Muntz conquers the State Up North

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The Buckeyes had a rough visit to TTUN…But Andrew Muntz did the thing up North. AVENGE ME!!! That he did. Lots of references there kids. On this episode the o2 crew breaks down the successful Drummond Island hunting trip. Paul is back to hating deer hunting and is patiently counting down the days ,95 days if anyone cares. Out of state hunts can be a ton of fun, and Deer camp is always a hoot. Buckle up, this is a good un. 


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Let's go. I wake up to a little bit of drool. On my pillow. I think I need a new headphones is about the third pair of headphones. I've gone through that I get a weird feedback from time to time. Either that or it's something in my house causing some interference, which is very possible to.

Are we live? Did you freeze? Did I freeze?

14 seconds. We were on this damn feed for 14 seconds and you're back before the internet messed up and I'm back. How much of it has this show already started? I don't even know, man.

Buddy, it's been one of those, one of those Mondays. It just seems right. It's fitting.

It is. It is

fitting. You're looking good, man. You're looking healthy. I swear to God, if this tender night keeps breaking up, I'm gonna freak

out. I'm dying. Paul . That's the truth. So if I'm, if I look good, that's 'cause I'm fooling you.

I don't even know

where to start. No, it's, we need to start, we can [00:01:00] start a whole nother show about Andrew's life and health issues.

How about that? At 37?

Dr. Paul . Yeah. Dr. Paul with my Chevy Chase. We need to, we'll maybe we'll put a little clip on the O2. Go on Instagram of my, see, you couldn't even see that before. And I should look at chainsaw cut. Yes. Oh man. I'll tell you what, there, there aren't many things that I, that come from China that I'm real fond of.

I'm just gonna be honest, right? Try to buy stuff. My wife got this from, she got me a hooked on the Tim you or team you or whatever the hell it's called. I don't do it. There's some made in China website. I got this shirt from Tim you for five bucks. Love it. Best, best Christmas shirt I've ever had.

There you go. All right. So here's where we're going to start. Andrew. There was no football game. There's no football game on Saturday and this past Saturday aliens invaded the planet and took over the bodies cord at the game. That's what happened. I'm going to stick [00:02:00] with that. How, like Gus Johnson always calls Marvin Harrison, Maserati Marv.

Yes. I saw a man that said Maserati Marv and Honda McChord.

Honda McChord. How clever is that? I love that kid. Listen, don't be beating up on these kids online. Stop it. All right. You're grown men. Stop sending hate tweets to Honda McCord. Let them live. That's all I got about that. That's all I got to say.

You know the worst part is we have to listen to Clint for the next year.

I will block Clint. Okay? He doesn't listen to the show. I will block him.

As we talked about in our little group text I'll just keep killing his deer. And cause right now I'm on a pretty good streak for going up there. When I kill a deer up there, we lose a football game. So

I told you, stop killing Michigan deer.

I'm not hunting with Glenn and Michigan again. I'll hunt with Mike Larson. If that offer is still on the table, Mike, if you're listening [00:03:00] I'm not hunting with Glenn again ever, not until we break the streets.

Even if there's a fire

I, the only, I don't know. I don't even remember if I talked about this on this, on the show last week, this is the best part of my hunt.

From Drummond

Island. So what Paul's shed, what Paul's holding is a shed. What is a little eight point little dude? It would've Yeah.

If he was typical,

yeah. A little eight point. Yep. So Paul, we're up there on the island and I just gotta tell the story and he sends this group text and it's update Paul's out by himself.

We don't really know where he is at. He's lone Wolf and Ed out there. And it's this group. Text that he sends this little video and it's like update from the island. And he starts at the very tip of the antler and he like starts scrolling across and we're all like, Oh my God, he got one. And then it comes to the very end and it's his hand holding the shed.

And then he flicks us all off. And it was like, gotcha. Damn you, Paul. It

was good. Maybe we could share that one on the O2 feed cause I've really enjoyed doing that. I'm not going to lie. I was like these guys are going [00:04:00] to see the antler coming to frame. They're like, Oh my God. So yeah, man, we I just touched briefly on, on the German island last week, but Andrew.

Big news in the O2 podcast world, our O2 shop is live. Okay, here we go.

Yeah. The shop is, you've been instrumental in this. So you give the rundown on the shop there.

So listen, you can go to the O2 podcast. com. Click on the shop tab. So the top tab, you can see it click on shop. You're going to see, you're gonna be taken to another dimension, Andrew, where you're going to be able to shop.

Everything that you could possibly need is a hunter or angler in the state of Ohio or beyond. So this is my product of the week, okay? Bunch of deer getting killed, man. We've been seeing deer left and right getting popped. You've got one on the board. I got one on the board. So if you are into the Euro mounts.

You're good. Are you still there? I'm beside [00:05:00] myself with this internet. You said if you're into the Euro Mounts, ,

I don't even, I don't even know where to, we're not gonna edit any of this.

You're gonna have to listen to . Oh yeah. That's great. Wicked. No. Here, I'll finish Wicked North Gear. What's the name of the, what's the name of the item?

The actual Skull Cat. Skull Mount. It's the Wicked

North Gear. No, the hangup. It's called the Hang the Hangup. It's this little device. Yeah, it's six. Your wallet. It's sweet. You got one.

I got two of them last year and then I've got one for this year and I will buy another one if I need it, but it is what, 30 bucks, the easiest year amount thing I've ever used.

