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Welcome to the Limbhanger Turkey Hunting Podcast! This week, we're catching up on turkey season so far. Sharing the stories from Parker & Adam's trip to Florida. Funny enough, our ethics episode from last week had to be put to practice on the opener. You'll definitely want to hear about that!

Aside from that we talk about hunting mentorship, our opinions on some state's regs (based solely on our opinion and not even remotely factual even a little bit), and we also lose our Kentucky listeners this week. It's great. Really! Gobble Gobble. 

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Limb Hangar Turkey Hunt podcast, brought to you by Grounded Brand and their new impact 2.0 Turkey vest. Get The limb Hangar Turkey Hunt Podcast strives to bring opinions and discussions from all aspects of the Turkey hunting community. From legendary Turkey hunters who hunted in military fatigues to the modern day hunters embracing technology while maintaining traditions passed along for generations.

All are welcome at this round table conversation about one of the wart creatures in North America, wild Turkey. You'll stick around. It's gonna be a great show.

And welcome to another episode of the Limb Hanger Podcast. I am Adam Cruz and with me tonight I have the Reverend Joey Bell and the new Turkey Thug Parker McDonald. Gentleman, how are you guys [00:01:00] doing tonight? Whew. Not feeling well tonight. . I'm feeling pretty stuffy. Florida pollen. He got the best of me.

Yeah, it was a, it was an interesting trip. You stayed down there a whole week, so I'm guessing the family is glad to see you at home. Oh yeah, dude, we came, we ended up coming home yesterday day early. Had some pretty dang good Turkey hunts down there and came home really about two days early.

Cause I was planning on trying to come back Friday and I was like, you know what? I'm satisfied. That was fun. We had a good time. But then like always I come home from a trip sick, which really just is a bad look. for the wife, . You do man. It always happens blue. She gonna be thinking, I'm making out with all my hunting buddies for long.

She's you're sick every time. You done catching something from them? Truck stops or something? Yeah. from the sketchy them sketch boat ramps, . That's what it's the sketchy boat ramps. [00:02:00] No, man it's been it is been a dang good. Dang good week. And Child's happy to be home. Very happy to be home.

I'm jealous. I'm the jealous one out of all of us. And Matt's not here tonight, but out of the four of us that are regularly on here, I'm pretty confident in saying that I'm probably the most deranged Turkey person in amongst us. And I'm the only one that ain't set foot in Turkey Woods yet. And I ain't living right.

I guess . No, Joey, you just have more money than us probably. That's really what the Yes. More money, happier marriage, all those. Joey is smart. He does save I, he saves his p t o and I think his time for the Turkey woods, I see that on the weekends when we're out deer hunting and on trips to Kentucky, Joey's like just, he's sitting there ringing his hands.

He's wait till Turkey season boys, I'm gonna be out there. That's right. . He'll get his, I get a lot, I honestly get a lot of time off, but just my job [00:03:00] wouldn't, I couldn't leave for multiple weeks in the spring with my job. I, I probably would have three weeks worth of vacation, by the end of April or something.

But just, Adam, you're in sales, you just can't, you just can't abandon everything for a couple weeks. But yeah I, like I said before, take that one week off and designate that week. I would've done two weeks this year, but I wasn't able to go to Florida. But might do that next year.

And as the kids get older, we'll see what happens. As long as I. Go on a vacation with my wife at least once a year, . Then then I'm, then I should be okay. And then I might go out west, every other year. During the fall, you know what's interesting about our Florida trip?

Last week on the podcast, we talked about hunting etiquette. We went into a deep dive. We had three really great guests on to talk about it. I thought, when I walked away from that podcast, I was like, man, I think we did the world a good service, right? Helping educate the rest of the Turkey hunting world.

And then we get down there, man, and it was the [00:04:00] show of the century , on Turkey hunting, etiquette, and ethics. All in the wrong direction, man. Yeah, it was hard. It was pretty bad. Maybe we need, it's the worst I've ever been around. Yeah. Maybe we need to focus more on the Florida demographic. For the Limb Hanger podcast, cuz maybe it ain't reaching down there.

Here's the thing, dude, here's what I truly believe. The majority of people are not gonna be that way. They're just not gonna be that way. I think just in being with the guys at camp this week, like pretty much everybody in that group was from Florida and they're like, yeah, that's Florida.

