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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, we talk about our recent fishing trip to North Carolina with Jason from Timber Ninja Outdoors. We made a quick dash to North Carolina, arriving at the campsite at night where a whole can of worms was opened. Did we mention that it was wet? Rain, treacherous waters, and bears? made for a REALLY interesting trip, listen in to see just how crazy it was! 

The river really threw it all at it on this quick trip. It beat us up both mentally and physically but we toughed it out and everyone had some success. We learned the ins and outs of where the fish wanted to strike at, even if it wasn’t always convenient for us to hit those spots. This trip was definitely a doozy but Jason invited us back, next time for a longer trip, and we’ll definitely be going back!

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] All right. Chris, what'd you do this weekend, buddy? Not a lot. Went to the creek and played with the kid. Nice. That's about it. Your son? Yeah. Yeah. Hey. Not a random child. I like how, by the way we asked Chris to be on this podcast. Two minutes ago. Yeah. And we sit down, we're like, you're kicking it off.

I'm just setting it up. 'cause there's no way What he's gonna talk about trump's our story. That's true. My new role on Uncensored is to get to come and talk about the fun shit everybody else gets to do while I sat at home. It's always an open invitation. Yeah, you, we always have tons of gear you can borrow.

That is a good point. There's many invitations I feel go out just because I assume so and so doesn't do this, so they wouldn't want to go. Yeah. Never know. Yeah. We did, I think we saved them from a little suffering. Tortures, a little torture. We kinda have a sick enjoyment for it, but I don't know that you would've, it started out with a.[00:01:00]

What, like two and a half hour detour, reroute around traffic twice. And rewind it. Back to a t a Whoa, where it started. Oh, you're going way back. Yeah. It started out, I was going at a young age. It started out with my father, an open invitation to go fishing in North Carolina. And we get tons of these, Hey, you should come out to wherever.

But we're so busy with Goil that. We can't just take off for every single invite we get. But this one was easy for me because of the location and me, I went to school in the mountains in North Carolina. You went to school in that area? Yeah. That one lived in North Carolina for two summers.

Yeah so North Carolina trips especially, we're like, okay. Yeah. Yeah. And Jason from Timber Ninjas. Up our alley. Yep. He's, yeah. Fit right in. Yep. Small mouth, which is not Jason. Jason doesn't have a small mouth. He's a normal sized mouth. And let's not comment on his mouth size. It's not a derogatory, [00:02:00] that's small mouth.

No, but yellow belly, small mouth. Small mouth is Jacob's preferred species, oh yeah. Doesn't everybody knows, but now that gets me excited. So it's like, how can we do this trip? And have it be the least inconvenient for our schedule. So we decided, we made the smart decision to take off leave after work Thursday and just take Friday off, which turned into a long road trip.

Yeah, I get it. Yeah, it's didn't have to take two days from work, so keep work happy. Didn't have to take a weekend from the wives, so keep them happy. So downside, we knew we'd be setting up camp at night after dark. Yeah. And. When we first started talking about it, we didn't know if we were going to a campground, if we were like where we were gonna camp.

There was one point I was like, Hey, it probably wouldn't be that bad, depending upon where we're going. Just get a cheap hotel room. 'cause we're only gonna have, a few hours we're gonna be there sleeping, kind of thing. But it ended up being a camp and [00:03:00] Jason, the week before scouted where we were going, found the campsite.

Little walk along the railroad track to get to the campsite. It was, cool spot. Very cool spot next to the river. Next to the river. Right next to the river. And a creek and a feeder creek coming into it too, and a feeder creek. And checking the weather leading up to this trip. Looks good. Looks good.

I think a week before I told you, Hey, it looks like it's supposed to rain every day. And Jason was Oh, there's little popups. You know you're good for one popup a day, last 30 minutes and it's done well. And to be clear, I only, 'cause normally I'd be like, rain's in the forecast, don't care, whatever.

Roll your dice. I asked Jason Hey, does this rain, is it going to change where we should fish because things blow out? And he's nah, that'd be fine. Everything's good. Let's change the lure. Yeah. We learned a lesson in North Carolina microclimate. Yes. I guess is what we get. Micro that's, and where we were, there was no cell phone [00:04:00] signal.

