Missouri Woods & Water - Coyote Hunting Draft

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If you had 48 hours to kill as many coyotes as possible and you could hunt with any 3 people in the world.....who would you pick?  Well, this week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast, we have the 2023 coyote hunting fantasy draft.  We set it up like the NFL draft, 3 rounds and an honorable mention/free agent pick.  Who will Nate, Micah, and Andy pick?  There are alot of great coyote hunters out there so the draft was deep and difficult to choose.  See what strategy we use and what the guys think of the others picks.  Let us know who you think has the best team after listening in!!!  Obviously this show was just for fun and every hunter picked is a legend so there really is no loser.  Thanks for tuning in!

Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Welcome to the Missouri Woods and Water Podcast with Nate. Micah and Andy. Just us tonight, guys. Dun, dun, dun. I'm excited for it though, dun. I'm trying to do the NFL draft. I don't give a crap about. Sports. We all know this, but I'm really excited about tonight cuz we're doing a draft. A draft. We're doing a draft.

We are doing so listen, we'll just, you know, we'll just jump right in here. We, um, if you have not listened to this show from our buddy, uh, Parker at Southern Ground Hunting, he did a show a month or two ago, a deer hunting draft. [00:01:00] Yes. And I was listening to it and I freaking loved it. It was enjoyable. And about halfway through I said, I'm about to steal this idea for coyo hunting.

So I texted Parker, I was like, Hey man, can I steal your idea for coyo hunting? He's like, yep, go ahead. So we are doing a coyote hunting draft between the three of us. Should be a lot of fun. Yeah. But let's, uh, let's BS for a minute because I got some stuff to talk about. You've been dying to tell us something.

Yes. Yeah, yeah. I got something to tell you guys. So I do wanna say something. Uh, our buddy Paul Campbell over at, um, the O two Podcast also How to Hunt Turkey podcast that they just launched. Started a website that goes live by, it'll be live by the time we release this show. And it's Turkey season.com. It has articles, videos, gear, it'll have all kinds of different stuff on there for the Turkey hunter.

So go to Turkey season.com. Like is that their website? That is a website that they made [00:02:00] for it. Yes. Um, and, uh, you know, learn about Turkey hunting and shit. Nice. Another thing Paul told me on our phone call that made me laugh my ass off. So a, it's either a partner of theirs or a friend of theirs that owns a store in Ohio.

Had a Kyle Hunt this year, a couple weeks ago. Okay. And, uh, winning team. Brings in 15 dogs. Pretty good. It's daytime, nighttime, I believe it's a daytime tournament. Okay. Pretty good. Second day. Second place, team four. So there's a red flag , there's a little disparity there. But the red flag was so bright red that I cannot believe the people that cheated are that effing stupid.

And I hope they're listening to me. So the way Paul explained it, the his buddy that was running it, some of the dogs were bloated No, they, [00:03:00] they stinking that had been dead for like days. Yeah. Um, literal chunks missing out of their, their bodies. The hell from getting hit by cars . No, they didn't so obvious that they were not fresh coyotes that day.

That it was, you pick have roadkill coyotes apparently, or, or had dead coyotes for a couple days. I mean, so obvious that they were, that they were cheating. , how dumb can you be yet? Now you have me wanna know, like, like did they have to do the video thing? We all had tournament? No, don't believe so. And I was actually telling Paul about that.

I'm like, you know, that's one nice thing about a lot of the tournaments we do is they kind of make you, they like you to, I haven't hunted a tournament yet. Where you didn't do don't to don't have Well we, I mean like last year we didn't, we, we did the blocks and the miles. We didn't have to video with uh oh.

With, yeah. The con the mots, outdoors mots. So, you know, but I'm like, yeah, that's an easy way to do it cuz you pick up a freaking coyote that's been dead for three [00:04:00] days and you start shaking it and it's probably gonna pop . Just like, how dumb do you dudes have to be? And that's what gives tournaments a bad name.

Yep. They were willing to cheat for like 1100 bucks. I, I, there's like 70 teams in this, this tournament. I don't know what the name of the tournament is. Was it like a first time tournament? I don't, I don't know. I don't know. I don't So you don't know much of the team his buddy? I know, like he said, his buddy like undressed him at the, the tournament and then blasted him on Facebook and this and that and, and I, so hopefully like those guys get paid.

No, I don't. I think they got caught. Yeah. On site. Dumbest how dumb you gotta be. And I was even telling Paul, I'm like, there's tournaments that we run that even if you legitimately kill a dog, but it has been trapped, let's say, and has any questionable, like any fresh marsh. Cuz like the explicit tournament, we shot one that was missing a paw.

And you could tell it's from a trap, but it was like, you could tell it was weeks old. Oh yeah. It was an old, like the, it was starting to heal up and they're like, okay, yeah, that one's [00:05:00] okay. You gotta be smart about it. Like, yeah. And there's other tournaments though that there's any evidence of the uh, well, like what tournament was, any head shots were out.

That was Midwest, wasn't it? No, it wasn't Midwest, but it was. , uh, well that world's tournament or whatever you wanna call it. Well, world, you had to call that if you shot it in the head and he messed up the ear. Cause you had to cut off part of the ear. Uhhuh it, that it was just, well, any, any headshot you had to call him.

Yep. And then you FaceTimed the tournament director. Same with the explicit. And there was, uh, a team in that world that they forgot to cut the tip of the ear off in the first video and immediately called and they were straight up like, don't even bring that guy out. That, that dog Yeah. You fucked up the video.

You're done. Yeah. Which is a, in my opinion, excessive cuz they called immediately, could have easily done it. But they're, I mean, they're that strict on some of 'em following us. We had one at Midwest, I thought they easily could have tossed. We shot the pole, like, I'm gonna call it the Achilles of the front pole.

We shot, it was still attached and everything, but it was sitting there [00:06:00] dangling. Mm-hmm. looked like a trap, coyote almost. I don't know what, I don't know what it looks like, but I could have seen them questioning us. Yeah. Yeah. Because the paw was just flapping. Well, I 100% I'm positive. I'm the one that shot it.

Mm-hmm. , because then it stumbled and flipped, and then Austin shot it the second time. And I mean, they asked us about it. They said, all right, who shot the paw? I'm like, well, I'm pretty sure it is me, but there's multiple bullets. It's flying at that guy. Right. Yeah. So, but like, the point is, you, you know, it, there's different, you can run a, a, a, a, a tournament in a, in a manner that makes it mm-hmm.

harder to cheat. Right. And I don't know how they were running theirs, but how dumb you gotta be, bro. , it sounds like they're the right thing. Called, you bring a stinking coyote that's rotting , bloated, and Roddy. Oh yep. Just killed him today. Yeah. , would you kill 'em and then put 'em in an oven? What, what?

That's what gives us bad names. That's what's Exactly, exactly. So I had to tell you guys that [00:07:00] story cuz that's funny. Paul told me. And so basically I want to say to those, those dudes that cheated, fuck off . Yeah. Right. Okay. You're an idiot. Yeah. So, uh, anyway, that's what I wanted to tell you guys about Paul Turkey season.com and cheating asses, uh, in that Ohio tournament.

And then, uh, you, me, well, it's kind of me and Andy. Me and Andy. Oh, just you two? Well, for the, the main portion of it. I mean, if you're being I'm sit back. Yeah. This plays out here. Yeah. Uh, we No, carry on, carry on. No, no, no. I'm not driving down tomorrow night. Now you guys, you just go, well, you, you can drive down tomorrow one.

Would I be fine? You could stay a full. 48 hours. I'm probably not gonna go. Tomorrow's Thursday. Tomorrow is Thursday. . Yep. I forgot about that. Um, anyway, we are, uh, our, by the time this comes out, it'll already be done, but we are doing our first, um, mobility impaired Coyote Hunt with Missouri Disabled Sportsman.

Yep. Mm-hmm. , looking forward to man. [00:08:00] We're team sign up. We're teaming up with obviously MDs. Uh, Duckhorn Outdoors is being awesome and letting us stay down there with the, uh, individuals hunting. We've got three dudes hunting. Uh, Harley and Jesse with Explicit Outdoors are also shout out to them, participating, shout out to them.

And then our buddy or new buddy, we don't really know 'em that well yet, but, uh, Brandon Scarborough and I think he's bringing a, a party. Yeah, he's bringing another buddy, I can't remember his name. Uh, or coming down as. And so we're gonna take, uh, each team's gonna take a guy out. Um, we're going down Friday night having some dinner, and then might try some, some thermal hunting with the guys, depending on weather looks kind of, I think it's supposed to rain during the like morning day.

I think it's supposed to peter out. So see what humidity and stuff does. Yeah. Yeah. Um, and then gonna go on a day hunt on Saturday. Yep. We'll see how it plays. Yeah. It'll be fun. But my goal is, I mean, hopefully just to call one, get them to see it. If we get a shot, great. If not, I don't know. I [00:09:00] dunno what my expectations are.

Yep. Trying to manage 'em because it's gonna be tough. It's, it's gonna be something we've never experienced before, so I'm like, and I'm not, I'm hoping we can get on dogs. It's, I'm thinking they're coyotes. I mean, my last couple weeks experiences, I think they're starting to calm down a little bit. They're not.

As call happy as they have been. It's been rough. Well, I actually shared this with you guys, but FoxPro just did a podcast. Mm-hmm. on hunting March dogs. Really? And they talk about the transition and like now they're starting to get into their, where they're gonna be, where they're Denning Denning. And they're gonna be close to their dens.

They're not gonna be, did they, uh, they're not gonna be calling as much. Mm-hmm. , like they're not gonna call back. It still can be done, but, uh, and I'll go ahead and give a little bit of tricks, but he says, you want to start moving into your pup distress calls now, did he, did he give any information? Moved to, and I've already been there.

Yeah. Did he even give any information on that show about transitioning from road to ditch? Uh, yeah, that, that was fun. . Not really. I [00:10:00] honestly thought for a moment we might die. It was pretty close. Was pretty close. Cause there was a trailer luckily staring you. And I, luckily I'm an amazing driver. , you heard this story, right?

I have not. Oh, you missed out. Did you hear we wrecked? No, we did not Wreck. We did wreck. We did not wreck. Did we? Did we go off of the roadway Ditch? Hit? Did we hit anything? A embankment? No, we did not. Okay. Let me tell you the story and you let me know if we, we got. Uh, wreck, I guess maybe not a wreck is the correct term.

So we're driving down south of my house on a road we've driven a million times and there's a pretty obvious what you would call what? A dog leg, s-curve in the road. It's not obvious. It gets me every time. It, it disappears like the road is gone, right? Yeah. It goes d like you're going and then it goes downhill and to the left at almost a 90 degree.

Almost. Mike is going at least 40, probably faster. I was probably going 50 . We're talking and I see an orange thing [00:11:00] and I, at first I'm like, what is that? And then I, I notice it's a, uh, a fiber optic roll. Yeah. They've been putting out fiber shirt, trailers and shit. Been. And next thing I know, I'm like, wait a minute that, that's the road.