Most of them aren't the kind of people like, like we are. They're, and I don't want to, I don't want to, I don't want to say there's not, it's not even a demographic of people really. It's just people who don't really, who aren't really into the hunting media type stuff. This is just how they've always done it and this is how they're always gonna do it.[00:05:00]

This is how grandpa did it and. , you ain't changing their mind. It's not a demographic. It really isn't. It's a . It's just a thing. And it tends to be pretty prominent in Florida. Yeah. Do you think it's because those guys just are homebodies and they hang around. They stick to their own, they stick to their own state because one, if, unless you're going to somewhere in the southeast, or at least even from North Florida, everywhere else is a pretty good haul.

And if you live in South Florida, everywhere is a long way away unless you fly. And then, flying gets expensive. So do you think it's because they just stick around Florida more so than maybe other states and they just, they don't get exposed to other public areas or other states?

And I dunno. So here's my thoughts. Okay. My wife's from Florida and she's got a lot of family that's from Florida and they're like, OG Floridians. A lot of Florida is, people who [00:06:00] retired from New York or something like that. There's a lot of Yankees down in Florida.

Snowbirds. Yeah, snowbirds. Exactly. And but so anyway, her family is, they're all from there and they're country, right? There's some people in her family who are country and it almost like out where they live. They're perfectly, they're great people really good people, but out where they live, like it is, it feels lawless on a lot of these public areas.

I don't know if that's because there's just not enough game wardens to really do anything, but if anybody's listening to Southern Ground Podcast. Where I talk about Florida and my first experiences in Florida, I felt like I had entered into Mad Max. Like the thunderdome it was just, it was, it felt like there was so many people breaking laws that it really just, nobody did anything about it.

And that's just how it, I don't know. I don't [00:07:00] wanna talk bad about the people of Florida, cuz everybody I know personally from Florida is freaking great. But I, it does seem a lot of it's cutthroat. It's very cutthroat. , very cutthroat. And we're blowing up their w M A on opening day, like that we rolled deep.

There was a lot of people in that area. So if I'm these guys, like I can see where their agitation might come from, but they're also rolling in at daylight, right? Yeah. We've been sitting there since three 30 in the morning. Yeah, I'm right there with you, dude. There was no, there's no justification for it because if they came to my home place, I might be a little bit pissed off or whatever, but I can't really say that they were doing anything wrong.

And I'm not gonna be disrespectful to 'em. I feel like I'm fairly, and even, which what we're gonna talk about it later, even to the guy that was very disrespectful to us on opening day, we I didn't say anything that I'm ashamed of to him. You know what I mean? There's nothing about what I said to the guy that I felt [00:08:00] was outta line or even almost rude.

I think it goes back to what we talked about in that last episode. It's like defensive driving. I felt like I, maybe, I maybe got, I said enough to maybe get myself an fender bender , but. But I was not, I wasn't just all out, go away your tool. I didn't, there was none of that.

I was just pretty firm and Hey dude, we've been here. So I guess we could, I guess we teased it. I Do you wanna, you want me to tell that story, Adam? Yeah. I was love to hear. Yeah. Let's get into that. . So it's opening day, right? And we had found, we spent three days scouting.

The last podcast we talked about it, like plans fell through. We decided to go and scout for three days. And so we had pins on 15, 12 to 15 birds that we knew were there. There's a bunch of Turkey gobbling in the days prior to season that we were able to pin and it actually, we were really excited.

But the spot that we wanted to go to from the gate [00:09:00] to the property line you're talking about, a couple hundred yards, a few hundred yards. Not a lot of land there to work with. But we had turkeys, that had been doing the same thing for a couple days in a row. We were like, okay, we're gonna go after 'em.

And so we got there early knowing that we're probably not the only people that heard these turkeys gobble, I, we didn't camp there, it wasn't like an unreasonably early time to get to a public land gate. I don't think We got there at three 30, which is early, but not like stupid, not I think camping there overnight, I could see where somebody would be a little bit upset about that.

Parking a car there. I get it. I'm not gonna say I wouldn't do it. I understand where people would get upset about it. And if I parked your car there overnight and somebody else went in there, I'd probably be like dang, . Yeah. We even dealt with that, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. With, yeah.

And I'm sure you'll talk about that too. Anyway, so we sat there from three 30, me and Adam and Casey and Eli, the two guys that came to film for [00:10:00] us. And we're sitting there, we drank our coffee, we're laying and people are pulling into the gate left and right, just one after the other, driving by us.

They'd pull into the parking spot, peel out cuz they were pissed and leave, it was, it was funny. It's funny to watch it as bad as you like as, as bad as it sounds you're kinda like, ha got him. And I don't mean that, I don't mean that in a disrespectful way, but I think everybody feels that way when they see somebody try to get to the gate and you beat 'em there.

You're like, ha, . And six 30 rolls around. We're trying to get our stuff packed up and ready to go. Kind of start seeing the sun coming up over the horizon where you can see the silhouettes of the trees and the old boy pulls in a two-toned Tundra whips into that gate and parks and gets out.

