Out of State Hunts with Deltaflauge Outdoors

Show Notes

John starts this episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast with some important information concerning bill HB 3462 which aims to release captive "CWD resistant" whitetails into Oklahomas wild herds. The bill lines out the plan and even talks about how land owners can opt into the program to potentially have deer released onto their property.

After the more serious introduction, the episode takes a turn to the lighter side as John is joined by Julius Craig of Deltaflauge Outdoors to talk about hunting in different states. The guys hit on Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and Julius's home state of Louisiana. Being a new Oklahoma resident, Julius also asks John some questions about some of the state's lesser known game like bear and antelope. John also recounts the story of his truck getting stolen out of a Denver hotel parking lot on his way to hunt elk in north western Colorado.

Show Transcript