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On this episode of the Hunting Gear Podcast, Dan talks with Alec Butler about new hunting products from PRADCO Outdoor Brands. Alec talks about new products from brands like Code Blue and their new real tarsal gland soaked in pure buck urine in a resealable package, the new ranch series feeders from Moultrie Feeders, and a new line of accessories from Summit Treestands. This is an informative episode that will get you updated on these popular hunting brands. Enjoy!

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What's up everybody? Welcome back to another episode of the Hunting Gear podcast. I'm your host Ann Johnson, and today we're gonna talk with Alec Butler from Brad Co. Now if you don't know what PRADCO is a company that owns a whole bunch of different outdoor brand companies like Multry Mobile and Multry feeders and Trail cameras and Summit Tree stands and [00:01:00] Code Blue Scents.

And man, there's a couple other one night and Hail. And so some of these brands are really staple. Cornerstone products in the hunting community, in the hunting industry. And we're gonna talk about three brands specifically on this podcast. And these are new products from Code Blue Summit.

Tree stands in Multry Feeders. And so if you guys are, if you guys like listening about scents, if you guys like listening about Summit Tree stands, if you guys use any of these products, or you're in. That allows feeders or you use free feeders in your yearly whitetail pursuits, then this is definitely a product podcast that you wanna listen to.

Before we get into today's episode though, I want to run through our partners at tethered HuntStand and uht Cam, if you are looking for a saddle, look no further than tethered. Not only does tethered have some really badass [00:02:00] products, They have a I guess an educational background with that comes with using their products.

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Saddle hunting accessories, climbing sticks, and saddle hunting platforms. Go check out tethered. Next on the list, we have HuntStand. Really what HuntStand is it gives you the ability to journal and document every single thing that you find out in the field. And so not only does it allow you to journal, but it allows you to be more present in your.

Hunting adventures and it gives you the ability to be on the landscape, whether you're in bed before you fall asleep or you are commuting to [00:03:00] work. What I mean by that is not driving. We don't recommend you, you driving and using HuntStand, but what I mean is anytime that you have some free time, you pull up HuntStand, you.

And what I like to do is go through different scenarios, different wind directions, different access routes in my head. So when the time comes to go and hunt or scout, I go right to there. I'm not wasting any time. I'm more efficient in my hunting strategy, in my hunting pursuit. So go check out and read up on all of the features that they have and the new pro whitetail platform that they introduced earlier this year.

Last but not least, if you are looking. Document your hunts. Go check out Tcam. TCAM has recently introduced their new 6.0 version that can be mounted to your bow or your gun, and it allows you to document everything that you see. The shots the turkeys coming in, the deer, the deer coming in.

And it's just a good way to share what with friends [00:04:00] and family and just to keep on a hard drive somewhere and you can always go back and say, Hey man, I passed this deer this year. I'm gonna try to shoot him. Things like that. And so the new 6.0 has image stabilization. It has a L C D screen, it can record in 4k and it's easy to pull off and get onto your computer and edit if in fact you, let's say have a YouTube channel or something like that.

Go check out all the products that I just mentioned. Please go out and support the brands that support this podcast. Last but not least, if you are looking to give back this year, please go check out 2% for conservation at Fish and Wildlife dot. There's the intro. Short and sweet. Let's get into today's pradco focused podcast with Alec Butler.

All right on the Hunting Gear Podcast with me today, Mr. Alec Butler from Pradco Outdoor Brands. Alec Man, how are we doing today? Man, we're doing really good and 

[00:04:52] Alec Butler: I'm excited to be here talking to you. We've got a lot of new stuff out in the market and need to start shedding some light on what we have to offer.

[00:04:59] Dan Johnson: Yeah, [00:05:00] perfect. But first, first things first here, right now I'm sitting in Iowa and school has been canceled, and we're in the middle of a blizzard slash heavy snowstorm. What's it like down where you're. 

[00:05:15] Alec Butler: It's actually a little bit nicer than you've got it going on. , , we've got some sun, but there's actually a good bit of storms supposed to be rolling in this afternoon we gotta start batting down the hatches 

[00:05:26] Dan Johnson: for that.

Yeah. Remind me where PRADCO Brands is out of. 

[00:05:30] Alec Butler: We're based out of Birmingham. That's right. Just barely south of Birmingham actually, but we call it Birmingham. 

[00:05:36] Dan Johnson: Yeah. I used to live north of Birmingham in a small town called Hartsel, and Oh, I know Hartsel really well. Yep. I bet you I ate at that that Waffle House probably 200 days out of the year.

