Managing Browse and Cover For Whitetails

Show Notes

On this week’s episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, we interview Land and Timber Consultant, Steve Chilcote. Steve is located near State College and has been working with land owners to manage their timber to provide income as well as habitat and hunting opportunity. Browse and cover management on a hunting property can be complex. Although this phase of property manipulation is third in our series, its importance is not outranked in any way. It’s crucial to know what native species are present, and how to effectively promote them while suppressing invasive and other non-desirable plant species. Increasing diversity can lead to fantastic wildlife habitat – not just for game species, but all wildlife! This interview will be split into two episodes. First, after an introduction, Steve begins with proper timber harvest that provides income as well as regeneration. Why not have the best of both worlds? Next, we tap into proper timing and use of hinge cutting and hack-n-squirt techniques. Last, we begin to discuss ramifications of invasive plants to your property. Increasing the network of plant communities on your property will definitely aid in more whitetail encounters this fall! Be sure to check out Steve at ( and Facebook @chilcoteforester, as well as all his YouTube playlists at Chilcote Forestry.  Pennsylvania Woodsman is Powered by Simplecast

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