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This week on the Missouri Woods & Water Podcast we all get the chance to talk to Jacob Carpenter with Scent Thief.  After we get done talking about Jacob's moose hunt at the beginning of the show, Jacob really breaks down what makes Scent Thief unlike any scent control product on the market today.  He talks about the different kinds of scent control products, how they attempt to trick or mask smell, and how Scent Thief approaches this riddle differently.  He gets into the science and everything about their product.  It is a really cool and different approach and one that is changing the scent control world.  Thanks for listening!

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Missouri woods and water podcasts with your host, Micah, Andy, and Nate. What's up boys? How we doing? What's going on fellas? Oh, I'm sitting here at my kitchen table. Surprising that this all worked tonight. So pretty excited about that. We actually use this stuff we bought a year ago, huh? It wasn't a year.

No kidding. It was not a year. I will say though, Amy has already texted me and she's Hey, are you guys done yet? I got to get Laney some milk cause she's freaking out. Yeah, you're fine. Go ahead and do it. And then I got my dog over here. He's trying to make a bed out of a newspaper. So nice. Yep.[00:01:00]

Go ahead. I don't hear any of that. It sounds good. Oh, really? You sound crystal clear, bro Yeah, Laney was playing like, you know those ad papers that you get in the mail still You know, like a newspaper style price dropper or whatever. My daughter was playing with it and so there was a big sheet on the floor and my tango is trying, he's making that his bed.

So he's just it reminds me of Big Daddy whenever he pees in a bed and he's I'll just put some newspaper and he's rolling around on it. That's hilarious. He's just my dude, sit still. Yeah, it's funny. No, but I know the listener doesn't care, but I bought you guys some stuff so that we could record virtually together.

It was at least, it was six months ago. And we finally started using it. And tonight's show with Jacob Carpenter of Scent Thief. Is our very first show where we've done it with a a guest. We've only done this one at the time and we did it just us three. And it's going pretty good.

We're big boys now. We can do it where we're not always in person. So that's nice. [00:02:00] Yeah. It's easier on the families, like I said, yeah, Andy, he's obviously super busy. So if he can hop on real quick. It's going to work out a lot better. Same. We don't have to drive 30 minutes over to Nathan's house every time.

Yeah. So y'all boys ready. Y'all boys been hunting. Dude me and Amy went out Sunday by Sunday and I think we ended up seeing two or three doe and that was about it. It was warmer on Sunday, 70 something. It wasn't great conditions, but it was nice to get out there with her. I know she, she would hunt more with me.

And I dude, I tried to convince her. I recently got a crossbow. I think I've told on the show, but recently I crossed my leg, babe, you don't have to really, yeah, we can get you a tag if something walks by. And she's what if one of your target bucks walks by? I'm like, If you shoot it, I'm going to take the crossbow and shoot it.

I'm going to knock the crossbow out of your hand. It's I had my bow with me too, [00:03:00] or I would have taken my bow anyways, but I've been like, it's still going to go on the wall either way. And I'm still going to be with you. So I would have no problem if she would have shot one of my target bucks.

It'd still be just as exciting if she shot it. That's just, it probably, it almost, it might even be more exciting. I would say experience like my kid. It's obviously you see isn't coming up. It's cool. This is past. It'll be after you. We're recording this on the 25th, October, which, is about 10 days before the show comes out.

But this weekend for us, as we're talking right now is you season coming up. So I'm going to be taking Brindley out Saturday night or Saturday night for sure. And then Sunday morning and evening, if it takes all of those dude if one of my targets walks out. Yeah, I'm going to let her shoot it. Why not?

That's going to be the greatest thing ever. So I'm still successful in the fact that I put her on the deer. So that's what, that's my thought. And I'm in, I don't know about if you're taking, I can't remember if you [00:04:00] said this or not. I don't know if you're taking your bow with you on top of her.

I haven't decided. I guess I could, I haven't really thought about it. The crossbow I've got for the boys, I don't have it ready. The bolts, I need to glue the nocks in. And the 6 Creedmoor that I recently got, I've got the my scope, my Athlon scope mounted to it, but I haven't got it sighted in yet, and tomorrow's Thursday, and it's supposed to rain all damn week, so all I want, my goal is to get that damn gun sighted in for the boys, and I'll be honest with you, I'm not even going to take my bow this weekend.

If some giant buck walks out, it's gonna be Caden or Chases, not mine. I do not care about killing a deer this weekend. I just want them to be successful. No offense guys, you're kinda not, it's not supposed to be. You season, I would imagine you would just take the kids and the gun, but yeah, exactly.

Yeah. But it's just that's just the way I look at it is I'm not even hunting this season or this weekend. It's the boys. I don't [00:05:00] know, but I'm nervous about it cause I need to get out and cite the damn thing in. And it's rain and funny, quick story that kind of, I'll try to make it quick.

It's happened to me that this week. It could honestly probably be a podcast in itself, but in 2020, I had a deer that I was after and a very distinct deer had a big flyer out the back of its rack. We talked about the story on the show, bro. Did we talk about it already? Did we talked about it on the show.

The one that you shouldered? Yeah. Yeah. It was on the show. We've talked about it because we went and looked for him after. Oh, you we talked about it? Yeah. On the podcast. Like on the podcast list? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So it's one of, one of our probably original episodes, like way back when.

Yeah. I thought you were saying, we talked about last week. I was like, it just happened to me this week. Anyway. I shouldered this deer. I made a bad shot on him, hit him in the shoulder, tracked him, like tried to track him for two days. We looked and looked like I looked hard for this deer because I knew I [00:06:00] had probably found five inches of penetration and I knew it wasn't a good shot I was just hopeful.

Gave up. Deer gone. Never seen him again. All that jazz happened. Time goes on. A guy I work with his father in law has a farm that's basically across the road from the one I hunt and was just showing me a picture. He's hey dude you're not gonna be happy about this, but check this out. He shows me a picture of a deadhead.

I was like, oh, that's cool. I'm like, wait a minute. I grab his phone and I zoom in. I'm like, no way. Deer and like he'd look on his, yeah. He's what? Do you know that deer? I'm like, dude, I shot that deer. He's you poached that deer? I'm like no. . No. I shot that deer. I shot that deer three years ago.

He's no, you didn't. So I pulled up on my phone. I scroll back, I saved trail camera pictures, in different places. . I pulled up the trail camera picture from 2020. From 2020 whenever that deer was on my farm, [00:07:00] and I shot him like. I had him in velvet, I had him hard horn, I had him like on specific dates, like that was one of my target bucks.