No joke when I was living down there. And I live down there and I came down to Birmingham a couple times and dude I really like the city of Birmingham. 

[00:05:57] Alec Butler: It's really exciting. There's so much to do around here. I'm [00:06:00] actually from Huntsville a little bit more up north too. Yep. But moved down here for this job and I'm really liking it.

We're in the small town of Chelsea right on the out. So it's close enough where you can go in and have fun if you want, but yeah, you don't get stuck in the hustle bustle every day. 

[00:06:14] Dan Johnson: Is there a little area called Five Points? Is that what they call it? 

[00:06:18] Alec Butler: I think there's one of those in Huntsville.

There may be one in Birmingham. I haven't found it yet, but I guarantee there's one in Huntsville. 

[00:06:24] Dan Johnson: I gotcha. Okay. I didn't know if there, there was like a little area where all these intersections come into one and then they have a a whole bunch of restaurants and bars and cool little things going on.

I, when I was there, 

[00:06:39] Alec Butler: Oh, I'm sure it's still downtown, but like I said, I try not to go there too often if 

[00:06:43] Dan Johnson: I can avoid it. How was your hunting season this year? 

[00:06:45] Alec Butler: Hunting season, man. You join these outdoor companies, you think you're gonna do a lot of hunting, but we've just been so wrapped up in this product development and getting new products out for everybody.

I got out maybe on four or five different weekends where I got to go sit. But yeah, [00:07:00] none of those deer I was looking for showed up. Had a lot of doze and young doze of walking through, but. Nothing that I thought I needed to take out as far as management goes. Yeah, 

[00:07:09] Dan Johnson: I'll tell you what, that is probably more relatable to a listener than what I do in a given year.

And, I get to hunt probably 1, 2, 3, at least four total weeks. Probably 20. 28 days a year. I get a hunt throughout the year, so I'm pretty lucky on that side of things. And going out on a handful of weekends throughout the season is probably a little bit more relatable than than a guy like myself.

So I guess it is what it is, right? 

[00:07:40] Alec Butler: Yeah. You gotta get out there when you can. Sometimes life steps up in the way. You. You gotta answer the call. But yeah, I still love hunting. I get out there every chance I can yep. Just hoping next year lets me get out there a little more.

[00:07:51] Dan Johnson: Absolutely. All right, Alec, why don't you walk us through what your role is at Pradco? So 

[00:07:56] Alec Butler: I've been in Prag co, just I a little under a year and a half now. I [00:08:00] got a mechanical engineering degree at Alabama and so they hired me on to help with product development. So if CAD software and 3D modeling.

That's a good majority of what I've been doing there. Gotcha. So we do this product development and we start, from the ground up, we'll sit down and me and Derek, which I think you talked with Derek before, the product manager, but we'll sit down and go through what the product needs to do, some basic functions and requirements on it.

And then it basically, it's up to me. I sit down at my software and I draw shapes and extrusions and before you know it, starts to look like a product. . Yeah. And we'll hammer out the details on it and try to figure out every little use case. And then it starts getting on to some more serious designs and we'll get into the fun stuff, which is.

Some actual design concepts where things start coming to life and we get a better idea of what finished products actually gonna be. 

[00:08:55] Dan Johnson: Yeah. And do you do that with all of [00:09:00] the, Multry Feeders and Summit Tree stands and any other product that Bradco offers? 

[00:09:06] Alec Butler: Actually I'm exclusive to Multry Feeders at the.

Okay. Uh, We have a guy Summit, Jake, who's our great product manager for them, but he does all the modeling that he needs to a, associated with that brand. And Code Blue, of course, not really too many products coming out of there that require 3D modeling. Yeah. Yeah, I stay pretty busy with mul feeders though, because in addition to these product designs that we're talking.

There's also product testing and issues that arise from manufacturing and other things. That they just pop up week to week that you've gotta handle and you need to have someone familiar with the products that can take it on. 

[00:09:41] Dan Johnson: Yeah, that's one thing that really fascinates me is. Concept to actual product and all of the time spent in, in front of a computer or, testing, testing the product where, for example, you know, Hypothetically, let's say [00:10:00] you, you design a feeder and all of a sudden you, you think, oh, it's done.

Let's go test it out. And something within it isn't working and the feed, let's say, starts to bunch up and it's not coming out. Or, you gotta find solutions for all of these little problems that may occur that you would only find out. Prototype testing. And so when something like that happens, what, what are the next steps or how do you properly test any type of product, new product?

