Late Season Colorado Elk Pre Trip Breakdown

Show Notes

It is hard to believe November is almost halfway over, and for John and his hunting partner Nate Jasper, that means their attention is turning to late season elk hunting. John and Nate started hunting elk together in Idaho during college in 2009, but this is a totally different type of hunt than anything either of them have ever done before. The two started out rifle hunting elk in October, but then transitioned to September archery hunting and have done that ever since. The hunt they are about to experience however, is Colorado's fourth season rifle hunt. This hunt takes place the week of Thanksgiving in late November. Cold and Snowy are probably the best way to describe the conditions, two things John in particular is not very experienced with as of late since graduating and moving away from Idaho in 2013.

On this episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, John and Nate discuss their upcoming trip. They talk about the gear they plan to bring for a trip that has a lot of uncertainty when it comes to weather. It could be anywhere from 60 to -20 at any given time and everywhere in between. Apart from clothes, the guys also talk about gear such as packs, binoculars and spotting scopes, guns, and even four wheeler accessories.The guys also discuss some strategies they think will be helpful on the trip, and where they might be able to find some bulls. 

Show Transcript