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This week on the Missouri Woods & Water Podcast, Nate, Micah, and Andy talk about our deer seasons up and through the rut here in Missouri.  There has been quite a bit of success this season for the MWW family as of now, so we break it all down with what has happened so far.  We also have a special guest with Nate's son hopping on to talk about his story.  We also get into some listener questions.  This is a show packed full of awesome stories and our normal banter as well.  Thanks for listening!

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Welcome to the Missouri woods and water podcast with your host, Micah, Andy, and Nate, is that slow enough for you, bud? Yeah. He's still dicking around with the dang volumes and everything. Gotta talk slow for Nate these days. Yeah. Ruffle rut? Ruffle? Ruffle my feathers. Those are ruffled. Rut slash rifle recap show.

Yes sir. Going down. Some bones hit the ground. Slash. Listener questions. Yeah, a few of them. A few of [00:01:00] those. I posted that a little late. We always do. Yeah, we always wait till the last minute. I don't do things the right way very often.

It is a full show. Yeah. The Missouri Woods and Water family outside of Nate, has had a lot of bone hit the ground. We've had some success, so that's been nice. You have to stop screwing with that. Okay. I'm not listening to that. I'll see what I can do. Into the mic. We do what we want, Nate. Yeah. You guys can't do what you guys can.

We're killers. You are killers. We're killers over here. I'm just a I'm just a guy. You watch your mouth. I'm just a guide. I'm just a guy that knows how to put people on deer. Don't kill myself. Hey, three, three for three. Three for three this year. Just saying. Nobody remembers the guide. No, they don't. How much you get paid?

Pepperidge Farm remembers. I don't even know what that means. It's a Family Guy reference. Oh, okay. Yeah, I don't watch too much Family Guy. The [00:02:00] guide remembers, is what I'm saying. I used to watch Family Guy. I don't really watch it that much anymore. Sits back and drinks whiskey and thinks about smothering himself.

Who remembers? Yeah. So we're gonna Yeah. Just talk about our season. It really isn't just a rutt, but our season all the way till Yeah. This is gonna come out November. Today is November 21st. First. So the last day of rifle season ended this evening. So it's gonna come out 28th, correct?

Yeah. A week from today. So the rut should be winding down pretty good. Yeah. Probably say, might be a few straggler, but could be some desperate seeking going on still. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah but we're gonna have two special guests tonight, at least one, maybe two special guests and how's the season been going, fellas, to now, which we're gonna, we're gonna, oh yeah, we need to do, let's do sponsors, let's do sponsors real quick, let's get those out of the way, Weber Outfitters out of Hawk Point, Missouri, when's the coyote tournament?

January 13th. January 13th. We're gonna [00:03:00] try to be there. I don't know if that's set in stone, if we're gonna make it or not, but that should be a good time either way. That was the sound of me struggling, shrugging my shoulders. The Nemo tournament in northeast Missouri. Nemo partnered with Weber. Who's partnered with Movettes.

Who's partnered with Movettes. So it's gonna, it should be a pretty big event, I would assume. It's gonna be at Weber Outfitters too. Yeah, it's at a Hawk Point. So check them out, weberoutfitters. com, Athlon Optics. We're at Weber picking up some Athlon Optics. Yep. And funny enough all of the rifles that shot deers had those on them.

Yeah, dang they were ridiculous, ridiculously good. They were good, they did the job. Sharp, tight, priced just right. Onyx Maps, bless you. Onyx Maps that was used a lot. That was. The night before. Yeah. Some stuff happened. Love Onyx, we were talking about that earlier in the show. Or before we even started recording.

No, we were talking about it in the show. Before the show. Use code MWW20, 20 percent off. [00:04:00] Camofire. Rotating door of deals. Stop saying that so much. But it is. It is. I thought it was pretty good. It's a great app to be on when you're hunting. Actually, you should probably be hunting. Yeah.

Let's not pretend like everybody listening doesn't get on their phone while they're hunting at some point in time. It's more than I should. It's a good way to kill time. More than I should. Sure. Yep. No, I'll get on your Camofire app. Check out your deals. Spend some money while you're in the tree. Why not?

Black Ovis use the code MWW10 for 10 percent off. We I don't know if Andy's used his yet, but we got trophy line saddles from Black Ovis. I have it all packed up in the backpack. Are you in my truck? Are you having the same problem that I had with my saddle? Which was, I don't really know how to use it and I don't really want to jack it up.

Yeah. I've never practiced with it. For me to run out and yes, go hunt with it. 100%. I know you only have so much time to hunt. So I'm if I go out there and this is all jacked up, I'm gonna waste all my time trying to get it right. Trying to figure it [00:05:00] out. You're gonna, you're gonna, and you're gonna change things every time you go.

What helped me was I went with my saddle the first time hunting with Micah who had already been hunting with his. And so we went hunting and we went to my tree first and he just, Help me do it the first time. This is how you do it, and after that, done. The only thing I gotta figure out, I think, is the method of putting my sticks up and not making so many trips up and down.

I'll show you how to do that. After that, I feel like I'm pretty confident. I can do it in one trip now. Yep. With your sticks? Yep, with everything. Everything. Yep. Don't have to. Only thing that I leave on the ground is my bow and I got a string attached to it. See, I think it'll take about five for me. What you do, especially for you, you're tall enough to hang your first two sticks.

And then you take your next two, and I've got some loops that I can show you when we get off. I know you daisy chained some stuff. And they're just what do you call that? Paracord loops that I put in my pack. And then I hang each stick off that. I haven't [00:06:00] figured out my, what I like to do with my Platform.

Platform yet, but what I did this last time worked okay. I think I can reach my platform. On your back? See, I couldn't. This one guy showed us a thing where he took one sleeve off his pack and then he could grab his my short ass arms couldn't do it. So I ended up having to take my pack off 15 foot up.

Yeah. What I ended up doing this last time was got all the way to my top stick. Then I took my gear hanger out of one of my pockets, hung it on the tree, took my pack off, hung it on that, and then grabbed my platform. That would make sense. I've even got a new product that I'm gonna use for my platform moving forward that I'm very excited about.

It is called a I bet I deleted it. It's, oh, it's called a Strap Stager. And it's from Genesis 3D Printing. No sponsorship, but it's this little deal. I'll show you guys when we're done that you put the strap around the tree and then it holds the strap and [00:07:00] the two Versa loops in place so that you don't actually have to have your platform.

You just take, you're using the strap only. So you don't have the buckle banging around and all that, and then you take the platform, put it on, and those loops are already right there. And so you just tighten it down, and you don't have to worry about like grabbing the thing around the tree and trying to hold stuff.

I'm going to use that the next time I go out too, but, all long way to say you can get all that trophy line stuff from Black Ovis. So check them out. Use the code MWW10 for 10 percent off Huntworth gear. MWW15. They got a bunch of sales going on. Black Friday, which I don't know if that'll be going on by next Tuesday.

Or not. Black Friday starts this Friday. We're recording. I don't know how long their Black Friday sale is, but I can almost guarantee they're going to have a sale for the next. They always got some sort of sale going on, man. I know the Black Friday, I think it was 30%. I want to give my hunt work stuff a bit of a plug.

I went hunting last night in the rain, [00:08:00] 40 degrees. I was miserable. I only took my rain top. By the way, I didn't get wet. You know how you feel like you're getting wet? Yeah. But anyway, I took my rain gear, my Huntworth rain gear. I had my heavy bibs on. Whatever those ones are. Matterhorn bibs. I had...

And you used heat boost, huh? The Matterhorn bibs. Are they heat boost? Heat boost, yeah. The the new heat boost hoodie. See, it's just not... Grayling. The gray line. It's just not cold enough for all... Oh, I've used my heat boost jacket. But it's not cold. It was for me last night. I haven't either.

I've been using the crap with the rain, the grayling hoodie. I love it. And then I had my what do you call it? The Matterhorn coat on too. And then I had my raincoat over that. I never got cold. Not once. It was just miserable being in the rain. It was just miserable being in the rain, and like my gun, I had to take it apart when I got home.

And my bag, I had to take everything out. But, uh, stuff works, man. It works and it's not [00:09:00] expensive as hell. I've been using the crap out of those mid season bibs. I don't even have those. See, I have the prototype before the ones that are actually on the deal, but they're awesome. If you're looking for mid season, I would suggest those bibs.

Yeah, I love that new Heat Boos Grayline hoodie. Andy, I don't even think it's had yet because it's sitting in my office. You guys don't give me anything. It's not our fault you don't ever come over here and grab your stuff. Micah just stops by in the middle of the day. You home, I'm coming to get my stuff.

But Alps Outdoors use, oh man, speaking 2023WoodsWater for 30 percent off that freaking stool. I have a stool of theirs that is a little bit taller than our tri leg stools that we coyote hunt with. Oh, yeah? It's just a touch taller. It's actually Alps Mountaineering stool. And it's got a Is that the one with the back brace?

No. No, it's just a stool. It's got an open bottom. I don't know how to say that. The bottom isn't a solid material, it's Mesh? Mesh. It's nice. Just you're just a little bit taller. Hey, that's what I need for [00:10:00] coyote hunting. So I don't know you need to look at that one Yeah, you don't check that one. That's one thing.

I have a problem with the just the tri leg regular It's just a little too short a little too short for me. It's in my truck I'll show you guys after it. You know where I got it Russell. He bought it and Something about it. He was like, I'm not gonna use this. I'm like, what are you gonna do with it?

Probably throw it away. I'll take it Yeah, dude, I love that thing. The thing about it is it just takes a little more space up because it's a little taller. But check them out. Alpsoutdoors. com, Zamberland Boots, Zamberlandusa. com. My lynxes were out in the rain all night last night, and I stayed bone dry.

I thought I was wet, which is cold, but I was just cold. My feet got a little cold. Yeah. And I still had heated socks on. Dude, it just, my feet get cold. That's all there is to it. Reveal Cameras by Tacticam. I just dumped a shit ton of videos to Micah on a deer and got them out of my life and they were all reveal.

videos and pictures. I've been super impressed with my reveals. Yeah. [00:11:00] Really been awesome. Got a few that are dead right now that I need to change batteries. You need to start putting a battery pack like in my bag. That's what I have extra battery packs as lithium packs for them and I just keep forgetting to bring them with me.

I carry them in my truck. I leave one in my truck with the charger because they each come with their own charging cord so I just always have one charged in my truck. Not a bad idea. Yeah. And then Habitat Works, LSC car buddy, Dustin Williams. 816 752 7390 or habitatworksllc at gmail. com and if you call him, you'll get a free consultation.

Black Friday sale. Yep. Free consultation. And a free consultation from Dustin is a huge savings. I don't know what all that entails, but give him a call and find out, man. Fall out. Even if he just reads some topo maps for you, man, it's worth it. Huge. And that is it for this week. Yep. That's everybody.

Thanks to all our sponsors. Appreciate them all. Absolutely. Appreciate ya. Alright before Halloween, do [00:12:00] y'all remember much going on? Did we really, have we really talked about our season up to, Halloween before? Dude I don't really remember. I was after one deer. We went elk hunting and stuff, obviously.

I'm sure we talked about all that. I want to say by then I might have hunted like three times, four times. I didn't get to hunt a lot until real late October, first part of November, for far as bow season goes. I got maybe five, six times. Mine was first part of November. We haven't really talked since then about our season.

No. But yeah, like first part of November I was after a big eight. I call him the white eight just because he's whiter than hell and Anytime I hunted I'd get pictures of him at a different part of the farm. So I was just, just step behind him. Yeah, I'd zig, he'd zag, sort of thing. Would have been nice if you had caught up to him.

Yes. That would have been really cool. That would have been with my bow. That would have been pretty sweet. Yeah, and I went hunting with you one night. Yeah, it was a pretty hot night. That was one [00:13:00] of the craziest freaking, which we're jumping past, actually, when one of my stories starts.

But, dude, that was one of the craziest nights I've had in the woods. You have a story? Sorry. I have two of them. Yeah. No, it was, man. We got out there, I don't know what time we got out there. It was on Saturday or something like that? I don't remember. Yeah. No, it was an evening. It was an evening hunt. I remember.

And, yeah. We had bucks all around us, grunting. The best part was, I gotta tell this story. Oh yeah, you're fine. We were both in our saddles. And I was like 30 40 yards in front of Micah. So Micah can see my backside. This is when I was contemplating taking my saddle. Correct. That was that night.

And I'm, looking and I see a buck come through the food plot and head. And all I see is a rack and it's heading right towards Micah. I'm like, oh sweet. So I turn in my saddle. Micah, just head right down his phone. And I'm like, whew. tRying to like, try to be as [00:14:00] sure texted. I was like, like trying to make any like tiny little sounds that the buck wouldn't hear.