And I'm totally worth it. I put the order in, it shows up a couple of days later. It's ready for you. Just check those out. If you're going to your amount side of things, definitely a night I'm going to have

still there. Paul, that's great. I love it. So

check that out. Yeah I'm here. We're I, hell I might move up and do this out of my living room. [00:06:00] Yeah, you're good. The show. But so anyway, so check it out. The O2 podcast. com click on shop. There's all sorts of products there. Anything that you could possibly want to hunt fish or trap anything.

Check it out. Deer nuts months. You've been putting those out in your backyard, feeding a deer, like a bunch of fat kids at a buffet on a Christmas get deer knots. com forward slash Ohio.

And I will throw my 2 cents in there because they are pretty sweet. And I know it's something different than corn.

And it, I'm gonna be really honest, looks like dog food, but I put them out the one day and I'm not joking. Nine minutes later, I had the trail cam nine minutes later. There was deer there. It was dough. They came in, they're holding up pretty good in the rain. It gives them something different.

Whatever they come in, they love them. So I actually, I've been reading that ad and I'm getting, I get a lot of grief from people that are like, Oh my God, you sound so uncomfortable doing that. I'm like cause I don't usually read ads. But actually now having the ability to try them and test them out I'm going to go [00:07:00] find another bag because, um, I do think it does add something different to their diet and.

It gives you something maybe that another property might not have. And I was looking, if anybody's interested, check out that website get deer nuts. com slash Ohio, but the tractor supply rule King. There's other places that have it. If you want to go, they have a little place finder where you can.

Yeah. It's pretty cool stuff, man. Let's see, we got, thanks our guys over at go wild. One thing I'll send in there. They've been doing those podcasts with a gun broker. com people. And those are awesome podcasts and they do a really nice job and they're very knowledgeable about firearms and different things.

I don't know what the hell they're talking about half the time, but it sounds really cool. And so check those out. Thanks to the guys over at Blackgate. Hunting black gate, hunting. com. Justin, is that it? And use [00:08:00] the code O2 podcast, 10 percent off. Awesome cameras. We hung one up there and drumming and it was just like for, I don't know, 24 hours.

I think it was up there, Paul. We were so far back in there. I'm like, Oh, this, if anything gets on here, I'll be impressed. If you had told me that I was going to have some jackass on a four wheeler, Drove through in front of that camera. I would have said there's no way in hell, but that's what happened because drumming Island, that's what happens in weird places like that.

X vision optics. We are getting closer and closer to coyote season. So looking forward to that, all your thermal needs, night vision, all that kind of stuff. And finally Timber Ninja. On our O2 shop. And I can't, so it was X vision. So it was X vision and half rack all of our friends, but the.

Timber, ninja stuff, dude, that is high quality stuff up there. Drum and use that Ludd ledge [00:09:00] platform, which it's a tank of a platform. I'm not going to lie. That thing is built tough, but it gives you cool angles. It's large enough. It's, it is heavier than some platforms on the market, but at the same time, it wasn't so heavy that

I felt like I was lugging anything more on my back and everything we did out there, it was hanging hot as you went. It was not, and got way off in the trails riding e bikes and different things around, whatever that ledge platform. Very cool. Saddle nano is what I was running super light. So it saved a ton of weight there.

Anyways, Timber Ninja, check out their stuff. You use the code Ohio for free shipping. And I think that covers the bill paying aspect, Paul. It does,

man. Thanks to all those companies and thanks for the guys, you guys listen to the show, supporting supporting us and supporting our partners. So couldn't could do this without you.

So Andrew, [00:10:00] I've moved locations. Hopefully my internet issues are are under control. I like, I wish. People could see how angry my face gets when the internet goes out. Like it's just, it

makes me so

mad. All right.

It's our own fault because we live five minutes from each other, but.

We lived busy lives that don't allow for that always.

What's what's going on in the news world? There's a gun season started today. So if you're out orange army ended up, man, we'll just know

how you do. Yeah. And I'll a couple of quick shout outs. Old roommate of mine, Jason Keltner took down a nice buck today.

Ryan Gregoire took down a nice buck. I think over the weekend people I've been getting a lot of pictures and people get tagging us and stuff. That's awesome. Congratulations. Get out there, do your part. Be safe, right? Be safe. And especially if you are hunting in the CWD surveillance area. Okay. The DSA, you got to check your deer this week and they got to test them.

It's mandatory. All public private doesn't matter. Yep. Like it [00:11:00] or not. Like that's what you got to do. So please just abide by the rule and get your damn deer checked. There's more information about that. I remember that's why not Marion and Hardin counties, but more information on that Ohio DNR.

gov and you can find out all the details there. As far as other news around the state goes, I don't have a ton, Paul. Some stuff about doing. Winter wonderland type things outside in Ohio. It is cold today. So we actually get a bite of winter, spitting snow today, spitting snow. I'll be Hall sent me some pictures today up there near Toledo and he's got snow on the ground.

Just a dusting said, but any, there is a lot of cool stuff to do in Ohio outside in the winter make sure you're taking advantage of that. And then I think that's about it from the news perspective,

I saw, I, so I, we're Lincoln County residents. I read the Newark advocate and I was on their website and I think it was, you can get it on, the, it came from the, from a writer in Mansfield, but.

The Columbus dispatch or any of those [00:12:00] USA today network publications, but front of the program state employee, Sarah shot, she she works for the department of wildlife. She's helped us facilitate some conversations with some folks in the state and form relationships there. She's she's sharp, man.

She, and she's a. I'll tell you that her the, this kid did a family hunting tradition article about her and her family. So that's really neat. Check that out. Talks about the just the hunting heritage within her family and really. Just our shared heritage that we have as hunters.