He found it three years later, and it died, it, it died that year, it's the same rack. With that same exact rack, yeah, no it didn't change. It's the same exact rack, same size, same, like it didn't this is not like a year older deer, this is that year deer. Completely intact, dead head. What are the chances?

He brought it in, he brought it in to work today, and I scored it. And three years laying in the dirt, it scored 144 er, yeah, 3 8's, I think. Nice. It had a big I think it was like four and a half inch flyer coming out of the back. Was it all bleached out? No it is, yeah it's, it doesn't have a brown to it.

It's pretty white, decayed. Where Did he find it under a bunch of stuff? It was exactly 1, 100 yards away. No, it was like being in the [00:08:00] bottom of a ditch out in the pasture, no shit. It was exactly 1100 yards away, because I could tell him exactly on the map where my stand was.

He could tell me exactly on the map, so we just pulled up some map resources on Onyx, actually. Yeah. And mapped it. That's probably why, squirrels didn't get to it because it was out in a field. Yep. I'm surprised mice didn't get to it, but... Yeah, I'm surprised rodents. Yeah. Very little gnawed on it.

That's cool. I mean it... What did he say? What did he say about that? Did you tell him? You obviously told me it was yours. Did he say anything like, Do you want it back? We talked about it. I didn't really push it with him. He's a cool dude. We get along good. I don't really want it back, to be truthful with you.

It's just not... I don't know. It reminds me of how I've messed up. I didn't, I didn't make a successful kill and stuff on it. You messed up a. Ron. And he enjoys shed hunting. That's what he likes. He doesn't, he's not a big deer hunter, but he likes shed hunting and stuff. So it's a big [00:09:00] find for him.

Yeah. No he's cool about it, and there's no hard feelings because I didn't recover the deer, and it's, yeah, and you weren't going, and you weren't going to. You weren't going to I wasn't, no, I wasn't going to find him. Yeah, I'm glad we stopped after the second day, because we would have never found him.

I'm honestly just relieved that story has an ending. Yeah, that's cool. I need to I'll see if I can post the pictures up on social, because it's a cool story. Oh, dude, you should. That's a good idea. Put the trail cameras. Yeah. I can post a velvet picture, a trail camera picture, and then him holding the deadhead, three years later.

Like we said earlier, Jacob Carpenter with Scent Thief is on the show today to talk about Scent Thief and what it is and what's cool about the product. Scent Thief is a scent control product. And I don't know how to say it exactly because it's not like any other. Not really an eliminator, but it's, yeah.

It's not really like any other scent control product out there, it's a thief, that's why. That's why it's called Scent Thief. Well done. Yes, absolutely, yes. [00:10:00] So before we do that He does a really good job of explaining it. Yes, he does. And really honestly, people that test you and I were given when we were at ATA, Micah, was just honestly surprising as hell, right?

I cannot believe I can't smell this anymore. Just because of that and that, that's almost all like the marketing they need, but they can't put, a bag of shit in front of most people and spray some Synthethef in it, so they've got to go other ways and it's awesome. So before we get into the show though.

Got in a little trouble with the old the old government. The old government said this shit's too good. Yeah, that's a cool story, Jacob tells us towards the end of the podcast. So make sure you stick around and listen to the Yeah, they wear it like a badge of honor. It's a badge of honor. I would.

Yeah, definitely. Let's hop into our sponsors before we get into today's show. Murrell Targets. Been shooting the crossbow, getting it all sighted in for the kids. Now I just needed to stop raining so the actual kids can shoot it. But yeah, I'm real targets, man. The [00:11:00] bag targets really thrive with that higher speed than than I was expecting.

So that's good. That's good. Yep. Awesome. Weber Outfitters, WeberOutfitters. com. We haven't talked to him in a little while over there. What? So make sure you check out our buddies over there. Yeah, haven't seen them in a while. They're probably hunting their butts off too. I'm gonna be in the St. Louis area next week, and I'm thinking about stopping by if I've got time.

I don't know if I will or not, but Andy needs something and I might try to get it for him. I just don't know if I'll have enough time. Check out our folks over there at Weber Outfitters and Athlon Optics. We talk about them actually in the show a little bit. They're near where Scent Thief is based out of.

And, they've got some awesome products coming out. We're excited to get our hands on some new stuff. All my thermals, their current yeah, thermals coming out, plus range finders. Right now I'm using the heck out of mine bow hunting. Yep. All my thermals are now out of my possession.

I no longer have a thermal, [00:12:00] so I'm excited to use these new ones. And then, like I said, the Midas Tac, I just put on the Six Creed. And it's ready to go. It's just needs to be sighted in. So excited to look through that thing and do some shooting. Who you want to go with next? For sure. Midwest Gunworks.

Speaking of guns. Use the code. Yep any wood's water, say 5%, but parts, any, I don't know, stuff. I was actually, I was looking at adjustable gas blocks and triggers the other day. I got, I'm going to upgrade. I'm pretty sure my six, five grindles. Probably going to be my thermal gun. So I'm going to upgrade the trigger.

And as I'm running a suppressor, I'm going to have to get a new adjustable gas block. So I was checking out their stuff there. And that's a good point. Don't forget they have, the, those blueprint maps on their website. So if you're doing a build, if you're doing something, that's exactly what I use.

Yep. You can pull those blueprint maps and get those specific parts you need. [00:13:00] By just clicking on that blueprint map. So don't forget to check out their website. That's huge. I've used that every time for sure I've used that every time I buy something I actually just go to the map and then go I need that and then it brings up everything that they sell for that product It's pretty freaking sweet.

Check those boys out over at Midwest gun works Rivers Edge tree stands use the code Missouri 10 for 10 percent off plus free shipping on hang ons and ladders. Speaking of ladders, I got five damn double ladder stands that I put together this summer that are still sitting out behind my shed and I got a buddy who took his son.

Fishing a couple of weeks ago and saw them and was like, Hey, are you wanting to sell one of those or anything? I'm like, nah, I'm going to use them, but I'll be honest with you. There's almost zero chance. I'm going to put all five of these things up this year. I said, so take one and use it, dude. He's I'll get it back to you.

I just want to use it for youth season. I want to take my son hunting. I just want to use it for youth season. And I'm like, dude, just [00:14:00] keep it up money for some youth season though. Exactly. I said, just keep it up all damn year. Oh, for sure. I'm not, there's no way I'm going to get five of those up anyways.