[00:10:30] Alec Butler: That, that's a big question. Cuz there's so many different answers and different ways to handle it, but it depends on where your manufacturers. . So you'll get your product in and first thing you want to do is you wanna run it right there in your workshop, you where there's no elements or anything, just do a basic easygoing test, make sure everything functions.

So once you get through that, then you get to kind of house of fun with the testing. Yeah. Then you take it outside and you build a hopper all the way up. Or you get a hammer and you start taking a sledge [00:11:00] hammer to the feeder legs. Full of weight. We do a lot of different style testing like that to make sure these products are gonna stand up in the field.

Yeah. Every now and then, like I said, there's manufacturing defects or some materials come in that aren't the quality you need, and there's things that are out of a lot of people's control and you gotta roll with the punches. Yeah. But I'd say the biggest hurdle with it all is if you're dealing with an overseas manufacturer, , these wait times are a pain.

Yeah. You get a product in and if you wanna make a change, you've got three to four months sometimes until you can actually see the next extra product come through. Yeah. So you've really gotta do your due diligence in product design early on so that you can try to avoid as many of those mistakes as.

[00:11:47] Dan Johnson: All right, so let's get into some of these new products coming outta Pradco and we're gonna, we're gonna end with your bread and butter over at Moultrie. But let's start out with Code Blue. And I think Code Blue has something really interesting that [00:12:00] I saw at the ATA show this year and how they package some of their scents and things like that.

So why don't you talk to us about what is new with code? . 

[00:12:09] Alec Butler: Okay, great. Yeah, Coley does have a few new exciting products coming out. We'll start off with a little more basic ones. Some products you've seen before. I guess you're familiar with their screaming Heat, Excel and Scrap Mate Excel, which are both.

Products that we sell, but now they're also available in larger sizes, just so you're not having to refill as much. Yeah. But the exciting product, the one I'm most interested in is the buck tarsal gland. That's the one, and we've sold some tarsal glands in the past, but this one kind of takes its own stage as it's an actual whole tarsal gland and it's in a resealable package.

And inside that package is two fluid ounces of actual buck. . So if you wanna use this tarsal gland, you can hang it up, but you can also reseal it back up in your package and use it again. It's not a one and done type of deal. 

[00:12:59] Dan Johnson: Yeah. And [00:13:00] this is where a lot of questions come through. I had some people when I posted this product, I said it's one tarsal gland, and then the urine from that's in that package, is that also one buck as.

[00:13:14] Alec Butler: That's right. All the urine that's in there. It's not some mixture between 50 different deer yet. We were just trying to get the volume we needed. It's one deer urine goes into that actual bouts. 

[00:13:25] Dan Johnson: Okay, now here's my question. The collection of this, and not only of the urine, but of the tarsal gland itself.

I thought that a person could not sell wild game products or parts of animals like this. Are these pen raised deer? So it's a little bit different? Or how does the collection process and how does all this work? Oh 

[00:13:51] Alec Butler: man, I wish I knew a little bit more of the details on this. Matt is really the only one who knows all the true secrets.

But it's deer farm. They treat the deer [00:14:00] well. As far as actual harvesting of the tarsal gland, I don't know how they do it. It must be magic . 

[00:14:05] Dan Johnson: I guess we'll accept that as an answer today, but I bet you if it's on a farm raised, Then they're able to treat it more like livestock and less like natural resource.

I would agree with that. Okay. All right. And why the, why then the one-on-one, like why do they feel like only having one bucks urine is better than a mixture? 

[00:14:28] Alec Butler: From my viewpoint, it, it seems as though, you just want to have that a good dominant deer. You want one single scent to hang onto.

if you have 10 different deer's urine in there, then a lot of 'em are gonna have different scent profiles and maybe they don't all blend together well, and it's gonna be easier for a deer to follow a trail if he's just following one scent that he can really set his nose on. 

[00:14:48] Dan Johnson: Yeah. Yeah, I would say it's probably more authentic.

Th than a blend of a whole bunch of urines. I would say it's it's closer to [00:15:00] the real thing than anything else. Oh, yes, 

[00:15:03] Alec Butler: of course. Definitely. It's a, it's more premium version than if you're just gonna have a bunch of different deer in there. 

[00:15:08] Dan Johnson: Okay. What else is new from Code Blue this year?

