Kentucky Elk & The Iowa Rut

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan talks with Tom Waters of Kentucky about drawing an elk tag in his home state as well as the famous Iowa archery tag in the same year. Tom knew that coming in to the 2021 season he was going to be busy. Aside from the Kentucky and Iowa tags he also had an annual trip to Texas on his schedule and of course his Kentucky deer tags. Tom explains a little history of the KY elk lottery and how he has already drawn the tag once before in 2014 and found success. Then Tom breaks down his process for how he was going to approach hunting in Iowa. He had thought about hunting public land and even knocking on doors to gain access, but because of a crazy schedule decided to use and outfitter. Tom talks about the process he used to choose and outfitter and shares this experience while on the 5 day hunt. This is a very interesting and informative episode you'll enjoy. Nine Finger Chronicles is Powered by Simplecast

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