Micah. Micah barely has a moment to touch the brakes before we go airborne off the road. There is a large trailer. Right before, like when Micah Micah's heading Right. For that trailer and then a big truck in front of that trailer, about 15 feet in front of it. Yeah. Oh boy. Micah somehow misses the trailer, hits the embankment, we slide all the way down the embankment and come to a rest right in between the trailer and truck, and he just drives right back out.

We stop in the road. It's not, somehow it's, I'm good . Okay. There's a reason we stop in the road and my, my tripod's in the back. Well, I'm like, there's no way that tripod's still there. No. Didn't even move. Still sit in the same spot. I had it like wedged in between his propane tank and [00:12:00] the bed. See, what had happened was whenever, as soon as I noticed that trailer, I hit the brakes and it immediately just started sliding.

Yeah. So I'm trying to go left, but it's just still just going straight side six sometimes screw it, turn right to go left . So I was like, well, you know, you, you turn into your skid. Right? Right. So I let off the brake. Took the ditch, went around everything. . I had it. I had it the whole time. I wasn't worried.

The blessing in disguise was the, the ground was so soft. Yeah. That like we just like flowed, just went, went in some mud, you know. Yeah. . Yeah. I was gonna try to help you, Mike, and say that wasn't a wreck, but you, what else? That's not a wreck. No damage was done to my truck. Bullshit. There was mud in the wheel.

Have you seen the side of your bed? Now that's been there since I bought it. , there was no damage done to my truck. I did not hit anything. Did I go off in the ditch? So technically I just went four-wheeling. That's all I did. I did a little mud in Yeah. But it was, was unplanned. [00:13:00] Four-wheeling. Yeah. I wouldn't say you had an accident cuz you didn't have anything damaged.

Exactly. I think you, I'm just saying if I was a cop, I'd have wrote you a c and I. careless and imp prudent driving. I if anything's not leaving the roadway. But I, if anything, I, I think I got a, an ar a lawsuit against the fiber optics wasn't clearly, park wasn't for parking. Their shit right there on the road.

It was, it was on the, it was in the ditch. No, it wasn't. I'm pretty sure not on the road in the story. You crossed a ditch before you got to their shit? No, their stuff was, no, their stuff was before the ditch on the side of the road. Oh, okay. Well, you know he has a, on a downhill that's, that's a dumb ass plate place to put your shit.

That's true. Yeah. But on the flip side, you no harm was done. No nothing. We're good. And uh, it was over really quick. I'm like, did we just, yep, that just happened. . See, so far this year I've hit a deer. Micah's almost hit fiber optic rolls. Oh, am I, I missed a coyote before that too, so that's kind of sucked.

Well, that's a kick shirt. It [00:14:00] was a kick in the nuts all night. Honestly. It really was. The best part was. Was Russell with you guys? No, it was just me and him. Should have never went out. Should, should have stayed home. I, I called this coyote in, is this that late Saturday that you guys like, went out super.

Yeah. It was like, we didn't get, it was like 10, it's like 10 45. And you guys start texting? Yeah. Oh yeah. Because you were already out. I was already out. Yeah. And, uh, I, I get this cow to come in. He crosses two fences. We couldn't call shit. He comes to, he, the closest he came was like 80 yards. 80 yards. Yep.

And he couldn't find a spot to cross the fence. So he goes down a little more and I'm like, Hey, he's gonna come right to us. He's, I've watched him, we've watched him 400 yards away. Come to us. Mm-hmm. . Well, I, I did a really light female invite, like really quiet. So when he crossed the fence, I think he felt like she was further away, moved away.

So he started going east. I did a really quiet rabbit, like just really quiet. Sounds like a chip mic. And he, he, uh, he stops and then comes up and then [00:15:00] just whoop and is looking hundred 50. And he's 150. And we didn't argue, but I'm like, Hey, he's probably gonna come in man. And Mike is like, yeah, that's fine.

He's like, but I gotta a clean shot. I'm like, well, if you got a clean shot and you feel like it doing it, do it. So he, he shot and missed 150. I mean, I don't know. This is thermal. It was a frontal, it not, it was a frontal shot. Yeah. I, I felt confident in the shot. First time I ever fired my gun. Yeah. I, I really did.

I thought I was comfortable with shit. I felt really good. I don't know. We didn't, for some reason the recording didn't happen, so I don't know if we moved off The one that I struggle, man. Yeah. Like I nighttime, my thermal shooting, I struggle and I think a lot of it's standing with the tripod maybe. Yeah.

But so funny you should say that because next time I go shoot my gun, which I wanted to do that this week just to make sure it's still on. I'm gonna stand up and shoot. I've been, but that doesn't to me, , you. I'm zeroed. I'm zeroed at 50. I should be able to smoke it at 50, same as before. I use zero at 50.

First off. Second off. A thermal, [00:16:00] second off. You want your gun to be on a hundred percent. So why wouldn't you do it at the most stable position you can? Right? And then that way, whenever you're standing up is sitting down with my tripod. Mine sided in. That's how I do it. Mine sided in off a sled at a hundred yards.

See, I don't, I can hit a one, one inch by one inch at a hundred yards off a sled. I go stand on a tripod and if I like, it was crazy. It's like my first two shots, I, I was right on that one inch. Mm-hmm. . But after I started, after that, I started getting a little tired, I think. Mm-hmm. and I started leaning.

and my group's got a little wider. Yeah. And as I shot will also, my boar, you know, you go from a cold boar to a mm-hmm. one got a little wider and wider, and by the end of it I could feel myself moving. So when I, I've noticed that too. I miss, right. Because I learned, I pushed, I miss left because I'm left-handed.

Mm-hmm. . What? And I lean into my gun. And so you're leaning, leaning, leaning. And as you pull the [00:17:00] trigger, I lean Yep. And I miss to the right. Russell taught me the way, and the way I've been doing it in like, how do you pull your gun into your shoulder? Like, what do you, off my tripod, I grab my tripod with my right arm.

That's what, that's what I do, is I pull the tripod in. Mm-hmm. . And that's where I get my pressure, my back pressure. But it, for me, it's the pivot of the tripod. Right? If the tripod's not moving, it is, my gun is turning because I'm lean, I'm standing and I'm kind of pushing forward. And I cop, I have a video.

I'll show you guys obviously. Sorry guys, you ain't gonna see it. But I thought I'm anchored. I have him. And if I look at my picture and picture right as I pull the trigger, I'm off his right shoulder. Yeah. So I've also noticed that, and I've started trying to do something when I'm sitting and shooting, you know, like a lot of times in the daytime mm-hmm.

when we're hunting, I ha I set my tripod up to where I can actually put my left leg and kind of like lock the tripod legs, if that makes any sense. Mm-hmm. . So I'm like, I've got a nice solid it, it's not gonna wobble. And then I always [00:18:00] put, for whatever reason, I've started putting my hand on the base of the ball head.

Not the ball head itself. Where your gun and the Yeah. Where the three meat Yeah. Everything meets. Yeah. Where like the, the legs mean. Mm-hmm. instead of, I used to cross my hand like a, like I'm going backhanded. Mm-hmm. , like around the tripod and, and grab a leg on the other side side. But that's not very comfort.

I've noticed. So I thought so anyway, , I started doing that. Standing up. I do the same. I hold it the same way. Mm-hmm. with my left hand. And I also try to right foot, you should, I also try to like brace the legs of the tripod with my leg if I can. Now, you know, at night as well as I Do you think you're gonna be shooting at 12 o'clock and next thing you know they're at three 30 part, part of mine's the height of my tripod.

If I don't have the right height, I'm leaning over already. My back's hunched and, and so like, I try to set it up high enough, but ground [00:19:00] isn't always level And like you're just saying you think they're coming from this way, but all of a sudden stuff happens to, you know, you gotta pick the whole trip, butt up three or o'clock, you pick it up and move and spin and you're, you know.

Yeah. It's different. It is. Anyway. Let's get into the Kyle draft. Dun dun. Let's do our, um, sponsors. Sponsors right quick. Lemme get to the right page. Here we are on these guys this week. Habitat Works. Old Dustin. Next show could be him. Don't know. I hope it works out it's time. But I know it's, you guys haven't called him.

You better do it now. Yep, yep. And you can't use him next Monday, cuz I, me and Micah are That's right. Maybe Andy. I'm, I'm really excited for it. I talked to the landowner. Landowners come with us. Oh no shit. Yeah. Cool. I told, well I told him, which he's, I was like, Hey, I wanna have this guy out. And I'm like, do you care what I do?

He's like, I don't care what you do out there. But, uh, his dad is a big mushroom hunter and so he is like, I'd like to have some, some trails that where he can get around the property easy for [00:20:00] so he can incorporate it. Incorporate. So, so look for a show coming up soon. Dustin is gonna actually come out and tour maybe all three of our properties, but at least one of 'em.

And then we're actually gonna do a show about, you know, what Dustin sees and then a plan right. For those properties. And, uh, I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. We're doing that next week. Something to think about. I mean, if you're leasing a property or have permission on property that is row crop. people are gonna start planting soon.

That's gonna start limiting your ability to get in and do some work. So, hey dude. Freaking flowers are starting to come out. Yes, they are. That's the blooms. So, um, now is definitely the time. So you need to call our buddy Dustin Williams with Habitat Works 8 1 6 7 5 2 73 90. Mention us when you call, get 15% off any of his services.

I'm excited to see those. Yeah. Um, cuz he's just, so we, we've, we've had him in the, the, in the studio man. He's just so damn smart with that stuff. Mm-hmm. . It makes me feel like not so smart. Not so smart. Yeah. . Yeah. So check him out. We're gonna be walking around those [00:21:00] farms probably in our Zambian boots.

Absolutely. Will. I'm, yeah. I wear mine old all day, every day. So they're out. Go, I'm gonna wear them tonight. Once we're done, I've put mine through Hell in a grain bin. In have, yeah. The lattes. Well, no, I've actually been wearing the, I'm terrible of names. Villas. The villas. How do I know what you have better than you do?

Because I'm names. Yeah. . But uh, yeah, I've been wearing those scooping out a green bin and climbing. Yeah. It's real nice. Clark, my, uh, mastodons have been put through the ringer this, uh, the winter, this night season. Yeah. Because, uh, walking through a lot of cow shit. Yeah. And, uh, I've been ankle deep in cow shit twice now in those things.

