Mountain Hunting, Sika Deer, Public Land Hunting Lifestyle with Lane Housner

Show Notes

It's kind of a variety show today on the Southern Ground Hunting podcast. We're talking to Lane Housner about mountain hunting, sika deer in Maryland, and how he's set his life up to be a hardcore public land deer hunter. Lane could be described in one word, consistent. Every year he seems to be incredibly successful in his pursuit of whitetails in high pressure hunting situations. In this episode we're talking all about his strategy in the woods to maintain his consistency. You can watch all of Lane's hunts, along with his group of buddies, on the "In The Presence" YouTube channel. Become a SGH Patron: Our Partners: Spartan Forge - Use the code “southernground” at to save 25% on your membership GoWIld - Use the code “southernground” on your gear purchases to save 10% Tethrd - Nucanoe - Skre Gear - Use the code “southernground” at to save 15% on your purchase Southern Ground Hunting is powered by Simple Cast

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