Navigating the West & Life w/ Weston Homa

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Welcome to the Antler Up Podcast with your host, Jeremy Dinsmore! In this episode, Jeremy sits down with special guest Weston Homa!

Welcome to the latest episode of the Antler Up Podcast hosted by Jeremy Dinsmore, where we delve into the world of hunting, outdoor adventures, fitness and personal growth. In this episode, Jeremy sits down with Weston Homa, a passionate outdoorsman whose love for hunting and outdoor activities knows no bounds.

Join us as Weston shares his insights on Western hunts, particularly for elk and mule deer. Learn how Weston's dedication to mental preparation and visualization has been key to his success in the field, allowing him to fully immerse himself in each outdoor experience.

But it's not just about hunting for Weston. Discover how his passion for running marathons and ultra marathons has taught him invaluable life lessons, from perseverance to the importance of recovery and balance. Weston's journey highlights the intersection of physical and mental challenges, offering listeners a glimpse into the transformative power of outdoor pursuits.

Looking to embark on your own Western hunting adventure? Weston offers practical advice on trip planning, from researching state regulations to selecting the right gear. Whether you prefer a rifle or a bow, Weston emphasizes the importance of personal preference and comfort in making the decision.

Join us as we explore the nexus of outdoor adventure, personal growth, and family values with Weston Homa on this episode of the Antler Up Podcast. Tune in and get ready to be inspired to pursue your passions with dedication, positivity, and a love for the great outdoors.

So, grab your gear, sit back, and join us on this episode as we Antler Up with Weston Homa on today's episode of the Antler Up Podcast.

 Stay tuned, stay safe, and Antler Up! 

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