It was very spotty. Yeah. And apparently Derek, 30 minutes before we got to the parking lot to start walking in. And I should say that we were very rerouted by traffic delays and accidents. And we didn't get to the parking lot till midnight. Yeah. It was midnight, 12, 10, something like that. And Derek had checked the weather.

Like right before we got to the parking lot, it was like, it's gonna start pouring at one and we got a hustle back there. Don't pop this tent up. So we're at one o'clock, we're about 10 minutes away from the campground and it just opens up and it's pouring rain. And we, we're technical people.

All my stuff was in dry bags. You had a trash bag wrapped around your sleeping gear, technical people. Your stuff was in trash bag but there was, mine was not rain protected at all by the way. Oh really? Yeah, I was, it has the vinyl ish lining feel to it didn't matter. Yeah. Yeah. So we all, as we're trudging in, know that [00:05:00] our stuff's all gonna be soaking wet.

Yeah. All of our gear is gonna be soaking wet. So you guys get your tent set up pretty quick 'cause you got three people working on it. I'm trying to, and this campsite is a pretty good campsite for a tent, not a lot of trees. And I was hammock camping, so there's really only two trees that were spaced somewhat decently that I could get my straps around, which is right next to your tent.

And so you guys were, had your tent set up and we're in it giggling. Can't confirm. I didn't. You figured it out 'cause you were trying to scout for trees where to set your hammock up. I didn't realize until the next morning how close it were to the river. Yeah. And it was like six feet from the campsite is riverbank.

Yeah. Yeah. Dang near got swept away. Yeah. So I don't think I got in my hammock till too. Probably. It was a minute. Yeah, he was probably about too, it took a little while because I was trying to keep everything, the first thing I got set up was the tarp and then I was [00:06:00] trying to. Build a camp without getting anything out from underneath that tarp.

Yeah, so it really limited me. I'd be like, okay, I need a pair cord, and I'd go into the tarp and unzip my bag was hanging underneath the tarp so it was off the ground. So it took a while. There were a couple cigarette breaks in there too. Sad. Sad cigarette breaks in the rain. In the rain while you're trying to set up your little sleepy day, like a limp, wet, soggy cigarette, a World War II cigarette in the rain, just like thinking about home.

Yeah. We woke up the next day. Hold on. You just blazed through the three hours of us laying in the pouring rain. Oh yeah. Like our tent, the tent situation needs to be commented on. Yeah. You guys popped up your tint. It was so easy. I took a picture of you guys last night and I was gonna show Amanda the picture when I got back.

I couldn't find it oh, I dunno if I actually did it. It was hard 'cause it was raining, three dudes wet in their underwear. It literally was, you guys were all giggling. And they were zipped up in the tent. So I'm like, oh, I gotta get a [00:07:00] picture for posterity. And so I open the tent and it is just humid, man juice hits me in the face, just whoa, it's just baking in there.

'cause even with the rain, I bet it was 90 degrees air temperature. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, at night, at midnight and then we were in a tent with a rain fly on top of it. So it was just capturing like all of the heat, all of the humidity and sweat from us just literally getting in there completely soaked. We get in there and get down to our underwear because we had nothing dry.

We're just laying there together, shoulder to shoulder on our backs and a three man like hot dogs and A three man tent is like rectangular. And you're supposed to sleep three people, head to foot. Yeah. So alternating long ways on the rectangle. But I guess, 'cause we got a bunch of straight dudes, they didn't want to go that way, so they went short ways.

So they were all like frog length long wise. Shoulder. Shoulder, so they had more arm room, but when I unzipped it, it was just three ttts [00:08:00] in there. Wait, now wait a second. I need to clarify the fact that the way we laid in that tent was because there was a decline towards our, where our, we put our feet, so all the water was going that direction.

It was puddling as we were setting it up. Inside the tent. So we had standing water at like most of the tent area. So if you spun at 90 degrees, someone would've drowned. Yes, we spun our body, Derek. We would've put Derek there for sure. But yeah, it was, and then the rain fly, which was supposed to keep the rain off of us.

