October Bow Hunting Tips

Show Notes

On today's episode, Garrett talks about bowhunting in the month of October, which has become his favorite month overall to hunt in the Midwest. September can be nice because of the mild weather and of cover to help hide you in the tree. Bed to food patterns can be easy to identify, and deer can be less on edge. And of course November can also be incredible, though the second half of that month is usually the heaviest hunting pressure of the entire year with the various gun seasons, so often the best rut hunting is isolated, it can be very cold, and you can still put in long hours and slow days waiting for that one key flurry of activity. 

October seems to blend the best of both months. Dressing for the weather is very manageable. Deer movement can be average to very good, and it steadily improves over the course of the month. Deer movement is also much more predictable than November, both from a bedding perspective as well as year-over-year repeatability. The cover has been knocked down a bit since September which improves shooting lanes, but not so much so that the trees you're hunting out of are barren. Hunting pressure usually isn't too bad either. So in this episode Garrett covers eight tips to keep in mind to help making October hunting successful.

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