New Deer Hunting Gear for 2023

Show Notes

With deer seasons wrapping up around the country, it's time to take a long, hard look at the gear we used this fall. What worked? What didn't? What gear did we love? What should we add to take our kit to take our hunting up another notch? Lucky for you gear junkies out there, ATA '23 featured TONS of new and innovative products for deer hunters. 

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer Podcast, Josh talks with Andrew Muntz about the some of the best, and worst, gear they saw at ATA in Indy. Andrew is one half of the O2 podcast duo and a diehard whitetail hunter. The guys discuss the highlights of Andrews season, the Sportsmen's Empire crew's shenanigans during the ATA Show, and some of their top picks from the show. Enjoy!

Show Transcript