And finally he looks at me and I'm like, that buck is like 20 yards from him walking straight at him. It was not 20 or 25. And he was 45. Ended up being not a shooter. He knew that. Yeah. And then like shortly after that, another buck came straight down the path that we walked in. Yeah. Shout out to scent thief, man.

I don't put a lot of stuff. I don't put a lot of faith in, scent stuff, but that's that I've been using it. Pretty, religiously or whatever this season. And I think it actually makes quite a bit of a difference because me and him, we both walked in on this trail and we had a buck run.

He was sniffing, smelling, coming right down the trail and he didn't booger or nothing. He was just, yeah. I made a couple videos of Scent Thief, the wafer especially, of that's, I love that wafer now that I've opened one up finally. Dude, it stinks. I say stinks. After having them on the podcast and [00:15:00] realizing it's not necessarily that it has to be on you.

It has to be on that scene. You have to have that scent cone. The wafer just makes sense to me. And then I still spray down of course, but. Three different times. One time I came in coyote downwind five yards. Another time I had deer, I mean I had 12 does running around. I was in the timber real tight.

Running around all around me. Doe went downwind of me. Lay down. Right where I came in at. Straight downwind. There was no question whether she was getting my wind or not. Not a sponsor. Just want to say that. Yet. What did they say? That wafer dude, I'm telling you like One time, I think the second time I used that wafer, I hung it.

What I did was like, I hung it like our my gear hanger, I hung it like on one of the hooks cause it's got a little I actually ended up ripping it and then I, but anyway, it's got a little tab, like a hole in the slot. You can like, why? Yeah. So I stuck it on one of those and the wind was blowing from that wafer towards me and I just had [00:16:00] nose full of that all night and I'm like, I can't smell shit.

aNd that was just like a perfect, and I still sprayed down. But that wafer is just nice. And so I got a wafer with me every time. Like today when I was hunting, I took the wafer and there was a little bush. I was sitting on the ground, there was a little bush behind me and I just stuck it in the bush branches and let it low.

Another one. I went to the north side of the field with a north wind. So it was blowing out into this, to the south. At where I expected Dewey would come. I did it on purpose. I'm just, I had a good feeling that something would come. But I had does. Again, filtering through the field, 30 40 yards, straight downwind.

Not a clue in the world. They were calm. They weren't looking for something. They had no clue I was there whatsoever. And my wind was blasting right at them. I will say this. One time I was hunting with the boys. It was with Caden. No, yeah, it was the next, it was the Sunday night after Chase's, story, [00:17:00] I had a group of six does straight downwind of all three of us in a blind, and one of the does got within 30 yards. They walked from 180 all the way to the blind. Most of them stayed back, probably like 50, half an hour, 45 minutes. Finally, the large doe didn't like something and took off. But it took her 45 freaking minutes to figure it out.

I could have killed all of them if we wanted to, by then. And that youngest, not the youngest, but the dumbest though, came within 30 yards of the blind, just walking straight towards us. I don't know if they could see inside and see that there was something there, but she was curious, that's for sure.

And, the smell didn't, and it was straight downwind. We were, our wind was blowing right at them. I haven't been a believer, but... I'm not saying like I'm a big, like I'm gonna just hunt the wrong wind at all times But that shit seems to work for me. Yeah, it seems to make a difference.

So [00:18:00] anyways, I'll be more aggressive with it Yeah, like it caused me to be more aggressive. I'm not gonna throw just the wind out the window But I definitely will push some wins. I think more now. Yeah, and then the rest of that night, we had some chasing going on in the timber. We never caught a glimpse of what the buck was, but we could hear him chasing the doe around.

The landowner text me. There's 10 minutes left of light. He's Hey man, there's a big buck out here in the field. He was in the corn, you know that I got planted. So I scurried down and I tried to put a stock on it. By the time I got out there, there was nothing there besides some doze, but he also said that there was two bucks fighting out there.

It was just a hot night. It was hot night. It was a good night to be in the woods for sure. It was fun. But let's go to opening day of youth season. We went Saturday af afternoon. I believe because it was raining real bad. Saturday? No, that was Saturday. That was Sunday. Saturday, it was the day that Chase killed his.[00:19:00]

It was good Saturday. I'm correct. Okay. Because I wasn't in the rain. I was in, I was wet, but I wasn't in the rain. You're right. No. Yes, Sunday was the wet day. Okay, the day that we... It might have rained Saturday at some point, but... Does it really matter at this point? It does not. Okay, cool. It does not.

It does because it factors into my story. Micah's just a jackass. We went, we had a bunch of does come out. Not they were, we had six of them bitches walk by and my daughter's using a crossbow. They stayed out at 45 yards. I'm like, we're not doing it. We're not taking that shot. And. At one point we had one or two come in at 30, but they were just walking out and she couldn't get on quick enough.

They just kept on walking. So that was our youth season. They got cold and wet. We left a little early. Nice. My youth season started off with a bang and I guess we'll pause it real quick and bring our first guest down. Yeah, hold on. All right. Got my 10 year old son [00:20:00] Chase on the line with us. Chase.

The sniper. What's up killer? He is a killer. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Do you want to tell the story of your deer? Yeah. Alright. Start the story. Tell us everything that happened. Start from the beginning. When was it? The morning. The morning? Okay. He caught in the tent. Okay. The blind. Yeah.

Then. Who went? Me and Kaden and you. Yep. And y'all were taking pictures? 30 minutes on 30 minutes off sort of thing, right? And how did you get the first 30 minutes? What happened there? Take the number one through 20. And whoever was closest got to be the first. Okay, and then actually Caden end up saying he could go first anyway But chase was the first shooter.

Nice big brother So we got into the blind Forty five minutes later, he comes out. Not even that. [00:21:00] How far away was he when he came out? Remember we saw him right at first light. I know. And then what did I say when we first saw him? He was a bug, I think. Yeah. And I didn't want you shooting him. Cause he was way too far.

Yeah, he was about 250 when we first saw him. And my goal was under 200. We started with that. He was at 250 and then what did dad do to hope to get him to get closer? Remember what I tried to do? You grunted and then scared him off. I grunted and then I rattled. Nathan's big into calling. I don't know if you've ever hunted with him, but he likes to call.

And it did not work. I guess it did. What'd he, where'd he, what'd he do? Ran into the woods. Yep, he ran into the woods. And then, what happened after that? We caught a picture of him on your trail camera. Yep. So I'm like, hey, he's in there right now, buddy. He didn't take off too far. And then, about that time, you said, you [00:22:00] saw something, right?

You got a good eye, by the way. He's there's something walking in the woods right now. 200 yards away, in the timber. I've heard stories about them eagle eyes and so they chased him when I seen the bobcats too wasn't he? Yep. Yeah. Both times. And then damned if that buck wasn't walking out of the timber and he walked out about 200 and he was just feeding around in the corn wasn't he?

He wasn't doing anything crazy, he was just so what did I have you, I had you get ready. What did I say to you? What did you do? Told me to say when I was ready, then you flipped it off safety. Then I shot him. Yeah. Yeah. He was just bam. Thank you, ma'am. Done deal. He was just milling around and I didn't map them.

I'd stopped them. jUst so he would map them just so he would bring his head up and, give them a really nice and chase is I'm good. I said whenever you're ready. And I was watching through my binos. And Chase shot, [00:23:00] and I was like, dude, you just drilled him. I could see it enter, I'm pretty sure.

And what did the deer do? Ran into the ditch on to the other side. The creek. Yeah. He only he was doing that oh God, run, like something's wrong here. The death wobble, like, why don't my legs work? Yeah. And, unfortunately, he only ran maybe 30 yards. Unfortunately. 30 25 of those 30 yards were across the creek and where'd he die, Chase?

On the other side. On the other side of the creek. And you got yourself your first real buck. Now last year, technically, you shot a button buck with me and Andy, didn't you? We thought it was a doe. I don't care. That happens, but you got your first real buck and that was a good buck It was how many points was it?

Eight. Eight points. This is a solid eight, man. And how much? Do you remember how much you weighed? Gutted? 171. That was a big deer. Yeah, I think he got seventh [00:24:00] place or fifth or seventh. You remember? I think he got 7th for the boys in his class for the boys division and which is, I think there was like 36 entered deer for the boys.

So there's quite a bit. It was a good, it was a good size buck. And when I first saw him across the creek, I'm like, oh crap, I'm going to have to pay for shoulder mount. And he wasn't as big as I thought he, but he's got good mass for a not huge eight pointer. He had really good mass. So chase does chase so far, this is second deer and Andy can attest to this.

So far you have done such a good job of just staying calm, doing what you're supposed to do, and just listening to whoever's there teaching you on what you're supposed to do and you've done it really good. And that's why you made a good shot. Chase, who got more worked up, you or your dad? Me, probably.

Alright. I would have lost that bet. I did a video after. I was like, what'd you just do? And he's just I shot a deer. [00:25:00] That's pretty awesome, man. Congratulations, buddy. He did. Is there anything else you want to say? I'll finish the story up after you're done, but is there anything else you forgot?

No. Alright congratulations, dude. Heck yeah, man. Boys, you gotta say congratulations to him. Proud of you, bud. Okay. Chase, good job. Love you. Love you. Alright, got it. Alright, see ya, buddy. Okay, that was my son Chase. He talked more than I thought he would. Good job. He's definitely the quiet type.

Yeah, he's he's one of those ones that... There's a little bit of worry that he's going to kill people when he gets older. Oh my god, that's terrible. He's got this just calm, He's got this crazy look in his eye, man. Just demeanor, just Look at me and say, let's get it on. It was about to fight.

I'm so not a raper. No, he's just got this Even keen. I'm gonna, yeah, the two times [00:26:00] the kid has shot a deer. It has been this, so this deer and I put a video on our Instagram, he smashed it right through the heart at 200 freaking yards. And I had this gun zeroed in at 200 as far as I knew, 'cause I could only shoot it at 50 when it was raining.

So that was my hope. And he just smashed it at 200, just smashed it. And, thAt deer barely made it anywhere. Unfortunately, it just went downhill. It couldn't have went the way it came from. And yeah, he just made a good shot. And then the story got a little funnier because it did go across the creek and die.

We went around the long way to find it. Micah knows what I'm talking about. When we get there, I'm like, there's no freaking way in hell I'm dragging this deer through all this. So we actually... There's some nastiness over there. We drive home. My wife is home watching our nephew. I'm like, Hey, will you drive?

Will you follow me back over there? I'm going to get the side by side. I'm gonna get the winch. [00:27:00] And I am going to cross the creek. And I got waders that I haven't used in 10 years. In my basement. I'm like, God, I hope these work. And I crossed the creek. Pull the deer across, drag him across.

And then I hooked him up to our winch and winched him up out of this. Cause this Creek bank is probably. What do you think, like 20 feet? Yeah, 20 25 feet. Damn near straight up. Mystique. It's not, I wasn't dragging that deer up, and Did you ride on the deer on the way up? I just and it, the boys videotaped the whole thing, and we winched him up, and then I had a little sled that we put the deer in, drug him across the field, and put him in the back of the truck.

There you go. Yeah, so it was hilarious just because we were at the tournament and people were giving me a hard time because Chase's buck weighed a lot. Yeah. I think when we. Probably water weight. That's what they said. When we weighed him in, I think he was in second place.

Oh, really? And they're all like, you got to deduct 10 pounds, he's full of water. It was pretty funny, but yeah, he did a great job, man. So my season, like my rut, quote unquote, got [00:28:00] started off really good. And then I thought that it continued. really well. Actually it was the evening of open day of rifle season.

Chase had already got his rifle buck. So then I was with my son Caden, uh, the evening of open day rifle, which is technically the night. After Andy did his thing, but we're just gonna stick with the boys for now and then we'll go back to Andy So I took my son Caden out. we Hunted the rest of you season didn't have any more.

I went out with you guys one day Yeah, Michael went out the next morning Sunday morning. Do we even see anything that morning? Nope. No, I didn't think so And Caden was wanting to hold out for a buck too. We did see some does that Sunday night, and then that Saturday morning of Rifle we went to Grandpa's farm, didn't see a single thing, and then, so we went back to this place that Sunday night, and I'll see if he wants to tell his story.

Okay. Alright, Mr. Bassville [00:29:00] didn't want to do it, so I'm going to do it for him. So yeah, we went out that evening, and we're just sitting in the blind, like doing our thing, and I look over, I've got the side window, which Micah knows what I'm talking about, the side window that I was sitting on, I've got it closed, except for the mesh.

I've got the mesh, so I've got the, that open, I guess you'd call it. Which I find it somewhat funny. Nate's never been a ground blind person. No, I hate it. All his stories are all in ground blinds. With my sons. Yeah. I can see why people with kids. It's so much easier with kids. Oh, absolutely. I get it now.

