Introducing Kids to Hunting from a former NFL Player

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Matt Light (Light Foundation, 3x Superbowl Champion) discuss the Light Foundation and how the program leads children into the outdoors and establishes success. Matt discusses the leaders he is developing through various camps and teachings and how they experience life changes through turkey hunting that instils leadership.

Matt explains how the programs under the Light Foundation brings youth together, and shapes them from a career and education perspective and provides them responsibility for shooting firearms and holding one another accountable.  Introducing kids to adults associated with the program enhances the leadership experience and shapes them in the right ways to ensure a positive change is created.

Jon and Matt discuss the universal problem of distractions for kids and how post COVID views have changed our world and pushed a differing perspective on the children of today. Matt explains the best ways to get kids into the outdoors and how to break the ‘wall’ of electronic devices and games that are overtly distracting. Matt details the youth turkey hunt they offer and how you can create a similar experience on your own property.

Matt explains how kids can apply to the Light Foundation programs, which include hunting, fishing, outdoors, timber framing and leadership development. Matt provides details on how to support the Light Foundation and what opportunities the foundation can provide our communities. Matt ends with an idea that will change your relationship with your kids and how new environments will shape their future.

Show Transcript