He's I appreciate that, and so instead of him having to go buy one this season, cause I, the reason why he didn't want to go buy one is he's losing the hunting property that he's hunting on with his son this year. So he doesn't want to go buy a stand. I don't blame him. For a, a season.

I'm like. I don't know what he's doing next year. I don't know. Yeah. Who knows. But, for now, he's just using that. I'm glad River's Edge, I'm glad River's Edge could help out my buddy. And my four is still sitting back out there. But yeah, check him out. Lucky Buck Mineral. I had deer, like an MF er on Mineral today.

In the middle of this rain. When the rain stopped, they were hammering it, for some reason. Yeah, I had a few I had a little spike and a few does on there. Sweet. Yeah, at least, you saw antlers? That's cool. [00:15:00] There are only about four inches. That's what she said. I'm used to seeing that. Keep feeding him Lucky Buck and he'll grow.

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And then Camo Fire get on that flash sale. A good time to get on Camo Fire is in the tree stand right now, yeah. Get a little bored. Everybody let's all be honest. We all get on our phones when we're out there hunting a little bit. I lose mine in the truck. You, don't lie.

Liar. That is a lie. And that's a great time to get on that Camo Fire app and see what they got going on that day, buy hunting stuff. They've been having some big sales on some of our other sponsors other partners. Xamberland, Alps have been on there recently. Some big sales, like 40%.

Huntworth is having a huge sale right now. Yep. But you can buy hunting stuff from Camel Fire while you're hunting. [00:18:00] Now that's cool. Oh, there you go. And then finally, reveal cameras by Tacticam, man. Like Micah says, can't say enough good things about them. Yeah. But we were just saying, Andy we were done recording with Jacob and he's oh crap, my, my number one just showed up.

It's we're sitting there talking, boom, there he is just cruising by. Yep. Yeah. Nine o'clock at night, which is nice to know because he's close to being where you need him during the day and he's not dead yet. So that's cool. That's right. He's still there. It's a good thing. Yeah. I would give anything right now, Micah, for you and I just to see him.

On camera just once just one one picture. Baraka. Baraka. Yep, and then we would know. Yeah So you're telling me there's a chance If anything, I think it's gonna have to be the rip before that guy shows up again. Wait a minute What was all that one in a million talk?

I just said that you are right. That you guys are [00:19:00] about like dumb and dumber. Andy, you know what I love about not being in person. I can tell you fuck off and you can't hit me right now. I can't reach your ass. Even your long ass arms can't get over. Let's get these listeners onto the show.

We've kept them long enough here. Let's get into the show with Jacob Carpenter with Scent Thief. This is the Missouri Woods and Water Podcast.

Okay, with us tonight Jacob Carpenter with Scent Thief. This has been a long time coming, but we finally got our schedules copacetic, and Jacob [00:20:00] is with us tonight. What's up, man? How's it going? Yeah, I'm excited to be here. It has been a long time coming. We've spent a lot of time shooting emails back and forth, trying to set something up, and I'm glad we were able to get a date together.

Yeah. And you're, I guess it's a good thing, because you're the first guest we've ever had. We just talked about this, but you're the first guest we've ever had, where all four of us are here. Me, Andy, Micah, and Jacob are all virtual. We've never done a show that way. So you're the first. First time driving.

In three years. Episode 183. three years. Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. Episode 183 is the first one. Hopefully there's fingers crossed there's no technical difficulties. Yeah, we'll see how awesome it is if a storm comes up or something like that. Exactly. Or if I lose his internet. I got garbage internet.

Micah's using his phone hotspot. I think Andy's the only one with decent internet out of the three of us. That's just because he knows the guy. That's true. Hey, Pat, I need you to boost my internet [00:21:00] tonight. Thanks, Pat. Yeah. Pat gets citizens out here to us. That's what he needs. All right. So Jacob before we get into the today's topic, why don't you introduce yourself?

Tell us about who you are, where you're from and what you do and a little bit about what Scent Thief is. Yeah. My name is Jacob Carpenter. I've been working with Synthi for the past year now, officially. Synthi, I've been around Synthi for a really long time. My dad is the owner of Synthi and we bought the company from Russell Epperson, who was the inventor about four years ago.

And in that time we've rebranded and really focused on bringing it to market and pushing it through social media. And just bringing it out to as many hunters as we can. It's been really fun for me to be a part of this because my background is not really in hunting. It's in athletics and coaching.

I was a coach and teacher for the past three years in Kansas City. Loved my job, loved what I was doing. But Scent Thief had grown to a point where they needed some extra help and it was a good stepping off point for me. I was able to step off and join the Scent Thief team and it's been great.

We've [00:22:00] been pushing really hard on social media and we're starting to get some... Some eyes looking at us. So it's been fun to see it grow. Yeah, what what's your hunting background? Are you do you hunt now or what's your what's your background when it comes to that?

Yeah. So this past year I've been really able to dive into it and I love it. Primarily bow hunter. So I try to stay away from rifle hunting if I can. I love shooting guns. But I think it's more fun to hunt with a bow personally. That's total personal preference. But I've been hunting my whole life.

It's been sparse because of sports. That kind of really cuts into hunting season. It's taken away from that quite a bit, but now, like I said, this past year, I've been able to dive into it. So I've been getting into the stand. My dad and I just got back from a moose hunt up in Canada.

Which was a lot of fun. We had there got back from a whitetail hunt in Texas. So we've been hitting it pretty hard and You know just getting in as much as I can but i've been around in my whole life Just haven't really been able to dive into it like I have this past year. So nice. How was the the moose hunt?

It was [00:23:00] awesome. Yeah. No, it was great. It was awesome. Being up in canada is Quite an experience. I mean if Anybody that hasn't been up there. It's a totally different world. The animals up there are beautiful moose or ginormous animals. I've been telling people that the only animals that I've seen in person that are bigger than a moose is a elephant and a giraffe at the zoo.

So able to hunt those things and see them in person and get up close and personal with them, especially with a bow. It was definitely a bucket list thing. So it was a great time. So do you go, how's it like in Canada? It works at my nephew's up there right now, actually. And he is on a, I think he's on honestly like an Indian reservation.

Like they have tags they can issue and like guide you. Is that kind of the same way you did? Or is there like. How's that work? Public land up there? I don't know. Yeah, so we, we hunted public land, but we got our tags through an outfitter, so we did an outfitter tag. Went up to Northern Alberta Outfitters.