Yeah, and I set this blind up. just for that. And so I look over and I'm like, holy hell, there's a buck right there. And I'm like Caden. I had to, I'll actually get that in a second. Ends up, I look, I keep, I look at the buck through the binos and I'm like, oh, that buck is bedded down. He was bedded down on the edge of a cornfield.

Looking kinda out across the cornfield, just chillin So I'm like, Caden gets set up. I didn't have that window open and he [00:30:00] couldn't get the gun to where it would angle to where that buck is. So I ended up having to unzip that side window. The buck is about 180 yards from us and it's pretty calm out and this, these windows are zippered.

So I'm sitting there like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Cause you got your Alps one set up somewhere else. And I was like, can't get it. Can't get it. Probably should have just been loud with it. Sounds yeah.

I ended up getting it down and then, so I moved the tripod and the gun over and then the bottom of the mesh isn't going low enough for the gun. Like I'm like, I don't think that's going to work. So I'm like, I have my arm outside of The blind, like pulling this mesh down and the whole time this buck's looking our direction.

I'm like this freaking thing's going to see me. So I'm just like going as slow as I can. Buck has no clue. No clue. He's sleeping. He was, no, he was up, like he was laying down, but he was, his head was up. If you imagine just his legs were under [00:31:00] him, like his body was upright. It was just, he was like chilling.

So I finally get Caden set up and Then all this stuff starts raising and we'll talk about hindsight in a second because spoiler alert, it did not go the way we thought it went. But this buck is bedded and so there was a few things that ran through my head. My first thought was grunt at him. But I was like, I don't want to grunt at him because he's going to know there's no buck.

It's wide open in between us and him. There's nothing there and I don't want Caden to have to make a quick shot. If the buck stands up and then goes to, get outta there. So that was my first shot or my first thought. Then my second thought was, we can just wait till it gets up. We got an hour and a half till dark.

It was about four o'clock, I think about that time. We got an hour and a half, like we're in no hurry. But then my third sh my thought, my, my third thought was, he's laying broadside, like Caden, take his time and shoot him. So that's what I let him [00:32:00] do. So he gets set up. He meant, he says something about being nervous right before he shoots and I'm gonna be honest with my response to him.

I will be, I will go hindsight in a second. I see Terry was it Terry Cruz's clip. Stop being a, come on, stop being a bitch. Yeah, that's what I said. He's hey I'm nervous. I was like, It, we don't be nervous right now. It's time to kill something, put your game face on as basically, I didn't, it wasn't mean to him, but I did say, it's time to get our game face on.

It's time to kill. We can be excited about he was. So I forgot to say this. He was about 130 to 140 inch eight pointer. He was a nice deer. And so Caden gets set up and he shoots and I'm looking through my binos again. And I swore to God, I heard smash. Yeah. And the buck gets up and I also swore that I thought I saw his opposite side leg, front leg.

So the leg that was furthest away from [00:33:00] us on the front side, I swore I saw it dragging. So I thought, that deer dude, you smashed that thing. And that deer did the same thing that Chase's deer did. It went up and over, down the ditch. So then I didn't know which way it ran. So we gave it a few minutes. We go looking and I start, I can't find blood.

And I'm like, there's got to be blood around here somewhere. If you did that, if you did what you did and it starts getting dark and I still can't find blood well, and I'm looking for blood and it's nothing but big Oak leaves all over where I'm looking and it's not easy to find blood in those.

And I'm walking around. So I'm like Caden, uh, and I got down in the ditch and also looked for like where he would have crossed anywhere trying to find blood. Couldn't find any. What direction? My sixth creed, the sixth creed. thEn which we'll talk about that. That's one of the questions. So I decided we're going to back out and come back in the morning.

So we go back in the morning and I searched probably like a hundred yard [00:34:00] radius from where any of the directions he could have went. And I never found a drop. And then I talked to Kate and I said, Hey buddy, when you said you were nervous, when you took the shot, Do you feel like you did the slow squeeze that I talked to you about?

Or did you feel like you grabbed? He's I grabbed it. I grabbed it. I was like, okay, you missed everything. I'm seeing, no blood anywhere. If he would have smashed that deer, like I thought he did, there'd have been blood somewhere like something. And then with him saying what he said he missed him.

Hindsight, being, when he told me he was nervous. I should have just been like, hey, get off the gun. We have nothing but time, dude. With him being embedded, you didn't have no area. That buck's not, we were downwind of the buck. He was never gonna smell us. He had nothing to worry about as far as that goes.

I Probably should have just got him off the gun and just kinda talk to him. Be like, hey, remember, he's just a target. It's all we gotta worry about right now, we can be excited after he's dead, but I didn't do that. And then [00:35:00] I also probably should have just waited until the buck decided to stand up on his own.

And cause Micah talked to me about a buck he had shot bedded one time. Yeah, in my early years, I was walking out of the woods and I came up on a buck that was bedded, had a doe with it. And I shot it. It was just a quick, bam, shot. Tracked that thing for... Hours upon hours, had a little bit of blood, but never ended up finding it.

And, just talking to some of the old timers, they're like, yeah, once those things are bedded, it's, it does something different to their body. You don't know for sure, but they're. Vitals and then their organs more covered up move. Yeah. And it's just not ideal. Not an ideal shot. But I get it, I get, wanting to try it or whatever, but me personally, I won't make that shot ever, but so Caden's all upset at himself, I won't, embarrass him or nothing.

But, he did get upset about it. Especially, that's happen, especially the next Mrs. Happened, man. Yeah. He got upset [00:36:00] that night and I was like, Hey, dude, don't get upset. He's dead. He's dead. The next day when I figured everything out, he, I gave him a hug and, he got upset.

And I'm like, dude, listen, if you hunt long enough, you are going to miss Absolutely. Or you're gonna lose something. Yep. And anybody you ever talk to that talks about they've never lost a deer. They haven't long Jack. Yeah. They haven't hunted long enough. And they're a jackass. Yeah. And they're just, wait they're gonna miss, they're gonna fuck up a 200 inch deer is what they're gonna do.

Being a dickhead like that. , he learned a lesson. He really did. It's a hard lesson to learn. It's a hard lesson to learn. But he's learned something and I told him and none of this is your fault. It's mine. You're what? 13 years old? I should have. just calmed you down and I should have not made you take a shot on a bedded buck.

Those are both my fault, not yours. No. And I, I hope, he seems fine now, but dude, like I was on it when he shot, that was on cloud nine because one of my goals this year were to get both sons a buck. And I was like, done, done. That was easy. And then [00:37:00] once he, didn't get, I was like, damn it.

And I was a little worried that was going to be our only, our last shot at doing that. But it wasn't, we went hunting this last weekend too, the last weekend of rifle. He's only pretty much got the weekends to go hunting with school and, basketball and stuff. But so my rut got off to a really rut quote unquote, got off to a really cool start.

With the boys and then me personally, just, I hunted a lot after they, after you season that I hunted my off with my bow in between you season and rifle season, nothing really happened. I just learned how to use my saddle a lot more. And I was just trying stuff. Like I didn't have a buck that I thought was back.

I was just trying shit, and it didn't work, but that's what happened. But then, opening day of Rifle Morning, is where Andy's story comes in. And that's when the big bones start to hit the [00:38:00] ground. I guess you can call it that. I don't know. It's not... Mine's not a big story, it is. I guess you season Weekend.

I was going to go hunt and my daughter was five. She's too young for you. I remember this. Yeah. So I got her a tag anyways. Don't worry about that. I lied. Yeah. You are. And she started begging. It's I want to go home because she's seen, all these kids are going hunting. Oh yeah. And I want to go and I was like you're not old enough.

She's I just want to go with you. I don't have very good stands for her to go with me. Buddy stands right now set up, which is in the plans for me to set up more buddy stands. I know. buT I do have a redneck, like a big blind set up in the field and you can see a long way, see a bunch of deer last year, she had a blast going with me and did it this year and she's can I just go with you?

I'm like. Fine. Come on. And and that's what it's about. That is what's for, like Nate's experiences. That's what I'm excited for my kids to be able to do that stuff too, when they get old enough and I was [00:39:00] like, you know what, come on, it'll be fine. Yeah. You basically for went a hunt because it's in the middle of a cornfield.

Like you were going to go watch deer. This blind is the closest timber to me at that point in time is going to be like 150 yards, probably 120. And she didn't have a tag. Yeah, she has no tag and you can't shoot a rifle and yeah, she's just, she's not ready by any means. I think mentally she's, I feel like she's there.

Like she talks about it and we'll see when time comes, but she hates loud noises. So I have to, we're going to have to acclimate to Good thing is she's starting out with the suppressor. Yeah. We're going to start out with the pellet gun first, and then 22, and then we'll see. I haven't told mom yet, but that's what the boy's getting for Christmas is a 22.

I think there might be an extra Christmas present that mom don't know about this year. Yeah, exactly. So anyway, she decides to go my father in law was also at the house. I was like, you know what you want to come to? Let's just go watch deer. Let's make it a family [00:40:00] affair. Fully intent.

Let's just go watch deer. Let's see what we see And we go do that. And of course like literally there is like Nothing else I expected to happen Then my target buck to walk four times. I can see the stand that I was going to go sit in. It walked past that stand four times while I was sitting there. And I'm just watching the binoculars like, You gotta be shitting me.

I hate that I have kids! And she, dude, she ate it up. She loved it. She was there counting deer like, I don't know what, we, Judge me if you want people, but we take the iPad. I got a hotspot on my phone. She sits there, watches her videos. Loves it. She goes, Dad, what do you see? And she'll ask me, so she'll jump up and look for a while, and then she'll hang out.

We take snacks, we take, oh yeah. You got to, right? That's where blinds are nice. Andy was just saying it, I freaking hate blinds. It's nice when you take your kids, and there's more than one of ya. And in your case there was three of ya. And my goal, is, I [00:41:00] didn't go hunting with my mom or dad until I was probably eight.

And when I did, you had to set up in like there, we had all homemade, like wooden wood, two by four type stands. So you set up in those. I'd fall asleep. I, I was never quiet enough. It took me till I didn't get to start hunting until I was probably, 10, whatever. I'm trying to think like 1998 is when I killed my first year.

I was born in 89. So I would have been nine. I think is when I killed my first year. Okay. My kids have the opportunity to get out in the woods when she's, she went with me last year at four. Yeah. So and they do a lot of stuff with like us in the summer too. Oh, yeah They go, you know change cameras and move put minerals.

So I guess I meant that my thing was okay Yeah, we're gonna go it take snacks and iPads and no, this is not the hunting I remember that I do with my bow and stuff, I go sit in a stand But she's outside Somewhat. Yeah. [00:42:00] It's, I don't know. It's fine. Like I said, judge me if you want. It's fine.

Nah, I do the same. So anyway. Only God can judge me. But go forward. Rest in peace Tupac. That was the last time I seen any mature deer was that day. Yeah. There was one other encounter with a mature nine who I think my neighbor might've shot tonight, but I'm not sure yet. He didn't find it yet. He's gonna go look in the morning, he said.

But otherwise, nothing on cameras. My cameras went completely dry from youth season on. Nothing. And so I was like, crap. So opening morning comes and I go back to that same blind that we went in that night to watch deer. With the intention, I told my daughter that morning or that day before that, Hey, Oh, she didn't want to get up and go in the morning because we always have opening day breakfast at my uncle's house.

So you got to be there at five, you eat at five 15 and he's funny cause he says, if you're sitting there at five 30, you're sitting there by yourself. iT's a pretty quick thing, but it's fun. [00:43:00] There's about 10 of us or so. Yeah, I went a couple years ago. You went a couple years ago. I thought about going this year, but then I'm like, I'm not driving.

It's just a drive thru. You go the wrong way to go there. She didn't want to get up that early and go with me, which is fine. And so I told her, I said, Hey I'm just going to go watch again. I'm, I won't shoot anything unless it's really big. And she's okay, that's fine. I was like, if I shoot something, then I'll come get you and you can help me track it.

And she's like, all right, that's fine. And she goes, but I wanna shoot something with you. I'm like, okay. So I go sit in the stand again, not the hunting I grew up doing. I took my cup of coffee, , put in the cup holder I, my heater. It was, I don't know. I partake in a little bit of everything from like the bare bones sitting in the saddle.

Yeah. Which I haven't saddle hunted yet. But the running gun stand, you pack it on your back. Hang it and hunt. To the sit in the blind 400 yards away. Saw them all over the place. I Get in there, sit there, crack [00:44:00] the windows open, just enjoying it and look around. First deer I see, I look over and there's a doe standing to my left about 150 yards around the edge of the timber.

I'm like, okay, here we go, it's starting. And it's probably right at 630. Right at shooting line, I think 628 was shooting line if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, it's before time change. So yeah, that would have been about right. Huh? It was after time change? Yeah, it was after. Oh, that's right. Yeah, that's right.