[00:15:10] Alec Butler: We have some dripper bags and there's a few different, let's call them flavors for lack of a better word at the moment. Yep. Flavors of dripper bags. So we'll start off with the grave digger dough, Esther Stripper. It's a dough Esther, that we already sell out in the market now, but you can just hang these bags up on a branch and then there's a valve on the bottom of these bags.

You can just crack it open a little bit until. A good, slow drip. You want it dripping once, you know every so often to where you're not running your whole bag out. It's gonna vary based on temperature outside and other factors of the actual drip rate. But they're really neat products cuz it's not just hang a wig and then the rain comes and it's ruined.

You can put this bag up, it can fall overnight, it real windy and [00:16:00] it's still gonna be there in the morning. It's still gonna be d. It's still gonna be there in a few days dripping. And so it's a little bit more liable than a lot of the scent attractants that we're used to using. The old soak, the wig, hang it on the branch it keeps it fresh.

It's actively refreshing 

[00:16:15] Dan Johnson: the site. Gotcha. Is this supposed to be used in a mox grape scenario? , 

[00:16:21] Alec Butler: It's up to, user preference. There's one that's a little bit more situated just for scraps. And that's the grave digger scrape mate, dripper. Okay. And so that's one that would be great to go ahead and make your Mox grape and set that one up.

But we have the the Dough Esther Stripper. There's two different versions. There's a code red version and there's also a grave digger version. And then there's also a buck urine dripper, which you can use that on a scrape too. It would. good matchup. 

[00:16:47] Dan Johnson: Gotcha, gotcha. And so do you happen to know as far as I know, there's different settings.

You can go wide open or you could probably close the valve a little bit to slow the drip down. Do you know how much something [00:17:00] like this is expected to last when you put it out in the field? 

[00:17:04] Alec Butler: I don't know on the actual expected lasting of it, it's all gonna be, very. , one user could have it drip where, know, you may be able to get a week out of it maybe a couple weeks if you do the drip.

That seems a little long. 

[00:17:17] Dan Johnson: Yeah. Yeah. So I would, it just depends on three days would probably be Yeah. But the valve itself controls the drip, right? That's right. So you could go for wide open for a couple days, or you can drip it real slow and it. It lasts longer that way. Yeah, of course.

Okay. What kind, I don't I know this particular category isn't your bread and butter, but how do they do the product testing on are they doing this new product testing in conjunction with like trail camera tests as well? 

[00:17:50] Alec Butler: you referencing this 

[00:17:51] Dan Johnson: code blue testing? Yeah. Yeah. The code blue sense 

[00:17:54] Alec Butler: I think all that gets handle.

Outside of our like direct house. Okay. [00:18:00] I'm thinking they're doing all these testings and they do plenty of analysis at the actual manufacturer where they're creating this. Okay. And so everything is in-house done as far as the testing goes there. But whenever we do get products, that is one of the things that I'm personally doing up around the office is I'll set up our feeder, I'll put up some of the code blue attractants and then we'll put some cameras up on 'em and we'll start gauging that feed.

and see, which one of 'em stacks up the best and how they're gonna react to it. Yeah. 

[00:18:28] Dan Johnson: Have you ha, have you, do you use, when you go hunting, do you got use like the Esther Stripper or the scrape mate, things like that? 

[00:18:36] Alec Butler: I've been using uh, we had a lot of overstock of expired products of our old foaming Esthers and I've gotten onto using that.

It's really cool you spray it through the woods as you walk, but I'm getting into using the scrape mate, , this grape May and the grave digger are great. Yeah. They smell so much. Every time I put 'em out, every buck that comes through is gonna put his nose down and he is gonna stop and take a few seconds to [00:19:00] try to figure out what's going 

[00:19:01] Dan Johnson: on.

Yeah. I'll say this, I am really looking forward to this late summer timeframe. I think I'm gonna start. , like for me personally, I've heard so many guys talk about, setting up mock scrapes and trail cameras over mock scrapes and things like that. I'm really looking forward to messing around and creating some mock scrapes and experimenting with a handful of different products, whether that's something like the scrape mate that you guys have or, the dough es extra stripper or some of that other, I think you guys have what's the gland on the head that I forget.

But anyway, it's the deer. They, it comes out of the top of their head and that gland and they put it on ropes or things like that. I'm gonna be experimenting with that. Oh yeah. The rack robe. 

[00:19:43] Alec Butler: Yeah. We have the rack rube, and then that's for the rope. Dope. System. 

