Ohio Outdoors - Turkey Tour Part 2 with Dave Owens of the Pinhoti Project

Show Notes

The Turkey train is gaining momentum. This week we talk to Dave Owens from the Pinhoti Project. Paul has been amazed by Dave’s work for years, and he finally gets to talk to one of his mentors. Dave is a turkey killing fool from down south. Raised in Georgia, he now resides in Alabama, but hunts 80-90 days a year each spring chasing gobblers.

The guys spent sometime this week at the Great American Outdoor Show as guests in the GoWild booth. The experience was a blast, and they were able to meet members of GoWild, listeners, and new fans. Thanks to everybody that stopped by the booth. Seasons are closed for Deer, ducks, geese, and more. The “slow” time of the year is near, but there is more to look forward too. ODNR added 86 Acres to North Turkeyfoot Wildlife area, and some of our state parks are now named after Bengal Players….? Barf. Enjoy this weeks episode!!!


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