Yeah, my bad. We're rifle now. Yeah. And so I'm looking over and I'm watching her. I'm like, okay, here we go. Stuff's starting to happen. A couple minutes go by and I'm like, nah, I'll just look at her through her binoculars. So I just pull my binoculars up and look at her. And I'm like, all right. That was dope.

I'm like, whoa, what was that? And I look back behind her and I can just see a rack moving in the timber and he's just sitting there raking this tree. Oh shit, like that's some time length. That's all I can see is like a long time. I'm like, Oh, I might have to make a decision. That was a lot of, that was enough length of time that I just seen that he's going to be tall and a little bit goes [00:45:00] by and I'm still watching that dough and I put my binoculars down.

And all of a sudden that doe just busts into the timber towards him and runs and then I can see his body take off around him. I'm like, okay don't have to worry about making a decision. We're in the clear. He made that decision for me. And so I start watching some other stuff, see what else is going on.

And I don't know, ten minutes go by and there's a waterway that dumps out in front of my blind at about a hundred yards. And I look over and I just see him walk out of the end of the waterway. I'm like, Oh, crap. And I have some pictures. I think I put one of them on like the reel or something on our Facebook.

It was, I have a video of him actually walking out of that waterway. And I start texting a couple people that I had already told that I was just going to be observing this morning. I'm like, I might be eating my words. I don't know what to do right now. There's this nice deer in front of me, and oh, what are you gonna do?

I don't know. He comes out of this waterway, starts feeding straight in front of me. As the great Michael Jordan says. Fuck them kids.[00:46:00] aT 642, my wife is very happy with me. I call my wife. That's it, babe. How mad is she going to be if I shoot a deer without her? And she's what are you talking about?

But she's not awake. She's I told her that I would not shoot something unless she was with me, unless it was super big. This deer is super big , and she's I don't think she'll be mad at all. I'm like, are you sure? So mind you, I had this deer at 60 yards. I'm talking on a cell phone, , thank God for a enclosed blind.

And she's as long as you go get her. You told her you'd get her like if you killed something. I'm like, I did. I did tell her that. You did tell her that. She's she'll be fine. I'm like, are you sure about this time? The deer takes off pushing that doe again and takes off running and I'm like, shit.

And she was like, the deer just ran. She's Oh, no, she'll be fine. If you end up shooting one, I'm like, are you sure? And she goes, yes. So I said, hang on. And I just dropped the phone. [00:47:00] I just went and it didn't stop. I just whistled at her and it stopped and looked back and I shot. It was about 250. Didn't shoot the deer at 60 yards.

It chased that doe out to about 250 and luckily I dropped it. I shot it higher than I wanted to but if the bullet actually fragmented and I got both lungs and spine and dropped it. So double lugging spine shot is the new go to here. Those are nice. Those are nice. And it dropped and It was about 648, 650, whenever all of that happened.

Also a reason I didn't shoot it at 60 was my wife's uncle hunts on this farm with me and he is straight across the field, 450 yards. And so this deer was actually in between me and him. The angle of all the shots would have been okay, I think, but it wasn't completely safe. Not worth it. It was 100%. [00:48:00] Did he see it?

Like he saw everything go down? He could see, so it was, that deer would have been at least 400 yards away from him. He could see the deer, he knew it had a rack, he couldn't tell how big it was. And shooting a suppressor, funny enough, the angle I shot it at was probably like a 60 degree angle away from him.

No idea I shot. No idea, which I think he should have been able to hear me. I must not have been paying attention. Like you should have heard something, but I think it's just, people aren't used to guns, the way they sound suppressed. So there's enough vehicle traffic around me where I'm at. It could have been a vehicle going by.

I'm near a major roadway. But yeah, it was just funny because I didn't get down right away. I just sat there and I watched some other deer feed into the field and I drank my coffee and, text my wife. I said, whenever she wakes up, let me know. I'll go get her. And so she got out of bed, track it exactly.

She got out of bed. I called called her and I said, I need your help. [00:49:00] I got, I shot a big one. I need your help tracking a deer. And so she was like just stoked like she was so excited and I got a video I should post on there But like it just worked out perfect to where the deer died in a track of the fertilizer buggy and so I went and checked the deer before I went home made sure it was dead drug it a little bit and smeared some blood No, I it was right there.

I got oh I should have had a good idea Should have like drug it and you know got some blood on the ground Funny. It plays into a little bit of a funny story. But so then we game, we went and got her. I was like, all right, it went this way. I know it went over there. We'll see if we can find it.

And we get there and she's there's, you see the belly laying in the field. Hey, she's what's that white thing out there? I'm like, Oh man, I don't know. Let's go check it out. What do you think it is? Oh, a deer maybe, or a bucket. Sure. What goes through a five year old bucket. Could be Doc McStuffins.

Yeah. I don't know, it was just cute. I had the big ole orange hood. You couldn't fit any more orange on that child. [00:50:00] Deer season, I wasn't trying to take a chance. And I was walking with her, obviously. The pickup wasn't far away. So people could tell there's people in the field. We get to it, and she's We gotta drag it, Dad.

We gotta drag it. And I'm like, Girl, we ain't dragging it. I'm getting in the truck. I ain't dragging shit. She's Aw, I really wanted to drag it. And I'm like, You wanted to drag it. So how about this? I'll drag it. We'll drag it to that terrace right there and I'll get the truck and it'll be easier. Okay.

So we drug it 10 yards and she's yeah, get the truck. This is hard work, but no, it ended up being a good deer. The neighbors two properties over actually had this deer all year. I posted the picture on Facebook and they text me and they said, Hey, did you get this over here? And I said, yeah.

And I said, I hadn't had any history with, I hadn't seen it. It's yeah, we have the history. So I you feel a little guilty on that, but at the same time, all of the deer that were on me, I had history with had disappeared. So we swapped. I talked to a few other neighbors and they're like, Oh yeah, your deer's over here.

I'm like, we'll send him back. [00:51:00] But so it was pretty neat just to, I don't know, they sent me some trail cam pics of him and. It was cool to see, but yeah, it's badass. Scored, I scored it, just rough score, 152 and three eighths, I think I said, two eighths, three eighths, something like that.

Something like that, solid deer. Yeah. Oh yeah, for sure, man. I came over there. Yeah, Micah came and checked it out. I wanted to see, mainly I just wanted to get out of the house, I had the kids with me because Amy had to go clean or do something, I can't remember what exactly she had to do, but it worked out good, you helped me gut it and the kids played in the house.

Yeah, it was a good time, man. For sure. I'm just stoked. You got them. So hell of a deer, hell of a deer for sure. Yeah, it was, yeah, it was a beast. This is the first time I haven't seen a deer you killed. Since we started everything. Yeah, appreciate it. Thanks for coming over. I would have liked to.

I had to get home for, what the hell were we doing? We had something with the kids. All of us are busy right now. I know Micah had his kids and now I had practice. So I had, we, we had to, that morning we had to be out of the woods by nine or something. These kids are a problem. I can tell you that. Dude, I'm telling you right now.

They play into this next [00:52:00] story. And they, yeah, and I had to be home for something. Yeah, anyway what's funny is talking about blinds at the youth hunt I won a buddy heater. Yeah caden won a buddy heater. I was like sweet, how many times I used it? Zero zero still in the box I'm, like why the hell did I not bust that thing out?

Been that long. It hasn't been too terrible, hasn't, Hey, we ain't getting cold in Colorado next year. We have plenty of those. Yeah. We got plenty. Yeah. Okay. So the next day you went and smashed. Yeah. So yeah, Sunday I went and smacked a bunch. I'm just, I'll tell you what I hate managing those.

I know it needs to be done. I'd rather do it super early, but super early. I'm trying to get on that buck. So it's, I don't know, but then when it comes to managing does in my place, I'm, blessed. I have a good herd, but at the same time I had 10 does walk out. I picked the fattest one.

Biggest one I could find shotter. [00:53:00] So we'll shooting a suppressor. No one knows where you're at. They all just run in this massive group. In and out of each other, including the one that I shot. I switched guns and I was shooting a different gun. I got a different, I switched guns. And just for something different.

243? No. Chill. We're gonna answer a question. Later. Oh, okay. Anyway, she ran a little bit. Ran into the timber. I was pretty sure, you know like the moving cup game? Yeah. Yeah. I was pretty sure I tracked her correctly. But, two minutes after, a big ass doe walks right back out of the woods where that one ran in.

I'm like, damn. That looks like her. That looks just like her. Big ol brisket on her, big long deer. You got some healthy does over there, that's for sure. And I'm looking at her, I almost had to buy an extra doe tag I guess, but, cause there's no way I missed her. She was a hundred yards, I made a good shot, I watched her kick, and there's no way she just walked back out.[00:54:00]

Surely not. Surely not. It's nope, you've already shot ethical thing, so I didn't, I waited and Kate's uncle was hunting that night too. So I just waited for him to be done to go look for it. I walked over there. I found blood. I went and got Kendall again and let her come find that doe with me.

She likes doing that. Yeah, and you did hit it cause it was dead. Yeah, I killed it. I definitely hit it. So you about, and it was the correct, I did track the deer. I played the cup game. Correct. I found the right deer, but there's just another doe randomly that walked back out of the same exact hole in the timber that this one ran in.

That, yeah I need to do some more dough management here pretty quick. Two doughs, one cup. No. No. Negative. Stop it. I'm in a mood. I've tried to prolong this story as much as possible, so Micah can't tell his, but, I think it's time, I think it's time that you guys tell them. We'll get into that next week, cause this story's gonna ebb and flow a little.

Okay, so that next week I'm gonna tell his side [00:55:00] damn it. Yeah, you want to go do that way? Micah you can go mica side's pretty short. Yeah it for sure as shit is the so that next week, um, I hunted, I took two days off from work. So I hunted hard Monday cause I was in the office Monday and then hunted hard Tuesday, Wednesday.

No, Tuesday, worked Wednesday and then Thursday was off again. Thursday, I got out a little late. And um, I'm walking in and I was like, I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to, I was going to sit on this, like this fence row or this tree line, looking at the timber that I was hoping they were going to come out of, or hoping he would come out of.

Some deer, a deer. Yeah. And as I'm walking, I look up and freaking, there he is just walking right at me. And we're talking about the buck that we nicknamed Baraka. I think we had talked about him on the show before. We we've been keeping him close to the chest because what he is. [00:56:00] So I don't know that it's him.

Okay. All I see is a huge deer and I am in the middle of a tractor path. You got a field next to you and then a grass path. And so I'm like, oh god, and he's walking right towards me in a cornfield. on the neighboring, the next property over. And first thing I do is I just drop to a knee. Pull my gun off safety. And I'm just like, get your ass over here. He was coming right at me. He's closing the distance. Next thing I know, he's, perfectly on the same plane. Field is me, I guess you'd call it. Forty yards. And, I don't know if he knows something's there or not. Cause he doesn't act like he knows that I'm downwind to him so he can't smell me.

I can smell the shit out of him, that's for sure. And, I'm like, please come over here just anything because there's all kinds of things racing through my mind I'm, like you're dead. All I gotta do is pull up this gun and shoot your ass like you're right But he is 30 yards onto the property To the neighbor's south of me.

Yeah. Yeah, and I this is the [00:57:00] first year we've had permission there I don't know who these people are I know nothing. All it is an open cornfield. It's just an open cornfield. Yeah. Not a tree on at once. I decide not to shoot him. I'm like I can get him over here. I can get him over here. He keeps walking in this case, he's walking east.

I was walking west, he was walking east, and we just met each other. Yeah. He keeps going back east towards another tree line. Is there a fence, or just like a... There's a fence. A tree line, like a thick tree line and a fence. For the property line. And then then there's another tree line slash fence that runs north and south.

On the other end of this property. He gets to that one, and at that point he's 70 yards away from me. And I have my backpack on me still so I do not have my grunt tube on me. I attempt to make a mouth grunt And he, he can't hear it, and I try, I wasn't trying really hard cause I don't want to sound stupid.

Yeah, you're, it's borderline like that. Yeah. He turns around, you bitch. He starts running. So I'm [00:58:00] like, God. Stupid. So I'm like, I guess I'm going to do this the way I don't want to do this, the backwards way. Which is, in my mind, you grunt first, then you snort wheeze. If you're going to play that game with him.

I didn't, he didn't hear me grunt and I didn't have my grunt tube on me, it was in my pack. And I felt like he was close enough that. He could probably see me moving around if I pulled everything off. So I snort wheezed He stops turns around Looks my direction starts walking stops Walking to you.

Yeah. Walking to me. Stops. I think it's a visual thing. I've had deer do it to me before that they snort wheeze at him and that means, chances are that the deer that did it to him could see him. Exactly. So that deer wants to see you elk hunting that 100 percent doorway. So he stops, doesn't see me, turns back around, starts walking again.