[00:19:46] Dan Johnson: Yeah, the Robo Dope system is another really cool one.

Yeah. Yeah. I think I'm gonna be messing around with that this upcoming season. Anything else new from code Blue? 

[00:19:55] Alec Butler: No, that's all of the new 

[00:19:56] Dan Johnson: products on Code Blue. Okay. Let's bounce to summit then real [00:20:00] quick and let's talk a little bit about what's new from Summit. 

[00:20:04] Alec Butler: Alright. Summit.

Everybody loves Summit. I have been a long-term Summit user. Ever since I was born, my dad's always had some of his stuff running around. But so their most exciting product for me is the new Universal backpack straps. Oh yeah. Okay. And anybody that's carried a climber knows how important a good set of backpack straps are.

Yeah. They have just so much better load distribution on your back, but they have some breathable patterned mesh base and shoulder. So it doesn't get us, like, all hot and sweaty where you have the straps at. The adjustable straps let's see. The adjustable straps are really nice on it too. Like I said, you can really change the tightness on your shoulders and your waist and you can actually adjust the load and where it's gonna be distributed on your body.

So if you're a little bit more of a back carrier, then you can set it up 

[00:20:56] Dan Johnson: that way. Yeah, so it's pretty adjustable from the sounds. [00:21:00] 

[00:21:00] Alec Butler: it is, it's really adjustable. It should fit most people and it would take a lot for it not to fit you. The quick attachment buckles on it, they actually have neoprene sleeves as well, so that it's not gonna be clanking around and rattling while you're carrying your stand 

[00:21:15] Dan Johnson: through the woods.

Gotcha. Okay. Question about that. Is that built just for the climber or can those backs, straps be used for any tree stand system? They're 

[00:21:23] Alec Butler: universal. You can put 'em on anything. I guess they'll actually fit on. There may to be universally versatile. 

[00:21:32] Dan Johnson: Okay. And so they'll, for example, they'll work on all of the summit stands, but if someone ha already has some tree stands, they'll work on those tree stands as well.

That's right. Okay, cool. Cool. That, and that's pretty self-explanatory. This is brand new to. . 

[00:21:48] Alec Butler: It is brand new. Yep. We just started getting them in the market and they sell out quick every 

[00:21:53] Dan Johnson: time. Okay. Gotcha. All right. What else? New from summit, 

[00:21:56] Alec Butler: The Universal Footrest. Gotcha. Another [00:22:00] great addition to the line, if you've ever hunted one of those lock ons at the Spoke platform is just a little too small.

Yeah. And you find yourself nearly huddled up the whole. Then this is a footrest for you. 

[00:22:12] Dan Johnson: Yeah. I'll tell you, , I hunt I usually hunt out of a really small tree stand, and I always find myself hanging my boots off the edge and just like stretching out as far as I possibly can, and it gets, it just gets very uncomfortable on the lower back.

And I can see how a product like this would definitely be add more comfort in. To the to the tree stand itself? What is the, i, is there any adjustability? How does it actually work? 

[00:22:45] Alec Butler: Oh, that's a good question. There's three different adjustment positions on it. So you can have it folded in, flush up against the foot platform or your climber as if it's basically not there.

Get it outta the way, outta sight, outta mind. Then there's actually a couple other positions. You can have [00:23:00] it straight out from the climber. And it has a really good reach on it too. It, you can stretch your legs out like you're saying, and put your boots on it, have your legs full out, and then there's a little bit less of an extension mode for if you want to be, ready to go closer to standing up type setting.

Yeah. But like you said, hanging your boots off the side I've had a couple pair of boots drop off my feet that way before and . It's really nice having this footrest on there. Yeah. It'll make it feel like you're in a luxury lounger. 

[00:23:28] Dan Johnson: Yeah. How does it connect to the tree stand itself? 

[00:23:30] Alec Butler: It's got two bolts that'll go up around it, and it's got rubber in between the mount, and so when it's fastening to the actual stand, this rubber is gonna absorb any vibrations and stuff that it may cause.

So when you're putting your feet on it, on and offs type stuff, trying to get up. When a deer's coming, you don't have to worry that it's gonna rattle around. It's gonna scare your deer off. Yeah. It's smart moves. It'll fit any tree stand that has one inch tubing, so that includes [00:24:00] all of our current summit climbers as well as our new dual access lock on.

[00:24:04] Dan Johnson: Gotcha. And it looks, it also looks like just the way it sets and I'm completely guessing at this point, but when it's completely tightened, It goes all the way to the end. So it looks like it, it again could also be used on tree stands outside of Summit, right? 