They're up in Fort Assiniboine, which is like two and a half hours northwest of Edmonton. And so they had a lodge up there. We stayed up there. And then they had, man, the land up there is just, [00:24:00] it goes for miles and miles. It's... Untouched wilderness for as far as you can see, it's incredible.

It's public land up there that they had cut loggers come in and level all the trees. And then as new things start to grow up out of there the moose like to eat that. So we would hunt the edge of the cut blocks and calls where we thought that there were it was different, totally different than whitetail hunting.

And it was it was a breath of fresh air to do that. So did you have success? Did you walk away with a moose? Yeah, my dad and I both did. So my dad and I, my dad got shot his at 71 yards. Which was, anything with a bow is a trophy, but... So y'all were both using a bow then?

Yep. Awesome. Awesome. It was like I said, anything with a bow is a trophy. My dad was able to take one at 71 yards. And then mine was actually at last light, we were walking out and I saw mine at about 40 yards. And so I tried to stock up to him and he started coming my way and peeled off at about 20 yards.

And I was able to get a shot off at 20 as he was going into the [00:25:00] brush. So double lunged him and he was, he made it about 20 yards and I think the arrow went farther than he did if I'm being honest with you. But that's all that's awesome. That's great. Yeah. Both of them. We both came home with the trophies.

Yeah, like I would shoot the first legal thing I'd see, but like as far as inches go how would they score? That it matters, but just outta curiosity, I think, I wanna say mine was 52 inches, but the thing dude, so that's yeah, that's like a big moose. So it was, it's wide for sure.

But the thing that people don't realize about, so we were in Alberta and I think when people think of. Moose hunting and trophy moose hunting. They think of Northern Yukon and Alaska where they're like, they have these giant paddles on them and there are a couple of those moose in Alberta, but to shoot a moose, like what you would up in Canada or in, I'm sorry, in Alaska and Northern Yukon is like shooting a 200 inch deer in Kansas and Missouri.

They're there, but they're pretty hard to find them. Yeah, if you see a moose, an antlered moose, and [00:26:00] you pass on it, they're not too happy with you. That's how we were with our elk. And those two were in Colorado and I was in Wyoming. If it was legal, it was getting shot. There was no, Oh this isn't a 300 inch or 350 inch bull.

Oh we're going to have to move on now. It's no. We had, I was praying for calves to walk by man to the, I didn't even care. I don't care. Yeah, I do not care. I just want to get on day one. Yeah. If you'd have missed completely. Yeah. Day one, we were like, eh, we'll see, but then like day three, anything that's legal is getting shot.

It's there's no more. Yeah. And especially if you're ball hunting, it's your first moose tag. You're, you want to come home with something regardless of what it is. Yeah. Yeah, no doubt, right? Yeah, because then you can go over six. Yeah, you can quickly go six years and then you're, you have nothing.

So yeah, that was a good call. Well done. Yeah, back kind of the topic. So what made your dad decide that he wanted to [00:27:00] buy a scent company or, lack of scent, whatever you want to call it. What made him decide to do that? Yeah. I don't want to get too far down a rabbit hole, but he had been, he's been a hunter his whole life.

I grew up on a farm in a small town in southeast Kansas. So I've been around in my whole life and my mom actually worked for dead downwind when I was really little for a little while. And so we had tried everything in the book. And There's definitely products out there that help you and there's no question about that.

There's products out there that do something to help mask your scent. But in our experience, there's never been anything that has totally worked 100 percent of the time to fool a deer's nose a vast majority of the time that we go out to hunt. So my dad had been elk hunting for, 20 plus years and he went on an elk hunt and He wasn't seeing a whole lot and they were sitting at a watering hole that hadn't had a whole lot of luck and they had actually this old bottle of scent thief.

So I don't know if he'd see it, but it's a old school bottle and [00:28:00] never heard of it before. Never seen it. And they said, take this with you. Try it out. We got a shipment of it in and it's been doing really well for us. So He opened the bottle up and smelled it and his first reaction was, I am not using this.

There's no way that this is going to work. This smells like menthol. This is ridiculous. But he hadn't had any luck that whole trip. So we took it with him and he sat in that front of that watering hole on a wrong wind. The wind was blowing in the wrong direction and it was like just a Hail Mary type typeset.

And He said he had 40 elk come in downwind of him and sit at that watering hole. And he went back to camp and was in disbelief and didn't really know what to think of it. And so we went back to the same spot the next day and saw. About 30 elk come into the same watering hole from downwind of him again, shot his first elk came home and told my mom is, I think that we need to invest in this pretty heavily because this is something special.

His background is in the restaurant business. He owns Sonics for a long time. He owns a breakfast company[00:29:00] in Kansas City now and he wanted to diversify a little bit and he found something that worked unlike anything he'd ever seen. And bought into it and we were able to dive into how it works and understand the science behind it a little bit more, which has been great.

Yeah, that, I think that's the thing that has, I don't know how I want to say it, but I guess I'll say take the scent world by storm. How about that? That's the way we're going to say it. Is the, how it is different, based on what I know about it, how it is, and this is just from talking honestly to Russell at ATA last year, we had like a 30, 40 minute conversation with him, and I think maybe you, but honestly I don't remember who we met, and it was just, it's not the same as anything.

And I, and all three of us and on this call with you have tried everything out there because, we're serious about controlling our scent. We play the wind, there's those times where sometimes the wind's not exactly how you thought it would be and then you might get caught and so we've tried it all.

Like we were just talking about another product before we [00:30:00] started recording. So we've tried it all. What's the science behind. Scent thief, as much as you can talk about that makes it so different than, other bottle sprays. Yeah, no. So you're right. It is totally unique.

And before I get into that is probably the hardest thing that we deal with when we're selling it to people is. getting them to hear this and not think that we're snake oil salesmen by saying, listen, this is totally different. It's completely different than anything that you've used and you got to change your thinking a little bit.

But yeah, so what makes it different? There's really in the odor elimination side of hunting, first off, it's pretty saturated. There's a lot of companies in there and everybody claims to have had the solution. But there's really three big key players in there. And the first branch is companies that use enzymes to try to eat at your human odor.

And the problem with that is that we are always emitting odor, and there's no enzyme that can totally eliminate your human smell. There, there's no enzyme molecule that can eat at all of your human odor. So that [00:31:00] doesn't really work all the time. Don't you as a human continue to produce enzymes that, don't you like produce odor constantly?

Yeah, we, you're never not. Producing odor molecules. So I can see the problem with that strategy is, you're not, you can ever catch up, right? Yeah. It's a work for maybe a minute or two type thing. It might work for a set amount of time. Is that kind of how that works? Yeah. Yeah. So are you talking about the enzyme?