Didn't, so we had the technical termer alert, spoiler alert. It did not repeat, did not. And so we had all the heat and moisture being trapped in and also more and more, more moisture being added to the situation. But it felt like the new rain shower you just installed at your house, above I was being waterboarded. Literally. Literally. And so then the whole night the the math in my head is okay, it's super hot, so I don't wanna put this blanket [00:09:00] on top of me. But then also I'm getting rained on and nothing. I'm just in my underwear. So eventually it caught up to me and I was like, I'm just gonna put the blanket on.

I'm gonna choose sweat over her, like getting soaked. And actually, man, I got a few hours of sleep. Yep. It proved to myself like, Hey, I can sleep in just about any situation it is. And I'm in the hammock and I've got, Wet clothes. So it's like a tarp in a V shape, like a tent I don't know, what do you call that shape, like an upside down v and on that line that's supporting that tarp, I've clipped on my bag and all of my dry bags are clipped onto my shoes, my wet clothes, and I'm directly underneath it because they didn't want anything getting wet.

And I'm laying in the hammock trying to go to sleep, and I hear just the loudest thud, maybe 10 foot away from me. Yeah, I remember that. And immediately I think that could be a bear. And then I think, where's my food? And I literally am looking at my food [00:10:00] bag a foot away from my face, t attached to the inside this tent.

A tent line. And then I'm like, okay, it's not a bear. If it was a bear be making more noise, it was probably just a big dead limb fell. And I'm like, wait, there's a big dead limbs falling. And I'm just, did anyone check the dead faults? Yeah. And we did not. We did not. We did not. And one weird thing that happened since we were so close to the train tracks, at about three 20 ish in the morning, the train goes by and it wakes me up and it took me like, A long time to think through.

I'm in a tent because I was asleep. It woke me up. I'm in a tent in North Carolina. It's raining. I'm sleeping in my underwear next to Jacob and Derek, and that is a train. Like all of those things, I was sitting up so confused trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Yeah. And I woke up at six 30 when it started pouring again.

Yeah. Again, and we didn't, I didn't have cell phone service. I think you guys had cell phone service A little bit. Yeah. 'cause we have good phones, but I didn't know what the. It's not a [00:11:00] phone thing. That's not how phone work? No, it's a phone thing. Yeah, it's an Android thing. That's an Android issue. So I thought there's a good chance we're just gonna be sitting here 'cause we're, I wasn't about to break down camp while it was raining, so I'm like, I'm not getting outta this ock until it stops raining.

So I was thinking, this could be half the day, have the morning that it rains and meanwhile all of this is going on. Our boy Jason is like cozy, dry asleep in a little stone Glacier. One man. Yeah. He got like a little biby pop up, little setup over there. We're all like dying all night. And he, because he set it up before it started raining.

And he was already set up and waiting for us by the time we got there. And his gear was all like nice and functioned properly. And you could tell he had done this a bunch of times. Yeah. And was ready for anything. Hey Jason, did you get what at all last night? No. 'cause my tent did what it's supposed to.

Got it. So the rain fly was that a user issue or was that a gear issue? It's a 15 year old. This is a very old tent. So I bought at Dick's Sporting Goods a long time ago while I was still in college. And I actually just [00:12:00] sprayed waterproof spray on it. Last summer. It did a good job of keeping all the water in.

No water was able to get outta me. Maybe I sprayed the wrong side. Yeah, so I, I don't know man. It's just every seam was dripping, you know how those tents work? Yeah. If you touch them, it's gonna start dripping in that spot. Yeah, it was coming from everywhere and the little gear pocket thing that's hangs on the side, like any of those seams just were dripping flooding water in.

And so I woke up. It's in the trash. I fell back asleep when it was raining at six 30. I woke up, I don't know, 7, 7 30, it stopped raining and I look out my tent and you're already stringing up a fishing rod. Yeah, and I'm like, man, coffee was already ready to go. And then literally you finish stringing up the fishing rod.