And I'm like, okay. He gets outta the truck. I said, Hey man, how's it going? He said, oh, I'm doing good. I said man, we're gonna be, we're gonna be up in that area. Like I said, it's not a whole lot of space and it's definitely not room enough for two hunters. There's so much property here. [00:11:00] I would've been even more okay if he would've pulled down a hundred yards down the road, went into where he was gonna go, whatever.

He pulled in right there with us and I said, Hey, we're gonna be, we're gonna be all over that area, all the way back to the property line pretty much all morning. And he said that's where I'm going too. And okay. And I think, Adam, you said, what? What would you say? And I said he said, he's gonna go in there anyways.

I said, Casey, let's just go ahead and get packed up and go, at this point we have a lot invested. We've got scouting here that we've done. We beat the guy, right? Like we're not doing anything wrong. We beat him. . We packed our stuff and I walked over to his truck and pulled up my maps and I was very honest.

I was like, Hey man, listen, right here is where we're gonna start out at right there. And he said, yep that's right where I'm starting at too. I said, okay, that's fine. You're more than welcome to go in there. I can't tell you, you can't go in there. We've been here for three hours and we're not leaving.

So [00:12:00] if a Turkey starts gobbling, we're not gonna screw you up on purpose, but we're also not gonna be too terribly concerned about your presence there. And he said all right then. I guess I hope I kill one, and maybe y'all can too soon. And if not, God bless it. That's exactly what he said. I'm like, okay.

Another, here's another thing. The guy was drunk as a freaking, I don't know. Wow. I don't know what the analogy would be there, but he was super drunk and you could smell it like, I felt like I was drunk after smelling his breath. . It was bad. Y'all . I wish that smells would come through a camera lens.

Also, Casey was filming this whole thing because in my mind I'm like, if something were to happen, number one, we want to have this documentation. Number two, we just did a podcast about hunter ethics. What a great example of bad hunter ethics. It's just easy content, right? Obviously we are not gonna share, I don't even know the guy's name.

We're not gonna share his name. I'm not gonna show his face, but it's really bad. I was just gonna use it [00:13:00] for something, whatever. Do it for the gram. Some piss some people off. But I was like, oh and here's my thing. I had no intention of getting anywhere close to this guy. Okay? You guys know, and everybody should freaking know.

These people that think they're better than everybody, whatever, can shut up. You should know if you know me. . You don't even have to know me personally. Just watch the videos. Listen to the things I say in the podcast. I'm freaking not, I'm not gonna go up and try to get myself killed, right? I'm not gonna try to get myself in a fight.

I'm smarter than that. So there's that. I had no intention of actually going in on this guy. I was just trying to get him to freaking go away. We're not gonna worry about you if Turkey's gobbling over there, we're gonna go whatever. So we get set up in a spot and we sit there for a while.

Looked really good. We had a Turkey roosted there the day before. I figured if he's there, he'll come pie he'll be around here somewhere. We might be able to get tight enough to hear him gobble or something, don't hear anything. We sat there for about an hour and a half a daylight. Then start working our [00:14:00] way down the property line back to the other direction because it was all swamp in front of us.

There wasn't really any way for us to cross it. So we start working our way back the other direction and. We're crossing a swamp and all of a sudden we're literally on the property line trying to hear birds on either side. Cuz if a bird's on private, then we were gonna try to pull it over to public, obviously.

And we're walking on this property line and we hear a shot really close to us on the other side of the property line. I pulled out OnX and I was doing the little directional thing point. It was obvious that it was probably 50 to 75 yards on the other side of the property, on the other side of the fence.

And I looked at Casey and I was like, bro, that's gotta be that guy. If it's not that guy, then it's somebody else hunting on the private land. But crap, they're close, and we hadn't heard any turkey's gobble all morning long. And if there was a Turkey gobbling over there, we would've dang heard it.

So I wasn't trying to catch this [00:15:00] guy, I wasn't trying to get myself in a bind If he shot a Turkey on. Private land and poached it. I obviously, with this guy, with this drunk dude, I'm not trying to get caught in the middle where he gets caught, does something stupid, whatever. So we take our time walking, like we give him time to do his thing, whatever, take our time.

We finally get to a trail and Casey finds a boot track. That boot track is fresh. It had rained that morning, so it was like absolutely fresh. We start following the boot track and the boot tracks just continue past the fence. And this fence is not, it's not a good fence. It's not like he had to struggle to cross it.