Yeah. . So it's been nice. Yeah, well keeping my feet dry at least. Yeah. So check 'em out. Ziland usa.com, Alps outdoor. Use our code 2023 Woods Water for 30% off, which is huge. Yep. And if you guys haven't look at their Turkey vests. Turkey seasons coming quick here in Missouri, like we already [00:22:00] said. Mm-hmm.

they have some of the best Turkey vest on the market. Yep. All of the best I say. Yeah. Not just their Turkey vest. There's, yeah. I'm actually excited. I'm gonna be getting their ghost 30 pack. Oh. And uh, I'm getting the ghost. Is it 20? 2020 getting the ghost 20. I'm gonna be using it for sports. Yeah. I've noticed with my son's wrestling.

you gotta have a bag in there, man. Like he takes his sweatshirts off and there's always like his, then his wrestling shoes, you got like, mm-hmm. a pain in the ass. And right now I'm using a, you're probably computer bag, gonna want a wrestling bag cuz those things are gonna start to smell after . Yeah, it is gonna get stinky.

Yeah. So, uh, yeah. And then same thing for, uh, softball. I do all of our, my daughter's team's, uh, uh, video, their streaming stuff. So I always have like my iPad and mounts and stuff. And so I got a bag for that and it's right now just a stupid ass little, little backpack thing. I think you'll love it for that.

So check 'em out, ops outdoors.com. Hunt worth gear. Use the code Mww 15 or 15% off. [00:23:00] I know Micah says it, but you can't say enough about hunt worth gear. Can't say enough. Good. You really can't fucked up guys. I mean, dude minutes. Dude, look, shit. Get off your list. Just stuff. Get off your list. You've already got your hot board.

Sorry, I was texting a buddy about last week's episode. gets a computer. Nice texting on it. I can't keep you straight. Figure that out. Uh, what were we talking about? Worth, home worth? Um, just how great their stuff is and how affordable we'll be wearing some tonight. Yep. For sure. Um, definitely some awesome stuff that, that he boost is, yeah, nuff said Alon.

Oh, you wanna go with black O's? Go with 'em. Black Ovis use the code. Mww 10 for 10% off. Now you've gone through your season, now you're kind of regrouping. What are the things that you need to get for the upcoming seasons? Uh, go check them out. They unlikely they got your stuff first. 3D shooter of the year advertised in our area, so, uh, don't forget their arrow builder.

Mm-hmm. . Um, great resource. Get some custom arrows built [00:24:00] for dang good price. Yeah. So, yeah. You enjoyed banging your legs against our, um, yeah. , athlon optics. Ridiculous. Ridiculously optics. Good. . I did it ridiculously good. Worse. I still haven't mounted my Midas, but you're missing out. Planning on it. Missing out.

I think all of our guns will be running that. I know all of our guns be running that when we're, uh, down with MDs and uh, I'm excited for those guys the opportunity to run, run that glass. Yeah, cuz uh, Jesse and them, they're, they all run at Athlon too, so. Mm-hmm. . I talked to a guy actually this week who, um, basically he had listened to our show.

Um, I had told him about it and he finally got to listen to it and seen that we were partnered with Athlon. He was super excited about that. Basically he said, I've tried everything, you know, from the super expensive to, you know, the super cheap. And he's like, Athlons, just this consistent. He's like, I love it.

He's like, it's not my most expensive. But I have no hesitation picking that sucker up. Mm-hmm. and running it through the ringer, [00:25:00] right? Yeah. Check him out. Uh, shout out to, I don't know if he's a listener of ours, but I know him. Uh, and he's from our area, Jordan Murray. He's on the Athlon Uprising page. Uh, I don't know if you guys are on it.

It's a athlon group on Facebook, people who own Athlons, and he's, he's runs strictly Athlon optics. Heck, all his rifles. He just picked up a new one, so Sounds like, Hey, if you're listening, and then last but not least, camo, fire, rotating door of deals, . I feel like we say that just, that's our thing, but it's what it is.

I mean, catch your hot takes on there and. You grab your good stuff while it last. Never know what it'll be. Check out your hot, hot deals while you're taking a hot shit. always, always, he's always gotta bring up poop. . It's funny, it's when I look at, are you 12? You remind me of lost. You know that Lawson is always talking about shit.

He really is, isn't it? It like you guys are I similar kid, man? He's a good kid. , but he's always talking about pooping. He's [00:26:00] always talking about pooping. At least he helps take in groceries. Lane just throws the toilet of paper on her. I know she's useless. . She, she's, she's two. , not even. Okay. She'll be two next month in April.

All right, let's get into our coyote's draft. All right, so let's go over n na. The rules parameter. Yeah, the rules. Parameters. How this is gonna go, because I, I mean, I listened to it, but I was kind of half listening, so. three picks a piece. Correct? It's a team of four, including yourself. Okay. So we count as one.

We count as one. We get three picks, and we're doing it to where we're hypothetically there's gonna be a 48 hour tournament. Yes. Right? Yes. 48 hour hunt. Call the tournament, whatever you want. You have 48 hours to stack as many bodies. Coyotes. Mm-hmm. as you can with your team. . I'm trying to do something.

We're having a show here. If you don't mind here, just chill. Just chill. 48 [00:27:00] hours. Stack as many coyotes as you can in a un unknown location. You don't know. It could be. You're gonna get a copyright in front of, I don't care. We are doing this. We, we were already, we were doing it already. It, it was happening him off.

It was happening until you rudely interrupted. My apologies. Proceed. are, are you sure? Are actually, yeah. Are you sure? Oh, might, I might find 48 hours as many coyotes as possible. Undisclosed location. Random spot. No. America, we don't know where it would be. Yep. It could be Wyoming, it could be Alabama. It could be Michigan, it could be Missouri, could be Missouri, it could be Arizona.

Anywhere you have to put together a team of killers that can get it done and find the coyotes, get 'em on the ground no matter what day or night, it doesn't matter. You can night hunt, you could day hunt and any human being in this world is open for the draft. Yes. [00:28:00] Has to be a real person. Obviously you're already on your own team.

Right. Or you're your team's gm, whatever you wanna call it. So you're already on it. Right. So my team obviously already has an advantage. They have to be alive. . Yeah. Are you serious? Yes. Okay. I'm assuming, are we doing it like in today's, that's one thing I wanted to ask. Or is they doing like personal? They were in their prime.

C Can you say 1985? Barry Sanders . You know what I'm saying? I think it has to be today. Now that's bullshit. Why? Because what if, you know, they're just older? I don't want to say, I don't want to keep going down this road. I, I think it has to be today. No, I'm, I'm, I'm not, I'm not saying today. I do what I want.

I do what I want, then it's not realistic. Okay. We can do today. I don't think that matters. Really? You don't understand It doesn't me. Doesn't matter. Yeah. Um, and then, uh, we're gonna do a random number generator to find out who's [00:29:00] our, our first picker. Are we gonna do this snake thing? What are we gonna do?

I think we snake it. So first pick, second pick, third pick. And then the second round. Third pick goes first. Second, first, right. And then last round. 1, 2, 3 again. Right. And then we're gonna each also pick, did you guys already say that's why I was looking for the song? No. We're also each gonna pick an undrafted free agent.

Well, maybe, you know, as like a, what do you call it? A I may not have one. All mine might be taken you better. You gotta have a deep draft board, man. Deep draft board. Dude. You're talking about already what? There's 3, 6, 9. So you want, you want 12 people? Yeah, that was, it's plenty of people, man. Hey, let's do slap him.

I'm telling you, I'm getting close. No you're not. I was close earlier. Real close.

All right, so how do we pick who's going first? Um, this right here. Nu random number generator. Okay, so we're just a random number generator. I'm gonna hit, I'm gonna [00:30:00] hit it three times. 1, 2, 3. I'm number one. You're number two. Micah. Andy's number three. Okay. Okay, so you're gonna hit it three times And the third one's what we're starting with.

Yeah, you gotta explain why you make your pick two. Okay. So if this comes up as two, then Micah's, then Micah go first and I second a number one pick. And we can do it again for the number two pick. Okay. Or we can do number two. Pick is paper, rock, scissors. I like that. Sure. Yeah. Let's have some fun. You know that's 2 0 3.

Okay. Yeah, obviously, obviously. All right. Random number generator. 1, 2, 3. Damn. Damn it. Micah's got the first pick. I didn't want the first pick. How do You don't want the first bit, right? Yeah, actually I could see that. Yeah, you kind of fucked. Yeah. Okay, so for the second pick, second pick, Andy and I have to pay paper ox scissors.

Now it's 1, 2, 3, shoot, right Paper. Idiot knows that. Boom. Andy got one. Andy Nathan. Oh [00:31:00] dear it, I'll take two. Pick . It's all right. Okay, so I'll, so Micah's one, pick I'm two pick all the time and Andy is three pick and sometimes, so it'll go 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2 three's. God damn. Don't do that again. It's Micah.

Nate, Andy. Andy, Nate. Micah. Yep. Micah, Nate, Andy. And then undrafted. Free agent. I guess. Would once again then be Andy. Mic Nate. Micah, just tell me when I need to go. Yeah, you need to go now. We got you bro. Hey, gimme that. Take, take your thing off. I need that pad of paper. I'm gonna keep track of our picks, right?

I'm on the computer. You sell spreadsheet. Well, I could do that. I could do that. So that way we can all see who's taken. Okay. I'll do it. You guys make me do everything. It's bullshit. I'm having a real hard time with this. I don't know if I want to go with my nighttime hunter that I knows, or if I wanna go with my killer daytime guy too.[00:32:00]

I think I'm gonna go with both 48 hours. Hang on, hold on though. You, you, you know, it's uh, I truly believe you can stack more bodies at night than you can on the day. I just think it's more possible. Sure. But I think I, I think I know, I think, hold on. You know, I'm just. I'm trying to think of a way to find, I have a couple creative picks that none of you are gonna pick that.

I kind of like those, some aspects of it. I got one. And we, we get a chance to critique each other's picks, correct? I think, I mean, yeah, sure. Obviously. Okay. You, you, you pick your, pick your person and then, uh, dude, are, are you done yet? You explain why you like them and then we get to, you know, say something else.

We get to talk about it. So what are you doing right now besides just killing time? No, I'm not doing anything right now. So, can I pick? No, I gotta get you going, you know, [00:33:00] uh, just if you play another song, I'm throwing your phone to the fucking wall. Ooh, that's a good one right there. Oh my gosh. People are losing fucking mind.

Mike, your first guy, my first pick. I swear if you take him. I swear if you take him, you and I are not friends anymore. We pull up a spreadsheet here. It's not a spreadsheet. I'm just gonna type him here. I'm gonna go, this might throw you guys off with my first pick, but I'm gonna go with our buddy Calder.

Okay. You, you're going with a different strategy. I understand. I am. I, I, I feel like he'll be honored to know the first pick and the 2023. Hey Micah Coyote Draft. He's the very number one woman overall. Pick one man. Hey, Roman. Didn't Calder called her. I got something to say to you.

Congratulations. Throw it at him. Throw him, throw that pin out. Hold on. You gotta let this, you gotta let this eat for a second. People we're sorry. That Nathan's an idiot. Hey, I didn't know this intro was so damn long.[00:34:00]

Okay. Alright, that's enough. We will get copy ready. That's enough. All right. Number one knows what the hell that is. Anyway, explain your pick. I went with Calder because he can stack some bodies if he wants to. Like last, what was that last term? He had 18 dogs dead. Mm-hmm. in a, was it a 24 hour? I can't remember if it was four hour or 12 hours.