Yeah. The enzyme. Yeah, so I think that I'm not too familiar with it again, because I'm new in this industry. I never really dove into using all that kind of stuff a lot. But from my understanding they spray down beforehand and the idea is that the enzymes will eat at your odor molecules that are attached to your clothing.

And then once you put the clothing on, somehow those enzymes are still supposed to eat at your odor molecules as you're in the clothing and as you're sitting. And like I said, again, that might help. Definitely might help. But you're always emitting odor. Your body [00:32:00] is constantly creating molecules that put off a foul odor to deer.

And in our belief, there's just no product like that has enzymes that will eliminate 100 percent of your odor. And so the other one that we talked about before the podcast is something that just throws as much smell into a deer's nose as they possibly can to try to overpower that sense of smell.

And in our experience, the problem with that. Is that it only works for a little bit. Deer sense of smell is so strong and they can sift through so many odors at one time that even if it jams their sense of smell or overpowers their sense of smell, it doesn't take them a whole. lot of time to sift through that and get their sense of smell back and be able to pick off different orders at the same time.

And then the third one is like an ozone product. And I don't quite know what ozone does, but I have, I've read some studies that it's not The best stuff out there for you. It can cause some harm to the human body in some way. So Synthi, [00:33:00] how it's different is it's a blend of essential oils. So it's a really simple base formula.

It's a blend of essential oils that we combine in a specific way and we mix it with water, so it's essential oils and water and really what it is, it's the first product that we've ever. that's ever been introduced to the market that numbs the olfactory nerve. So it shuts down the ability to detect any odors at all.

So as long as you're in the presence of scent thief or an animal is in the presence of scent thief, and they get those. vapors in their nose, they can't differentiate any other smell. So synthief is the only thing that they'll recognize. And because it numbs their sense of smell, they don't notice that anything's off.

They can't tell that there's a lack of smell or that synthief is the only thing that they smell because they don't know. They don't realize that their sense of smell is numbed. So it works a little bit different than anything else that's on the market and there's a lot of applications for it. And, we've seen overwhelmingly positive results from a lot of the hunters that used it.

And I realize we're human beings, but the [00:34:00] thing that made us so interested in it was when we were at ATA, Russell had us, what was, what did he have in the freaking Ziploc bag that smelled, was it actual shit? What was it? Yeah, like trappers use it, right? Yeah, that's what it was. Stink something like that and yes, sir.

He what did he do? So he had a smell the bag and it was like, yep That smells like garbage and then he sprayed the scent thief into the bag on the stuff And then he had us stick our nose back in there and we couldn't smell it anymore. All we smelled was I said I thought I smelled like a pine tree or I can't remember what I said.

And Micah thought he smelled I spray it, sage, I get the sage smell. And like me and my wife, we went hunting the other day and we sprayed down with it. And she's I can't remember what she said about it. She said it smelled a little different, but she's that's delicious. So [00:35:00] it doesn't have a bad smell for sure.

Yep. So it's really interesting that you say that because I smell menthol there for a while. I smelled eucalyptus. But if you go to a T. A. And you do that test with somebody and they've never smelled something before, they're gonna give you a different answer. Everybody smells something different.

And Russell's really good at explaining why that is. And I'll try to give you the footnotes of it. But Basically, the human brain can only retain a certain amount of smells throughout the course of your life. And I think by the time you hit 15 or 16 years old you have all of those smells registered in your brain.

So anytime you smell something that you haven't smelled before, you register it with something that you've smelled previously. So if I smell scent thief. There's nothing that's ever been created that numbs the olfactory nerve as effectively as Scent Thief does, right? So when you smell Scent Thief and your olfactory nerve is numbed, your brain is trying to associate it with something So it pulls from, [00:36:00] probably what people are talking about around you Like if somebody around you says it smells like pine or dirt or eucalyptus Chances are, they're going to say it smells like that too.

But if you give it to a little kid, we've gotten cotton candy, bubble gum all the way to, roses. And it varies between very, between people. It's very interesting too. The last time I went on, I hunted on the ground and when I got to where I was going, I used my feet and I cleared the ground, so I was moving dirt, moving dirt around a lot.

And usually I will smell, I smell the dirt, fresh dirt. I smell it, I couldn't smell it because I had scent thief all over me. I just sprayed down maybe five minutes before that. And when I spray down, Micah can probably attest to this, I sprout out heavy, like I get wet, with stuff. That's what she said.

And that's the other thing I noticed is I don't smell the dirt. I don't smell I didn't smell stuff anymore, which, can all, all be, a bit of a negative for the human being when you're not smelling, but honestly that's [00:37:00] such A minor problem for you to have compared to the deer smelling you that, you would gladly accept it.

But So funny story to add to what Nate's talking about. So I've had Cynthia for a little bit, a buddy of mine in town here. I think knew Russell maybe or something of that nature. And they were trying to help him promote it and stuff. And he gave me something of it. And I had it in my truck.

The guys know that my truck was set in my shed for a while and it got infested with mice. The mice got up into my air intake. It got up into my AC and it's, you can imagine what that smell like, right? There's mice in that scent. It smelled horrible. Yeah, I was taking the truck. I drove the truck for a couple of days before I could stop and get a fix.

Just get the time to go get filters or thing, we sucked out everything. And in the meantime, I had to get my cousin to ride Austin and he's getting ready to jump in the truck. I'm like, Oh, he's going to jump in his truck. And I was like, nice piss shit. I have it had Cynthia stuck in my door.

I'm like, wait a minute, this'll work. I just hosed down on the interior of my [00:38:00] cab and my truck was set. Thief went, picked him up. He jumped in the truck. We drove, we listed, Hey do you smell anything? Do you smell it? He's no, I like what you're talking about. I was like, you don't smell my space.

And to me, I could still, subconsciously, I think it was in my head. He's no, I don't know what you're talking about. Like it reeked of Mike spit. Like actually, like it was bad. It was bad. Like they wrote it for a minute. Like it was bad. He did not smell it whatsoever in that trip. Yeah.

That's how I hosed down the cab of my truck, just sprayed. He got in. He's no, you're talking about. Oh, so it completely covered it'll cover it to your cab or truck alternate use here. Yeah. No that's funny that you say that. And I know we're talking about hunting, but I mentioned earlier that there's a bunch of different applications for it.