So check that out in your local newspaper. Pretty cool. Congratulations, Sarah to you and your family. So what else? I think that's it, man. Yeah it's deer season, gun season. We'll get some stuff that comes out of that, but news wise, there's not going to be anything really I'd imagine popping up, so

we'll get you updated numbers and stuff as soon as we see them, but I feel like the state might be a little slow to release those this year.

I'm not sure. I just wait until after gun

season. And then just, [00:13:00] yeah, just touch those up because they released them after the peak of the rut and saw that. But you killed a

buck, man. Congratulations. We got to start, we got to start way before that. Where are we starting? I don't know anybody who knows you and I, like we just have this.

I don't want to say it's like a rain cloud over top of us, but I feel like there's a cloud of some sort, right? So you can't start a trip without an issue. And we, you show up at my house at six o'clock. We got about called a 10 hour drive when you throw in stops and stuff, a 10 hour drive, we're going straight through all the way up to drumming, but we got to pull a trailer.

So I go to borrow the trailer from the neighbor and the lights don't work on the trailer. And that was the first. Hitching, hit a girdle and end the trip. So instead of leaving an hour or on time, we ended up leaving, I don't know, half hour, 45 minutes after [00:14:00] we were really going to go, we got the lights fixed, all that kind of stuff.

Now we made our way up there. So Drummond Island, for those of you don't know we went up last year had some success, but more than anything, it's just an interesting place. And you gotta go all the way up. The state of Michigan, you go across the bridge to the UP and then hang a right basically and go all the way to the coast, hop on a ferry, get over to this island.

Now everybody's asked me, Oh, Michigan hunting is probably really cool or whatever. It is very cool. And to try to give a quick description of the island, because it's really hard if you've never been there to explain what it is. There's a lot of public ground. It's a heavily used Island in the summer for people with Jeeps and ATVs and all kinds of stuff.

They've got these trails you have to have an off road permit to go, driving through, but it's. That's what it is. And then [00:15:00] you've got very different kind of terrain and landscapes. And we'll be driving, you'll be on like gravel. And then you're next to, beyond these boulders and the next thing you're on a slate and then it's almost like sand.

It's like just weird kind of terrain. But then the. The hunting itself. You can hunt areas that look similar to Ohio with hardwoods. You can hunt area. There ain't many of those areas though. Not many, but there's some that remind me of Pennsylvania, more beach brush and that kind of stuff. Then you got areas with swamps.

You've got areas with cedar thick areas where. It feels like dusk all day long in there because it's so damn dark. You've got pine thickets, you've got Aspen groves, you've got meadows. You've got a little bit of everything. You also have wolves, bears, moose, what am I missing? Snowshoe hares.

Cougars. Yes. You saw a snowshoe hare. You got different elements on that Island. I need to [00:16:00] talk to a biologist. We need to talk to a biologist because one of the things I really do not understand about that Island is how they manage their deer and as. I haven't looked at the numbers today, uh, since we left really, but the first couple of days we were there you when you're on the island, you'll notice that there are dough feeding on the side of the road all day long, 10 o'clock in the morning, two o'clock in the afternoon, all day long, there's just seemingly, there are dough everywhere.

The bucks, you don't see legal deer very much. They have antler point restrictions. You got to have three on one side. And they, you just don't see them, but when you look at the harvest numbers for that County up there, I'm not even talking, it's heavily favored in the antler deer department.

I'm talking, it is exponentially [00:17:00] larger. So I think was it after about day one, that County up there had harvested close to 60. Antler deer and two antler lists, right? Yeah. And then that was for the first day. Yep. That was day one in Ohio. We generally sit at about 50 50, right? So I've had, there've been 60 bucks, there've been 60 does.

So we're not even close. Like those numbers are not even close. And I. I struggle with this because you see the dough, they're there. They got a bunch of them, that Island, and I'm sure we have so many residents of Drummond Island that listen to the show, but it's I don't want to say it's bad.

I don't know if backwards is the right term or behind the times, or I don't know what the deal is. I really don't. They didn't get internet there till seven or eight years ago, I'm told, but there's. It's, it is, it seems like you're on an island that is living in the past. And I don't know if that's some of the deer management philosophy as well.[00:18:00]

But regardless one of the things I've heard, I don't know, Mark Kenyon or somebody talking about this idea when you have so many doe, the bucks don't travel. If they don't travel, you don't. Justin from Blackgate was talking about that. What, Justin was talking about too. When they don't travel, you don't see them.

Okay, so I don't know if that's part of the problem up there. I don't know. What did Glenn say last year? They sold a thousand and it's a lottery dough permit. Okay. So they had a thousand permits that they gave out. 22 of them were used.


So here's the updated numbers from the firearm from the two week firearms season for that County.

So drum, not, this is not just the island. This is a. Big County, right? So mainland and Island 556 antler deer, 56 and list deer. So 612 deer were killed 500 more bucks than

those 10 times. It's insane. There's something I don't understand about that. And I got a pea brain. I'm not intelligent [00:19:00] when it comes to this kind of stuff.

I don't know what it is, but any who, so that could be another issue with why hunting this Island is difficult. Okay. So we got up there. What was that? Monday night, I think. And then We did our little recording, I don't know if it was a Monday or Tuesday night, but basically it took Tuesday, you guys did a little grouse hunting, did some scouting, I got caught up on life and sleep, and some other stuff, but on Tuesday, Tuesday was very chill, November 15th was Wednesday, that was their first day of opener, and so it was us Bobby from Wicked North, Glenn, and Justin from Black Game, and we had a little bit of everything going on. I'm trying to think, do we all go to about the same location that first morning? We did. Yeah. We were all fairly close. Yeah. And I think, and that was close to [00:20:00] where I took the doe last year, where I seen some other deer, like that was a, an area that we were comfortable with.