I think it was just six to 9:00 AM But he is consistent about putting multiple dogs down and he does a lot of hunting day and night. And he's, he's proficient with, he's very pro. Yeah. What you said. Yep. About his time. And he gets out there a lot. I think he knows what he is doing, man. I think he's a top runner.

A question we didn't talk about, what, do the people only get to use their own gear or is anything open to them? No. Their own shit. Yeah. I would guess so. I mean, I didn't, anybody we're gonna pick's gonna have the way, I mean, everybody, I mean everybody else on my list, everybody you're gonna know. I mean, obviously you know [00:35:00] Calder, right?

But, uh, I just gotta know, was he on any of Y's list? Uh, I can't tell you. I can't tell you yet. He's, he's on my list, but because my strategy will be shown if I tell you. Okay. Okay. So I, I got it. My one called her. This could be anywhere, right? It's not, it's not just Missouri. He, he's gone out west before he's gone out west.

He's tinkered with it. But you have 48 hours now. I will say he's a dedicated, he will run all day and night. He ain't gonna quit it. You got a marathon runner there. Yeah, I think, I think I got good. You got a marathon. I gonna say it's a bad pick. Maybe now last minute to go hunt with him or something we got.

But with that thermal guy, I mean, we we're gonna put this out there. We're gonna, when this comes out, we'll publish it. We wanna get people's opinions of whose team wins. Yeah. We want people, we want people to weigh in on whose team's winning this thing, for sure. Right, right. So when the episode comes out, we'll list our.

And just we, we want a honest, who's gonna win? Who's winning this tournament? Yeah. So Nathan, so [00:36:00] there's your number one pick now, number one. Now, you guys might see my strategy by the end of this, but I'm not gonna say it because I don't want to tell you my strategy and then you pick somebody because of my, you know, my, you see what I'm saying?

Like, if you knew my strategy, you might screw me. I don't. So I'm gonna tell you my strategy after. Just say it, dude. Okay, thanks. Brett Peach. My number on overall pick force Guy

I bet you guys can guess who I'm gonna pick. Why don't you, don't you guess who I'm picking first? I'm guessing John Collins. James O'Neill. I'm picking John Collins, number one. And, uh, I think there's no. , what do you call it? Uh, surprise that I respect the way John Hunts and I love watching him do his stuff.

And, uh, so John is my number one overall pick for my team. Quality individual. Huh? Quality individual. Quality individual. Remember, this person's on your team. Oh [00:37:00] yeah. So you gotta be able to hunt with him. Oh, that's very true. You had dynamics about hunt with John. You have dynamics to think about, but, um, you know, he's hunted all over America.

He's obviously knows what he's doing and, uh, he's part of my strategy. So he's my one, one pick John Collins. Oh, I, I mean, nothing wrong with John Collins. The only thing. , I would critique you. Watch your damn mouth. I would critique about it. He's not a big tournament guy, so is he going to I'm not. We're not.

This isn't a tournament. It, this is just, I mean, in theory it is 48 hours. It's 48 hours as many as you can. It's a three team tournament. It's a two day tournament. Three teams. Yep. 48 hours to stack as many dead coyotes in the back of a truck as you can. I'm not saying John Collins ain't killing multiple coyotes during that time.

I'm just wondering if he is going to put in that effort to get it done. Does he have the longevity? Does he I just picked him one. One. Overall, damnit, he will have that effort. , we've got, we've got spring [00:38:00] training. Okay. We've got, we've got the two days. He's a killer dude. He ain't going have no problem, bro.

Okay. I mean, have no problem. I'm saying that was my, That was Mark. You can talk about John. Okay. . All right. So that's my number one pick. John Collins. Andy, I feel like you guys have left the door way too wide open for me. I know who you're going with. I know who you're going with too. Do you? Yeah. Yeah. You sure?

I think so. Yep. Mr. Al Morse. I know. No shit. Oh, surprise, . No, I knew it. There's a reason, reason he's a four time national. No, he is, man. Like you can't go wrong. Just wait. I'm gonna get you so good in a minute. It's all right. Good job. But not Al Morris. But not to mention, so this, you have to remember guys, I feel like you all right.

No offense to John Southern guy Kentucky, right? That's a specialized area. Yeah. He comes to Kansas, he does that, goes out West Calder, Missouri. He's hunted Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Colorado. A couple times [00:39:00] I'm talking, Al Morris has done multiple states multiple times. He al's been all over. He, he knows where to find the ground.

pub. We're talking probably public land, private land. I don't care. It doesn't matter where you hunt. He knows how, how to access the ground. Mm-hmm. how to get the ground. Mm-hmm. , to me, that's huge. Being able to get that, to know where you can and can't go. How to access, how far? I, I feel like that's important.

No, no. You proved some good points. Yep. The only thing I'm, nah, I ain't even gonna say it. I ain't gotta say one word about that. Pick. Hang. What? What's, screw you guys is, I have two picks right now. I love this one. Oh, you're back to back. I'm back to back, baby. That is good. That's a good one. Honestly, I can't critique that pick.

No, he can't do it. No, I mean, he's a killer man. And he goes out night too. I mean, he does day and night. He'll mess. . He fucks with it.

He does. I'm true. He does, he does

If you play one [00:40:00] more dance, that's the pleasure. All right, so all I know is Al better be ready to work, baby work. Okay, you're done with that. He can't take his phone away. All right. All right. Number two. Number two, who you got? So now we're on the second round. So Andy's onto a second round pick. So our, our first rounders went Brandon Calder overall pick, uh, dark Horse Pick.

That's like Bra. And this is no knock against Brandon, but Brandon is not a professional quote quote. Right. He doesn't get paid. No. He does it for the hell of it. Well, that's, he get paid one of these damn tournaments, but that's right. That's what he's ready to put in the work, man. That's like picking the dude from the D two College.

That is, is a great combine. That's a scouting report. Pick. That's the combine. That's a scouting report. That's the dude that like got the combine numbers. Yep, you're right, you're right. John Collins. Oh, number two, overall pick, solid pick and Al Morris number three. Overall pick. The best pick was John Collins obviously.

So first pick of the second [00:41:00] round. I'm nervous about this one. Yeah, that was, if you take James O'Neill, fuck ooh, you son of like, I'm fine with that. I got critique on you. I think you're screwed. You know what, I'll, I'll take it. But uh, you kind of have my other night hunting guy. So it was one of two people,

It was one of two people. If I'm, I'm talking, you know, strategy wise, Al Morris is a little bit of an overall pick for me. You know, he get does a little bit of everything. The ground knowledge is huge. Mm-hmm. remind you, it's a team al's ground knowledge, hunting all over the place. James's thermal knowledge and night hunting knowledge.

Combine those two. . I feel that, that I have a, uh, a well-rounded team there in those two. The thing I will say about James, he doesn't hunt that it's not that he doesn't hunt. He's a filmer. He's not on a trigger a lot. He's not a trigger guy. Right now, I'm not, I'm not doubting one bit that he, he can put dogs on the [00:42:00] ground and he does do a lot of the thermal stuff.

I believe he does. But any daytime hunting, daytime, he does a lot of filming's filming. So if you take the camera seen, seen, he does shoot though. He's, he's not that he doesn't shoot, he just does the filming. Right. All, I mean, if you look at some of their other stuff on YouTube out there, O'Neal ops, I really think he is.

I mean, he's still a shooter. Oh, for sure. Just not me. Their advertised shooter. . So that was my one. I, I, I got, I've thought about that cuz like, and I guess that depends. Like, I guess you're taking away, I guess you're taking away his camera. He's like, you take away his camera. Yeah. Yeah. No shit. But, uh, so, but I'm just saying, getting on dogs, we have four people, you know.

Okay. Even you take that away from me. Hopefully kind of five. The, cuz you're gonna have your free agent. You're, you're the GM man. The free agent doesn't go get the gm. You're the gm. He's, if someone breaks their ankle, the free agent does go damnit. No, he's not. What are you gonna do? Drive the truck. And it could be, uh, something else about James.

He's a badass. Like he's in the gym every [00:43:00] damn day. He's, he'll do it however long you need to. That's what she said. . I, I have no complaints because that is my, that's gonna be my pick. Second pick. But I think I can bring somebody right up to that level because I'm following a similar strategy to you. Okay.

I picked a, uh, A solid day Hunter, I'll say. Right. And my second round, I'm bringing in that night guy. Yep. Who knows his shit. And I feel like, would me mesh well with my team? Once again, this is a team, right? A team. Absolutely. This is a team. Yep. And I don't want to draft somebody who I think is a giant db, you know, like you never know, uh, you don't want to have that going on.

So I know it is my No who, Nope, go ahead. No, go ahead and guess I'll say his name wrong. So you're, I, yes. So my pick is Anthony Ameen. Yep, exactly. I thought it was dm it. Who [00:44:00] exactly I thought it was. Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir. And I hate to say, I mean that's, I'm not gonna say my pick's not better cause I think it, it is.

It's . Well, I mean, takes Mike as part of it. I mean, Anthony does is the shooter in a lot of his stuff. Oh yeah, he, he's shooter. Shooter, everything dude. So he's a badass. We need to get him on the show. Definitely. , he has the same problem that I feel I he's in Texas. Go, go ahead. Let, let's finish this because I, I'm, so, you want me to give my reasons?

Yeah. Right. So I, I kind of, for, I think I'm going down a similar path that you were mm-hmm. is, uh, you know, I wanted a really good day person. A really solid night person. Not that these two people don't do both, or these people that we're talking about don't do both. But, you know, I know what Anthony does and he's a amazing shot.

So that's one thing I wanted, that's what I was looking at with John and Anthony. When you watch their stuff, they don't miss shit. Mm-hmm. . Now they do. Everybody misses Right. But [00:45:00] they don't have shit go wrong. Yeah. Like, they're gonna kill the dog. Right. So, uh, and then he's knows what he's doing, man. Mm-hmm.

I mean, and. . You know, if we had to throw hogs in there, I'd beat at all at you . But this isn hog hogs, he shoots a lot of hogs about hogs. This isn't about hogs, about hogs. So, uh, that's, that's he's definitely more of a hog hunter than he is a coyo hunter. Yeah. He's got more, I think, availability of hogs where he's at.

Yeah. Which is weird. Just odd that, you know, he's got more of those than coyotes. Hopefully we don't have that problem someday. So my number two pick was Anthony Entine. So far he wasn't on my written list, but as soon we started talking, I like, as you said it, I was like, you know what? Like, that's exactly who I, I, and there was another guy I was really thinking hard on.

Hey, don't say that. I'm not gonna say we don't know yet. Um, but that's when number two pick. All right. Micah decent. Pick second round. Pick my second round. Pick Tory Cook. [00:46:00] Okay. Tory Cook. Tory Cook. M F K M F K calls. I'm going with Tory because, Hey, I just wanna show you something. . He's on my list too. On my, he was on everybody's list.