[00:24:27] Alec Butler: Yeah. Anything that you can get inside that should work.

But we recommend anything with one inch tubing. 

[00:24:32] Dan Johnson: Okay. All right. All right. Anything else special about this other than, it's just a good opportunity to get more comfortable in. , 

[00:24:39] Alec Butler: It's two pounds, so you're not gonna be adding the crazy weight to your stand. I know that's a big deal for guys carrying these a long way through the woods.

Yeah. But now other than it making your hunt a lot more comfortable. 

[00:24:51] Dan Johnson: Okay. All right. Anything else from Summit? 

[00:24:54] Alec Butler: Yes. Yes. There's the new fast track bow holder. Okay. And I think this is one a lot of people have been waiting on for a [00:25:00] little while. If you're familiar with the fast track system on the Viper Pro SD climbers, 

[00:25:06] Dan Johnson: explain what that.

[00:25:08] Alec Butler: That is a fantastic feature. So there's some tracks in the side of our climbers in the top and lower half now, and we have a lot of accessories coming out for these. We have phone holders, we have this new bow holder. There's even a gun and equipment holders too. So no more, wrapping cables around side of your climber or those, twisty cables that are supposed to hold your stuff up.

Yep. These are solid and rigid, and you can move them just about around the entire circumference of your stand and customize it exactly where you want it. 

[00:25:42] Dan Johnson: Okay. That's pretty cool. I was looking at, I'm looking at it right now. And this is for the climber only, or does it work on any of your hang ons?

[00:25:51] Alec Butler: So the Fast Track rail is only on the Viper Pro sd, and that's a 

[00:25:55] Dan Johnson: climber right. 

[00:25:56] Alec Butler: That's our climber. Okay. Top tier climber. 

[00:25:59] Dan Johnson: Do you [00:26:00] guys, has there been any discussion o of adding the fast track system to all of your tree stands? 

[00:26:05] Alec Butler: I don't think we've explicitly discussed it as a team. There may be some backroom discussions going on.


[00:26:12] Dan Johnson: Gotcha. Okay. That just looks like something real sweet to make a ton of accessories fit. I. It just gives the ability to open up the door for so many different things to attach to your tree stand or hang on your tree stand, like you said, the gun holder, the bow holder, all that stuff. 

[00:26:31] Alec Butler: Yeah. Okay. It is a great system. I would like to see it on other 

[00:26:34] Dan Johnson: products as well. Yeah. It's pretty sick. I for a listener right now, I think you should go check it out and go to their website and check it out because I really do think that you got something. For making is that, let me ask you, is that fast track system additional welded pieces or is that is that a molded piece of sorts?

That ghost on the tree stand. . 

[00:26:56] Alec Butler: To my knowledge, it is an actual piece of the extruded aluminum. Okay. [00:27:00] So it, the actual track system is metal and it's part of the body of the climber, so it's not something that's just tacked on there. Gotcha. 

[00:27:09] Dan Johnson: Haphazardly. Gotcha. Okay. Yeah, that looks pretty cool, man. All right.

So that's it for Summit. , 

[00:27:17] Alec Butler: that's it for 

[00:27:17] Dan Johnson: Summit? Yes, sir. Okay. So now you're bread and butter here with Multry Feeders. What do we got? That's new from Multry this year the 

[00:27:25] Alec Butler: big multry line that we've just come out with is our Multry Ranch series. Yeah. And this was a solution we wanted to get there out there for the deer hunters, but also for.

People who do domestic livestock, there's a, it's becoming a bigger trend in this country now that people wanna have their own animals and be able to be a little bit more self-sustainable. And so we thought this is a great opportunity for us to create a product that helps everybody. And the breadwinner of this line is our ranch series, auger Feeder, and this thing, [00:28:00] Just sweet.

It's got a very large auger in it and it's all stainless steel. This thing can feed just about anything you put in it to an extent. Now the large cattle queues people use, I think we found those might be the top limiter of what you can feed through it. But corn and sweet feed and protein mixes, it's a really good feeder.


[00:28:26] Dan Johnson: And how does it work? 

[00:28:28] Alec Butler: So you have your standard hopper, right? We're familiar with the design and then the chute will come straight vertically down into a horizontally set auger, and then this auger will. out to the chute, which is spaced off to the side far enough where you're not gonna have feed flowing through your hopper and coming outta your auger at random times.

