Missouri Woods & Water - Coyote Series - Hunting With Lights With The Night Crew

Show Notes

For the second week of our coyote series, the Missouri Woods & Water podcast has Chris Robinson with the Night Crew on to talk about hunting coyotes utilizing lights.

First, Chris gets into how he got into hunting coyotes and the history of their show and the evolution of the different light types they have used has gone. The Night Crew is very successful using white lights hunting, but Chris talks about how that isn't necessarily what might be best for each hunter and how it really depends on what light color gives each individual hunter the best view of the coyote more than it is what is told to them. He gives great pointers on how to use lights as sort of a curtain for the shooters so the dogs can't see what is going on behind the light. We also talk about how lights are a great tool to use in conjunction with thermals and it's not really an "either or" type of thing. And, as always, we go down a few rabbit holes like Chris' favorite rifle calibers, rounds, etc. This is another great episode showing new night hunters another option that is certainly more affordable than thermals. Thanks for listening!

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