One Last Chance To Fill a Tag

Show Notes

Thank you for following the Pennsylvania Woodsman Podcast throughout 2021! We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Following our Christmas intro, we talk about our last chance to fill a deer tag beginning Monday, December 27th. There is no sugar coating here… Late season can be tough! Whitetails have been harassed by hunters for nearly three months and any deer that has made it through to this point is on high alert. If you haven’t connected with a buck by now, it is arguably the most difficult time in Pennsylvania to find one. With that said, there are still missed opportunities for hunters during late season. Simply put, trying a flintlock muzzleloader or taking your bow into the woods is a fun during the holidays! If you dedicate the time and prepare, finding (or creating) unpressured food sources can produce excellent hunting opportunity. We go through our late season game plan of camera monitoring, scouting for food, and stand hunting strategies similar to those discussed in early archery season. The main difference, is the deer are now on edge! Last, we discuss how snow and cold temperatures may create hunting opportunities near bedding cover during mid-day. Keep your powder dry, and stay warm! Pennsylvania Woodsman is Powered by Simplecast

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