It's all gonna be stopped up by the auger. Yeah, and once it comes outta the auger, we have a convenient feed tray that will help direct it either through, your cattle fins into your draw so you [00:29:00] can feed your steers, your goats, chickens, whatever's in. or for people that just wanna drop it straight down to the ground, they can do that too.

And I found that's a really good way to do it for Deere. Cause Deere get really comfortable when there's just a big 

[00:29:13] Dan Johnson: pile of corn on the ground. Yeah. . Yeah. Now how does this work? How does it attach to the ground? Because I can see, you were talking to earlier about Slam and Sledgehammers, against the legs of some of these feeders.

And I know that hogs can do some terrible things to feeders and to the ground and all that stuff. So how does it, how does, how do you guys prevent something like this from. , 

[00:29:37] Alec Butler: right? So when you first buy it, it's just the normal standard feeder legs going in the ground. But a product that we sell, and we have a new SKU coming out just for this branch series line, are our feeder feet.

And so each foot platform will have four separate contact points on its own, and they all dig into the ground. And so you can increase that four contact [00:30:00] points of just the legs to 16. And on top of this, 10 inch long steaks. Steaks. Okay. So for each foot that you put into your feeder legs, you stake it 10 inches in the ground and it's not gonna go anywhere.

[00:30:12] Dan Johnson: Gotcha. And all of these new products so I'm reading here the Ranch series 300 Broadcast Feeder. It looks like that also comes in a four 50. That goes from 300 pounds to 450 pounds. 

[00:30:27] Alec Butler: That's true. Yes. So these hoppers are 300 and 450 pound capac. And the three different feeder kits are interchangeable between all of them.

Yeah. Which is the auger kit, which we just talked about. Then there's the broadcast kit and the gravity kit. Yeah. But another fact about these is our old quick clock feeder kits. All of our plastic ones, those will all bolt up directly to this, are using the plastic adapter and quick lock feeder. Kids will now work on your metal.

[00:30:57] Dan Johnson: Okay, so there's just like a [00:31:00] connection that you have to buy, like a adapter that connects to your old feeders and where you can the attach the Ranch Series, auger Feeder and the Ranch Series broadcast feeder. 

[00:31:12] Alec Butler: I think you might have it flipped, actually. So if you want to attach your old plastic feeder kits like our nxt, our pro hundred two s, you can use those on our new 

[00:31:22] Dan Johnson: metal hoppers.

Oh, okay. Okay. All right. I gotcha now. I 

[00:31:25] Alec Butler: got you now. Because a lot of users they want the sturdy hopper. They want something that's really gonna hold up against the elements and environments. But they like our old kits, like we have our NXT kit, which has a shocking feature in the wire that goes around the spin plate.

A lot of people really like that and they want to carry it over to their ran series feeder. 

[00:31:43] Dan Johnson: And so that keeps Koons away. And any other animals that want to. , right? If they 

[00:31:48] Alec Butler: put their hands in there and they touch both the wires, they'll get a little zap and it'll let 'em know. Yeah. But that's a good point to move on to the broadcast feeder for the Ranch series.

It actually comes standard in the kit. [00:32:00] When you buy this hopper and broadcast kit, it's included with a large garment guard that is very sleek design and actually looks really good on the feeder, but it. Relatively easy installation, and it's been hard to get any farms to beat it yet. I haven't seen any getting through it and getting to the 

[00:32:16] Dan Johnson: corn.

Yeah, I wish there was a an attachment on your feeders that would just make raccoons explode. And then I would and then I would buy one . . 

[00:32:29] Alec Butler: We have been looking for something like that. . But you 

[00:32:32] Dan Johnson: said tough , right? Oh, that's funny. So these so the new ranch series is the new high end and it looks like, so you have a broadcast feeder.

You have an auger feeder, and then you also have a gravity feeder, which has less bells and whistle. , 

[00:32:50] Alec Butler: right? Yes. The gravity feeder is, for the users who don't want to deal with the timers and everything else, right? And it's really get you put corn in there, you can put the actual [00:33:00] protein pellets and it's gonna handle it all 

[00:33:01] Dan Johnson: really well.

Gotcha. Okay. So we have a how does this work? Do you have to set the timer on the feeder itself or is there a app. That you can set this on. Everything has an app now. I didn't know if it was Bluetooth or media or how do you put that? Mobile data driven? 

[00:33:23] Alec Butler: It's all directly on board on the timer right now.

