I want to be a little more realistic, I'm gonna say 75, 000. Five million if you've got go buy some lottery tickets if you got five mil in your pocket I know a gentleman who'll hook you up with Indy's revolver if the dirty hairy gun if the NRA came upon hard times and had to auction off that gun How much do you think that dirty hairy gun would go for?

Considering the NRA is already in hard times The question is How fast after this show posts does his cell phone go off with a phone call? Yeah, no, I don't know because the bigger issue is they don't own that gun. That gun still belongs to John Milius. The one thing that always happens with celebrities, and I don't mean to get morbid, but [00:25:00] if he dies, that could be the thing.

I saw that with Michael Jackson stuff, like all this stuff comes back on the market and people go nuts over it. I could easily see it bringing a million dollars. Yeah. And since I no longer work for a museum, it's not a conflict of interest for me to throw that number out there I could easily see that everything's just because of what that is and everything's just pegged on the blaster.

Now, is it more or less valuable than Hans? I think blast I, but the difference, I think part of the challenge is the gun is Hans Solo. The gun is not Indiana Jones. Exactly what I was about to say. They're not as you were like, I don't even remember him shooting. That's what I said, yeah. I don't, I was quoting you.

There's one scene. I was like, you sounded really dumb when you said that. Dead dumb. Even in the solo prequel, there's the whole scene around the campfire where it's not, it's Tandy Newton is taking down the big rifle. And eventually ends up with the handgun configuration, which is the DL 44 that she tosses over.

And that's where he gets his pistol. We see where he gets the pistol from. So it's, it's as much a character as Chewbacca. Okay, maybe a little less, but not much. With that it [00:26:00] blew past us, but we are out of time in this episode. Obviously, we had a ton of fun talking imaginary pop culture firearms.

I hope you guys who are still here with us at the end, I hope you enjoyed hearing about it as much as we enjoyed talking about it. If you're still here, I really appreciate it. Make sure you are subscribed on your favorite platform. Please leave us a review. log your time and go wild. Head over to Gun Broker and find the base model gun so that you can build your own replica.

Really appreciate everyone being here to enjoy the episodes and everyone around the table. I appreciate you being here to film the episodes and we will see you right here on the next episode of the No Low Ballers Podcast. Pew pew.