You set it down and then you start eating breakfast. I'm like, that's a weird order. You're like, priority one. Get fishing. Rod ready? Listen. That is the most priority two because. Eat. And then priority three, breakdown camp. To be fair[00:13:00] the breakfast had to cook, so I poured the bowling water in.

And while that was going, I rigged up, but it is not beyond me to Yeah, absolutely not. Get up and rig a rod before anything else happens. Yeah. So then we went out fishing. We were at, we were on the French Broad. I don't know if we mentioned this French, broad River. Looking for small mail.

There was a nice little natural stream flowing into it. That was pretty blown out. Yeah, it was chocolate milk when we woke up and I really wish it wasn't though. 'cause I bet we could've, and I didn't realize till after we were about to leave that area, how much colder that water was coming out of there.

And I'm like, oh man. I bet the fish were a lot more active than they were in the French Broad. We won't address that river name, by the way. Yes, no, that will give away. Too much. No pin drops. Yeah. So then we go out fishing. It was all right. It wasn't and I'm not saying that the river wasn't all right, it's just our time of year that we chose to go.[00:14:00]

The fact that there was rain the night before for the time of year, from what Jason was saying, and like fishing in that area. Like we had a, that's actually a pretty good day. Yes, true. We started out in like a really the opposite of skinny water, fat water. I don't know, like a really wide part of the river.

Like it was not like creek fishing for So smallies like this is a really wide area. Yeah, it's a broad river. Yeah. Two 50 French broad and 50 yards. Maybe across. Yeah. And that's where we started. And like I think you caught. The first one didn't you? Yeah. On your fly. Yeah. And Jason was not too far from you, but it already started working back my way and it was you, Dan and Derek, working, had been working this area.

It's like a little bit faster water over like kind of shallower rocks. It looked pretty trouty like honestly. Yes it did. And you look, you caught yours in pretty fast water. Or was it an Eddie? It was a slow pull in between two faster. Runs. And it was funny, like when I caught it, I wasn't fishing the fly at all.

I was [00:15:00] adjusting where I was standing and just dragging it behind me and that's when it hit. Yeah. And so you all fished there for quite a while, worked that whole area. Tom Warp. I have no idea how long you all were there for a minute. And so me and Jason, like basically right after you caught yours, he had come over to me.

He's dude, I don't think the fish are really like, there's not that many here. He's they might catch some, but he's I wanna move up to some of this slower water. He's this is too fast. He's let's work up this way. So we went and got our bags and hiked up the river a little bit upstream and dropped back down.

And I was using a bait catcher the whole time. Like I not super awesome with the fly rod and I just wanted to catch fish and He, I, he was like, yeah, I was talking to him about what to be throwing and stuff like that, what he was throwing, and he was like, you should throw like some NEDs rig stuff.

And so like I had some robo worms on there I was using, and I had, I think I started with a Ned crawl and I do, I like first cast snag, break it off at the freaking, the leader tied to the braid snap. First thing I was like, awesome. So I turned, tied [00:16:00] that crazy. Alberto. Knot again tied that first time in the field.

Boom. Great. I nailed it. Just learned that the day before. But throw it out. Boom. Snap it again. I'm like, oh my gosh. So two times in a row. And Jason, meanwhile, while all while I'm just this absolute cluster of a mess, he catches five small mouth, like 20 archery. He just like, Hey, Braden. Like pulling him up, showing me, I'm like, sick dude.

That's awesome. Grinding on trying to fix my rod. He said he got some pretty good sized fish. He did. One of 'em in particular was like real nice. He had to fight it for a while. Dang man. But, so I finally got all my stuff figured out there and we fished there for a while. I ended up not catching anything, but by the time I I.

Figured out what I could actually throw that wasn't gonna get snagged. He was like, all right, let's go move on to this next spot. Which you all had kinda leapfrogged us at that point. So like we were fishing in that area and you all went further down. So we hiked up and got to you guys, and me and Jason sat there and talked for a while.

And then I got up and fished that area where you [00:17:00] all were. I feel like Dan, you were. He got two pretty quick over there, so usually you walked down there. Derek caught one. Derek, comment two. Yeah, we were, my strategy was in the morning I was looking for big areas where I thought there would be fish oh this, pool or this stream or this, section of rapids or whatever.

