Managing Priorities Over Hunting Passion

Show Notes

When this episode drops, there are only 71 days remaining before Pennsylvania's statewide archery season opens.  Season preparation is in full swing for many diehards and the anticipation is creeping up.  That also means the time of year is approaching when sportsmen and women are spending less time at home with family.  How do you handle the balance between your outdoor passion and family time?

On this week's episode we chat with Josh Raley, a fellow Sportsmen's Empire contributor for the Wisconsin Sportsman and How to Hunt Deer Podcasts.  Josh faces the same dilemma's as anyone. He is a husband, a father, and a faithful follower of the Lord, but also crazy about chasing whitetail deer and turkeys whenever humanly possible.  Josh shares with us some of his journey which led him to where he is now and how those learning experiences have molded him into the hunter, father, husband, and believer that he is today.  There is a lot left to be said from Josh, as he is no stranger to chasing whitetails across the country and we look forward to having him back for more deer hunting conversations!

Show Transcript