We'd been in there, had some success and let's try it.

Okay. And let's also say you can bait on public land on Drummond Island. It's crazy. It's crazy.

Like it's a while ago and none of us, some of us dump some bait, but I don't think anyone killed over

bait. Justin would probably look like we did last year where once we said, Oh yeah, we'd just go dump some bait out there.

And he's what? And I, he like gives us his, no, what are you? You guys, hi, no, like this is what you can do up there, Justin. Now, I think it's one of those things you probably have to do for a while. You can't just go dump a bag of corn and expect, Oh, they're going to find it. But you will find people that are on public land and they bait, throughout the season.

So [00:21:00] I just, I'm from my perspective that morning, was it me and Bobby and Justin went out and our. I'm the Gator. And I was like, I'll just, I bought a bag of corn along the way. What the hell? I'll just throw it out there. I don't care. So I went in Rome, right? Dude, if this was one of those board dates where I've just, I should have stayed in bed or whatever.

I go walking, I park the gator, I go walking into the woods. I think I know where I'm going. I have, in my mind, it's dark, very dark because there is no light out there. I think I know where I'm going. Have my idea. I come, I'm like, all right, this is this tree will do. I set my gun next to my tree.

In the dark mistake. Number one, I'm like, ah, just walk 30 steps this way. Dump this bag of corn. Oh, look, I can see a little bit of reflection off of a story. It must be a stream over there. Off the moon. All right. We'll just be good. Do you like water? I got a little corn. This is my Borad thought process.[00:22:00]

Then I turn around and I can't find the tree that I lean my gun up against. So then I wander around in the dark, I don't know, 15 minutes until I happened to find that tree where my gun was. And I was like, yeah, this is just going to be great. Of course, by then the sun's like starting to come up and I go climbing up this tree.

I will tell you, it did not take long. And I had a couple, I think they were dough that were just off to my right, probably 30 or 40 yards, but. Those were the only deer I saw that morning. I also realized that stream that I thought was actually the path trail, that, Oh, ATVs and everything drive on.

So here I am in a tree 30 yards from a bag of, a pile of corn and. I don't know, 20 yards off of the damn path of, for, the ATVs. I'm like, totally, totally botched that. I think when we come back for lunch and then went back out to that area in the afternoon and I still had no success, [00:23:00] but it was a much smoother afternoon.

What were you doing that morning?

So I had scouted an area the day before. There's dude, I love hunting marshes. If you've listened to the show, that marshes swamps. That's my thing. So I found a swampy area and Glenn and I went out and scouted it that day before on Tuesday.

And then, so I got an e bike. It was my first fully loaded hunt trip or hunting trip on that e bike. So I uh, was getting my freaking face in my back and my butt pounded by that e bike. And I walked in I walked into the woods like my spot at shooting light because dude, it took me so long.

To get out there, did it roasted my butt? Like I made butt jokes all week about it. That

was funny because we had barely any cell phone service. And so like we were getting messages from where we were, we had cell [00:24:00] phone service where you guys were at. It wasn't as good. So we get one at one point that you and Glenn had both gone.

Over handlebars and crashed your buddy's jeep. And glad that he broke his wrist.

Dude, so I fell first. And I just hit so you're talking about four wheelers and jeeps being around. And most of that island, like the ruts, like it's our hard bottom, so they're not too bad. But I hit the one rut that was like, I don't know, 10, 12 inches deep and it was soft and I hit it like, probably 10 mile an hour and do that bike just went right out from underneath me.

And I went right over those handlebars and just landed on my side. I landed in like the softest grass ever. It was perfect. So I gather my stuff up, brush myself off. And I drive like a hundred yards and Glenn, as I pull up is getting up off the ground and his eyes are like the size of saucers. And he's Oh my God.

He's got this giant, like chunk of like grass sticking out of his back with this huge, like Rosette, just [00:25:00] I was at first I'm like, are you okay? And he's yes, immediately started laughing just because all the grass that he had, dude, it was great. He's I went over the handlebars.

Like he went right over him, but yeah, I walked in, sorry, go ahead.

I'm trying to know you, you can continue. I'm trying, I was trying to think what all happened that morning for you guys, besides crashing the bikes. The Glenn, does that make lunch?

Yeah. Glenn popped the dough, man. Pop the dough.

So he was, yeah. So I, I. I hunted I saw I saw some does, I didn't see any bucks. I didn't have a dough tag. So I just I pack up and I start heading back to the truck cause it's 11 o'clock at this point. I was going to move and so I'm headed back and I see like a deer on a cart.

And I look up and it's Glenn. I was just like, Oh my God, I just happened to like with the perfect time, there's no [00:26:00] service. I just happened to roll by and he's loading this dough up, man. So I helped him get that sucker out. And he had walked all the way back and do, this is like a mile and a half through like the nastiest stuff.

And he was going to pull that dough out of


It was like perfect. It was serendipitous, man. And he was just like, he was very grateful that he had someone to walk with on

the way out. But did you hear him shoot?

I did. Yeah I heard him shoot. I heard a couple of gunshots go off. And I even thought I'm like, dude, I bet that was him.

And he shot probably like maybe an hour into shooting an hour shooting light. And so I had, Oh gosh, sorry guys. Big yawn there Mons. Geez. I had I had deer around me, I was in a good spot. I had some buck activity in there, so I didn't want to, I didn't want to blow the hunt and he had two tags and shoot two deer in a day.