And I would just cast upstream and let the natural flow of the water take the lure wherever it goes. And as the day went on, I was getting more and more precise on where I was targeting. And by the time I was catching fish, I was like, I bet there's a fish in this six inch by six inch section on this corner of this rock.

And I'd just be casting right to that. And all the fish I caught were there and. A lot of times I would have to fight the current where this isn't where the current wants to take it. So I guess the fish weren't even looking to feed, but you just get a lure in front of your face and you're like, oh, hey look, lures here.

The lure. Yeah. Oh, nice. A nice lure for me to bite. Look, lure, look at this hook. [00:18:00] The lure from the hands of God. Yeah. And they were, and so when I was able to hit those areas specifically, they'd be quick bites. It was okay. Yeah. How many? June? I'm catching two. Two or two pulled out.

Two. I think I caught a third that I couldn't get up, but it might've been one of the ones that. I later caught. Yeah. And I started fishing a spot that when I first got there you were fishing and you had you worked your way up. Yes, and I came over there and I had seen all of y'all like catch fish and I was using that bay caster and so I started doing a little bit of what y'all were doing.

I had a I Texas rigged like a morning dawn robo worm, just like with a bullet weight and just put a stopper on it and. Made it super weedless and finally had it figured out to where I could actually cast and not get snagged, but I threw it like on the edge of like fast water and literally just let it drift in that like slow area next to it, along a rock and like first cast bite, second cast, boom fish.

So that was, yeah, I [00:19:00] didn't have my phone on me. It was charging. So I was the yelling at Braden? Yeah. Until he looked to see that I had a fish. 'cause I knew if I didn't have any pictures and no one saw me catch a fish, you guys would Not for sure. I'm still like 50 50. And then you caught a catfish.

Yeah, I did. Yeah, we, so this part where we walked up to there were a couple little islands, little out croppings and stuff. And so I had worked my way out to one of those and came around it. And when I popped through this, there's this one little island that's maybe six feet wide, and then there's a bigger island, but there's this little path and a log laid across and it just looks like a fish.

Is there. Yeah. And at the time I had all my fly line reeled up 'cause I was just moving, just trying to relocate and so I only had about a foot of the actual fly line sticking out of the rod, so I just dropped my fly over this log. And see as the flash of yellow. And I instantly assume it to be a carp because I [00:20:00] was trying to catch carp that I could see all day and it knew it wasn't a small mouth because of the way it was colored.

And so it's, it takes off and goes down and zips it. Trying to go under the log, and so it's pulling, drag off the reel. I'm actually trying to fight it. I'm like, okay, this is decent fish. Whatever it is, fight it for a few minutes and get it up and it rolls as I'm getting in the net.

I'm like, it's a catfish. What in the world? Never caught one on a fly before. And so I get it in the net and get his slummy butt off there back in the water. If you're gonna eat catfish, though, it would've been perfect size. We didn't keep him. No. And then Derrick, how much, how many did he end up catching?

I think he caught two also. Two or three, yeah. Yeah. Jason was the pack leader, but he also knew the water. He was on his home turf playing. He give him a handicap home build advantage. Yeah. I definitely think it's. Go back in the fall or maybe next spring? I think the time of year we were there [00:21:00] just wasn't the ideal time of year for Yeah.

For catching a ton of fish. Yeah. Oh, sorry. Go ahead. Go ahead. Nope, I'm gonna change the subject. You go ahead. So we were talking about, Jason and I were talking about the next time and he was saying we should do the pigeon. And I have rafted the pigeon before and seen some of the smallest or biggest small mouth in person that I've seen through the water.

And I would totally be down for going and floating something. I think the waiting, I've never known the French Broad to be a Wadeable River. Now obviously there's these little gems of areas where it's good for it. It's a float to me, and so there's some really good rivers around there that if we can get kayaks or rafts or whatever, we can get our hands on. It was, Maybe other than the falls of the Ohio, it was the most treacherous waiting. Oh yeah. We didn't even talk about that. Yeah. Yeah. It was difficult. It was, it would be like you'd be walking in six inches of water and you could see another rock and you'd take a step and it'd be a five foot geez hole and you'd just [00:22:00] be up to your neck and the water was turid, I don't wanna word.

