Outstanding Youth

Show Notes

When your dad’s the most successful Treeing Walker breeder in recent history with major money wins, World Championships and Hall of Fame inductions at every turn, it would appear that sharing the big stage, the limelight if you will, would be a long time coming in the shadow of dad Randy’s success.  When you have the attitude, work ethic and the respect for the game of a seventeen-year old Troy Smith, being recognized for your own achievements seems as natural as summer rain.

In this episode, Steve heads up to western Pennsylvania to hunt with Troy and Randy and to record Troy’s story.  The trip entailed two nights of hunting with a pair of Lone Pine yearlings, Lone Pine Phara at seventeen months and Lone Pine Phalse Profit at fourteen months.  A total of nine raccoons were seen on as many trees on the two-night hunt.  The second night was a short one as Steve respected the early departure time for his homebound flight.

This recording is worth your time for a number of reasons, especially if there are young hunters in your family or circle of friends.   It presents the opportunity to view the sport and what it holds for young ones that indeed will inherit it and carry it forward.  Refreshing is the word that comes to mind.

Show Transcript