And it's funny you say that because I, so at the gym that I go to, there's a guy that I work out with and he works for enterprise rental car. And he says one of the problems that they have with rental cars that are returned, especially on the Missouri side, is they just reek of weed. Easy. [00:39:00] Easy peasy.

You guys have gambling over there. We have marijuana. Yeah. We'll go over to Missouri to get that. You guys come over to Kansas to... I was saying, I thought you were going to stop especially on the Missouri side. I thought you were digging Missouri here. No, it's because we're the only ones with legalized weed.

Because we smoked it, yeah. You guys have, you guys are the you guys got a little bit more fun than we do over here. But no, anyway, so when he when they ran out cars to new... People that are needing to rent cars. A lot of the problems that they have are the people that want to rent cars, don't want them because they just absolutely reek.

And so I gave him one of our wafers and told him to throw it underneath the driver's seat of his car. And he came back to me and said that's the only thing that they've used that has gotten rid of the smell. Wow. I firmly believe it. Like I, I'm, yeah, I'm sold on it from experience. So yeah. So go ahead, Jake.

No, I'll be real quick with the deer. [00:40:00] You were talking about human smelling it and you not being able to smell the dirt when you kicked it up. And it's good that it numbs our sense of smell too. But a lot of the times, especially when it's about time to reapply. A lot of people ask us, when should I reapply?

If the weather's bad and I can't smell it anymore, do I need to reapply? And a lot of the times the answer is yes, but even if you can't smell scent thief, you got to remember that the deer, a coyote or whatever you're hunting, their sense of smell is so much stronger than ours. that even if we can't smell it, chances are scent thief is still present in the area and they're still going to get it in their nose.

And so even if they get just a little bit, it works a lot better on the animal than it does ours, just because they're, they have so many more receptors and they're so more susceptible to the effects of scent thief than we are. Let's talk about applying a little bit. Do I need to drench myself like Nathan does or like sprays, more is better.

More is [00:41:00] better. One bottle per application. That's great marketing. I get it. I definitely am with Nate on this. And this is just because, I have a stock pile of Scent Thief, but I like to soak myself down. Really what we tell people just cover all of your clothing. So if you've got something that can like a piece of clothing that can wick Scent Thief, just to 10 sprays before you go out just to cover from head to toe is good.

And then once you sit, when you reapply, if you're gonna reapply it on yourself, I give 6 to 8 sprays to cover myself. So you don't need to soak yourself in it. If it makes you feel good and it makes you feel like you are more covered that way, by all means do that because heck, I do it. I like the smell of it.

So if I don't smell it, I know it's still working, but I want to smell it. So I'm going to spray myself down a little bit, but but you don't necessarily have to worry about sometimes I wear a face mask a lot of times I don't, [00:42:00] or, like the back of the neck or the hands, if I'm not wearing gloves, you don't necessarily have to worry about like your skin.

It's mostly just the clothing itself. Yeah, no, you don't have to worry about your skin at all. It's totally safe for your skin. It's totally safe for your clothing. It doesn't leave any kind of residue or film or anything like that. But... The idea behind Sand Thief and how it works is it doesn't remove any of your odor.

So if you have, like in that test that we did at the ATA show that's, that odor was still there and that whatever was in that bag, it still smelled, but your ability to smell it was just gone, wiped out. Yeah. So it works the same when we're hunting, so you don't have to worry about spreading on your skin.

If you are wearing clothing that you don't want to get wet, you can spray it on the surrounding area and it's going to work just as fine. The idea in the air, yeah, you get it in the air and they get it in their nose. And once they get it in their nose, you don't have to worry about anything. And I know everybody's got a different regimen.

I think Andy, myself and Mike are all very similar, but during hunting season. All of my [00:43:00] hunting clothes gets washed in scent free detergent and then I air dry it outside. The days I'm hunting, I will take a shower with scent free soap or whatever you call it. Which you guys actually make a product, I think, but I don't think I have it.

But so I will, I'll wash in totally scent free type of soap and then my deodorant is scent free deodorant. I try to be a scent free. I can't, as I can, but all you got to do is walk 30 feet and if you get a little warm, you're sweating and you're producing odors and like you said, the human body's producing odor at all times, but I do my best to limit that and then I've always used some sort of spray when I get out in the field, this year it's Scent Thief and then that Scent Thief is, in a small enough bottle that I just take it with me, out in the stand or on the ground in this situation.

I haven't used the wafer yet that also you can use and hang up next to you and get it wet. But, there's other options outside of just spraying yourself down. But do you find people using any different types of scent [00:44:00] control? Regimens in conjunction with Scent Thief, or do they get even lazier, I guess I'd call it because they're using Scent Thief?

Yeah, no, that's a great question, and that is something that we do see a lot of, and I want to be careful here because, like I said, We, my dad and grandpa, before we got into Scent Thief, we used everything and they got into a routine and, they were, hunters are pretty stubborn when they find something that that they like, they don't want to change it all a lot.

And by all means, we're not telling anybody to change anything. If you've got a routine that you like to do before you hunt, stick with that. We don't want you to get off your rhythm and change anything. All Scent Thief really is it's that final product, that's final missing piece that you need in your hunt.

If you I think the only thing that is a little touchy is if there's a hunter that loves to use attractants the only thing that you have to worry about when using an attractant is that you don't place it in the scent cone of Scent Thief. Cause if you place the attractant [00:45:00] where scent thief is present, it's not going to work.

The deer won't be able to smell it. So that's the only thing that you really have to change is if you are a hunter that loves to use attractants, you might have to set it a little bit farther away from your stand. Obviously you won't still put it in eyeshot of where your stand is, but you're going to have to set it outside of where you're at a little bit, but as far as preparation goes and anything like that, we have laundry detergent and we have a body wash, great products that I use.

But again, how Scent Thief works, you don't really need those. The things that I use every time I go out and hunt are, number one, I use the wafer, and number two, I use the field spray. I spray down before I go and sit, when I get to my sit, I'll hang a wafer above my head. And then as I'm sitting, I'll reapply.

And that's all it takes. Do you reapply to the wafer? I got one myself. Yeah, I was going to say, I have one of the wafers and I haven't used it. Is that something just to soak it or does it come pre soaked and I just set it out and it's good for however long? Yeah, no. So it comes pre soaked. So the the field spray is our [00:46:00] essential oil base with water.

And then our wafer is just our central oil base. So the wafer is a much heavier synthetic concentrated, right? It's a very heavily concentrated synthetic formula. And so really what it's designed for is if you start to run low on your field spray, but you have a wafer and the wind really starts to swirl.