It's progressively getting dirty. Or you couldn't see and you just assumed, oh this section's gonna be just as steep as where I'm at. Yeah. And it would not be. And I almost fractured my shin. Sliding down both of 'em. Yeah. Sliding down the rock. I know. Fractured the right word. I think you almost snapped them.

Yes. You were almost a dead man. Yeah. I slid down a rock. And there was another rock outcropping. Just imagine like a hin razor. Blade rocks are like that. Yeah. Yeah. They're stack. And my shins just went and I was like, all my back was like grimacing in the water, ah, oh my shins. Using the leverage of your shins against the rock is your pivot point to get back up.

Like it was one of those things, 'cause we were wet weighting, so we didn't have waiters or anything, so I. Was trying not to look at my shins when I got out. I'm like, it's gonna be bloody. And they were beat up, but they were all, oh, I've got a good growth story. You guys wanna hear a good growth story? I want hear Is it related?[00:23:00]

It's related. It's related not only to this trip, but to our previous kayaking trip from last weekend. Okay. Where we saw a lot of sun. Oh, okay. And I got outta the shower after showering. And I had this sensation on my leg that I had a glob of. Condensed shampoo or something like a gel on my leg.

Okay. And so I reached down and I can feel something, and I look, and my sunburn shin had made a little pocket that when I showered, water went down and it was like a satchel. Of water. Take that bear grill, I'll make my own water. Literally what? Literally I peel off a contiguous section of skin. That's probably.

Four inches by six inches. Just like what is bronze? Your skin? Just like one sheet of, oh, it didn't blister like the sunburn didn't blister, but I guess that layer of skin was just ready to go. I was just like, you should have tanned it. You should have tanned that [00:24:00] little section of skin like Yeah.

You held onto like it made a wall. Emergency band bandage. Yeah. It's like a wallet, like Hannibal Electro, not skin wallet. You're making a freaking a lampshade. Yeah, but it was, it go a little gross. But anyway, so yeah. So it was a good trip. It was fun. Yeah. And all the rain and humidity and stuff made for a really cool morning in the mountains, like looking up.

It was super smoky and like I was just standing there. The. First time Jason walked around, I was like, dude, this is a sick place to fish. Yeah, we went in hot springs, found a nice little brewery, had some good tacos. Yeah. Yeah. That was a cool little spot. They had a little concert stage back there.

Yeah, that would've been nice. Excellent. To be there at night. I'm sure they have bands and stuff playing and yeah, it's on the Appalachian Trail. It's a popular Appalachian. Appalachian Trail, Appalachian, whatever. I'm sure. Didn't you say it was like a popular get off spot? Yeah. They jump off the trail and we have been there before [00:25:00] and you see a lot of people coming off the trail and they're all dirty and ragged looking.

And there's there's a place there called Laughing Heart that is like a. Hostile, Is probably the best way to phrase it. So there's a lot of people that come through town stay there, resupply at the little outdoor store that's there. There's maybe 10. Stores and restaurants in this little area.

This little town. But you had a lot of people hopping off trail to reload there. Yeah, it'd be a sick place to get a cabin or something like that. Cool. Or hotel in the area and just like you've got so many rivers and streams and hiking and it was epic. Definitely would like to go back there again.

I mean you've got, you guys got to experience there's that fishing. The warm, what I would call warm water. It's still cold, but warm water for down there. Then there's that other creek that comes in that would be considered cold trout water, and then within a 15, 20 minute drive we could have been in like tiny rock hopping mountain streams, fishing for native brook trout [00:26:00] and that the ecosystem down there is just amazing.

That would've been, I love it, like making a few day trip out of that where You go do smallies, then you wake up and go after some wild trout like that would be done that have you, I got you dog. Dang. Got you. Yeah. I love it down there. Yeah. It's so awesome. Yeah. We definitely need to do it again. Yeah.