It's like a two strand barbed wire fence so he could just cross through. And it continued. We never saw a pile of feathers, never saw anything. That's what I was looking for. Whatever, he can do his thing. I don't care. But the joker poached Turkey, right? Like you can safely assume with this situation that he did not have permission to be on that private land.

He was just an outlaw and he [00:16:00] didn't care. It wasn't anybody gonna tell him what he could and couldn't do, whatever. So we walk back to the truck after some rain, walk back to the truck, and I go to open the door and I find this feather sticking in my windowsill. Like anybody would, nobody likes that, right?

Like you could say people can say like, why would you lose your temper about that? You would too. Everybody would. It's a douche wad move. And the guy was obviously being just a giant dickhead and that, that's all it was. That's what it was. And if anybody says any different, you might be one, two

. Whatever. I know some people are probably gonna say maybe he had permission right? To hunt on that private land. If he had permission, he would've said so at the gate. He'd have been like that's fine guys. I got permission to hunt that private property. I'm gonna access it for public.

Cause I know where those birds are. Roosted. It's that wouldn't've been his response. And then, you know what I would've said, okay, all right. We're still gonna hunt the public side. Yeah, but whatever. So that, oh, I [00:17:00] was so pissed off. Obviously I'm still a little bit hot about it, just because it's like, it's just in bad taste.

It's super disrespectful to do that. He had to touch, he touched my property, he touched my truck to do that. I don't know if you guys have ever been robbed before, but it was a similar feeling. It was like whoa. You can say all you want to my face, but you're gonna touch my things. Whatever.

Maybe I'm being a little, do you feel assaulted? Huh? ? Do you feel assaulted transgressed upon? Yeah. , show me where, show me on this truck where he hurt you. . I told Case Did you keep the feather? I threw it on the ground on film . I told Casey to start filming once I saw it and we talked about it and whatever.

Then a game warden pulls up and she's checking licenses. It's open a day to be expected. I know she j just come by y'all, Adam. And I told her about it, and she was really nice, she was very kind. It was an easy exchange. But here, the funny part was I said I told her about it cuz it had just happened and [00:18:00] i's and I'm pretty sure he poached the Turkey.

Like we found his boot tracks. It obviously had just rained. It was pretty clear what happened. We heard the shot across the fence line. Then he put the feather there and she said that's a dick move , but it's public land . I'm like, no it's not. He was on private land . It's private land.

So today I posted a picture of the window on Instagram with the feather stuck in it and told that story. And some people have different opinions about it, but that's why we put that podcast out because I some people think that what we did by getting there early was wrong. And you can't reserve your spots and you can't blah, blah blah and whatever you are.

Correct. Like on public land, it literally is prison rules, right? Anything goes and you should expect anything. But common courtesy and ethic. Ethic isn't law, right? Like we're not, our podcast last week [00:19:00] wasn't hunting law. It's not law, it's just being a good human being. You know what I mean? Yeah.

Like just be good. I'm not saying you have to even say anything to the people and honestly, the guys who peeled out in the parking lot and parking area okay, I get it. But at least you had the sense enough to move on. That's my problem, man. And long story short, we ended up going back there the next day the next afternoon at three 30.

And I killed a bird, a really freaking nice bird too like boss tom type, nice bird. And it was awesome. Like all of our scouting paid off. We went in at the right time. It was beautiful and absolutely beautiful Turkey hunt. And so at the end of the day, it didn't really affect me and it didn't, I wasn't like, it didn't ruin my whole day, it was just an exchange that we had that I wanted to share because I think is a great example of, Hey, don't [00:20:00] do this. This is, it's a very extreme example because like I said, I have not had very many negative experiences like that on public land. and I hunted a lot. It's not like I'm not out there a lot.

They're, most people are just decent. But this guy was not

What let me ask this question. You said you guys got there at three 30 and then it was like six 30 when you started walking in. Yeah. What was the reason you sat there for three hours? It was opening day. That was it. It was opening day and we knew there was gonna be a lot of people there, and I'm glad we did it because people started showing up at four 30, so we beat everybody by an hour. We got out of the truck, made coffee at the tailgate talked for a little bit, chit chatted, ate our breakfast. I don't, I still don't think it was an unreasonable time because like when I deer hunt, I pretty much put in the water at. Three 30 [00:21:00] most days, three 30 in the morning, that's when I put my boat in the water.

And I'm not the only person that does that. I know that three 30 is a pretty normal time for people to get to a gate. , especially if they're worried about other people hunting the spot. Just makes sense to me. Yeah. We didn't punch into the woods because, I not in really knowing where these turkeys would be roosted now Parker and them had roosted Turkeys days prior.