So I, I figured he'd. If there's one, there might be another one. Yeah. Yeah, it was good. It was good. But that was at the the funniest thing. So there's this [00:27:00] trail. There's a parking lot and there's a trail. And this trail leads to a portion of this public. It's probably, do what, 6, 000 acres?

It's just this massive block of public property. And there's a couple spots and there's this trail. And this dude He painted, he baited 150 yards off of the parking spot on the trail, set a two man ladder stand up and Glenn and I are dragging this dough out and we walk up and the students in the middle of the trail spraying dough estrus on top of his bait and I'm like, I don't, a great guy.

I didn't talk to me to walk right by his stuff, but I don't know, man. I just thought it was a

funny moment. You see all kinds of things out there on Drummond Island. I think one of the funniest things, not hunting related, what you mean, Glenn, we went somewhere. We're getting gas or groceries or something.

We hop out of the truck. This is after your bike trip, right? And there's [00:28:00] some older guy in front of us. And the people that are not, think we're not fond of Drummond Island the Drummond Island folk are probably not fond of us. Yeah. And it's not that we're not, it's an interesting place to be, but the

story coming up is not kid appropriate.

Anywho, Paul gets out of the truck and he's Oh God, my butthole hurts so bad. I haven't taken a pound in like years.

Cause if you've never written a joke, yeah,

there's an old guy in front of us. You're in the, if you've never ridden an e bike, if you don't have the. Suspension seat, like it is a rough road, right?

Rough road, especially on those rocks. So of course I'm like, Oh yeah, sorry about that, Paul. I didn't mean to go that hard on you. And what's your

first off my buttholes never taken a pounding ever. Okay. It too, it definitely isn't from you. Just so we are on the same page. I just said this just to be funny.

We were just being complete assholes, talking out loud. And then [00:29:00] what'd you say after that?

That's when, that's, I, that's when I said yeah, my butt hasn't taken a pounding like that in years. This old man

was like,

oh God, he was disgusted with that.

I couldn't stop

laughing. That was so funny.

It was good stuff. All right. Anyhow, welcome back to the, welcome back

to the program. Now I'm back to hunting. Justin did have success that first day in the afternoon. He, yeah, he was to tell, he had deer all over him.

He had deer all over him. He took a swipe at a bock and didn't connect.

And he has a four 50 bush master. And dude, that thing was

jab devastating. Yeah, and that he shot that doe and he says she ran or flopped or something But like her heart was literally hanging out of her chest. It was insane. But Anyways, Justin knows how to get on DRL. So I will say that he's a hell of a hunter the next [00:30:00] day I don't remember where you went.

I went back to the same spot. I was sick the next

day. I woke up I did not feel well, man. I did not hunt that first morning. That's right. I had a terrible headache just chills Dude, I just

rode out the morning I went back to the same spot hoping that maybe I could get in there better. I don't know.

Nothing, nothing. I think I saw a couple little bucks, the spikes, talk about not seeing the legal deer. The spikes are still dumb, or maybe they're smart enough. They know they're not going to get shot, but like they were moving through. And but the big deer were not whatever came back that afternoon and I think you had already left.

Like you, you'd stayed in the morning, but then you'd gone out and that might have been when you sent us that shed update and yeah

I, yeah, I didn't want to burn a full day in the woods. So I just recovered and

got out mid morning. So Glenn and I come back and this is where the story gets fun, but Glenn and I come back and we're sitting there talking, we're like, all right, we're not seeing anything over here, what do we want to do?[00:31:00]

And Glenn had trail camera out. That he had pulled the card from what, a couple of days prior, and he had some decent deer on this other part of the island, and he called it the swamp. Glenn and I decide we're going to go to the swamp. We leave about two o'clock in the afternoon. We have to drive the truck as far as we can, park the truck, hop on the e bikes, ride those back a couple miles.

Parked those hike in a half mile or so to get set up. So what this swamp looks like, you ride the bike out, you park in the right of the edge of the Cedar thicket, you walk through this area that is dark, even though it's two o'clock in the afternoon. It's just so shady and dense in there. It just feels really dark.

It's very cool area to walk through would be great for stocking because the Cedar leaves, I should know that terminology, but. Brush underneath, it's quiet, man. It's like walking on a pillow. So [00:32:00]

it's it just absorbs everything, the sound. It's like a black hole.

It is. So you get through there and I'm following Glenn and we we know where we want to go, but Glenn and I are both vertically challenged.

So in my world, any chance I get to go up in the world I'm going up, I'm going to climb a tree and we get to this spot where he's. Got the trail camera somewhere nearby. I don't know exactly where but it was in that very close to where we were and we're looking around at trees. There is like aspen trees and then there's some other, a lot of pine, a lot of cedar.

Long story short, there are no Good climbing trees. Aspen trees are probably not the best, like looking at them. They're very smooth bark and they didn't have or there's a lot of them that are large and laying on the ground like they fell over for almost like no purpose, seemingly no [00:33:00] reason that they fall over.

So you're like questioning whether or not you should actually climb one. Anyways, Glenn's like, why don't you go? I'm just going to use directions. Whatever you go West there and see if you can find a tree to climb. I'm going to, he said, he points at one. He's I think I'm going to climb that one.

And I'll overlook this swamp. I'm like, all so I start walking, there is deer sign everywhere. There's so much deer crap on the ground. I'm like there's deer around here for sure. So I'm wandering. I still, it's all Aspen's and pines. I'm not finding anything. I'm like, you know what? I'll go back.

