Keystone Predator Management

Show Notes

This week is an episode jam packed with coyote and predator hunting knowledge. We sit down and have a conversation with Bryan Mealy and Dane Kitner of Keystone Predator Management. This group was founded out of the necessity to reduce coyote populations in their local area, as well as their diehard passion for hunting predators. While many guys do not think about hunting predators until this time of year when deer seasons are closed across the state and many other outdoor activities have stalled, these boys are grinding on a yearly basis for coyotes!

For the novice and beginner, this episode will provide you with information that will put you light years ahead compared to trial and error on your own. But even experienced coyote hunters can take away tips from Bryan and Dane, as their constant pursuit and dedication has led them to continued success. From scouting and gaining permission, to calling sequences and quality gear including thermo-optics, you’ll find yourself submerged in information during this hour-long B.S. session!

Show Transcript