They'd heard turkeys back there days prior, but the night before we went in, we didn't actually roost a gobbler. So we just knew they had been in that general area. So both the areas that Parker and I went to punching in maybe too far would've been a mistake in bumping birds off the trees. So I gotcha.

That was the reason we didn't punch into the woods. And that was my real question. It wasn't that, Why did you get there so early? Dude, I'd have got there at two 30. I ain't even gonna lie about it, , but I probably would've also walked in at 2 35. And just took my coffee and biscuit with me.[00:22:00] . That was another thing about this hunt that I forgot to tell about the interaction with the guy.

He said he said, so how are you getting to that spot? And you go in there, are you gonna turn left or are you gonna turn right at the fork? And I was like, homie, I hadn't been in there. We've just been here and turkey's gobble. We don't got any reason to go in there. We know there's turkeys in there, so we're gonna go in there and listen for where they're at.

Nothing groundbreaking for most of the people who are probably hardcore enough Turkey hunters to listen to this podcast. Like we were going, listen, try to figure out where they were and then make a move. And when I said that, he was like, he went, you haven't even been back there. I've been hunting this place my whole life.

And it was like, okay. . Why? I'm hunting it. I'm hunting it for my whole life, starting today. , like I'm keep coming. Wasn't a long walk to that. It wasn't a long walk to that property line either, right? No, it's pretty tight in there. Yeah. You're talking about hundreds of yards. Not, yeah, not in mile [00:23:00] increments.

It's not very far. And so for us it was like, there's no point in us going in there and scouting it, knowing that there's birds there. We could potentially risk bumping 'em outta that whole small area if we go in just honestly basic Turkey tactics, really. , Joe, you couldn't have punched in more than a hundred yards.

Like it wouldn't have made sense to, it just really wouldn't for either one of us. That's as far as we should have went in danger of potentially bumping birds. And it's not a spot, it's not a spot either though, Joey, that honestly, I would probably give a flip about if it wasn't opening day.

, or within the first couple of days of the season, like if we didn't kill a bird there within two or three days, I probably wasn't gonna go back because obviously people knew about the spot. People wanted to hunt it. It was mostly locals. , we hardly saw any non-resident tags.

It was Wow. Pretty much Florida tags the whole time. And for opening day, yeah, I'll go in there. Those turkeys haven't been pressured all year. I'll go in there and try to kill an easy one. Cause lord knows we're gonna [00:24:00] put some miles on our boots later on in the season. . That was another reason we wanted to start there too, is cuz okay, this one could be a potentially pretty easy bird to kill on the roost.

The two mornings before he was dang fired up. Like we were like, oh, we found us a good two year old that's going to come in strutting, cobble and doing his thing. . So we found a few of those that were really close to roads that we pinpointed for those first few days. And then we found some more that were a little bit deeper, probably gonna be a little bit harder to hunt that we were gonna focus on later.

But fortunately I was able to kill one pretty quick on the second day. I guess the reason that I'll go in the woods so early, at least around here, is maybe I, and this is just 100% for selfish reasons. I ain't even gonna lie about it. It's to lessen that chance of having that conversation of sharing that area.

And like I said, that is, it's selfish of me, but but if somebody pulls in behind me and if I'm at my truck 100%, yeah, [00:25:00] I'll talk with the guy. I'm not gonna blow anybody off and, anything like that I'll share information like, Hey, this is where I was planning on going and, we'll work something out.

I have no problem with that. . But I think I like to just get in there and just have an empty truck there and just have them guessing on where I'm at and maybe bank on the hopes that they're one of those, ethical public land hunters. There's somebody here, I don't know where he is at.

I don't wanna walk in on him. And I guess that is the reason that I walk in so early, whenever I go somewhere, just to go in there and it could be 150 yards from the truck or it could be three miles from the truck, but they don't know that. They don't know where I'm at. So I'm just hoping that they just pass on by because they don't know where I.

You're probably onto something, man. Honestly, like a lot of the Shouldn't say nothing . Honestly, I have a different perspective. I've always thought if I wait until the right time to go in, or the time I normally go in, [00:26:00] if somebody pulls up behind me, I'll just be like, Hey, we can talk through it.

But what I have found is, and I think we're maybe you're own is something, is they try to sell you, right? They're like, oh, you're going here. Oh, okay, if I go over here and you stay over there and then you find yourself in a position that's if I hear a bird gobbling over there, now all of a sudden I can't go after this Turkey because this guy's gonna be over there.

And he sold his way in on it, man, maybe you're on something. Maybe I'll just start going like 50 yard. If I don't wanna go any deeper just cuz I'm, I don't know where the turkeys are roost that go 50 yards in, throw, get up against a tree and just hide in the woods. let 'em go by. I think maybe too, that I'm probably too nice of a guy in those situations.

