Leupold & John Snodgrass

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On today’s show with GunBroker.com, we’re at SHOT Show joined by John Snodgrass from Leupold and Kyle Lamb with Viking Tactics. We start out with Logan asking about how the tactical and hunting world are tied together now? John dives into the fact that the Leupold Mark 4 is designed to be able to jump out of a plane with or grab out of a Humvee and still be dialed in, so naturally that transitioned into hunters being interested in some of the same technology. We discuss the difference in Mil dot from the Army and Marines, the biggest difference? The Marine’s version had to be crayon friendly! The good thing is everything now is completely the same, that way everything is user friendly across the board. Listen in to this episode Presented by GunBroker.com to hear all about Leupold’s involvement in the Mil dot system and the military throughout the years.

Next up, we dive into long range shooting and how it’s changed over the years. While the firearms themselves have not changed that much over the years, optics absolutely have. Nowadays long range shots in the 600-yard range that used to be highly celebrated and among the more elite few is really a standard shot for a lot of people who practice long range now. A huge improvement now is locking zero dials on scopes. A huge problem throughout history would be trying to dial back after dialing for a further range shot. Logan discusses with Kyle the optics and weapons from the Battle of Mogadishu and his history with different optics during his time serving in the armed forces. Kyle gives us a history on the optics he used throughout his lifetime and some of the pros and cons of the different optics he used during those time periods.

Closing out, John gives us an in depth background of Leupold’s history. All the way back to the very beginning with creating surveying equipment, the founder of Leupold ended up getting into the scope business during 1947 after he himself fell victim of a fogged scope during a hunt, which led to him saying he could create a better scope himself! Make sure to tune into this episode to hear all about Leupold.

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