I snort wheeze at him again. He stops. Turns starts walking towards me again stops. Where the hell are you? Right and turns back [00:59:00] around and starts going down. He's going south at this point away from me He gets to about a hundred and then I'm like eff it pull my pack off Grab stuff and I grunt at him.

He did not like that. Yeah He didn't run but he was like All right And so then he left and probably a part of the kid Didn't see you once, didn't see you twice I'm done with you. So then he left. And the rest of the night I went and sat where I was thinking about, because I wasn't far from where I was.

That's the thing that bothers me more than anything. If I'd have been there 30 minutes earlier, I have no idea. Where'd he come from? Yeah, you don't know where he was. But I would have already been set up. Oh. And I don't know if he came out of the timber. I don't know where he was. But anyway, that's what happened.

I called Micah. I called Andy. I called everybody. I called the landowner that gave us permission. I'm like. Did I F this up? Should I just shot him? And everybody's first off, that's, you would have never forgave yourself, you know how you are, it's just, I'm like, yeah, I'm, [01:00:00] it's the right choice.

Cause there's a lot of people out there that wouldn't have made the same choice I did, especially with him being so close, we try to be as ethical as possible. And that's, what we think is ethical is to, only hunt where you're supposed to hunt no matter how close they are to it.

Yeah. No matter how big they are. And I think about, okay, if it was your property, if you, if he was yours on the other side of the fence and I gave you a bunch of shit, like you should have shot. Yeah. I was joking with you for the most part. And you knew that. I said the same thing. You always should have shot.

In reality, we all know that we wouldn't have done it just because I have people and I think one of the questions is about hunting property or fence lines or property lines. Which, that's different. I have people that hunt fence lines on me. And I wouldn't have wanted them to do that to me. And that's different.

And I talked to a few people that were like, they would have done it to you. They would have done it to you. And I'm like that's possible. It doesn't mean I want to do it, doesn't make it right. And and hunting property lines is a different subject. And we will get into that.

Cause that's one of the questions, but so yeah, we'll get into it. But so that happened Thursday. I never saw anything the rest of that night. And I figured he was gone for that night. And then I've hunted Friday, didn't [01:01:00] see anything. And then Friday night um, Yeah. We, me and Michael were texting.

We were texting cause obviously it's the weekend. I finally get a chance to hunt Friday night going into it. I was really planning on going to hunt my person, like the, my main farm, I guess would call it. Cause me and you, we, like we've said, we've got permission on these two other farms together. And originally I was planning on going after that big white eight.

On my way home Friday night, I get the text message. The white eight is dead. The white eight has effed me several times now. The white eight is dead. I'm glad that bastard's dead. I'm well, I'm glad he's dead. And I'm happy for who got it. It's a buddy of mine's dad that owns the property pretty close to where, I have permission or whatever.

So he put it into that story. I just had a lot of history with that deer. I've had, three or four years pictures of him. He just would have been a cool deer to, put a cap on. Yep. But but so that kind of solidified I'm not going to go there cause I don't have any [01:02:00] other deer.

And so I decided I wasn't going to go to that property. And so me and you, like I said, we've got the permissions for both these other ones. I was like, I'm going to go hunt the one farm. I haven't even hunted yet. I've hunted the other farm handful of times. You, me and you both hunted together. I was like, I haven't hunted there.

I'll go check it out. And so you start dropping pins. You're like. And I think we're going to go here. And I told you where I thought where I wanted to go. And we got to talking and you had to leave early because Caden was going with you. Yeah. And you had to leave by nine. I had to leave by nine because he had basketball practice.

And so I'm like, dude, don't like, cause originally you were going to go close to where we were right. Cause I didn't want to go too deep. and burger everything up. And originally you wanted to also go there and our thought was just we'll sit on each side of the hill from each other.

And then you you said, no, this is where you need to go. I said, that's stupid. You need to walk. And I was like I'll think about it. I think I, and you didn't text me for two [01:03:00] hours. I didn't, I was pissed, dude. I was like a, I was really mad just because one of my deer got shot, happy that it happened.

But one of my deer got shot. And so I was like, You know what? Screw it. Okay. I'll go to wherever you suggest it. And I'm like, it ain't that bad. It is a long walk. Yeah. I said, but just park right here. Walk the line. And there's a tractor path at the very north. Just drop around it and sit right here.

It was a long walk, but like you said, it's an easy walk. It's through a field, go down. Get there in the morning. I start trucking. Got to where, you pretty much put the pin right where I was at and I'd, and I was on the ground, I had my tripod. I didn't have a chair with me, nothing.

I was just leaning up against a tree and I'd sit there and I'm just automatically pissed. You texted me Chi I, that's what it was. It was like a coyote set up. There's a finger timber that comes out and then I'm looking over beans that has a hill. It crests a little bit, and then it goes down into another finger timber, and then it crests on the other side.

So you can see the [01:04:00] top of the hill, and then you can see the other side of the other timber. It's just not what you would picture, what I picture, when it comes to rifle hunting. When I'm rifle hunting, I want to have a wide... I want to see everything. I want to see a wide view. I sit down and I'm just mad.

I'm texting you, I'm like, this thought sucks. And I'm also thinking... You're stupid. I'm also thinking in the back of my head, this dude's sit here, he's sit here four or five times and never even seen a damn thing. No wonder he didn't see nothing. Yeah, no, because you can't. I'm sitting there and it, it's...

But... From sitting there, I'm like, this is a spot where I can see your travel. everything, but I guarantee you that they're traveling there. And that's exactly what you just said. Every time I've been there, I look in the mud and the dirt, I'm like, these deer are all over it. They're coming there. We don't have, we don't have a lot of cameras on this.

Place and you can't cover it all just because it's such big there's big ag around it, right and they could just come from anywhere So I'd sit down and it's daylight, it's shooting light and I start notice I'm like, something [01:05:00] comes out over here. I ain't gonna be able to see shit. I do think this played a part in it Just Thinking about it.

I think it played a part in it. Could definitely could. It could have. So I get up and I had my little handy dandy saw and I'd cut down this branch. And I'd sit down again and I'd start thinking, a few minutes go by. I'm like shit, if something comes down at the very end, I ain't going to be able to see it.

So I get up again and cut down another branch and. Five, 10 minutes after I cut down that last branch, I'm sitting there and I don't know what I was doing, but I was not really paying attention. I looked down and then all of a sudden I look up and I see a head that is on the field that I'm at. So that crest in the hill, and all of a sudden I see this head pop up and does a little head nod or whatever.

I'm like, Oh shit. There's something on top of that thing. There's. That's a good deer. That's a good deer. And it just starts with, he just starts walking straight towards me. He's probably about 130 when I first saw him and he's just slowly walking. So I put my scope on him.

I [01:06:00] make sure that he's a shooter. I didn't, I, then I just look away from the antlers, I don't even pay attention to the antlers afterwards. So I got him on a, on, I got a frontal shot right now and he's just walking right at me. I'm like, I do not want to take this shot. I do not want to take this shot. But if he boogers and he sees me or something, you only got so long.

Yeah, I'll take that shot So anyways, he just keeps on walking. He makes his way to 81 yards because I ranged it afterwards 81 yards and then he finally kicks right and as soon as he kicks I'm in my scope I went right he stops BAM drops right there I freak the fuck out. I freak out. I'm like, oh my, I'm fist banging.

I'm just watching him. He's dead right there in front of me. I'm like, thank god. I'm yeah, it was crazy and 2 seconds later, Nathan can obviously hear my shot. He's I don't know what you said you just shoot us something like that. I said you shot [01:07:00] exclamation point I texted you first and I told Kate and I was like that was who he said who was that?

I said that was your uncle Micah. Yeah, so he calls me and I'm like, he's fucking huge. He's fucking huge. I Don't put it together what deer this is right? You'll sit down a big deer. I knew it was a big deer Yeah, so I say I'll go get the truck and he's I think you said something about once you Keep hunting or something.

I'm like, nah, yeah, I'll go get the truck. And then in the meantime, while he's doing that, I still haven't even walked up on him. I'm still freaking out. I call my wife and I'm freaking out to her. I'm like, babe, I just killed a giant. She goes, she's excited for me. We got six sick kids at home.

One of them was throwing up 30 minutes late or earlier, it was fine, but no, they were all super stoked. So I finally, I walk up on it and I FaceTime her and I still haven't put it together because I'm just soaking it in. I'm just. Holy crap, this is the biggest deer I've ever seen.

And so I FaceTime her, I show her a little bit later, [01:08:00] Nathan shows up turns it out that it was the it was Baraka, so it took me two seconds. I'm like, you just shot Baraka. It really didn't click. I was just like and we'll get into this in a mi in a minute about, yeah,

yeah. What deer we were thinking about in this season. But yeah, it was him. It was him. Just an absolute, monarch. Yeah. Yeah. Hell of a deer, man. Biggest deer I've ever seen. I know. I take that back. I've seen some driving down the road and see something off on, but That probably could, potentially score around the same size.

Not that scores everything, but it was awesome. It was, I don't know, 715 was when I shot. I think I hunted for 45 minutes. So he was not on my radar. I'll be honest. Like I was mad about mad yet. Glad that the white eight was gone. And I really did not expect to see, you had no expectations.

I went in there blind. I was like, he's hunting cause Nate, this is the first time I've ever hunted this farm [01:09:00] and I've hunted that farm. We, I counted it at one point, 14 times or something, 14 times and not, it's just, and not necessarily hunting him because he wasn't really there anymore. Backstory on this deer. He was there every day in the summertime. Every day. Every single day. And then... September 14th. September 14th, we get a picture of him. And that was a few weeks after the last one. And then we got a picture September 27th. And then, done. That was it. The last picture we got was what, November?

November 4th. We had a single photo two photos of him. In that field. In that field. And that was it. And on November 4th, at least I knew he wasn't dead yet. Right? And he was coming back in the area. And and I had already been hunting hard and I kept I kept making moves that I was like, he's, if I he's gotta be here.

He's gotta be here. And I hunted, the only spot I hunted the same two spots was that spot. Yeah. I hunted that spot three or [01:10:00] four times. Two, one time with a bow, no, two times with a bow. And so it was just, and then I hunted a few times during the week of the first week of rifle season.

And I wasn't even seeing, not alone, not him. I wasn't seeing deer, but it was just like, he's there. He could be there. He could be there. The potential was there. But like I was saying, I went in there thinking. I was gonna be lucky to even see a deer because I was not happy about where I was gonna go I was not happy about when I got there.

I was like, this is it's just not gonna work Yeah, and so you were complaint like not complaining, but you were like I could tell he was like not excited, right? And you know the whole time I'm like, I'm basically made him go somewhere else because It's dumb for him to sit 50 yards away from me and Caden.

Absolutely. That's my whole reason for telling him to go somewhere else. It would have been potentially a wasted hunt for somebody. Who knows what would have happened if I [01:11:00] wouldn't have been there. The way the trajectory that he took, like when he turned, it looked like he might have, who knows.

He could have just gotten to the timber and turned right back around. I don't know, he could have crossed the timber, which is not, it was 50 yards worth of timber maybe. Could have potentially gave them a shot. Don't know that but I mean it you put me on them I mean, there's no doubt about it. If I would you know, you did it.

I'm an amazing guide Amazing guy, but that's three for three this year. Yeah, I'm saying yeah So yeah, we have had so much like fun not I guess fun would be the word since then, but we, we got them into my, here's the thing of this. I got my truck all bloody all the whatever else, what do you, my dear.

But so we get them in the truck and we actually drive to where we can get some good pictures and took the best pictures I've ever taken. I was really proud of the pictures I took of your deer. The tree deer a couple of years ago, and then I've been paying attention to pictures people take.

Yeah. And I [01:12:00] actually, Tristan Williams, he took some pictures, a couple, he posted some pictures and I got to where the sun was coming through the timber behind us. And so like the rays Rome, it was really, I think you got to wait until dark to get like the really, I just take pictures at night.

Yeah. Or right at sunrise too. Yeah. And it was only 45 minutes at first life. So the sun was just. Not far up I haven't seen even seen all the pictures. I've seen the ones like you guys sent but and then So we take him back to my house And then I measured him for my cup. Your brother in law showed up, my brother showed up, my nephews, cause they hunt pretty close.

It was pretty cool getting everybody over there. So we all made guesses to what he would score. I was way off. I was off by 12 inches on what he would score. I actually scored him at the truck and then I was like, that's not correct. So then I went inside and did my math again. And I was wrong, heh, the other way, and he's a great deer, he had 23 inch main beams, his spread wasn't huge, he only had an 18 inch [01:13:00] spread, his tine length wasn't like, amazing, but this freaking deer had 20 scoreable points, damn, yep, uh, and a few that weren't quite scoreable he had, I can't remember, I, I added it up at one point in time, he had 12 or so inches of trash on his bases.

