Maryland Public Land Sika Deer Hunting Success

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch is joined by PA native Jason Goe.  Jason had an absolutely fantastic hunting season this year, and we dive into the multiple days of success chasing after the miniature elk that roam the marshes of Maryland - sika deer.  We begin the conversation by Jason sharing his introduction to sika deer hunting as well as all out-of-state hunting experiences.  From here, we navigate getting outside of our comfort zone and hunting new types of habitat. Jason shares a few experiences that showcase the importance of having good woodsmanship skills in unfamiliar areas.

The main course of this episode dives into scouting and hunting sika deer.  The challenge has amplified recently due to the increased popularity of a sport that has a small playing field.  Jason shares his success stories of harvesting a great stag with a bow and two hinds with the rifle.  One big take away - mobile hunting is just as important for sika deer as it is for whitetail deer.  Be sure to tune into the Final Stand Hunt YouTube channel for Jason's success stories as well as all the other hunts posted from this season!  @finalstandhunt

Show Transcript