And if. . If I'm at the trail head and somebody comes in there, pulls it behind me, and I ask him, are we ask each other where we're going. If he points to the spot where I'm planning on going, I'll yield that spot. I was like I was planning on going, Hey, go ahead man. I don't know.

I guess I'm just too nice in that department. [00:27:00] We would've, because we would've done that. Yeah, absolutely. We would've done that if it wasn't for all the time that we'd put in there and we'd been there so early, man, like it was just like, at this point we have done a lot to be in this spot. , maybe I'm, I don't know, maybe I'm a coward or yellow for doing something like that, but the last thing that I want to do is get into any conflict with a stranger with loaded weapons in the woods.

Yeah. Is it's, I don't know. I would just assume, turn, coat and let that guy have whatever little area that he negotiated from me. and go do something else other than I don't, cuz I don't, I would have never met this person in my life. Probably won't ever see them again. Have zero clue about 'em.

And that's just a precaution I guess. It's hey go ahead dude. I, for all I know you had a bad thing, you had a bad thing going for you last night [00:28:00] and some could set you off and I might not make it outta the woods. I don't know. That's just that's just my way of thinking. So I'll, and you're at two 30, I'll just get there at two 30 and go walk in the woods and take a nap under the tree.

I think you're right Joey. I don't think it's the same thing that I said last week. It's defensive driving and so what we should have done, hindsight, I wish we would've left. I really do. I wish we would've just left cuz it ended up being a pretty wasted morning. Most people ended up here in Turkey's gobble, but we did not.

And so it, it did feel like we wasted our opening morning. However, we got a, an interesting interaction, that we can share. And I don't know, man I don't think any, I don't think it's gonna change anybody's mind who do that in the first place. And I don't think it's gonna change anybody's mind who is like us, at the end of the day, it's just is gonna be what it is, probably forever.

Yeah. But you know what, dude, that ended up being a heck of a day at our [00:29:00] camp, for the camp as a whole, absolutely awesome day. And I wouldn't trade it for anything cuz we had so much fun celebrating dude who did kill turkeys. Just following along on, Marco Polo with everybody, y'all I say y'all.

That whole group around there, it seemed people heard a lot of birds. Yeah. With the amount of people that were there, y'all encountered a lot of birds. And that's what made me even more jealous that I wasn't down there because there was a, I don't know, it just seems like a, they had to have had a bumper crop of turkeys two years ago down there.

I don't know, man. I don't know. I had a different experience. I was one of, I guess four people that shot a bird on this, in this camp. It was tough. It was not easy on us. We put in a lot of miles. I felt like a lot of Florida guys use the e-bikes, which is great. And I'm a, I'm an advocate for E-bikes.

I can't afford one, so I don't have one. But if [00:30:00] I could, I probably would use one in Florida for sure. Where it's legal. And it definitely seemed like it was an advantage because what we did on op, what me and Casey ended up doing on opening day was just a lot of walking and doing basically what we could have covered, what we did all day in 15 minutes on an e-bike.

And that's a pretty dang good advantage when you're talking about Turkey hunting on public land where, you're just walking around trying to strike birds after fly down pretty much. And in a bike you can just dang go. You can run 150, 200 yards up the trail call, try to strike one, don't hear one, ride another 250.

You do it so fast. It just, we ended up putting on like close to eight miles on that first day. And I'm pretty sure like our buddy Clay Harper probably put on for eight miles in like the first hour daylight , , but that's a great advantage and I'm for it. I just can't afford one.

That's it.[00:31:00] And I had that same experience, Joey man, I heard one gobbler probably within 300 yards. And the others that I heard were so faint. They were the mysterious phantom gobbles. . So it was tough and I didn't even get a chance to work at Turkey. Yeah. It just seemed in that group there were several experienced deer hunters that were not experienced Turkey hunters, but they found out in turkeys.

That's which I think true is some, I think more often than not. That's the hardest part for me. Just finding the blame turkeys. Yeah. That's a testament fair. Within it, it's a testament to mentorship, I think. , waltz, the chasing Kes, Marco Polo Group. It's got a lot like, like you guys know and these guys aren't, are not embarrassed to say it either.

A lot of adult onset hunters who have just started hunting and they live in Florida, most of them do, and , it's hard to hunt anything in Florida. And so they're just trying, really [00:32:00] trying hard to find people who will teach them and share information. That's why they found such a great group there is because they've got really experienced guys, a couple of them who are willing to share information.