I mean, he, I, I, I'm picking him number two because I want somebody that can call a dog, don't matter where we're at, and I feel like he can call dogs wherever. Mm-hmm. . And he also takes care of, if we're hunting down south or east, he's got me covered. So, yeah. Is that, he's a shot. I mean, he's a shotgun gunner, so if you guys, he a shotgun, so close fits someplace.

Thick stuff, man. I mean, he's a good pistol. He's in Arkansas. Arkansas, is that it? Yeah, he's, yeah. But he hunts a lot in Alabama and other places, Georgia. He, he hunts down south a lot. So went with him. And I don't necessarily need him to be the shooter, if you think about it. Yeah. You know, right. We got enough guns out there.

Yeah. You know, Calder Sure. He's had some misses and things like that. That stuff happens. But, uh, [00:47:00] between me and him, I think we got covered. And then once I get my third pick, which I know nobody's gonna pick, we can't because you have it right now. No, he doesn't. Yeah, he does. Do I get to pick my third final and the snake?

He picks a gun. Oh, that's right. You are. Um, but I think next, I think Tori still has that. I, I, I don't know. He's still a, a southern hunter. I've never seen, I think Tori, I think Tory knows enough about coyotes no matter where he's, he's at, no matter where's he out, if he can, if he can hear 'em, if they're, if they're, if the, if he can hear 'em or if he can see 'em, I think he can get 'em to come in, shoot and range.

I wouldn't argue that I, I would guess that Tori knows coyotes as good as anybody in the world because he literally lives with them. Yeah. Yeah. He has them as pets. Okay. Kind of. Right. He calls, they come, that's a pet. Right. Uh, so that's like a, a positive. He obviously is a call maker, um, or however you would say sound maker.

Sound maker. Mm-hmm. . And those sounds [00:48:00] work. . If not, he's gonna flex on 'em and they'll just fuck it out. Right? And they'll just die. He's a big human. So he was definitely on my list for those reasons. Um, because I hate being critical of these people cuz they're such, all these, they're all bad. I'm not gonna say shit wrong.

They all smoke me no matter what. They're all, they're way better than me. But yeah, I'm trying to poke holes in your guys' teams and it's just so hard. Your keep trying to win. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So that's right Micah, you do have the next pick. Um, so you're the beginning of the, so let's recap the second round recap.

Second round. So the first pick of the second round was James O'Neil. Yep. With O'Neil ops. With O'Neil ops. You should check them out if you haven't. Second pick of the second round. Anthony Entine by Nate. Yep. Good pick. And the third pick of the second round. Tory Kick Cook by Micah . Tory Kick. Tory Cook by Micah.

Third pick Game. First pick. And Anthony Ameen. Check him out. Uh, thank YouTube, Instagram. Mm-hmm. . . He's got some sick stuff out there as well. Yes, he does. [00:49:00] I'm kind of struggling. I'm starting. I'm struggling with my third. I'm struggling right now. I kinda wish we all had four picks. Well, we, well we do, and I'm who?

God. All right. But the fourth pick doesn't matter. Yes, he does. No, it's a team of four. No, it's, you're under with four fricking people. Three picks. It's not five man team. No, you're the gm. So technically you're not. You're not not. You're like the hunter technically. You're like the organizer. No, you have to hunt.

Yes, you are the hunter with these three agent draft pick could be. You're changing rules that we didn't discuss. No, we said at the beginning. An honorable mention is not a fifth man off the bench. Free agent draft. Pick that person's on your team. He might, he might this a spell. He might, he, he might be better at, this is terrible.

He might be better at, at training camp than the other dudes. And he dumb. He comes through. It's dumb. Okay. fancy football. It's coyotes. You don't pick a fucking free agent. . You sure do. You sure do. First off playing one game, you can only have one starting roster. I'm not, honey. I'm letting these guys go kill for me.[00:50:00]

I'm, I'm signing in. It's not the rules. You have to, I'm signing them the long-term contracts. I'll be there. I'll watch. You are the team captain. You can fit five guys in a truck. It's a team of four. We said that. No, we didn't. We have to rewind the tape and re replay that. We were doing three rounds and a free agent and an honorable mentioning listen, an honorable We're do, we're doing the honorable mention.

Okay. Honorable mention. Okay. Just to make you happy way Jesus. So you, your head doesn't, I'm with Andy on this. That's a little big ass team. I would never wanna hunt with five people unless it's at night. Just for fun, if I'm just being honest. Okay. . Les Johnson. Yep. F u Yep. Solid pick. Yep. I was debating on this and I'm going to, I'll talk about it.

The other guy in my honorable mention, because the dude is not until I pick him a stone killer. He is, if there's a coyo, he's gonna kill it. But Les Johnson, if you Google best coyote hunters, he is the number one. That guy that picks up, man, he has won multiple, multiple, [00:51:00] multiple championships, used to run tournaments a lot.

He'll wait until I say my name. I wanna poke holes in his, in his team. But the problem is Les is the only only person to win the triple count in the same year. Yeah. He's won all three events in the same year. Yep. Dude, that's a solid pick. Dude is a killer. You can't poke hole in that. I, I mean, you can, maybe he doesn't do any more tournaments or anything like that right now, but for this, he would come out of the, you know, come outta retirement.

I, I, I would've concerned the 48 hour part for him. I don't know if he's got the, well, when you kill 50 the first day, it doesn't matter. That's why you have a dude coming off the bench to get him. No, you don't ranked, you don't. It's a team event of four people. Well, let's just, let's just pick about 16 people.

We'll just rotate him in and out. Mighty in this whole thing. . All right. So now how's turn? Now? Whose turn is it? It's mine. I'm always second. I'm always second. Okay. I'm like that little [00:52:00] engine. So I'm, I'm struggling between two dudes right here. He would be . Yes. And I'm gonna, I'm going to skip somebody hoping that they stay on the board for my honorable mention period because honorable mention doesn't matter.

It does. It does. So I'm gonna skip that person and I'm gonna go, uh, just make, uh, okay. If we wanna do a whatever, fifth freaking free agent pick, you have one starting roster. Mm-hmm. , you can only start four people. But I never said I was on the roster. Then what is the point We're drafting? We're the GMs.

We're not GM slash player. I'm, I'm going. So I don't, I guess I'm not drafting another one. Cause I'm going hunting with these people. . So then I see, uh hmm. Do I pick with my heart or do I pick with my head here? Sorry. A draft clock. There should be, geez, I'm gonna have to go to the beer for, it's been 10 seconds.

I know it's been 10 seconds. Do [00:53:00] I pick This would've been a lot better if we, we got Jeopardy theme songs tee up on there, like, like seven beers in us and then started this. How fun with that? I'm sober about to rip his head off. . All right. Making up rules and shit.

Mr. Randy Anderson. That's a good pick. Good pick. A bad pick. Not a bad pick.

Randy Anderson. I just don't feel he's keeping up with the rest of them. Randy Anderson. He's a good, Kyle Hunter isn't gonna keep up with the rest of him. Good. Kyle Hunter, one of the best of all time. Yeah. I won't argue that. But in the parameters of the I don't think he helps your team and the parameters of the contest we're doing, you mean Les is old too?

Yeah. That's why I, I said that. I said Yeah, he's not gonna have longevity. Yeah. For a 48 hour hunt. Al's not young. Yeah. Al ain't young either. No, but, uh, James is definitely in shape, but I, I[00:54:00]

so I got, I got a a, a rounded team. We got a well-rounded team. But I mean, Randy Anderson, great hunter. Not gonna argue that whatsoever. He doesn't bring a resume. He doesn't bring world championships. He doesn't bring, those are just tournaments, man. That's what we're doing, . So you go and tell somebody to, to name the best count hunters in the world.

We're not picking a hall of fame. We're picking people to stack bodies in 48 hours. isn't a hall of fame someone who can stack bodies? Not necessarily in 48 hours. So if, if I went and asked anybody in this country who knows anything about Coyo hunting, who's the best five coyo hunters ever, that guy's name's on the list means, means he knows how to kill fucking coyotes.

Yeah. That's, otherwise he's not a good hunter. I'm not gonna argue that my name's not on the list. His is . Oh, this is a disaster. See what I mean? Uh, the dude is one of the best Kyle hunters that ever [00:55:00] lived and he's on my team. It's like saying don't draft Barry Sanders because you know, he didn't have a line in front of them Still.

Barry Sanders. Micah, do you know who that is? Yeah, I've heard of 'em before. , you know, or twice, like here's their argument. Barry Sanders or Emmett Smith, we all know who's better. What team do they play? Are they playing the fucking steel curtain that week? We all know who's a better running back. Who's the steel curtain?

That's the, that's the Steelers. Okay. . I knew, I know Steelers. I never heard him call Steel. Different, different timeframe. Okay. Yes, but well we were the Oilers right? At one point. . No. The Chiefs were never the Oilers . We were the Thetans Texans. That's right. But uh, I feel that's relevant though. What? The thing you're doing.

I mean, if we're picking a hall of fame. Absolutely. He's in the Hall of Fame, so why wouldn't he make a good draft pick given the event that you're doing? Yes. Continue. Les Johnson [00:56:00] tournament. Resume out the ass Al Morris tournament. Resume out the ass. Brandon Calder tournament. Resume out the ass, be it local, but he has a resume.

Yep. Yeah. Okay. Randy Anderson calls Coyo. I don't, I love Randy Anderson calls coyotes. Kills him. Kills him. I got 48 hours to kill some coyotes. Where's the rest of his resume? , where's your justification that he can kill more coyotes than those other guys? The tens of thousands of coyotes he's killed throughout.

They've all killed tens of thousands of coyotes. Okay. So why is he getting the, uh, why is he getting brow beat on the pick? They've all k in fact add up. Who's killed the most coyotes on that list? And I bet he's number one him or less maybe Al. What are those three? Mm dunno. I don't know. Dunno about that.

I don't know enough about him, but I just don't feel like he's the, the sleeper magic pick. You're, [00:57:00] you're, you're talking about here. He's not my sleeper pick. I, I I would've quit because this is getting done. , my honorable mention who apparently is not my team, is my sleeper pick, but I just don't think either of you are gonna mention him.

Okay. So anyways, apparently Randy wasn't gonna get picked by Andy. No, no, I didn't have Randy not on my list. I am going to browbeat the shit out of you, whoever you picked. I don't even care who it is all, let's see who, who's, hold on. So who's next? Andy, Andy's the last pick of the third round.

I'll be honest. Les Johnson was on my list for a possible third pick there. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not saying it's who I was going with, but I have one. I feel like it is pretty equivocal to Les, but also brings land knowledge and one of the best running coyote shooters I've ever seen. Jeff Nemick. Jeff Nemick, I know that name.