Okay. Okay. I will say be on a lookout for new products in the future. That will help. Setting these timers. And as well as for the the auger kit, we have some more accessories in the works that should pair well with the auger kit for the ranch series. And we're hoping to have those out by the beginning of the next year.

[00:33:43] Dan Johnson: Oh, cool. Cool. That'll be awesome. All right anything else new that we need to discuss with Moultrie? 

[00:33:49] Alec Butler: That does it for the Ranch series. I will say that we have a new a garment guard too, that we came out with really recently. And that's more for our plastic feeders. Our 30 gallon [00:34:00] and three 20 fives.

Yeah. It's got a bigger radius around it than our current ones do. It's a lot larger, so it's gonna keep all the environments a good bit further away from the spin plate. We had some issues on the last one. People claim that they could get inside it sometimes, but this new one, it has another great feature.

That was probably my favorite thing that sold me on the. Is our plastic feeder kits. The bottom half you have to take off, the bottom housing to get in there to your timer. And usually when you pair of garment guard with your feeder kits, you have to go in there and you have to do some sort of disassembly or open something to get in there just to access your kit.

Yeah. But this new one cuts off halfway down the feeder kit. And so you walk up and you can immediately get into your feeder without having to do any. 

[00:34:48] Dan Johnson: Gotcha. Okay. That's cool, man. If a feeder doesn't have a vat guard on it, how much feed typically gets lost [00:35:00] by Koons or any other animals like hogs that you don't want eating your corn?

I, the only thing I want to eat my corn is deer. 

[00:35:09] Alec Butler: Yeah. So of course sometimes you'll lose all of it. Yeah. If you have a dedicated group of raccoons, they can sit there all night and they will spin your spin plate or shovel out your gravity feeder until it's all gone. 

[00:35:22] Dan Johnson: Yeah, man. That's crazy.

And so this is, this would be a highly recommended accessory that you would want on all of your. Oh, 

[00:35:31] Alec Butler: definitely. Without a doubt I would not risk putting a feeder out and then paying these high corn prices. Yeah. Just to be feeding the 

[00:35:38] Dan Johnson: raccoons both. Yeah. That's a fact. That's a fact. Cool, man.

I know that we of just stuck with three, three code Blue Summit and Multry products, product lines today are, but do you happen to know any other cool or interesting products or. Brands that are coming out of the Pradco house. 

[00:35:59] Alec Butler: Oh yeah. We just [00:36:00] recently teamed up with Texas Hunter products, and if you're not familiar with them, you should be, they have a great line of shooting houses as well as a bunch of large gravity feeders for people who are running a little bit bigger of an operation.

[00:36:12] Dan Johnson: Yeah. So that looks more of a a ranch, like a oh, like a giant Texas operat. 

[00:36:20] Alec Butler: Of course. Yeah. You have just tons and tons of deer and you're gonna be feeding, a thousand pounds every two weeks. Then maybe that's a little bit more your route. 

[00:36:29] Dan Johnson: Gotcha. Okay. But their 

[00:36:30] Alec Butler: shooting houses are luxury.

[00:36:32] Dan Johnson: look luxurious, huh? Yes, they are. Yeah I, I stepped into one of 'em at the ATA show this year, and that's a long way from the hunting pop-up hunting blind that I use that mice and everything can get into, or the breeze will get you if you're not paying attention and things like that.

Someday I'd love to have a farm where I can pop one of those bad boys. Yep. For 

[00:36:54] Alec Butler: now, I'll stick to my my four walls of plywood 

[00:36:57] Dan Johnson: there. There you go. There you go. Hey, man I really [00:37:00] appreciate you taking time outta your day to to, to hop on and chat with us today. I will say this pradco outdoor

And there you'll be able to it's like a big hub for Multry Summit, Whitetail Institute, Texas Hunter Products Code Blue, and then some of the other like Night and Haile and Mo Multry mobile. It's a hub. And then if you're into fishing, they got all the fishing side of PRADCO as well there. So go check out the website if there's any other place.

That we should be looking out for new product information or just to get filled in by what's coming out of Pradco? Where should we look? 

[00:37:35] Alec Butler: Of course, I'm gonna say you should go to moultrie 

[00:37:38] Dan Johnson: There you go. There you go. Moultrie Hey man, I really appreciate you taking time outta your day to do this.

Thank you thank you for your time 

[00:37:46] Alec Butler: today. Yes, sir. Dan, it's been great talking to you. I'm glad that you sat down and talked with me and let us get these new products out there.