Mature Buck Behavior with Johnny Stewart

Show Notes

In today's episode Garett talks to Johnny Stewart, who's got quite a bit of experience hunting in the northeast but also is a traveling hunter and has spent time in many states across the Midwest as well. The topic of conversation is mature buck behavior, which seems at a first glance like it could be a narrow topic but really isn't. One thing that's very obvious in this discussion with Johnny is that older bucks don't operate the same as other deer, but on top of that, they individually have so many different characteristics and behaviors that trying to describe what any given buck might do is challenging. There are so many specific scenarios that could be at play. Johnny talks about what commonalities he does see, how he goes out to locate and keep tabs on deer, and how he knows when he's ready to go make a move on a particular deer. There are plenty of examples throughout the episode that might help someone relate to something they might be seeing in their own neck of the woods.  DIY Sportsman is Powered by Simplecast

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