As you've been sitting throughout your hunt, those heavier oils that are in the wafer are going to settle down around your stand and at the level that the deer are walking. And so if the wind does swirl or change direction, it's just going to carry those oils out to where, wherever the wind blows.

So it's just an extra layer of protection. We find that it lasts about two full days of hunting and. As it dries up, you can still spray it down with the field spray before you put it back in its package. And it lasts, another two or three days. So you can definitely spray it down, soak it up again, and it's good to go.

It works just the same. Nice. And, feel free to say, no, we can't talk about this, but one of the cool things about Scent Thief that. I think I knew this before we [00:47:00] saw you guys at ATA was the only reason we know this is because we, before we came and talk to you, we were talking to our friends over at Athlon, Drake and them.

And he was like, dude, you guys got to go check out. So that's what it was. Yeah. Yeah. So continue with your story, Nick. And one thing that's interesting is. The product was and I'm butchering this, I'm sure I am, and Jacob can fix it up, but the product was so good that somebody came after you guys, or put a hold on you guys when this was early, I think maybe before you guys might have been in the ownership side of it, but what's the whole story with what happened there?

Yeah, no, I think that's by far my favorite Scent Thief story. And it's a testament to how good it is and how effective it is. So before, before the story in Scent Thief's original form it's completely odorless. So when you come in contact with Scent Thief, you don't smell pine or eucalyptus or menthol or whatever you think you smell.

It's just totally blank and your sense of [00:48:00] smell is just gone. So I think it was in, I want to say it was in 2013. It was either 2011 or 2013. Russell had finalized his design and he was starting to bring it to market a little bit and he was sending it off to universities to have them study it.

And so we think that this is how they got alerted to it, but the Department of Justice came and seized everything from Russell. So they took all of his research, they took all of his findings, all of his product, told him that he was not to sell it, not to promote it or tell anybody about it until they got back to him.

And that whole process lasted a year. So they confiscated it from him and he left him out to dry for a whole year. Land of the free, right? Land of the free. They just raided his shit. They just showed up, knocked on his door and said, Hey, we're here to look at this stuff. Yeah. So there for a year, he didn't know what was going on.

And this was well before we had met him. But obviously, we're pretty familiar with the story. Year goes by, they come back to them and they [00:49:00] say, you can sell this, but in order for it to be federally legal, you have to put in a social, a smell that can be associated with scent thief.

So in hindsight, that really helped us because what you smell, scent thief. Today is a result of the Department of Justice coming in and saying that we can't make it in its base form. Rewind a little bit, get off track. The reason that they came in and seized it from Russell was we think that during a university study they were alerted to the fact that canine units weren't able to identify any substance when in the presence of scent thief.

When they were around Scent Thief in a lab study, they weren't able to, accurately identify any substance as long as Scent Thief was present with them. The Department of Justice came back, said, you have to put a smell with Scent Thief in order for us to train dogs or train something in the, if we need to identify Scent Thief.

And it gave us, a two fold benefit. Obviously, when you smell Scent Thief, now you can recognize it. Anytime you [00:50:00] smell Scent Thief, you're like, Hey, that's Scent Thief. I recognize what that is. On the other hand, what it really helped us with was it gives a calming effect to deer and other animals.

So as they get Scent Thief in their nose, not only is their sense of smell completely numbed, but that earth scent, which is just another essential oil, puts them into a relaxed state because it's a familiar smell to them. So it really ended up helping us, but there for a little bit, he was on the ropes and not really, he didn't know what was going to happen.

It's almost the best marketing that you could ask for, like if the, whoever the government is like your shit's too good, we don't like it, that, that's almost a, it's almost like a badge of honor. Yeah. Hey scent thief. They took our shit. That's all you get. You know what I'm saying?

That's really cool. And that's the story that I had heard. I'd heard it, a few times. And so I didn't know, all of it. And I had heard the reason it smells now is because... It had to have a smell. Yeah. [00:51:00] And I think that's the story we heard. Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

And so it's actually a federal crime for us to make it and sell it in its original form. So if you ever get scent thief that doesn't smell like scent thief, it's just totally blank. It's. No good. No way. We don't want to know about it. Yeah. So they thought that we were making it for the cartels yeah. That's a Homeland Security threat. Possibly. Like you could hide all kinds of shit with that. Yeah. And so the thing that's interesting is even now a dog might be able to recognize that something's not quite right, but unless you train a dog deliberately to recognize the effects of Scent Thief on their nose.

They still have trouble with it. So it's it's interesting. It's really fascinating how it works and that it has the effect that it does because you don't really see that ever. There's nothing that in my experience of scouring YouTube and the internet, there's nothing that yeah, has worked like St.

Thief has. So yeah, unfortunately this year I haven't had a deer in front of me. But [00:52:00] the one thing I did notice was that night I told you I was on the ground. I left the stand or the ground a little early and not 25 minutes after I left a doe walked right in front of that camera that I was sitting near and obviously she didn't seem like she even knew there was a person there, right?

That's one of the biggest things for me is you know when I don't see deer Or, I haven't worn it coyote hunting yet, which I need to change coyote hunting. We're always so like quick trying to get in and out that it's I've just leave it to be, I need to do that. But jokes on you guys. It's been our secret weapon for a year.

I know I've got it in my truck with me. I just haven't put it on me and Austin used it the other day, the, it's not so much even if you see a deer that you want to shoot it's your, footprint that you leave in the woods. If I can, go in and hunt and [00:53:00] unfortunately not be successful, but then I can get out of there so I can get in and out with deer, not knowing I was around that's a win right there because the next time I come back, there might've been a buck in the area that.

Maybe got freaked out if he walked by and smelled me me that was there. And if he didn't, then it's more likely he'll be there the next time. That's the other reason I'm a fan of potentially using, this move, going long term. Because, dude, if it's gonna do those things for me it's just another tool for me to use.

I'm all, we're all three, all four of us in this room are always gonna be guys that play the wind. I don't think I'm ever going to purposely, like your dad sitting over that water hole, like I get that, but I don't think I'm ever like with a conscience going to go I'm going to go walk in downwind of a 200 inch buck today.

Let's do it. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to bring myself to do it, it's those times where you feel like. Hey, he's going to come in right here and he ends up coming [00:54:00] just a little bit further north than you expected. And that wind might clip them, it's just, it's keeping you in the game longer, hopefully.