And his mass carried five inches or more all the way through. Just mass for days. So Micah, what he scored? Yeah, I will let Micah tell everybody what his deer scored. You guessed, I forget, he scored, what he scored, ended up scoring was 178 and three eighths. That's, that was the first score, we'll score it again.

I bet, Nathan's pretty dang good at it. I'm betting he's within two inches, higher or lower. If I'm off by an inch, I'd be surprised, but. Cause I did have there was a few areas that I had a hard time getting to, but if I'm off by an inch, sure, I could be off by an inch.

I [01:14:00] was thinking he was like, 160, I guessed 166. When I guess I think I was 165 or something. I was mid 160s. I guessed 170 and but then I said I think i'm gonna be wrong because that trash I started to think I didn't even think about trash But like just looking at his frame and stuff.

It looked like a 160s, right? And then if you had 12 inches, yeah He had eight Eight points of trash on his bases. Eight. So that's eight different scores. So you think about your giant deer that you killed. He was the same way. He had sixteen scoreable points. He had a bunch of extra points that just got him to, that next level.

And yeah, this deer, he was, he's a beast, we've had a lot of money. My deer has been scored one time, put them on the wall, never scored him again. And I don't ever either after it. No, I think we need to score him again. Oh, I just want to know. I will do it gladly. I won't do it until something scores higher.

And then I'll go back and re score it. It's fine. It's 179 in 4 days. He leaves his door locked all the time. We're gonna do it. You know [01:15:00] what I do? I score my deer one time and then I ride it on the back of their mount. I need to ride them on the back of mine. But dude, yeah. He's just like a freaking monarch type of deer.

Yeah. And we've had so much fun. Cause, it is. It's funny, I've, my ass off, that picture that comes around every year with the guy, Dwight off the office, he's you put all this work into it and then some 20 year old or whatever it says, shoots him opening day.

That's, that's what it felt like. To me, I just, I play it over in my head. All the time and a, I get a smile, but then I'm just like, it was just, it was crazy how it happened just because I had no way that deer was going to show up. I have no doubt. And I didn't even expect it.

Like I saw him two days before, but. That's two days in going opposite during the rutt going opposite direction. Going away. Yeah. Yeah. And we heard a lot of gunshots that day. Oh my God. Yes. We heard a lot of gunshots. And here's the thing about it, he was gonna die that day more than likely.

If he would've, if you wouldn't have been there. He might've come to me and Caden, but there was like, how many? We heard probably eight more shots that [01:16:00] morning. There was a lot within, yeah. Oh, within half a mile of where we were. Really? Yeah. It, it was all over and I was like, dude, he was day walking way too, way too late.

And and maybe he was going to bed. Who knows? But yeah, it's it's just a crazy, it's a crazy end to a story of a deer that dude is just, it's just weird. You and I were talking about this today on the phone about like you, it's weird how I thought about that deer every day.

Since the day we knew he was a good deer. To me My only chance at that deer was going to be early season bow Because you were going downtown because right just the way where the farms at and stuff I just don't you don't have time to get I don't have the time. I believe the comment was made I got to get that deer killed while he's in Wyoming.

That's exactly what I said. He said it I said it. That was the only way I was going to be able to get that deer killed. But then once bow season started, he disappeared. And you didn't go. So I [01:17:00] didn't go. I didn't go over there. I had deer that I was chasing, on my farm because of big eight or whatever, nubs.

And so I really didn't think about it. And I'm blessed in the fact that I have my one property that I can hunt that, really close to, it's really close to my work and, buzz out there real quick. You've killed some good deer, but it's been a while and your property is just diminished, not because of you, but it just, it is what it is.

And so getting these new properties, I was just letting you do whatever you wanted to do. I'd help when I could, but you took the reins on them. It just, it's just crazy the way it worked out. I'm not going to lie. I still need to freaking smile every time I think about him.

I need to delete my note too. What note? Have I not shown you my detailed note about every move that deer has ever made? No, I haven't seen that. You motherfucker.

Let's see here. It is it is Called Baraka. anD I just need to print it off for him. Every day we had a picture of him, I wrote [01:18:00] down where Which way he was headed, the temperature, the wind, barometric pressure, and then ehhh. You know the Reveal app can do that for you, right? Yes, but I liked it right there too.

And he also has a, he also has an album on the Reveal app, yes. But fuck you. But so we've been, that's the joke we've been. It's just I saw him two days before, at 40 freakin yards. This dude walks out there for 45 minutes is like, Oh, there he is. Bam. Done. Done. You know what? That is rifle season and that is a...

That's not just rifle season. That's just hunting in a nutshell. To me, that is rifle season on a micro scale for you guys. Bow hunters in general, put all this time in and they're, they're spraying down with scent and they're doing all this stuff. And then rifle season happens. And just like your meme you're talking about, the 20 year old shows up with, whatever and kills the target deer you've been hunting for months, right?

But this is that on a micro scale for two of [01:19:00] you, as opposed to the entire state of Missouri. Yeah. Yeah. It's just, it's hilarious too. And, like him and I have had a lot of conversations since that day, I'm so happy for Micah, but there's part of me that is. Oh, I get it.

Depressed. I just keep thinking of the Yellowstone scene where she's... I don't watch that. It, and it's crazy to because opening day of rifle, I chose to hunt the other property that we've hunted before. I open it, the landowner does rifle hunt a little bit. He's not serious about it, but he does.

And so I was like, I'm gonna let him have opening morning. I went to one of the other places I saw one, yearling and that's all I saw. Yeah. During that time, 8. 50 or 7. 50, a 10 pointer, good deer, I definitely would have shot it. Walked by my camera. He would have been by one of my stands like 30 yards.

Yeah. You texted us FML. Yeah. Yeah. At my life. I'm like, cause that's, that was my story this year. Like I'd hunt one spot, the deer would show up at another spot and that would just go [01:20:00] on and on. And that deer, I only had two pictures of it. One was like three days earlier. I'm like, Oh, that's a good, it was a good 10 high one forties, maybe one fifties 10 and that one got shot 30 minutes after it got the picture taken from the neighbor, so I was like, okay, crap, whatever is what it is. And it's just crazy the way that it worked out. anD I bagged him. Bagged him. Yeah. But yeah we've had, cause like I was just saying, I've been a little depressed I think you would say. And what's funny is you get depressed every year though. Correct. Every year. This is on a large scale. But last year was really the only year cause I've killed a deer. Dude. Outside of last year. Every year. Every year you get depressed. You, sometimes you get unmanageable. the most negative hunter. You, oh, no, he definitely is the most negative hunter.

Yeah, I guess you're correct. Out of the three of us? Dude, in this room? Out of the ones that I know. Yeah, everybody I know, you are the worst. Says the two guys with [01:21:00] 150 inch plus beer on the ground. Nathan, I haven't killed a buck since 2018. I was just scrutinizing what you say, but now I might not say it, because F you.

I haven't killed a buck since 2018. I was like, I was a little depressed, but at the same time, I'm like, if that deer was gonna die that day, there's only one other person. I guess two. Caden was the shooter, not me that day. Yeah. Until you've seen that deer. Caden even asked me, he's what if we see that big one that you saw?

And I'm like, you're gonna shoot him. Unless something unless it has to be a quick shot and you don't think you can do it, then dad's gonna grab the tripod and he's gonna die. But. If we got time, I'll, you're going to be the shooter, but 300 yard shot. Eh, no, 200 in, I'm not saying if he popped up, he's walking a fence line or so he's walked cross field at 300 yards.

Not going to come any closer. That would be me. Okay. I'm not letting Caden just, he hasn't practiced. It's just not going to, I don't want him shooting over zero on that one, but What was I going to say? But if anyone else [01:22:00] outside of Caden that day was going to shoot it, I'm glad it was Micah.

Yeah. And it has not to be honest, you deserve it. Like you've been patient since 2018. You've passed on a lot of deer since then. Last year you had the. The deer that we helped, we all helped you track and a shoulder one, we lost one shoulder. It shoulder and, hit the damn elk high.

That is five years. That is five years of having a hard time. Am I, should I just start killing shit? Am I doing the right thing here? I'll be honest with you. Like I've, in four years I killed six bucks. Yeah. And I had one year last year that was dry and.

Now I'm about to have two If that's negative, it's negative, but I had one year that was dry last year and I'm already like oh my god This sucks. I just want to shoot a 110 see and that and I might and that's just the way some hunters are different like so my last buck that kill He scored 164 That's a big deer, right?

I have a [01:23:00] hard time. The only loophole in there is bow hunting. The highest one I've gotten is like one 35, right? So I have a hard time with a rifle. I'd have a hard time shooting unless it was that wide eight, just because I have the history with them. I have a hard time shooting some a lot smaller.

It's one 50 or bust a most with the rifle for me try to be, and it was just. It was a miracle. And you used to go up north. Yeah, I used to go up north. Don't do that no more. Just families are getting bigger, running out of space, that sort of thing. Let them do their thing.

So I don't know. That is our I have a trigger that just trips in that 140 to 150 category. 150s are, I keep telling myself that I need to like, and I know like for my longterm goals, I want that one 6170 class to get those. You got to let the one forties one fifties walk. Yeah. Dude, I see them and my heart gets pumping.

I don't think people understand a 140 inch deer is a freaking beast. And my [01:24:00] heart gets pumping and this is what's throwing me off about this deer. And I just, so we've had, we have a ton of trail cam pictures and I would have told you that deer is five, six years old every day. Smallest damn body I've ever seen.

Putting hands on him, touching him, dude. I don't know. I don't know how old he is. He's older than you think because the big one I was talking about that I have, I thought he was a doe when he walked out. Cause he had his head down in the corn stalks, a doe walked out in front of him, and he walked out, same exact body size.

You think maybe he could be old? But they really thought he was 7 to 8 years old. Whenever the taxidermist looked at him. We'll never know. Because maybe we should. Maybe we should send the teeth. Teeth in. Cause I'm curious, cause the body on this thing looks small. It only costs 33 with wildlife labs to have them aged.

And we still have the skull. Yeah, I'll talk to the taxidermist, see if we can get a jaw or whatever. I'll just get on there and see what they need. Yeah, I don't know how that works. I thought they needed a jaw. I didn't know it's [01:25:00] teeth. They need either front teeth or what tooth somewhere and they'll tell you exactly what teeth you need to pull out.

Yeah, and anyway, we might have to do that just because i'm curious If this because if this deer was only four and a half years old He had the potential. He was going to be a 200 inch deer at some point. He had the potential. That's possible. But who's going to let a 178 walk? Nobody.

Nobody in that area. I have to tell you, they are, they're a liar, dude. I have a, yeah, there's no way. If they are, they're not hunting where we're hunting in that area. They're hunting primo ground somewhere else. And they have the, cause they've killed three 200s. It means they know there's something else.

Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Cause like the properties that we hunt. And this is all of us, none of them are big acreage that just deer live on 24 hours a day. We're hunting. I got the closest piece and I, I don't have enough to manage a herd. And it's still not big enough to where you, cause you, like you said every deer moved over to the neighbors.

They were telling you about it and the same with them. We don't have. So everybody thinks just [01:26:00] because we've got a broadcast, we got all these Primo land or whatever. We really don't. Andy, you do have a good spot and you got a lot of potential there, but you still, you don't have the acres. I can't control it.

You can't control it. Just and we definitely can't. Like I hunt mainly 30 acres with the butt up to everybody and their brother hunts. So it's just, and then there's conservation that I know the deer go to. Cause the people that I'm buddies with that we share trail cam printers. He's getting the same pictures that I'm getting to.

I'm like, and I now hunt an open field where no deer live anymore, right? So thank you to the neighbors. It just, yeah. tO let a one 70 walk, I ain't doing it. Ain't gonna happen. No way. Yeah. Until I kill about five one seventies and then maybe I'll think about it, but that day is not coming anytime soon.

Yeah. But that dude, that's our story. It's been a great year. We've got. Three bucks on the ground between, the boys and you guys and could have been four. And i'm gonna keep working I'm not very positive that [01:27:00] anything's going to happen based on what we've seen on cameras and just seeing when we're hunting, I'm going to keep going.

I'm pretty much done. Oh, really? Are you? I still got a bow tag. I plan I would like to go take a doe uh, so plan is to hopefully take a doe at some point and then if something pops up on camera, I might go after it, but I'm not going to push my wife to make, to just go out there and hunt as much as I can, just cause it's going to be hard to top.

You know what is the best from this story? What's that? I will always be able to say, Micah shoots deer that Nathan passes. Illegally. Illegally. That Nate passes on. Yeah. Because you're ethical Hunter. So sorry about that. Wish I wasn't. I'm just kidding. Yeah. Sorry about that. Okay, so let's get into our listener questions.