I don't know if I know too much about him. He fucking talks. He's also Bucket Talks , [00:58:00] multiple time World Champion, but yeah, he's, he's also host of his, that's Predator Pros. Also host of Lucky Duck, uh, YouTube channel. Oh, okay. I've heard the name. I just have Jeff Mick. . He's on my list too. Yeah. He host, uh, he hosts Predator Pros.

Uh, Eastman Predator. Eastman Predator Pros. Predator Pros podcast. Yep. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I've list, I started listening to his stuff recently. I'm a few episodes in, I believe he's a two-time world champion. Yeah. Caller. Yeah. Hunts in multiple states. Yeah, he goes around. He, he goes all over. So, I mean, that's what he does for a living.

So yeah. That's pretty good. You, who else? You know, who else did that for a living? He's one of the best ever. Okay. I'm done arguing about it. It's over. What a horrible pick. Just Jo Garbage. All right. Who the hell is Jeff Nemick? Huh? Geez, what a bad pick. All right, so we'll research 'em. We're, we're, we're not gonna put'em up there.

We're not gonna talk about the arm, we'll mention right now, but you look [00:59:00] at those, who do you think is winning? Well, this is stupid to ask. I'm just, I mean, well, I think Nate's team's gonna win. I feel like I have you by landslide. I bet Andy's team think he's gonna win. Dude, I don't know. You know, with my Randy Anderson pick who I thought about picking just to piss you off or not really piss you off, but kind of x you out.

Garvin, young on my list. if one of which is AL'S teammates, . One of you assholes picked Al. I was going with Garvin Young. Nice. Who was also the other four-time world champion. Yeah. Cuz they were out with partners with out, yeah, with, with them. So, okay, let's do this instead of, who do you think, so why do you think, with your team that you have on the board, why do you think your team has an advantage?

Let's just justify to our listeners. So, am I starting? Yeah, you go ahead. I, I don't care. Micah, whoever can go ahead. Well, I, so I'll say, [01:00:00] um, I think mine is going to win because the collection of teammates I have, I've got a solid. Professional daytime cow hunter who films it by himself by the freaking way 99% of the time, killing multiple dogs.

I've got a killer nighttime hunter who obviously is a murderous cow man, and then I've got one of the best cow hunters to ever do it. Randy Anderson with them without like being in detail. That's, that's my, my pick or why I think my team's the best. It's a collection of solid guys who I would hunt with who are all bad asses.

Micah, now you go, Nate's team gets the Friendship award. They're all gonna get along . I know. I don't know how Les and Tory are gonna get along. One's a lucky Doug guy. One's a Fox Pro guy, but, uh, no, I'm, I didn't pay any attention to any of [01:01:00] that either. Yeah, I didn't pay. I didn't care either. I feel like that's important.

It might be. But if one's not working, the other one, which Les Johnson against me though, Les Johnson, he can hit a dog on the run. I've seen it multiple, multiple times. Obviously he has won multiple tournaments, multiple world, world championships. Tory Cook can call in any dog anywhere, I believe he's just got that calling gift and he knows what the dogs are doing.

Brandon caller, he's my go-getter dude. He's go, it doesn't matter. He, he's gonna be up for it. He's gonna put in the work and, uh, he stacks bodies, no doubts. So that's what, that's, I think I got pretty saltine. I gotta lie.

I, I feel besides, uh, besides my team, I, I would've to take Micah's team. . I think Nate's taking last . We'll see. We'll let the list. I would love, I would love for this to actually happen. . I want that be so sweet. It would be. That'd be so cool. But I mean, I, [01:02:00] I think Micah has very good points there, um, for his team.

No, I think those, those guys will get along, you know, just from the personalities of watching the minute shows or watching. So for Micah's teams, it's a positive. But for my team, AUO, is it the best friends award? . He has a resume over you. He has a call. Who, who has sound maker, who has resume over him? Les Johnson is a Triple Crown winner in the same year.

I, I have a feeling, are you not aware who Randy Anderson is? Yes, I know who he is. But you have 48 hours to kill as many coyotes. That means the whole time. Sure. We're not gonna go film a couple coyotes. Do you think like Randy Anderson piss his pants like doing a tournament or something? I don't think he, I, I don't think he could hunt for 48 hours.

In fact, no. None of my guys are tournament hunters as far as I know. What's that matter? They all killed the fuck outta coyotes. Are you John Collins is in the same boat, in my opinion. Randy Anderson, great Hunter. Fantastic. I don't [01:03:00] mean this, ill. Primetime Coyote Hunter. He's gonna hunt couple sets in the day, good morning, couple sets at night, kill a few coyotes.

We're talking all day long because he's very efficient. So when he hunts, he kills. So if I had 48 hours, he'd be really good at it. My point is, tournament hunters are stacking bodies all day long. This contest that we were doing a con, A pick four, is to stack bodies for 48 hours all day long. If I'm picking hall of fame, Coyo hunters, once again, they're on my list, but not for a 48 hour tournament.

I, and this justification in mind, Al Morris, we don't know where we're hunting. He's hunted all over. All over. Understand his land. He's good. Hell of a pick. James O'Neill, he's my night guy going, you know, he knows nighttime coyotes. In South Dakota. In South Dakota. That's his weakness. I'll give that. , I feel like it's transferrable.

Doesn't like tournaments. He does not like tournaments, [01:04:00] so he might not even, he might hold out and not even fucking hunt . I guess I'll have to go to my honor. We'll mention free agency. There you go. 17th round. He might hurt his ankle. You never know. So his weak point is, does not necessarily like turn this, but he doesn't like tournaments for specific reasons, whatever.

Yep. Um, also, what I think would, would hurt, man, not really hurt. Same with Jeff Nemick. I, I'm not a fan of smaller caliber calibers and those things. Yeah. He runs 2 23. He runs 2 23 and 22, 2 54. James O'Neill a lot. Well, James, I'm has to. James has to where he's from. Yeah. Just a weird ass. He's not gonna be able to reach out and touch something, you know what I mean?

Like, he's not gonna be able to, to, you know, some of those other guys. Maybe I'm just overthinking that part of it. Uh, but then Jeff Nemick also has the land knowledge, uh, multiple hunts, multiple places. Um, multiple time. You know, I have a, I have a four time and another two time World Coyo [01:05:00] calling Champion and then James O'Neill running us down in the night.

So it's good. I like it. They're all good list. They really are. Yeah, it'd be a lot of fun. So are we, are we digging with the Armor mission ? Well, we said we were gonna do at the beginning of the show. Okay. So who gets to go first? I can poke holes though. Poke 'em two time. That's what we're here for. Two time and four time champions, right?

Yes. 25 years ago. We're hunting today. Well, I, I believe, uh, Jeff's was two years ago and Als was, yeah, his first 15. One 15. His first one was several years ago, but I believe he has a recent one. Don't, don't mean they can't still do it, but I'm just, I'm trying to poke holes in your argument. It's not 25 years.

Yeah, it's, it's been a few years, but, uh, Jeff's was not a, is only a couple years ago, which I realize one of my picks is an older fella too. . So I know a lie Al Al's my, uh, wild card, if he can make it in a 48 hour hunt, in my [01:06:00] opinion, one of the best cow collars, best people ever. I mean, if this was like a, like a Super Bowl type of thing, he might get a heart attack.

By the time he drinks enough monsters, I'm 40, they would make it. He did say when we had him on, he's like, I'm just not mad at 'em like I used to be. He, he did say that that is a weakness. He did say it. So he's not mad at, there has to be weakness in our teams or else say to all win. Well, for sure. So our job, my job is to poke holes in your team, Nathan.

I know. And my job is to do the same thing. So I'm doing it. And honestly, my team's the best. That's all there is to it. . It's the best. Every investor ever one wake up, morning piss. Excellent. All right. Uh, who's your honorable mention? Um, we'll just Andy, I guess since Micah, this is the fourth technical round or whatever.

Yeah, it's fine. Yeah. 1, 2, 3. Yeah. Andy would start. Oh man. All my, my list is gone. Your list is gone. My li What? What, what? Oh, we already, we already mentioned one. I could circle back to do your thing. He's not on the list. If he's not on the [01:07:00] list.

This is hard because Robert, Bobby, Rick, Rick, Richard, uh, man. Hmm.

M Audible mention. Oh, wasn't nice.

You need to do something. But I'm on trying to roll it together. I'm trying to. And I, I'm struggling. He's not able to reach a contract agreement with his free agent here. We're, we're out on, on this one. Guy didn't pick up the phone. , cuz his team's gonna lose . I, I guess I'm, I'm gonna have to go just cuz I'm a lucky duck guy.

I like my lucky duck call. I know it. I'm gonna go with Rick plus I know it. Yep. I know he's on my list too. So far everybody's been picked, has been on my list. Also, there's a, there's a couple Western guys that, that are also sound makers that I think would be good picks. But, um, I don't [01:08:00] know. That's a good pick.

That is. I, I like his stuff. I like his sounds. I don't watch him very often for whatever reason. Cause I know he is been on YouTube or maybe he's on the lucky duck. P I mean he's on the, the lucky duck predator. I, I need to get on. For some reason I don't have watch that one for some reason. I need to add that to my list.

So he's got, so my, uh, honor will mention is strictly selfish because. , I really want to hunt with this person. Mm-hmm. really enjoy talking with this person. This person is knowledgeable. They know what they're doing. Choreograph, I that's he, he was on my list. He was on my list. He's been on it. Yeah. And I thought about picking him, um, on my third.

The reason I did not is because I thought I could get by to here with him. If, if Bobcats count, he's going, dude, 13 of season. That's crazy. He was going 14 today. I don't know if he got it, but season or not today. Sorry, end of season. Who wasn't doing today. Um, but the reason I didn't pick him [01:09:00] is I thought I could get him into the arm mention pool.

Mm-hmm. , which sounds like I could have got him in the third round. But, um, I just like, I'd like to hunt with him, man. It'd be a lot of fun. Which we need to, cuz he's in Missouri. Right. There's no reason why we shouldn't or why we couldn't. Right. So, so choreograph is my, my honorable mention. Can you explain to like some of the, like, I guess we're assuming that people know who these people are.

That's a good point. Yeah. Like I go back Rick, I guess for mine, Rick Plett is, well, let's let Micah make his pick and then we'll explain, we'll explain our teams. Cool. Yeah, I guess that's a good idea. I do not know his last name, but off of James O'Neill's crew. Keith The shooter. Oh yeah. Keith Shooter.

Never seen him Miss. Which they obviously they might take that out. Yeah. In the production. But that's a good thing. If there's a guy out there, he's killing it. So I cannot think of his last name though. That's a good pick. It is, yeah. And he's gonna be so in fact, when I wrote James down, I'm [01:10:00] like, or should I do John or.

Yeah. See, I did Keith, because I could I just get by with saying O'Neill ops? Right. , I thought all love him. I, I thought about that, but, uh, that's because he daytime and nighttime, nighttime shooter on both. Mm-hmm. . Yep. That's all he does. He's quiet. He, he, you know, even on the podcast and stuff, he's not a big talker.

