mFlintlock Muzzleloader Preparation with Dave Ehrig

Show Notes

This week we interview Muzzle Blasts Magazine editor, Dave Ehrig. Dave has a strong passion for muzzleloading, and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the traditional smoke poles. Pennsylvania has a rich heritage of flintlock muzzleloaders and it is kept alive by Dave and folks like him. As rifle season approaches a close, those with tags remaining begin to think about the deer hunting gift that comes every year the day after Christmas; flintlock muzzleloader season. If you have struggled to be as proficient as you would like with your flintlock muzzleloader, or you would like to get started but do not know where to begin, this podcast is LOADED with information! The bad reputation of hang fires, inaccuracy, or just won’t fire can be laid to rest when the proper steps are taken before going afield. We start with preseason preparation on the cleaning bench and at the range, and progress to in-season care to ensure a quality shooting experience this season. Don’t kid yourself, these guns are deadly accurate. Do you really think our ancestors would have survived if they weren’t? For more detailed information about Dave and his muzzleloading knowledge, check out his book “Muzzleloading for Deer & Turkey” as well as Muzzle Blasts Magazine ( which is published by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Pennsylvania Woodsman is Powered by Simplecast

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