Live From the APA - What Makes a Bear Dog

Show Notes

What makes a bear dog?

What traits do bear hunters need in a hound to successfully track, trail and catch the American Black Bear?

Chris travels to Greeneville, Tennessee to the American Plott Association’s annual Breed Days. Breed Days is held in the heart of bear bear hunting country. Chris calls it the “cradle of Civilization for North American bear hunting”. Greenville is situated at the foot of the Great Smokey Mountains and is in the heart of Appalachia.

In this episode listeners will hear from legendary bear hunters. These men have hundreds of years of combined experience in hunting black bear and breeding top bear dogs. Men like Ira Jones, Roy Clark, Ray and James Brown and Rodney Burris share their experience with the hunting public in this one of a kind episode. The Plott Historian, John Jackson, shares his views and perspective.


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