Okie Noodling Tournament

Show Notes

It all started 22 years ago when a film maker wanted to showcase a unique style of catching catfish by hand called Noodling. Out of that documentary came the Okie Noodling Tournament and festival in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. Today the tournament is much more than just a celebration of catching fish, but a full on family fun filled festival complete with booths, food trucks, and concerts. This weeks episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast is all about the upcoming festival and noodling tournament.

Jennifer Samford is a long time employee of the City of Pauls Valley and has helped organize and run the Okie Noodling Tournament for many years. Jennifer and John discuss all the fun and attractions waiting tournament goers at this weekends event. Jennifer gives all the details about how to enter the tournament, when people can start fishing, and when participants have to be at weigh in. She also highlights the concerts and live performances, as well as gives some general tips for people to have the absolute best time possible. Be sure to clear your schedule and get to Pauls Valley this weekend for the Okie Noodling Tournament!!

Show Transcript