Mule Deer Talk with Keith Hagen

Show Notes

One thing that makes Oklahoma so unique is its wide variety of game animals. This week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, John talks with Keith Hagen of Southern Plains Taxidermy about hunting Oklahoma mule deer. Keith grew up hunting whitetails like most of us, but after spending some time chasing mule deer in western Oklahoma and Texas, they have become a huge part of his yearly hunting routine. Keith strictly hunts mule deer with a bow, making it all the more challenging.

Keith and John go over some of the differences in mule deer behavior, and the differences in hunting them versus whitetails. Keith talks about his equipment and what he thinks is important for specifically hunting Oklahoma mule deer as opposed to states further west. Keith also uses his experience as a taxidermist to give some pointers on field care for your trophy if you plan to get it mounted, and some good and bad strategies for getting your animal out in the sandy brush country of the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Show Transcript