And it really lowers the learning curve when you have somebody that will share information with you. How about that dag? Segueway. I know Adam wanted to talk about mentorship a little bit today. . I just now thought it just popped into my head. I'm like, dad, gummit, look at you. That, dude, you just, that transition, you just freaking killed it, man,

I didn't, I did. It was an accident until I just thought about it. I was like, oh crap, you shouldn't have sent that about mentorship. But you, your own point, man. Like these, there's some guys in that group that are willing to share valuable information to listen and help bring up those others and help them become successful.

And that's hard to find, man. You, and especially in Turkey hunting, you hear all the old stories of the old timers. It's these old timers wouldn't give, [00:33:00] they might give you a little bit of help, wouldn't take you hunting, and they'd only take you so far with the advice that they would give you.

It's just everything's so close to the chest. They also didn't have no turkeys. That's true . I see. I didn't have a, I didn't have a mentor. With Turkey hunting, I just got into it, and my dad wasn't a big Turkey hunter. And still isn't a huge Turkey hunter just because they don't really have turkeys where he lives in Texas.

And so I taught myself a lot and a lot of it was just absorbed because I learned from experience and it took me time. It took me a long time to really feel like I could figure it out. I feel like I've I'm not gonna say I've figured it out. I don't think we ever have, but I feel like an effective Turkey hunter now because I absorbed all that information.

But these guys are able to absorb it like quick they're able to take in this information from guys who really know what they're talking about. And I like, [00:34:00] they had a lot of encounters with birds and a lot of people were hearing gobbles from the people we talked to, on the trails and stuff like that.

Our group was. Pretty much the only ones seeing and hearing much. , obviously it's public land, people aren't gonna share information. You could tell. Yeah. We ran into several people who were like, eh, nope. , I've been sitting here all day. You could tell they were a little bit pissed off cuz they haven't, yeah, they haven't really heard or seen much out there.

And I'm not gonna say that our group was the best Turkey hunters out there, but I do feel like they were serious and they took it serious and had really solid information to go off of and that helps. I joined their Patreon, let's see, I think late winter or winter of 21 or 22, so over a year ago.

And within a year, I would say the interest in Turkey hunting has more than doubled [00:35:00] in that group. and I think before I got on there, the more hardcore Turkey hunters were. Walt and Chuck. I think Pat really likes Turkey hunting too. And he or he did before I joined anyway. But y'all know how I am.

We could talk about bowling and I'll end up talking about Turkey gun , so I don't want to take all the credit for that, but I'm gonna take a little bit of it for it because that's the only thing I'll talk about hardly on there. . He did name a Turkey call after you, Joey, , he must have appreciated it.

Is it really, is that what the JB stands for? I think that's right. And I think, no way. I had that thought today when they were talking about it, cuz I didn't know it was called the jv and I was like, Hey, they name the call after Joey Bell and that's actually what happened. . It's the worst calling in the dang pack too.

I don't know what that says about it. Yeah, I don't think anybody's gonna kill anything with it. . I'm joking Joey. I like it. I actually got it in my pouch. I got it in my pouch too. And It is a pretty good call. Is it the ghost cut? [00:36:00] It's like the offset at the offset ghost. Joey Bell. I was using your signature call when I killed.

Yeah, that Osceola. Would you look at that man? Something is, you might get a prize. You might get a prize from Walt cuz I think he was wanting if somebody got a Turkey kill on camera with one of those calls, he was gonna do something or remind him anything for you. I just won. I just freaking won that thing.

Baby just crushed it. Come on. I do. I do that call. It does some like really nice soft and subtle whistles and wines. You can get up, dude. It's I was talking to Walt the other day, I was like, man, I really can't find any kind of backend rasp on it. And he was like I didn't mean for it to have any backend rasp.

I really wanted that to be a softer quieter call. I was like, oh man, you nailed it on that one. Then I tell you, and I think so where Walt got that inspiration from last year, I got a ghost cut and in my opinion, for all it seems like every call I've ever picked up, it had too much rasp [00:37:00] from my liking because I couldn't do those, I couldn't whisper like a pur, I couldn't whisper a wine or a tree yelp.

It always just seemed too loud and my purses sounded more like fighting pers than they would like low feeding pers. And so I got this ghost cut and it was an, it was from Appalachian custom calls and I buy different calls, different companies every year now, but I've always used Appalachian and I took one of their ghost cuts.

And again, it just had a little too much rasp from my taste. And I took a little bitty pair, I guess surgical scissors, some kind of cosmetic scissors, teeny tiny scissors. And I just nipped the corners off that top read to where it wasn't more of a omega shape. I know, nobody's seen my hands now, but you guys know what I'm talking about.