Yeah, no, I'm with you a hundred percent and it's so hard to get out of the mind frame of hunting. A specific wind on a specific day, but, and I'm not trying to sell you on this. Cause I know that our hunting days are precious and you don't want to waste them. And you don't want to feel like you're wasting them, but man, most of the deer that I see now.

And again, I've only been doing it for a year consistently, but I've hunted for, almost my whole life, but consistently for this past year, everything that I've seen, whether it be from the moose to the whitetail or any kind of predator that I am trying to go after. A vast majority of them come in from downwind of me.

And I think that I was talking about this a couple of days ago with somebody, but if you think that an animal doesn't know how to play the wind or doesn't know how to maneuver based on where the wind's going, you're crazy. It's that's their environment. That's their home. They're comfortable there.

They know how to do [00:55:00] that. If you've got something that allows you to sneak around and play the wind the wrong way, and you're sitting on a bad wind, and it allows you to be in there undetected, that's fantastic. Obviously, you're going to see more animals, and you're going to see more deer, and have a higher success rate.

And on one hand, It's really hard to get somebody to do that because your days are precious and you don't want to waste them. But on the other hand, we're pretty confident that we've got something that allows you to do that. So if you don't want to do that's fine. I don't blame you at all.

But if you want to put it to the test and you want to see some stuff that you didn't think you could get away with. This is it, Senthief is your answer to that. That makes sense because usually a good win for you to go hunting is a bad win for the deer. That's why it's a good win for you.

You know what I'm saying? All of us, most of the deer I've killed with a bow have been when I've almost been busted. It's the deer was doing what it thought was safe for itself, and it just happened [00:56:00] to not be, in the, in perfect spot. I happened to just be just off of where he needed to be to, to bust me.

And so if you go in with a perfect win, an actual oh I need a southwest win. This is what I need. Then. It's not good for the deer. So the chances in them are not great. I totally understand that. Like Andy's place every time I've Southwest wind is what I've always wanted but I never killed a deer on a Southwest wind there not once because It was perfect for me not good for the deer And Andy Micah you guys are probably seeing the similar thing when you kill deer.

It's You know, not like perfect wind, but it's enough that you were able to get in front of the deer. I dunno, I might try it sometime. Like just the best, think about the best wind for a deer and see what happens especially if I'm starting to get up against it. Yeah. And again, you guys have been hunting much longer than I have in your.

Oh, you're experts in this compared to me I forgot what show you're [00:57:00] on. He said experts. Did you guys hear that? He said experts. I put it on record. Yeah. But no, you guys understand that that. Deer know how to play the wind. And if you're hunting on a wind, like what you just said, Nate, if you're hunting on wind, that's good for you.

It's bad for the deer. And if you can find something that allows you to sit on a wind, that's not, so not supposed to be good for you, but you can do it confidently. Your chances are, you're going to be pretty successful. That makes sense. Deer's got to win 365 days. We just got to win one.

If you can steal one of those days, that's all it takes. One of those minutes. You just need one minute, you know what I'm saying? That's all you need. You spend hours in the stand for what? 30 seconds of a trophy buck to walk in front of you? Pretty much. Yeah, absolutely.

What are you you after the whitetails right now? Pretty hard. Yeah. So [00:58:00] we hit, these past couple of weeks have been busy for us. Like I said our move sign up in Canada was about a week long. We were able to tag out early. So we came home a little bit early. When we got home, we drove straight down to Texas.

We were in Mason, Texas, which is just a little bit outside of Fredericksburg. And whitetail hunted down there and so we were, looking forward to relaxing a little bit. So we've been holding off and waiting for this cold front to roll in. So it looks like it's going to, temperature is going to drop pretty heavy next week.

So I think next week will be a good time for us to start sitting. Typically for us, the best time for us to hunt is mid November. Sure. , being a hunter, it's hard to pass up when that cold front rolls in, so I'm sure we'll be Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Our cold front's supposed to hit Saturday, Friday night into Saturday.

So this weekend, and it's new season opening. New season in Missouri. Yeah. I'm assuming, yeah, in Missouri it's I'm assuming a lot of deer are gonna die this weekend. Yeah, so it's exciting, man. This is the time we all dream about all year long. The cold [00:59:00] fronts coming in, it's getting later in the year, deer starting to get on their feet a little more daylight action.

It's good stuff. Yeah, no, absolutely. I'm it doesn't look like it's gonna drop below freezing But I'm just happy with 40 degree weather, especially after these 70 degrees. It's time for the weather to change yeah, no doubt dude. I've been tired of that. But okay. So before we hop off Why don't you tell everybody how they can you know, find Scent Thief check you guys out on social and Yeah.

So like I said earlier, we've been pushing really hard to grow on social media. That's what I've been doing as far as my work with Scent Thief is figuring out how to grow on social media. We're hitting our stride a little bit, so you can find us on Instagram and Facebook.

We do have a YouTube channel it's new, so we don't have a whole lot of videos up there yet, but we are, we're working on that. And I plan on putting together our moose hunt, posting our moose hunt, and then our whitetail hunt that we were just on, and then any other hunts that we do the rest of this year.

But as far as social media goes, Instagram and Facebook are our two big ones. YouTube is growing. And then we are on www. [01:00:00] scentthief. com. You can place any order online or on Amazon. And then if you are looking for an in portion store our big account that we just signed this year was tractor supply.

So we're in every tractor supply across the country. We're in Bass Pro and Cabela's. I don't know if you obviously we're in goods. Did a podcast with them not too long ago. And then I don't know if you guys have any shields around you, but we have a big shields outlet up in Oakland Park.

And we have to, we're in every park's the closest one. Yeah. Yeah. Luckily I got a tractor supply in my front yard. So literally almost, yeah, literally I see it from my front door. I I, so tractor supply has been awesome for us. They've been incredible. And then we're in, all the best bow shops across country too.

So a ton of hundreds of bow shops across the country that aren't quite as big as Bass Pro Cabela's and Tractor Supply and stores like that. It's been really good. We we're taking the market by storm a little bit. The more that people hear about us and the more that people use it.

The more that they want to come back to it. And so that's been really positive. It'd [01:01:00] be pretty concerning for me if people used it and they tried it and then they never bought it again. So it's been good to see people that are returning customers. So that's been a positive for us.

That's awesome. Yeah, man. Hey, Jake. Jacob Carpenter with Scent Thief. We appreciate you coming on and talking about, this cool revolutionary type of scent product that's out there and people should check it out and we'll talk to you later, man. Yeah. No, thank you guys for having me on.

I appreciate it. All right. We'll see you Hey, nice talking to you. Thanks, man.