MTNTOUGH Fitness with Dustin Diefenderfer

Show Notes

Today on the podcast, Marcus is joined by Dustin Diefenderfer. Dustin is the founder of 2% Certified MTNTOUGH Fitness. The guys cover a lot in regards to fitness as it pertains to backcountry hunting. Dustin and the team at MTNTOUGH take a unique approach to training their athletes with a mission specific workout and an emphasis put on mental toughness. Growing up in Montana and being outdoors at an early age Dustin realized that many of the consistently successful hunters had a few things in common; fitness and mental toughness. With that in mind and Dustin's background MTNTOUGH Fitness was born. If you're preparing for a once in a lifetime hunt or just are looking to get back into shape and don't know where to start, be sure and check them out. Average Conservationist is Powered by Simplecast

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