We don't have that very many from this show, but a few of those that we talked about earlier. We'll just start, [01:28:00] let's start with the first one. It's a buddy of mine. I'm not going to say his name cause I don't know if he wants it said, but hunting property lines agree or disagree. And I'm going to, I'll answer first and say it depends because I'm going to use his situation as it depends.

My buddy has 45 acres that he bought. When he was 18 years old, working hard and he saved up money to buy 45 acres a few hours away from home. He is surrounded by 700 acres of the same big farm. And it's Primo Hunting Ground and he's got this little farm. So he's got a few stands near the property line, not on it, but near the property line, facing into his property so that he can maximize As much of his property as he can in that situation.

I think that is okay. Especially if he's not shooting on the neighbor's property, obviously that's the biggest thing. And if he's [01:29:00] accessing the right way and he's only trying to maximize what he's got, I can understand that. Or if you only have the, all you have is a fence line. I guess all you have is a fence line.

And I'm one of those guys that, how we've talked about it's your tag. Yeah. Use it. It's your tag. If it's your property, like you really shouldn't, as long as you're not doing anything illegal and you're shooting deer on your property, what did you say? Shooting deer on your property.

There you go. That's all. That's where the gray comes in. People get, I don't know, cause this gets brought up every year on any type of thing. People get butthurt. Man, this thing, it's, it's right on the property line. Is he killing deer on your property? If he's killing deer on your property, I understand and you should be pissed off about it and you could do whatever you need to do to get him in trouble or whatever.

But, I've had property like this to where um, The landowner had cows and, but the outside of it was timber. [01:30:00] And so I would hunt the corners cause that's where the deer would cross. They would cross, they would corner cross. And so I'd have 30, 40 yards to shoot them. That's where I killed the deer, right?

It's not my fault that's where the deer were at. I understand somebody might get butthurt, but it's my property. I'm gonna kill the deer when they're on my property and these are where they walk through, right? If you're doing it and you're shooting, the only reason you can get upset. Can I play devil's advocate?

Yes, because you're the opposite, right? Yeah, you're the opposite. You're the guy who's getting screwed. So and if you're and I'm not saying that I This is the way I believe. This is an issue that I don't know. I think there's an appropriate way to do it and when people don't do it the right way is when I have a problem with it.

When problems can be, become a thing. Yes, you have a small property. Yes, it is legal for you to shoot a deer on your property. No, I understand you cannot control where that deer [01:31:00] runs. Are you doing everything you can. To get that deer to die on your property. My problem is when the day before I get to go hunt my property that I pay for, that I do those things for, I have someone property line setting, shoots a deer and it runs onto my property.

I get a phone call at seven o'clock at night the day before I get, I'm getting ready to go hunt my stand. Oh man, I just shot this deer and I, he's over on your place somewhere. Can I go get it?

Yeah Cuz I don't have to let you know you don't I don't have to but you are trespassing if you go without But also I don't want an animal to go to waste. I'm not gonna say no as long as it's as he's truly tracking the deer they have if you have a track onto my property You're following a blood trail.

It ran over there Go get do what you got to do if [01:32:00] I wounded this deer and he ran over there And it happens again and again, that's where I start having a problem of you're not doing everything you can to make an ethical, good shot. And if it's a bow and you're doing it over and over again, you're not making a good shot.

Are you practicing enough to be sitting on my property line? Because I know I'm sounding like an asshole to some people. No, I get it. Nope. I would get it too. But at the same time, for instance, I don't know if he listens to it, fine, I don't really give a shit. Hunting on a property line and shooting a 223 and you're shooting a five, six, seven year old mature, big bodied buck.

Is it legal? Yes. Is it ethical? Six of one half does another. We don't know. Yeah. Sure, you're a good shot with it, but is that going to kill the deer efficiently? What's the odds of you dropping that deer on your property or are you knowingly shooting that deer? It's going to run. You know it's going to run.

And now you know it's going to [01:33:00] go onto someone else's property because you have this small space, right? That's when I start having a problem with that. It's your tag. You can use it. You're using a legal method. It's fine. But I feel like more, I don't know, not morally, but respectfully to the other person on the other side of the fence.

They don't have to let you go get the deer. I'm going to if it's a dead deer. I'm going to go let somebody go get a deer. I don't want you shooting on my side of the fence. That's, no. The answer is no. You can't shoot on my side of the fence. Can you go get the deer that ran over there?

If you ethically shot that deer and did everything you could, absolutely. Go get the deer. Yeah. You can't control where the deer runs. I understand that. But could you, did you control the things you could intentionally, I don't know. That's the big part of it for me is especially for you, who knows if he's actually shooting them on his side or not.

We don't know. We don't know. That's the gray area I was talking about. If they're [01:34:00] hunting that property line, are they an ethical person or not? Like my buddy I just talked about, he is. He is hunting his property. He just doesn't have many options because it's a small property. It, his stand isn't facing towards the other property, it's facing into his, and it's just his option.

And knowing who I know you're talking about, I believe he does, he's gonna, he does everything he can to make an ethical kill, I'm sure, he's doing. And that's the thing I was just getting ready to say. That's the part that, as a guy like me, like for instance, opening morning a rifle, I sat on the property line facing into our, I wasn't hunting the other one, but it's just the only spot I could sit.

It's a tree line. But I'm one of those dudes that, if I'm going to be near the edge of a property or if I'm hunting, close to the property line, I do not want that animal running onto the other neighbor, because a lot of the properties I hunt, I don't even know who the neighbors are because they're not my properties.

And that property that I was talking about. But I never had [01:35:00] one run onto the neighbor. Yeah. I never had to worry about it. Yeah. Cause it makes me nervous. I don't, what if I call you and you're like, no, I had that happen to a buddy last year. He South of, Oh Grover, whatever he had, I think it was 20, 30 acres that he had permission to hunt and shot his first buck, ran onto the property, went to the property owner.

Nope. Can't do it. So I can't walk over there. I know he's dead, Drew, I'm assuming he knew, but he was just an asshole. The guy was an asshole. And some people, are not like the, my first year I killed or my second year I killed at your place. Andy called the neighboring landowner and he said, yes, you can go look at for it, but only tonight we have people coming to hunt tomorrow.

And I a hundred percent understand that. So that whole night when we were waiting to go look for it, I was nervous as shit because it did run onto their property, unfortunately. And we did recover them thankfully. And everything was fine, that's why I don't like that.

And when you do hunt property lines, you. [01:36:00] That's a chance you take. Now, if you've got a small little property like my buddy that's got the 45 acres or 40 acres or whatever it is, they ain't got to run far to make it out of there. And his problem is, he's if, if I go in there and hunt in the middle of my property, I'm burning the whole thing up.

In that one set. So I've got to, I've got to set in these corners based on, travel corridors or whatever, and how I can access them. Or I'm just blowing the whole thing up and I don't have much. Best thing to do is be, become friends with your neighbor and just be on talking terms and don't abuse it.

I got one neighbor that sits on my fence line. I have zero issues with. I know he's gonna do the ethical thing. He's not shooting the deer on my property. I shoot him on his. If it runs on mine, I have no issue with him getting it. Like I, I completely believe he's doing everything he can. To hunt his property the way he can.

He had 30 acres of timber ripped out of his, so he has to he has nothing he can do about it. He has nothing. Yeah. So I don't know. I have, it's a touchy subject that's for can, I [01:37:00] can have a negative opinion to it, but I think it has to do with the quality of . Sounds bad, but the quality of person that's doing it.

And just the questionability of them, it's just like you. It ain't like you got cameras on every fence row and can see, make sure that they're shooting it on their side. And maybe I'm just, I think about it wrong, but it just infuriates me if I know a person has multiple options and guns they can take and they take the smallest gun they can take and sit on my property line, I have an issue with that.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm not going to lie, I've killed deer with a 223. It can do it. Yeah. It wasn't ideal. It wasn't ideal. It was the gun I had at the time. It is legal. It was the gun I had at the time that I could do it. So that's the only reason why. Then somebody's going to get on here and be like, I've killed thousands of deer with 221s.

Oh, that's it. People are going to tell you I'm an idiot. When you do it out of a truck bed with the flashlight on it, calm down. Like my buddy said, like the neighboring farmer, like this new guy is on it now and he's [01:38:00] causing problems. And like he, he had a letter opening day of rifle season, he had a letter on his rifle stand that said, you need to move your stand.

It's on my property. And he's no, the F is not. It is five yards into mine. You need to quit trespassing because you had to come onto my property And like I said, I ain't name naming. He had a conversation with the dude and everything. He's dude, you can go get it surveyed.

It already has been, and I know it's not on your property, number one. Number two if it is. That's fine. I will take the stand down and I'm gonna move it five freaking yards that way into my property because that's what I have I don't have anything else. You have 900 acres. I've got 40 Like this is my option.

I don't know what to tell you, like I from his perspective 100 percent understand He's not his stand is not facing that dude's direction. That dude's stand is facing my buddy's property Yeah, like He wants to talk about fence sitting, and then he's sitting 40 yards off the property line facing directly into my buddy's property.

But my buddy's sitting close to [01:39:00] the property line facing into his own property. And that guy's got a problem with it. That's where the whole property line shit is just... it's always going to, that's where Mike has said it's best to, make friends with your neighbors because then, you don't have these things happening.

Yeah. Get on it. Get on a management plan. Like me and my buddy that I talked about earlier, there's dad killed the white eight. We got, we talk, we share pictures, man, this one's going to be good in two years. This one's going to be, Hey, if this one walks by, I'm not going to lie. I'm going to shoot him.

He, yep. I agree with you. I'm going to do the same, but we got a lot of people in between us to be able to do that. Yeah. Okay. We got a lot of people in between us that we don't have that conversation with. I can keep playing devil's advocate with it because I've hunted property lines multiple times.

Like I used to do it. Yeah. But that the guy who owns the land, the big land, he has every right to use all of his property as well. I disagree if his stand is facing. The guy with the small property, that's just being stupid. He can use his. Just the same. I, They both can use their land.

[01:40:00] Yeah, you both use yours. Be cordial about it. If you're doing everything ethical, that's... You don't have to like something. You know what I'm saying? I may not like where that guy is sitting. Yeah, it's not the ideal spot, but he's on his property. I can't do anything about it. As long as he's not, as long as they're not killing deer on like this whole thing that happened with my buddy.

If this dude wouldn't have just been a dick right off the bat. Yeah. It wouldn't have went the way it did because apparently the phone call didn't go very well because the guy just attacked my buddy right off the bat. My buddy's fuck you, man. What are you talking about? And then afterwards, the guy's I'm sorry.

And I hope that he is, they figure it out, but like that's the lesson is, if you're, I guess if you're out there, if you're having a problem with somebody, if property line hunting is something that's going on. Then just talk to each other like freaking human beings instead of, like immediately ramping up to a fight.

Yeah. Like it ain't going to go well because the person you're talking to thinks they're right and you think you're right. [01:41:00] It ain't going to go the way you hope it goes. You can just do like my other neighbor did, and one was sitting on his fence line, so he went and put a stand about 20 yards down, same fence line, he faced this way, this guy, yeah.

Yep, and it is what it is. I mean it is, yeah, you're both. Doing the same thing I guess but ones are you accomplishing anything there exactly? There's that first question We got the hard one out of the way. The next one is gigging goblers asked said loins Sure, we're gonna eat the shit out of some loins.

I got deer hard up in the freezer. Yeah eat tomorrow So that was that one? So our buddy Cameron Tinker AFS asked us which rifle we're using what setup caliber ammo and how did it perform? Who wants to go first? Andy killed first. Chase killed first, technically. Chase. Yeah, so Andy, you just go first.

Oh Cameron, be proud of me. That first one I killed, the buck I killed, was with the 6'5 Mainly [01:42:00] because all my 243s are... And we just... never mind. What, say it! I was gonna say, and we just got tagged as homos.

But my, I normally, 243 is just my favorite caliber, but everything was set up for coyotes and I had some scopes popped off and not sighted in. Like I was, one's going to be a thermal gun and I just, I didn't have them ready. Yeah. That was the most available and ready one and, um. I hate that I like the 6.

5, but I like the, it's convenient. What is it? What is it? The gun itself. Remington 700. Okay. It's just convenient. I can find ammo for it. It goes from 140 some odd grain down to 95 grains. So I shoot coyotes with it. I can shoot deer with it. Yep. So I was shooting the 129 grain Hornady white tail interlocks.

Which is funny because my cousin has a six five that he bought for his son to use. And. [01:43:00] It grouped those like shit. Really? 100 yards, 6 inch group. Big group. I was like, oh, really? Dang I used that last year, maybe that was my problem. I don't know I thought I grouped it fine, just and so then I shot a couple different ones and, oh hell, I was touching bullets.

