Patience Kills Turkeys with Matt Dale

Show Notes

We open this week’s episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman with a quick message from Pastor Phil Thomas as we celebrate Good Friday and this Easter weekend. Afterwards, Mitch and Robby have a conversation with Matt Dale from Dale’s Outdoors. Matt has a YouTube channel dedicated solely to educating people to be better turkey hunters. Matt does not take the same approach as other hunting channels where kill content is the main priority, in fact, he does not have near the amount of hunting content as educational videos.

More often than not, educational content for hunting other big game species like whitetails and black bear revolve around finding food, sign, bedding, etc. Why is it that when spring turkey hunting comes into conversation, sign and food are often a secondary topic? Calling, decoys, and blind location strategies are usually discussed the most, and while they are important it is not the “end-all be-all.” Many spring gobbler hunters gauge the quality of the spring season by the amount of gobbling and the responsiveness to calling they encounter. According to Matt, however, more turkeys are killed by sheer patience. For more of Matt’s turkey hunting knowledge, check out Dale Outdoors on YouTube – any turkey hunter can learn something from this 300+ course level turkey hunting information!

Show Transcript