Just maybe watch the weather a little better. Be better prepared. Yeah. That's the thing about planning a trip and taking time off is we're locked in. That's true. Even if we saw it was gonna rain, we weren't gonna be like, oh, let's not do it. Yeah. It is every time you do one of those trips, it's what new gear?

Did you end up buying a new tent? Not yet. I will be, the other one went in the trash, so I have to, yeah, I bought myself a rumple blanket just for this trip, and it performed so well. So happy with it. What's, why? Why are you smirking? 'cause I had an inappropriate name for it. I can't say to start with an F.

No. What? No. What the heck? Yes. Oh, it's [00:27:00] there's an F. Okay. The second one. Moving on. Moving on. We're not but no. Doing the trips. You buy more gear, you pick up new skills, you make sure you check stuff. You didn't check before. I gave Braden my kind of good. Like I mentally envision every step of the trip.

Oh yeah. Like I, once I pack my bags, I'm like, okay, so I'm walking there, then I've got this, and then when I get to camp, I've got rope, and then I put the rope on the tree. Do I have the Carin? I did you pack in that fashion so that the things you were gonna need first towards the top. I do it twice.

I gather everything and then I make sure I have. No, I don't, I usually don't pack my bag in that fashion 'cause I'm packing it in the way that it'll fit. Not in the way. Yeah. And my bag, my kelt backpack. It, you can lay it on its back and then open up the main, so you can get everything at once.

But no, it's just so I don't forget anything. But you come up with all these scenarios of like this trip, I didn't bring a first aid kit, which I usually do as in a room. I saw Derek. Derek did. Don't worry. The fire boys got [00:28:00] us covered. Yeah. But no. So every time you do one of these trips you think, oh, next time I'll have this.

Or I did a kayak trip and next time I need to have this sort of anchor, or I should get a rod holder or whatever. Yeah. And before you know it, you're fully kitted out. Yeah. Trips like this where if it rains, no big deal. If you know you lose all your fishing in line. No big deal. Yeah, I came ready with fishing line this time.

I don't know if y'all remember the last story I told, I lost all my line on the coag, so I had to leave wheel trip over, but this time I did bring fly lines so that I could take care of that. So yeah, to that point that did happen. But Chris, we'll get, start getting you out some these trips.

Yeah, I wanna get in next time. Because that's the thing is yeah, we talked about fly fishing before we went. Braden didn't end up fly fishing. You could totally go with the spinning spin riding reel. Some of this stuff we just think oh, it's trout, it's fly fishing. But yeah, take whatever you wanted.

Chris won the dicks with us. Oh yeah. He could go to the dicks. Yeah. It'd be so much less reacted. [00:29:00] What? People know what the dicks is. I'm just kidding, man. It's so much less about like, How good the fishing trip is too. What I'm gonna remember about this trip was not that we all caught fish. Like I'm gonna remember the stinger rays.

The stinger rays? Yeah, the stinger rays. But like just the sleeping in a tent, your undies literally laying in a tent. Your undies in the summer in North Carolina soaking wet and still laughing and messing around and ha being able to, I don't know, it's just. It's a lot less about it being like a good fishing trip.

Yeah. Like hanging out with Jason and his element, there's so many things I won't forget about that. Yeah. That caught a my mouth in North Carolina. That's cool. But yeah, I'm sure I won't remember that in a month. And and also I don't remember what I had for breakfast today, so I don't remember.

Even us showing up as much of a. Show as we were, Jason was like, yep, you gotta come back. Do it for more days. Yep, I'm cool. We'll do that. Okay, cool. Playing something else. Yeah. But yeah, so great area. Can't hype up Western North Carolina enough. Love it down there. Yeah. The fishing, food, beer, everything's great.

So definitely. [00:30:00] Hot spot to check out. All right, log this episode. Get your points going to go wild and create a posts. Log the time uncensored and we'll be up at the top of the podcast list. We've been teasing some cool rewards that are coming out. There'll be some more dropping this coming week, some pretty sweet ones, especially some with our friends

So get those points. Be ready to cash 'em in. There'd be some cool stuff coming soon. See y'all next week.