More Bucks Down: Buck Nuts, Necks, Backstraps

Show Notes

• Our friend Philly Goat got over his gun troubles and dropped a nice buck.

• There are multiple ways to cut up deer meat.

• Arica has been out there seeing deer and riding the emotional roller coaster of the season.

• Smell my finger … is that pee?

• Why seeing squirrels is such a good sign.

• This is the time to get aggressive before December.

• When, where, and why to give a deer a pass when thinking through the shot process and deer anatomy.

• Derek is looking for does and staying busy making Euro-style skulls.

• Is the rut slowing down??

• Brad was struggling but switched up his tactics and got his first deer in his saddle–a big-bodied buck with only minutes left in the day.

• Dealing with the second-guessing, post-shot emotions.

• Why/how do buck’s necks swell up during the rut?

• The enjoyment of processing your own deer and how to make the most of the meat.

• Don’t throw away those hams and neck roasts!

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