It's Going To Be Difficult with Randy Newberg

Show Notes

Joining Marcus on The Average Conservationist Podcast this week is Randy Newberg. Randy is the man behind 2% Certified On Your Own Adventures along with being a lifelong conservationist. Randy has spent the better part of three decades being an advocate for our public lands and wild places, whether being a member of an organization, sitting on a board of directors or in recent years using social media to help spread awareness. Growing up in northern Minnesota, hunting and fishing were a way of life for Randy and after finishing college he decided he wanted to be in a place where he had endless opportunities to do the things that he and his family loved. In his early 20's with public access being threatened in parts of Montana, Randy attended a town hall style meeting where he stood up and voiced his opinion, and the rest as they say is history. If you haven't already, be sure and check one of the various platforms that Randy has created and learn about different conservation topics and how you can get involved.

Show Transcript