I'll climb a tree. I will literally be right across 25, 30 yards from Glenn. We can just overlook the swamp together. I'll get in an Aspen. So if it falls over, at least Glenn's there to save me or something. And whatever, that's where we'll be. I don't want to screw around walking through here and. Get lost or whatever.

So I go back. Glenn is gone. Glenn is not in the tree and I see Glenn. [00:34:00] He's about 50 yards to the north and it looks like he's attempting to get into tree. So I'm like, all right, that's where Glenn's going up. I'm going to go in this tree that overlooks the swamp. Now that Glenn was originally going to be in Paul, it was one of those.

Moments that I seem to have way too often where everything's going wrong. I start up this tree, I drop a stick, I get down, I get the stick. I go back up the tree. I dropped my glove. I'm like, hell, I don't need this glove. It was warm enough at that point. And I had my, for my muff thing. I'm like, I'll be fine without the glove.

Just don't forget that it's there. Eventually, I get up the tree. I'm looking at the tree as I'm climbing it. There's lots of either boreholes or woodpecker holes. I'm like, I don't even know this thing's alive, which is a wonderful feeling as you climb a tree to know if it's even alive. But I get up there, set the [00:35:00] platform.

I hang my bag and my gun hooks and They weren't even in the right place. They were hanging too low. I didn't even put my backstrap on. I didn't put my knee pads on. I'm like, you know what, just stop. It's at this point, I want to say it was close to four o'clock and it gets dark about five 30, I think was about the end of the shooting light, maybe five 34, 37, something like that.

You got an hour and a half dude, Paul, me, I very high, strong, I run at. Full octane all the time. I'm like, just chill out. Just relax. Enjoy the moment. Now, a lot of us that hunt in Ohio, even though we go out to the woods or you're out in what seems like the in nature, unless you're, maybe some parts of the Southeastern Eastern Ohio, but like you can always still seem to hear an airplane or a train off in the distance, a dog barking, whatever, something.[00:36:00]

It, when I was sitting there, I'm like, Andrew, you have to stop and realize let's just take it all in. It was like an epiphany moment for me. There are no dogs barking. There's no planes flying overhead. You're in peace and quiet in these woods. There are predators out here that can kill you. Just enjoy it.

Just take it all in. And I'm not joking, Paul. It was less than 10 minutes later. I hear, Slosh, slosh, slosh, slosh. Now, I had It probably

sounded like a bomb

going off. It's quiet as it is. It was so loud. So loud. And I've had deer sneak in underneath me. They're like ninjas in the woods. This was so stinking loud.

I'm like, and I had been busted like a week prior by a deer coming up behind me that I couldn't see him. I could hear him coming, but I couldn't see him. So I am like, that is something front and center of my mind is. Don't turn too fast. [00:37:00] So I'm just like sitting really still and turning my head and I hear this sloshing is so loud.

I thought it was going to be right underneath me and I am right on the edge of this swamp or the water standing waters. And so I really thought they were going to be, it was going to be right underneath me. Slosh slosh, again, stops. Then I'm like, what in the hell is this? Is it a beaver? Is it a moose?

There's moose on the island. Is it a wolf? Is it a bear? Is it Glenn? What is Glenn doing in the swamp? Is Glenn in the swamp? Why is Glenn in the swamp? It was that loud, right? I think the third time, slosh. This time I must have looked up or I caught movement on the other part of my eye and here's this buck walking across the middle of the swamp and he At that point was on a mission.

Like he wasn't running or anything, but he was walking through that and he was like with a purpose instantly realized this is a legal deer [00:38:00] and he's got three points on the one side. So I, I don't know if it's, who was talking about the brownout idea? Did you just, you get on. How's your buddy?

Noble one, Andrew, the whatever. I don't say I browned out completely cause I do remember the whole process, but bring the gun up. It is faster than a bow. I wasn't going to stop him. He was in the middle of this swamp. So bring the gun up. I put it on him, pull the trigger, this deer.

And I've had enough issues with deer that I've hit with archery equipment, but it doesn't matter that I've hit. And I don't find them in the long run. We've been through that before in the past. The deer turns around, pulls his one leg up and starts running back where he came from first. Thing in my mind, I hit this deer in the damn [00:39:00] toe.

Okay. And that I hurt his foot. And that's what, something went wrong. That's probably not the right attitude to have, but based on experiences I've had in the past, that's what came to my mind. But I see him go running off. I can't even say, I can't say I heard him crash. I heard a crash of some sort, but I really thought that was just him jumping into the wood, back into the wood line.

And with those cedars. from the Cedars. It's so quiet. Like you're not really going to hear a huge crash that you might on leaves. But then I'm like half freaking out. All right. What happens? What happens? What do I do? What do I do at this point? It's four 15 and I'm like, all right, Glenn is 50 yards to your North.

What, we don't want to ruin his hunt. And then I'm like, I don't know, it's going to get dark here. There are wolves and bears and everything on this island. Maybe I need to get down. You know what? If you shot your priority room, Glenn's hunt. So let's just start getting down. So I start getting down.[00:40:00]

I'm two sticks to go or something like that. And here comes Glenn from the West, like complete different direction from where I'm like. What the hell are you doing? Where are you coming from? I had no, why are you there? He was supposed to be the other direction. He's I got bored and I so started walking and he ended up showing me his path.

He was way the hell off there. But then he's I heard your shot. So I came back. So I'm like I shot one, Glen, I shot one. So I get down from the tree. He's leave all your stuff here. Let's go find the deer, and we'll go from there. And at that point, I don't know if he's dead, and I'm still have this thought in my mind until I put my hands on that deer's antlers he's not...