Yeah. But dude, the Duke can shoot mesh well. Yeah. I feel like you could like argue him to be in the starting lineup real easy. Really easy. Yeah. He, it was really hard not to, not to pick in, but for whatever, since you went with James, I was like, I'm gonna go a different way. Yeah. So, and you might be able to justify him over James in a case.

He, well, he might have a better camp than someone else on your team. You know, you guys are going through your spring training, you know, , he's another beast. He's another beast. He could carry me up the mountain if, if he made too. No doubt. So, and then, uh, that's it. Well, we all got her. Yeah, we all, so I guess we can explain each person.

Uh, cuz that's a good point, Andy. We might not, everybody might not know who some of these people are, right. For [01:11:00] whatever reason. So, Andy's, Andy's team, go ahead. You can explain your team. Al Morris FoxPro staff, big ass, big Morris show. Um, check him out. Fox Pro tv. Lot of stuff out there. But he's also four-time world champion.

Coyo caller James O'Neill with O'Neill Ops. Um, they run a YouTube channel. Check them out. O'Neill ops. I got a Predator. What's their podcast? Predator? Uh, predator Hunter. Predator Hunter podcast as well. Check the podcast out. Great information, both of them, but they are, I mean, just killers. Uh, you know, Michael mentioned that Keith is on there too.

Um, daytime, nighttime, they're. Again located in South Dakota, but they are very specific, kind of keeping coyotes away from their cattle. Do it for a reason. Yeah. Do it for a bunch of the ranchers around kBox. Yeah. Yeah. Check out their kBox videos if you haven't. They're huge in thermal hunting. He's also cost Andy and I a lot of money.

Yes. Because he's a thermal dealer as well. Yeah. He's thermal. [01:12:00] If you're looking for a thermal reach out to us. I can get you in touch with James. Yep. But, uh, anyways, uh, Jeff Nemick, he is the host of Eastman Predator Pros podcast host of Lucky Duck. Um, I wanna say I, I keep calling it Lucky Duck, but I think it's Lucky Duck Predator podcast or something like that.

Or Predator, not Predator Podcast. Lucky Duck. Um, there's a YouTube channel. Oh yeah. And I can't think of the name of the full name of the YouTube channel, but he is also a two-time world call coyote calling champion. Um, and he is, I believe he's ex-military as why as his history. , if you've ever seens Idaho, he hits more running coyotes than anyone I've ever seen.

And he's shooting the 2 23 53 game. Vmax. It's impressive to watch him shoot Running Coyotes. I love it. 50 green, 53. Ooh, damn it. I saw, I about picked some of those up the other day. I was a Bass pro. Yeah, I thought about picking some up just to try. So he's on Hornor, I mean Horn Day staff and everything like that.

So he's, I mean, and then Rick Paulette. Rick Paulette is, [01:13:00] he's not the maker of Lucky Duck, but he makes these sounds for Lucky Duck game calls. He's a professional sound maker and sells the calls as well. Um, ator pc.com. Mm-hmm. is his website. Uh, he makes some appearances on Eastman's Predator Pros podcast.

And he's on the Lucky Duck, uh, YouTube channel. He's on there for his, in my list for his knowledge of coyotes. Same, you know, I'm assuming Michael Tory cook. Um, knowledge of Coyotes. Knowledge of Coyote calls calling, uh, yeah. And good dude. . Yeah, I noticed that was the one thing I didn't, uh, which I have.

After we're done, I was gonna see if you guys had anybody else on your list that you didn't end up picking, cuz I've got a few, and that's one thing I didn't hit that you guys did is call people. Mm-hmm. , I guess you'd call 'em. Um, well, you, you do. I mean, I do, but like, guys are known for their calls, they make calls, this person makes calls, blah, blah, blah.

Right. But Randy [01:14:00] Anderson does make, I, I take that for that. Randy Anderson. Randy, yeah. For Primo game calls does make some sounds. Yeah, that's good point. Forgot about that. All right. So my team, I guess, uh, John Collins is, uh, the host of, uh, Fox Pros Podcasts podcast. So check that out. He's also, uh, Works for Pro Fox Pro.

Pro, yeah. Um, Fox Pro TV used to be Tooth and Claw tv. He's on, uh, their now YouTube for Fox Pro. And, um, what I like about John is he hunts it by himself a lot. Mm-hmm. . And he's a dude that's not scared to go out and jeans in a t-shirt and sit on a, in a fence row and call Coyotes. And so, uh, that's John Anthony Ameen down YouTube.

He's down in Texas, YouTube big YouTube. Um, he's really does Instagram really great on Yeah. Instagram really great on reviews too. Like I watched a bunch of his shoot shoots a lot of different stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Like when I was looking at different, um, thermals mm-hmm. , I watched his stuff on the Bolt and the Rico and the, like, the six 40 Rico [01:15:00] compared to the 3 84.

Um, his, his videos helped me a lot on that. And then, um, he kills shit. His, his knowledge of thermal is gonna be his advantage for you. For sure. Yeah. That's, and that's why that was that second pick for me, uh, Randy Anderson. A legend in the cow hunting, uh, world. Um, big primos call guy. Now that I, you say that, um, kind of forgot about it cuz he's, you know, one of the older folks on my team and uh, I've been told or not been told, I guess I've heard rumor is revamping their predator calls possibly.

Oh really? As opposed to come back out with a i cuz they were kind of leading the market there for a while. I felt like kind of pre Fox Pro then kind of FoxPro Lucky Duck kind of took over. What do they, they have those two calls? . I, I guess in my mind they're not up there in the top at the moment. Um, I would, Foxborough, lucky Duck to me are the two top ones.

If you were gonna, yeah. If you were gonna [01:16:00] tell me to go by then you got Cremo Tech and probably Primos, right? Yeah, I would think they're lower tier, but I don't know anything about 'em. But I think that, I heard news that they were coming out with like a, a new revamped predator call. Oh, nice. That's supposed to be badass.

Nice. Yeah, he's got, he's like Cat Nip little dog. Mm-hmm. Hot dog. Um, but, so that's Randy Anderson. And then Cory Graff is actually from Missouri. He's also a Fox Pro field staff or pro staff, whatever they're mm-hmm. they're called. Um, we've had him on the show. Sup, super easy guy to talk to. Um, very knowledgeable in coyote hunting and uh, and obviously Bobcat hunting as well.

Um, he killed 13 bobcats this Bobcat season, possibly 14. Uh, he was going for 14. I just don't know if he got it. Um, just a super nice guy. And then, uh, probably on my team, the least known of the three or the four, but I, I know what he is, so. Right, right, [01:17:00] right. That's why for sure he got chose. Yep. No, no. Mine, uh, Brandon Calder, he's a, you know, our buddy Calder, so, you know, we kind of got hooked up.

He's been friends with Andy, got Andy kind of into coyote hunting, uh mm-hmm. . So we've just become friends and, uh, yeah, local to us. You guys ain't gonna know him. He's not really huge on any of the social medias, but, uh, he's on Facebook, a lot of groups and different things. If you guys are any of the face, like bigger Facebook groups or Coyote calling if he, if he's in a, uh, a drawing or anything.

Just get out of him. Just get out cuz he's winning . He's the luckiest son. A bitch I've ever heard of. Uh, Tory Cook, obviously he works, he is the owner of Mfk, which partnered up with FoxPro. Mm-hmm. , and he makes all the, uh, MFK sounds. So he's a straight up, you know, knowledgeable dude when it comes to the sounds.

Yep. Les Johnson, if you know anything about Cayo hunting, you've heard of Les Johnson. He, uh, hosted the Predator Quest TV show. Uh, been around the block for a long time. Been doing it for a long time, so I don't think, I don't know if [01:18:00] the sh tv show's still going on, but, uh, I see. I mean, I see it on, he has a podcast now too.

He does. Mm-hmm. , why did I not know this? Who? Les Johnson. Les Johnson. He does? Yep. I'm gonna have to look that up. Definitely. But, uh, yeah, and I like, when I first started watching Cayo Hunting, he was the first one that I started watching, so I always enjoyed watching his stuff. And then, Keith, you know, he was with the O'Neill crew, so Yep.

It's just Stone cold Killer. If it's in front of him, he's gonna kill it. So you're gonna kill it. Yep. So you want to hear my strategy? Let's hear it. Which was different than Micah's. Andy. You might have had a strategy similar to, similar to mine. So I purposely did not pick any of our friends. Why? Like Calder, Russ Dewis.

Because in my, in my mind of this game we're playing today, I could pull one of those guys on my team if I needed to. All I got, you know what I'm saying? Like, they [01:19:00] could be a free agent, pick any second I wanted. Right, right. I know them. I don't know these pros that I'm picking, right? Like it's one of like, I've already, I feel like those guys are already on my team.

Mm-hmm. . So like, I had Calder on my list list, Cody, um, Russ, you know, of different Austin, different people on my list, but I'm like, no, I'm gonna stick to. people that I don't think I could pull on a normal basis, , you know what I'm saying? So that was my strategy, and I mean, it worked. Micah was the only one that picked a friend of ours, you know, in this, this situation.

I, I was nervous about going with him first, honestly. But I got, dude, the dudes got a good resume. He really does. So you can't go wrong with it. I mean, the years that I've known him, which is, I don't know, probably 10 now, the amount of coyote tournaments local, and they're local tournaments. Right. But I've seen him win.

Um, yeah, there, there, there's, there's multiple. Yeah. This may not be a [01:20:00] worlds, but he knows how to get after it. He knows he's, he's put up some big numbers before and, and Cody's right there with him, you know? Right. Cody Dee. Yeah. And I like Cody cuz Cody falls a lot like me, and Cody's funny. He's like the Yeah.

Comic relief. Yeah. Out of those two, Brandon is pretty quiet, chill. Cody Cody's like, he'll fuck around a little bit. So with with Cody, I mean, You gotta bring multiple calls. . Yeah, shoot the call. He will shoot your call. Yeah. . Yep. Sorry, Cody. Yeah, that's happened once, maybe twice. He'll, yep. Uh, did you have anybody on your list that ended up not getting picked?

I had by a few. I deleted him, but, uh, I had, uh, Chris Robinson with the night crew. So I have Chris right here. Yeah. Chris Roberts. I had, I had Heath Baker on my list. I had Heath Baker on my list. Um, Joey Hartley was on my. Manji dog. Yeah. Oh, yep, yep. That would, so I'll be honest with you, we didn't talk about that.

If you could use dogs, um, I would, I assume not. I, no, I assume I was [01:21:00] doing Kyle calling. Yeah, yeah. But which he does hunt him without, he does hunt him without him. He's, he's a killer. So I had Garvin Young, uh, which I talked about Garvin Young was, so my list, I had done a lot at home, like thinking about it.

