Pennsylvania Woodsman - B.S. Session w/ Average Jack Archery

Show Notes

Without a doubt one of the greatest aspects of hunting is the camaraderie among fellow hunters. It’s not uncommon for friendships to immediately form after the first time you meet someone and share hunting knowledge and experience. Those in the hunting community are almost always quick to help other hunters hone their skill. On this week’s episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, we catch up with a bowhunter who has been helping thousands of fellow archers through his YouTube channel, Average Jack Archery.

Nate Sellers is a humble English teacher from Northcentral Pennsylvania with a passion for teaching – not just in the classroom but also at the archery shop. Over the past decade, Nate has been producing videos to help a diverse crowd of archers from beginner bowhunters to advanced target shooters. The guys discuss the evolution of Average Jack Archery and how a YouTube channel turned into a new bow shop which Nate is opening in July of 2022. As expected, we discuss archery hunting gear including arrow set up for whitetail hunting and shooting under pressure. Nate shares his experience this past fall of arrowing his largest whitetail to date in Indiana and we chat about how his Midwest hunting strategy relates to hunting back in Pennsylvania. If you’ve followed Nate and Average Jack Archery to any capacity, you can bet Nate will have advice for you in this episode.

If you feel Average Jack Archery has helped you and you’re shooting over the years and would like to contribute to his shop opening July 1, 2022 in Phillipsburg, PA, visit:

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