Doesn't count. Yeah, it doesn't count. We wander around the edge of the swamp. Now, we're not talking a huge distance, but because of the falldown, the blowdown and everything of these trees and stuff, it was not necessarily the easiest walk. But, we get to this path, and Glenn's standing there looking for blood, and this path was...

Worn and he's he had to have come through here because [00:41:00] this is the path and I'm looking at which tree was I am and I'm looking. I don't think so. And we don't see the deer. I'm like, I don't think that's the path he came on. I remember him being further back. So I swing around the This one fallen tree and I see him, right?

See the white belly and he's laying there in some cedars. He didn't get, what'd you say when you saw him?


just started screaming and I apologize to anybody else who's in that area, but I'm sorry. There actually was, that was the crazy part. But the so I go over, find the, find this deer. Glenn's like, all right, go and put your tag on it first before anything.

And he goes, and I'm like, Oh, shoot. So I run back to my backpack that I had left at the base of the tree, grab the tag, put the tag on and Glenn's like, all right, [00:42:00] here's the deal. It's four 30. I'm going to go get the e bikes ride back to the truck or get an e bike ride back to the truck and try to drive the truck back as far as I can.

Now we rode the e bikes back. On a road that you technically can traverse with a truck. However, it's not good for your truck. And I know that at one point I could for your truck or buttholes or, but the, thank you, Paul. The you're going five or six miles an hour, right? It's that you got to go that slow over some of these rocks.

And so we're talking boulders in the middle of the road. It's insane. Yeah. But you can't, it's hard to describe if you haven't done it. But anyways, so Glenn's You need to get that deer gutted and drag him out as far as you possibly can. He had a game cart in the truck, but he's I'll go get all that stuff, and I'll get him gutted out.

And he's Do you have your pistol on you? Of course no, that's in my bag as well. He's Alright Just remember, that trail cam I have over there had a pack of wolves go through last [00:43:00] week. So make sure you have your gun by you. I'm like, Oh, thanks buddy. That makes me feel great.

I'm going to gut this deer and drag this fresh meat out of here with a pack of wolves nearby. And he's not, he wasn't lying. Like we all sat there looking at the trail cam car that night and there was five or six wolves that had run through a week prior that's, you're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy, right?

When it comes to Huntington, Ohio comparing that to what we got down here. But so I get the deer gutted, start dragging it. It's one of those things, the first couple of polls of the drag, you're like, Oh, this isn't that bad. And then by. 10, 15 minutes into it. You're like, this is the stupidest thing I've ever done, but get back.

So as I'm pulling them around, I get back to where I've got all my gear. One thing I'll say is I had the heart in a bag one of the wicked North big game kill kits. There you go, Bobby. Love those things. But I had taken the heart. And went to put it in a pocket. I didn't really have any pocket space[00:44:00] as I was doing this drag.

So I'd stuck it in my bib. So I'm over addressed at this point. I'm sweating my ass off. I've got a warm deer heart that is slowly sliding down my, the crotch of my bibs. And I'm dragging this couple hundred pound deer through wolf infested woods. It was really exhilarating. And I get to my bag.

I Unloaded like clothes and that kind of stuff through the heart and the bag, and then just continued this drag. I'm like, as I'm watching, it's getting darker and darker. We got to get this deer. I don't, I do not want to be in those woods any later than I have to be. You can call me a puss or whatever, but that's fine.

So I get, I keep dragging. Pull up my on X at one point just to make sure I'm still heading the right direction Being that it's the UP of Michigan and weird force fields and UFOs and everything else Of course, the on X is like going crazy right the it wasn't I'm like, this is stupid I put that bag in my pocket and just kept going the direction I thought and I was going the right way So all of a sudden [00:45:00] I see somebody walking through the woods and I'm like Glenn.

I finally he's here Nope, not Glenn. I just heard your shot. I was probably about 50 yards from you. I want to see how far we got. So here's this other guy hunting. No idea that he was there. Oh, he's like a nice deer. Nice deer. Talk to you later. See ya. He takes off. And then I don't know.

I gave a couple more pulls and then Glenn did get there. So I had gotten about I don't know, 700 yards, almost half mile out of there. And we threw it out of the game. Roasted. It's like we at camp had bottled water. That we were, that was our drinking source. We had run out of water prior to going out that afternoon.

And the only thing left was like sparkling water, which I don't like sparkling water. I'll drink seltzers all day, but those, I do not really do. So I would say if

it's got booze in it, you'll drink. [00:46:00]

The So that was all I had. And I didn't even have much of that, five or six ounces. I am so parched at this point.

I am so thirsty and I'm like, Glenn, let's get this damn deer out of here. And I have to go to the gas station. Like I'm going to buy every Gatorade they have. And he's like, all right, so we get it out and put it into the truck. At this point, it's okay, I actually got the deer. I got it. I actually shot it.

I found it. I got it through the wolves. Like everything mission accomplished. So we did stop at a gas station and anyone see

it? Anyone see the deer?

There was some guy who stopped to see if he said his 87 year old mother. had shot at a deer earlier in the day and gave it a haircut.

And he was trying to decide if that was the one. Now, I can't say that it was or wasn't. Glenn thought it actually might have been. But, either way... [00:47:00] It wasn't his then it was mine and tag on this one now yeah, my tag was on that deer. And when I shot him, he was completely healthy. But anyway, so we get, get back, we do all the fun stuff, taking pictures, all that kind of stuff.

And I think that the last part of the whole story in general is after this, right? So you. You and I know, maybe we're not the best planners in the world, but it's one of those things that like I'll figure out the solution after the fact, because it's a good problem to have, we can't take that deer across state lines and no, that's a big no.