And then I wrote down my top ones here, hoping I could get them out of there Uhhuh. So there's some I didn't, but Garvin Young was on my list because obviously you might love Lost Al. Yeah, right. He was Al Morris's partner. For those four, uh, world championships. Yeah. Yeah. So just, just from the call side.

Didn't Go ahead. No. Nope. It'd be against myself. . Um, from the call side, I had James Bostock and Tony Tey. Those are the two I was talking about. The western, western hunters that weren't mentioned. They're call makers that, uh, would definitely be, uh, observable. And honestly, every person we just talked about.

Like I was arguing earlier, if we were to make a coyote hunting hall of fame mm-hmm. , all those people are in it. Yeah. Right. Yeah, yeah. But yeah, that was kind of like, my, my strategy was no friends because I could pull them, right? Like Brandon, Cody, Russell, [01:22:00] Darryl, you know, Austin. If I, if I were like doing this 48 hour Super Bowl and I had a team, they would do it with us anyway.

Right. I wouldn't have to be like, Hey, can I draft you? Can I sign you? Or whatever? Be like, Hey, you wanna come? Yes. So I'm like, I'm gonna have to get the people that I have to, you know, they would only. be on my team if I, you know, drafted them and they got paid the big money. Right. , I have, this is the nfl.

Right, exactly. So that was my strategy in that, which is why I left those off. I need to find this guy's name and I'm terrible cause I've, I've talked about him before. Oh, he's on Facebook groups, but also he, he runs YouTube stuff and I'm trying to, JD pt? No. Um, oh, Jake Collin was also another one. It's Jake.

Jake that's, see, that's he right up there with Cal. Yeah. Yeah. Um, I, I think Jake Collin was on our show a couple months ago with his, uh [01:23:00] oh, your buddy? Yeah. He's the one who beat Brandon. He beat by one guy a couple. Yeah. Calder's resume's still deeper. I'm not saying he, I'm not saying Jake wouldn't, I don't even know.

I don't know enough about Jake, what Jake does, but man, like he seems to freaking smoke him. I can't this, so the guy's name, he's from Coyote down on YouTube. and I'm talking about hitting running Coyo, and he makes some ridiculous shots. He hunts a lot with a six arc, actually. Oh, really? That's why I've watched him.

Oh, cool. Uh, the dude that hunts with his wife. Yeah, his wife and a little girl. Yes. Straight sitting there in a pink chair. And he's smoking Coyo. They're out west. Yeah. He is a shooter. Yeah. Uh, coyote Down is the name of the YouTube. He's channel's not, he's the six Arc anymore. No, he, he rotates a lot, I think.

Yeah. But, um, if you guys wanna like, watch some entertaining stuff, like Yeah, that's cool. There's an episode, his daughter's sitting there in a pink chair, pink, everything. Wife's shooting a pink gun and they're just, she's watching a tablet. Mm-hmm. . And they're out west, just smoking coyotes. Um, he was one that I was like, man, that might be a sleeper pick if all my, if all my, you know, you guys were to just run [01:24:00] through my list.

Mm-hmm. , and I can't think of his name because it, it's he on, you can find it on Facebook. He posted stuff, but when it's on YouTube, you don't have his name sitting there. It's like, Lee something. I think. I don't remember. Anyway, but there's so, I mean, in fact the matter is there's so many damn good co hunters out there.

Yeah. Like for thermal stuff. I was even thinking about our boys that talk about it outdoors. Yep. Cuz they thermal hunt pretty much year round. Mm-hmm. we don't get to, A lot of people don't get to, so you're like, well hell, they, they know what they're doing. Right. Because they're doing this year round and they're in Georgia, you know, it's harder hunting out there.

So you, you would think if they came out here at even West, it'd get easier for 'em because they Right. Have more coyotes to call. Yeah. Um, yeah. Cause they say what Eastern, they say Eastern coyotes are harder to call. And we talked about that maybe with al's, like there's just less, there's less of of them.

Right. Yeah. So they have bigger circuits. Yeah. [01:25:00] And, and Alex even talked about that in our show with him, where he, he can tell when they're not in his area, they'll be back in a couple days or whatnot, you know. Do you, do you wanna know. A couple of them that I thought it's really hard, like if it got deep in this, a different strategy to go.

You think I'm stupid? You, I might be. I already do. Go ahead. The born and raised guys, they hun out. No they don't. But they call el. But your team, right? Uhhuh, . Different parts of your team who knows more about public land and accessing public land using Eess scouting. You don't know where you're going. You could be dropped off in who knows where.

Mm-hmm. that just figured out. So it, depending on how deep in the weeds we were going. That was, that was, that's pretty deep. That was really deep. That was a strategy. If I had to pick, you know, start picking team members, I need somebody to figure out where we can hunt. Mm-hmm. . I almost thought about [01:26:00] one of those dudes.

They can hunt. I mean, they can elk hunt. You can, Kyle, I would've laughed at you. I'm sure you probably would've, I would've, that would've been really overthinking. I don't think I, I didn't need, I didn't need 'em because my team, I mean, I'm sorry guys, only one team, it's gonna, it's gonna come in third place, but I mean, it's a solid team.

I mean, if, if you're sleeping, sure, but it's, it's a solid team, but there's no doubt about it. It's gonna come in third, you know, it just is what it is. Look, it's listed third on the thing. And I gave Micah, I put Micah first just because he had first pick. So it's so facto I win. I, I don't think that's how it works, but that's fine.

I will, Micah will, I will give you, I got you a computer and now you won't get off the damn thing. What is you doing, ? I'm trying to look up, uh, I will give you guy's name. A, uh,

I'm wrong. I don't say I'm wrong. I'm not wrong. You could admit it. I don't know what about it. It's still not a resume, but I think Randy Anderson would probably keep up a little better in a termist style than I, than I, uh, give him credit for. Gave him credit for [01:27:00] the beginning. . I was looking at that and I've watched these episodes.

Um, now I lost the Facebook page I was looking at, um, there it is. Randy goes up to Canada a lot and he'll do like full day hunts. Mm-hmm. . And they do like 17 sets or this one, let's see. So he four days caught on film. 35 coyotes. Huh? Huh? Pretty good. Pretty good pal. Not bad. Not bad. Not bad. He's not world Coyote calling championship.

But I ain't trying to win a world coyote calling, trying to kill some fucking dogs. Oh. Uh, what was gonna ask you something just now? And it freaking fell outta my head. I mean, but if you think about it, that's only eight dogs a day. That's very true. Almost nine. Almost nine from one person. I got four guys on my team.

But you have to hunt together. You're not splitting up, you're not, there's rules here. I know. . [01:28:00] Well, he is by himself, so he, he might have had, he's not by himself. He was filming. He had a filmer. A filmer. I, I don't know if he was filming or had a filmer, but they're on film. What, one gun? Uh, I assume so. I don't know why we're going to the weeds on this one.

Yeah. One of my best filming coyote calling Hunts in Canada. I don't know if he was filming or what he was doing with old Wooly Bully, the Saskatchewan Sniper. So it sounds like he was filming. Mm-hmm. someone else. Mm-hmm. 35 Coyotes four days, all caught on film. I get wooly bully with him then. I mean, if you put, if you could put to be, to be fair.

And I, I'm feeling little bad being so critical on Nate because I'm, I don't want him come in that big of a last place , but he's gonna come in last. I'm not gonna come in last. Our, our listeners are going to determine, pick the best team. and it's, I'm, I'm gonna win, man. It's just, it's, it's, do you want my honest opinion?

I think I win that [01:29:00] right now. No, listen, listen. Would you listen? Would you listen to me, man? Yes. I'll shut the hell up. I think I'm gonna win that just because I got Tory Cook and Mfk Hounds are so freaking hot right now. I think I'm gonna get That's everybody's using them. Yeah, that's everybody. That's why I was gonna pick James Boss.

They work, nobody's using them. They work. I don't say nobody, James. Well, some people are using, they work. Tony Te Yeah, they work. They work. I'm not saying that those other ones don't they work. I'm just saying they work. You're right, you're right. Andy. He's right. Al Morris, James O'Neill, Jeff Nemick, Rick Paulette, John Collins, Randy Anderson, Cory Gruff and Anthony Tine couldn't figure it out if, you know, if, if they didn't have Tory's calls, they, they couldn't figure it out.

Oh, half of 'em, them used Tory's calls, but, um Sure. But. Fox Pro's got other sounds. , there's, he's not the only one. That his sounds aren't the only thing on Fox Pro. It's [01:30:00] true. I've, I've got hundreds of sounds on my Fox Pro. None of them are Mfk yet anyways. And is Les Johnson Lockheed Duck guy? Yeah. Yes, he was.

So you, you, you know, you melded the team. I think that's smart. I I mean, Cal Calder's a lucky duck guy too. So is Calder. Yeah. You're gonna, I mean now I don't Calder. He gets along. You guys are gonna have a knockdown track out fight in the middle of your freaking heart. Brandon gets along with literally anyone.

Yeah. I've never seen that guy not get along with people. But when you guys get outta the truck and Tory grabs his X 24 and Brandon grabs his rough neck and Les tries to grab his rough neck, you guys are gonna start arguing. The X 40 eight's gonna be up by then, so okay. Your point, it's better. Rough neck's pretty bad ass.

Okay. I just wanna point out something. It's funny to me. . Micah has Tory Cook. FoxPro. Uhhuh , right? All three of the other people including his Honorable mention Lucky Duck guys. [01:31:00] Yeah. I have Al Morris, FoxPro. FoxPro Keitha. All three of my people are Lucky Duck guys after him. I've got two Lucky or two Fox Pro and a Primo.

A Primo and a Lucky Duck. And a lucky Duck. No. Corey's Fox Pro. Corey's Fox Pro. Cory's Fox Pro. John's Fox Pro. He's Primo. Am Aine. I don't know what he is. I don't think he, you you got a, I You got a melting pot there. It's a team. Team. Can we go kill some dogs Now? We can. We can try to. Let's go try to kill some dogs.

Um, I think we're done. We did a good job. I think this was fun. Uh, I was looking forward to it. It was just No, that was fun. Yeah, it was a good time Until Nate starts changing rules in the game. I know. Um, when you listened back to what we talked about it, you won't, you won't listen to this back, let's be honest, promise, but when people listen back to this, they will hear at the beginning, honor, we said there is gonna be a fourth pick, honorable mention, whatever it ma whatever they are today doesn't matter.

But, but, but the rules were, [01:32:00] it was a team of four people, you and three others. Cause I don't recall us even saying that. You said you and three now I might have been looking for a song at the moment. Didn't say that you're digging around on your phone. , you and three others there are starting lineup. This is fantasy football.

You get extra picks, but you can only start your starters. So in that, in that case, do we need to pick which ones are starting for them to choose? I think, I think that's going a little far. Yeah. I think we already got, you know, you got your arm, we'll mention or whatever. I think at the end of the season, my team will be singing this.

Push a button over there. Micah, would you push a button? Put push. Push a button. Hey, end our, end our misery. See you boys later.