I was happy with it. And Touching tips? T I went shot, I think I already said this, in the double lung and it shrapneled into the spine and dropped him. I was higher than I wanted to be, than I thought I was, or should have been, but performed great. Won't complain about that.

The doe, I wouldn't swap guns just because I wanted to. I had not killed a deer with the 6 Arc. And so I shot that, I shot the doe with the 6 Arc 103 grain ELDX. I'm gonna buy another one. How far away was she? About 120. 100, yeah. 100, 120. I feel like I'm gonna end up buying another 6 Arc. Oh. Cause mine's going to end up being my night gun.

It's already mounted. So the only thing I don't like about that is the ammo is limited to three different [01:44:00] rounds right now. Manufacturer rounds. You can't find it. Yeah, you can. I find every time you find them online, like big box stores don't necessarily have it available with big box stores anyway on, on, on ammo.

So I don't have to worry about that, but they're all ballistic tip. I like that interlock for the pass through that stays together a little more. I did not have a big pass through, but the entrance hole and the damage it did was, it was, I did substantial. Yeah. Yeah. There's a company out of Texas that's starting to make ammo for it.

I've seen that. For sure. There's like an 87, I think it was like an 87 or a 78 they're starting to produce. Which is good for coyotes, not so great for deer. I had a decent blood trail. It was a solid, that was a good shot. That was I got some heart and lungs, like I was all up in the vitals.

But I won't complain about that. It did that. The only thing I don't like about my six arc is, I think it's because one, it's a shorter barrel. Two, it's gas. I'm left handed on the right handed gun shooting a suppressor. So I have gas coming back in my face. And I feel like the gun's loud [01:45:00] compared to my other suppressed rifles.

So, but I did build that six arc all through Midwest Gunworks. You did. Yeah. Cameron. And Cameron was in. Cameron was the one that helped us put together. Son of a bitch. All right. But yeah. Okay, Micah, what do you use? 6. 5 Creedmoor. Gayest gun out there. It's just so convenient. It really is. Got that one from Midwest Gun Works.

What is what is yours? Savage Predator 110. Gotcha. And the same bullet Hornady the Whitetail 129 grains. Shot was 81 yards. I, that gun sighted in for 200 and I still think, I don't know, I don't know. So you're two inches high then at 81 right so two inches high and I'm pretty sure I pulled but also I don't remember if I cited that gun in with my suppressor on so it could have been higher still But anyways, I shot high got top of lungs Spine too.

So the spine is literally in half. Yeah, it's, I'll be I'll be honest with you. I am well and you were shooting from the ground, so [01:46:00] angles make a difference. And he was high. I was, yeah. He would've been a little higher. No, he'd have been a little lower. What saved me a little bit as I was helping. No, 'cause you weren't right on that terrace.

You were a little bit No, I was off of it. I was tucked in, I was shooting downhill pretty good. So I did hit high, but my trajectory was coming down. But I don't, it did the job though, dropping his tracks. Yep. So he did. Yeah. And, I'm shooting, just to add to our apparently gayness is a six millimeter Creedmoor.

Oh, that one's not gay. That one's straight head up. That's Hedro. Okay, good. It's a it's just a six. We're canceled right now. It's a Springfield Armory 2020. The Waypoint. Waypoint 2020. It's sick. I hate you. It's nasty. It's, I enjoy it. I hate you so bad. Now, Chase is the one who obviously shot it.

You, you did one thing I disagree with, but I'll go ahead. Okay. You haven't said it yet. He, so our buddy Austin kind of talked to me about not hitting shoulder with that thing. So I made sure chase was shooting behind the shoulder. So he hit no shoulder. And [01:47:00] so that, like I said, the deer ran 30 yards, died, and then Caden obviously missed it wasn't the gun.

It was, unfortunately the shooter in that one. And then I also shot a coyote with it last night and that worked well. I'm shooting 103 grain, 108 grain match. 108 match ELDMs. That is what I disagree with. And is there any more? Hold on. I think that's it. Why? The M's are match grade bullets.

And so they are made for match shooting. The bullet itself, if I'm not mistaken, is copper. And it's meant to shrapnel. It's meant to break apart a lot easier than the X's or the, what's the other They've got several different ones, the ELDX, ELD... Blacks. Blacks, which are like a, they used to be like the A's or something like that.

So the ELD, so the reason I went with the 108's... They grew. So with Austin, went with those cause they're heavier grain than the LDXs. They're coyote killing machines. 103s I think. Yes. [01:48:00] And they're still ballistic tip. They are. Yeah. Even though they are a match grade. Now, the first time I hit a shoulder.

See, I don't like ballistic tips on a bigger animal. I want that bullet to stay together more, personally. Agreed. Which is why I'm not trying to hit his shoulder. I'll see. My thought was, I want it as heavy as a bullet as I could get from the factory. That I agree with. That is the heaviest one they make right now, from the factory, for a Creedmoor.

That I agree with. The bullet, I wish they would make something for the Creedmoor, the 6 Creedmoor, and like that 6 arc, and a heavier bullet with an interlock or a soft point. I think we will see. Oh, I think we will too. I'd like to see a soft point for something. One of those. I was reading some forums and stuff on the six, five, the ELDMs, the one forties and the one there's like a one 40, there's one more is one 40 and a one 48 or something like that on the six fives and some guy I was, I shoot all kinds of animals with it.

I did punches a big hole. If you're not on bone, if you're off of shoulder. [01:49:00] Because it is meant, it is made to break apart. The LDMs are made to break apart. So I'll say this about chases. Chases entered, went through the heart, and never exited. At least I didn't find an exit. I'm sure you had massive internal damage.

Oh, just. Jacked him the hell up. If you make an appropriate shot, those bullets, yeah, they're definitely gonna kill. And he was quartered away, which is like my favorite shot. You put it right behind that shoulder and you're going to cause some problems, right? But yeah, you're not leaving yourself any room for mistake on the LBMs.

And we'll see. That's what worries me. And, I've only had the gun for. Few months, or whatever. And my goal is to make that my coyote. And my day. Coyote gun. . And your deer rifle. My deer rifle for the boys. I like the weight of the boys'. That's very similar to the two 40 threes that I like.

A hundred grain, yeah. So I think that's good. I just wish that honer day or somebody made 'cause a creedmore. Is a six creed more or a ho day round? No. The round. I have as a Hornaday, but I don't know. Is there other manuals? I don't know [01:50:00] 6 crete ammo. I don't pay attention to ammo, honestly.

6 5, there's all kinds of different companies and manufacturers. I know the 6 Arc's, yeah. So I just, I don't know. I'm curious about that 6 5 PRC. I think that's what it is. Six pairs. Yeah, there is. Yeah, I heard that one's pretty gnarly. I think if I'm going to buy another big game gun. My buddy Brian likes the M08.

Right? Yeah. My next big game gun is going to be the PRC. So that's all our setups. And I still think I might end up with a second six arc because my six arc now is going to be my night gun. It's going to stay on there. I'm not going to remove it. It is going to be my night gun and I like it so damn much that I might just end up with a CMMG I don't know.

We'll see. He's got that 22 250. I forgot about that. Yeah, he's I'm about to the christiansen's about to get mounted a scope on it too. So it'll probably be used. But anyway Seth rulon asked us and asked me nate and I said i'd read them all so Nate you [01:51:00] saw that guy so close a day or so earlier talking about baraka Why in the heck did you let micah get him?

Dick. Seth, I don't know, man, it just, that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, yup. Made an ethical decision, and Micah benefited from it two days later. Yup. Just the way it worked out, man. It is what it is. And will I cry myself to sleep for the next year? Yes, I will. buT, no, I'm just kidding.

But yeah, that's what happened. I just, it was on someone else's property, I didn't feel like I should be shooting, and I didn't. Come to find out the lady wouldn't have cared, but you didn't know it at the fact or at the time. So thanks Seth. And my daughter, I said I would read it. Is Kylie your favorite child?

You are my favorite daughter. That's my answer. You are my favorite daughter. You're also my only daughter. And then I think W cope Oh nine is Wyatt Copenhaver. Oh yeah. Why? What's up, man? He asked us, are these some of your biggest deer? [01:52:00] Mine for sure I mean it is your biggest. Yeah 178. Yeah for sure.

It is chase's biggest deer. Yep And it is andy's my probably top three top one of top three, I think 40s in the wall. I told you those 140s start shivering man. So purdy if anything I told my wife I wouldn't I wouldn't shoot a deer unless I mounted it. I started mounting smaller deer. But no yeah.

So I told Kate, like I do, like I've mounted a bunch, like of those one 40 class deer one, I just like deer mounts. I have a good basement for it. I put them up. So this one, I was like, I've spent enough on that stuff. All. I'm just going to get a Euro done on this and be done. I'll just mount it.

And then my mother in law actually saved me. She said what deers have you killed on your farm? I was like what do you mean? Which one of these mounts came from there? And I started looking, like, all of them. She's like, all of them? [01:53:00] Yeah got that one in this year, that one in that year. I just started rattling them off.

She's really? And so Kate goes, my wife looked at me and goes You've, you've killed all of these down. I didn't realize that. So if you don't mount this, will this be the only one you haven't mounted from that farm? Yeah. Get it mounted. Okay. Don't tell me twice. I didn't ask again. I just. It's 152, man.

That's not. No. I'd have smacked your, I'd have smacked the shit out of you for not mounting a 152. It would have been mounted, just not a shoulder mount. I was going to get a Euro done and have something nice done with it. I just wasn't going to spend the money for it. And see, I'm one of the my buddy again, the one we were talking about with the thing, he loves Euro mounts.

Yeah. That's his thing. He likes them. I don't. I don't dislike them. Yeah. But I love shoulder mounts. There's a place for him. There is. I always told my wife at 150 or bigger gets a mount other than that. And I think for me what ruined it is like when I was growing, a kid growing up, like all the deer heads out in the shed, the ones you found, the small ones were the [01:54:00] skulls.

Not necessarily your, they weren't necessarily your amount of, but they're just skulls and racks just hanging in the sheds and stuff of the farm. Those are the ones like no one really ever got to see oh, you never talked about them. You never talked about them. So the Euro mount to me like has a persona because of that to me.

Yeah, I could see that. It's not anything against them. To me it's just it's just, it I don't know how to even explain it. Like a shoulder mount, it's like a light, like it's alive. Like a Euro, it's there's more of a story with it. You don't remember what the picture, what the deer looked like.

Scorpion right there has a double throat. Basket case had a beautiful coat, you don't have those anymore. Look how beautiful it is. Fur coat. Yeah. I'm going to get that made. It's just I'm just not as big of a fan as I am of the shoulder mounts.

Now. The other point is a euro is cheap as shit compared to that's exactly. Yeah. It's a lot of money Especially nowadays everything's got up and mounts is one of them Yeah, and you can do nice like with chases [01:55:00] deer and cadence first buck. I've got them on nice cedar pieces of wood I'm gonna do the same thing with chases.

I'm gonna get plaques made even though I haven't done it with cadence yet And it'll be something they can take with them when they move out with their as their first buck And I'm not getting either of those mounted because the deer aren't very big. That, I can understand. But, yeah if the deer is a good deer, there's a good chance I'm gonna get a shoulder mount on it, most likely.

Yeah. 150s, I'll probably always get a shoulder mount on, to be honest with you. Oh, yeah, that's the rule. The ones right behind us right now, they're the side shoulder mounts up on the wall. Shoulder pedestals, I think they call them. Is that the pedestals? Yeah, those are pedestals. That's gonna take me to be about a 160 to 170.

That's that next level of deer I think I'm gonna do one of those on that next. Yeah, he would have got one no matter what because he's about a 156 He wouldn't have but because of our show It works perfect. Their opposite shoulder looks good. I think he's like a one 47 or something like that.

But just because [01:56:00] of the way our, we have a show now it worked perfect for our studio. But yeah, the shoulder pedestals take up a little more space on the wall, I think then, the normal ones, but they do look pretty, they're beautiful. And that's all the questions we had That is our two hour show two hours and five minutes as our rut recap.

We had a lot of shit happen And that's awesome. I know a lot of our listeners have had a lot of stuff happen Please tag us in your trophy photos. Send them to us we love seeing those photos whether it's a 80 incher or a 180 incher or a doe. Tag us and let us know how your season's going.

We love hearing from our listeners. And our folks. With how their season's going, man. For sure. Bo show. yOu two dear killers, congratulations. It's on the coyotes now, baby. I hate him. He ain't wrong. I've got a head start on his ass on Kyle's. Yeah, you already got me beat there, bud.[01:57:00] Andy, congratulations.

Appreciate it. Micah, go fuck yourself. Thanks, bud. See ya. See ya.