And it's

got to be like complete, it's got to be deboned. If you're taking the skull, it's got spinal cord, no brain in because of the possible transmission of the CWD. So we can't take this

deer, even though there's no CWD on drama or anything like that's the rule. So at this point, you and I are sitting there the hell are we going to do about this?

I didn't have enough time to debone it. I did want to take the head back and I didn't know what to do. So [00:48:00] I think you went out that Friday morning. I sat there and got cleaned up and organized and we started the trip back, which the drive back when you have a deer on your, on the bed of your trailer is so much fun.


you're just flexing all these other chumps that didn't shoot bucks and you're like, what's up, man. And the great thing is you're all waving at me. Hey, it's my deer. Cause I'm driving.

They're honking, giving you the rock on sign. I was like, yeah, hell yeah, man. It was great. And then as you come over the bridge, they take a count of how many deer they call.

Anybody who lives below the bridge, you're a troll count. We added to the troll count. Anyways we decided we don't really have a choice. I had to find a processor out there. And I usually like to do them all myself, but in this situation, I cannot do that. And we find one, of course, it has to be at right outside of Ann Arbor.

But it was, in,

in the defense of Ann Arbor, we stop and get pizza there every year. Freaking [00:49:00] delicious pizza. It's the best part about Ann Arbor.

It does tie up perfectly, but I'm looking at these places, right? And I don't know. Generally, I go to, if I'm going to go to a processor, I'm going someplace where I'm getting recommendations or I've been there before that kind of stuff.

This is all for straight

Google. Yes. Straight Google reviews. That's all you're

working on and you're in enemy territory. You don't know what you're going to get. So Google reviews helped out a lot. Come across this place. I'm not going to give them out yet. What was it? K a S I think is what it's called.

Anyway, K and S or K.

Yeah, it was an operation, man. The best part about that was seeing that flock of turkeys right down the street and seeing a smoke based freaking gobbler. All my dude, we're lucky we survived. I almost wrecked that freaking

Tahoe. I know you did. And that's where I would have lost a deer.

That would have been my luck. Oh, all Andrew died in a fiery crash because he was looking at some smoke colored bird, like you were so excited. They were right in somebody's front yard. There's a whole lot, [00:50:00] lots of turkeys up there. Not on the Island, but anyways, so we find this place and we're, you and I decided we're going to pull in there.

First of all, we had to time it up so that we were there when they were open and they, we were cutting it close. We were, and you had to have a reservation. So we had to make sure, yeah, you had to time that up and you had to make the reservation. So we make the reservation somewhere five hours earlier in the day, time it up, right?

We got there right on time and we still were like the third or fourth vehicle in line. Cool operation. This dude has a huge barn in his backyard. Nice barn. Where they have a drop off area, an area where you can go in and pay, another area where you go in and pick up, and we pull up, pull the deer off the cart, drag it in, looks like a deer factory.

There are a freaking unbelievable number of deer in there. So my favorite, one of my favorite [00:51:00] parts of the whole week was this guy that comes up behind me. He's Hey, is it, and this, he's dropping off a deer too. And he's got like a little forky or something. Hey man, is that, that your deer? And I'm like, yeah, that's a great buck, man.

That's great. How'd you get it? And gave him like a little bit of the story. And he's man, that is awesome. Are you the one from Ohio? He must've read our license plate. Yeah. Yeah. We came up here from Ohio. He looks at me and goes, Hey man, do me a favor. Don't ever come back here and kill our deer again.

You got it bud. Just give us a football game. We'll be all right. But he said

that I took my shirt off. I was ready to throw it out. Like you mean I thought this was

America. Yep. We would've got our ass kicked there. I'll be honest with you. The number of people that were probably. Amazing blue, but the anyways cool operation.

Dude's going to get me all taken care of. And I got to do your amount up there because, I like to do that myself can't take it across the line. So we'll head back up there in January to pick up the goods. [00:52:00] And yeah, man, it was a fun story, fun trip. I went up there with very little expectations because it is antler point restrictions and everything else.

So that was a good surprise. And really, I don't know. We didn't get one last year as a camp. That was a first since we've been going up. I don't think Glenn and Bobby got one the year before. So Glenn's son's taking one from up there, but most of them, they are hard to come by on that Island, even though the reports come back with.

Whatever, 10 times the number of bucks taken, I think it's one of those things you really have to have them pinned down and know where they're at, bait them, whatever it is to get them in.

You gotta be in their wheelhouse, man. In it. Cause they're not cruising. And theoretically, it's the statistical peak of the rut.

Ain't the right, like it is here in Ohio. So congratulations, man. You needed that. You've been getting your face kicked in recently. And [00:53:00] man, I was real happy that you got

it done yeah thanks dude. And it was fun and it was a good trip and he had to work for it.

And yeah, we all, we had a good time.

Yeah, good stuff. Thanks. Thanks guys for listening to the show. We appreciate each and every one of you follow us on the dot O two dot podcast on Instagram or two podcasts on the go wild. Check out the shop, the O two podcast. com click

on it, all your stuff.

The only other thing I'll say, this is gun week. If you're getting out there this weekend, donate a dough, right? Pop a dough, help the population, help the farmers and hunters feeding the hungry, look them up online and help do your part. That's what, that's part of the part of what we do. So hashtag

don't end it though.

Appreciate you guys. Take care. Let's go.


it's gonna be a bad day. Yeah. I'm tired of shit. And the coffee ain't hit [00:54:00] yet. Damn. Ain't that great. Nice. Boss's a jerk. And I'm nodding. I need a change in.