, it didn't have those little fins on the edges [00:38:00] there. It was more like a straight horseshoe. And when I did that, I originally thought I had messed it up. I thought I'd just cut too much off those little corners there. And I started messing around with it. And man, that was the sweetest call that I have ever called with tree Yelps wines.

I couldn't do a wine before. I couldn't. . I tried to do a wine. It was, it would just be terrible. But man, with that thing I could just go, I don't know if y'all could hear that over the mic or not, but no Pressure Tree Yelps Wines. Purs. My purs got 25 times better and I was talking about it on the Polo Group last year before Turkey season.

Cuz January through March there's Turkey calls in my truck and I was telling the polo group like, ah, just, I think I just messed up this call. And then two days later I was like, this is the best call I've ever seen. Yeah. I've [00:39:00] ever had . And I think it peaked Walt's interest. And so he got with the guy at Honeycomb and I forget his name.

I'm, I apologize. Daniel. Daniel. Daniel, yeah. And he got with Daniel and he made that super sweet call and he called it the JB special look at. Walt does one thing really well. There's an old sayin that says only one. Still ideas. Shamefully still ideas shamelessly and Walt steals So many good ideas.

Joey, I'm so glad that he at least gave your initials to that. Like you have no idea. That's a big deal. I'm proud, I'm flattered. Hey, shameless plug for, we keep talking about Marco Polo and these great groups. We have this with the southern ground. Yep. Southern ground Patreon, which is doing awesome right now.

And, , I really think that these, for somebody who's especially new people into hunting like this is a really good option for you. And we have a [00:40:00] $5 a month thing and a $15 a month deal and they have different levels of. of what we do of the content that we deliver and the things that, that you get from us.

And yeah, it's really great. It, I believe a hundred percent in that. And so to steal ideas shamelessly, as you said, Adam, we have absolutely stolen this idea from Walter of this Marco Polo group. Ours is just a little bit better because it's more exclusive. It's more exclusive. Yeah, it is.

I'll say this. We were talking about the mentorship and it's one of the things I was thinking about the other day with these Marco Polo groups. None of us really had Turkey hunting mentors. One of the guys in our Marco Polo group in Southern Ground Group today was asking about calls, right?

Like Joey you and him, and I think Matt, all three of you guys went back and forth so many times today that I couldn't even listen to it all. But you guys were like helping him through with some calling issues. And that's literally having a hunt, a Turkey hunting mentor in your back pocket. Just pull it out. Hey Joey, what's up? So I think that's [00:41:00] really cool and that's a good plug for the Polo group too, just to, to have a mentor there and Parker, you'll be my mentor during deer season. As long as you're my, as long. And listen, I'm talking about, I want Eli to be my mentor during Oh gosh, yeah.

During Turkey season. My goodness. That kicking and call. I need to hear him call. I didn't get to hear him call. Oh, we got it on video. He won the Chasing Tales. Patreon Hunt grand National. . Yeah. And he is not even a patron for Jason Kill. He was just my camera guy. . That's perfect.

He was a stole away Chuck. He beat Chuck out for the whole deal. And Chuck's a dang good call at the end of a truck. I heard Chuck on I think Pat shared a video on Instagram of Chuck calling. Yeah, Chuck's good caller. Yeah, he is good. He's like, whenever Eli beat him, it was like the most, the white version of a break dance or like a rap battle.

Like it was like a, they would take the stage and we'd be like, oh, how did you hear that her, [00:42:00] everybody's going nuts. What did they used to call that? Cuz they used to have that at M T S U and it was all the black fraternities and it was like some kind, I think it was called Step or something like that.

I forget what exactly it was. Quick story. . Is this about break Dancing competitions? I forget exactly what the official name for it is. But anyway, all the the black fraternities at M T S U would all gather at someplace and they would have, it was basically like a dance off, for us white folk.

We didn't, I don't like, I can't remember the official name for it, but they had some cool name for it. And we had a couple, one or two of our brothers in a g r were really good friends with a couple of the guys from one of those fraternities and they invited our whole fraternity to come watch this thing.

And I think we were the first white folk to ever see such a thing in person because they had never invited any of the white other white boys Come watch this thing. Lemme tell you, it was one of the coolest things we ever saw. Like they had [00:43:00] their stuff together. But yeah the black fraternities at M T U had to step thing, invited a few of us white country boys, to come watch 'em, and we had the best time.

It was so cool. Yeah, it was, you had your old primo gobbler shaker out there. Oh, you know it. Yeah. . Did you just say the double-sided Lynch? Yeah, the double-sided Adam call. Adam said getting with it . But no, dude, we had such a good time on this hunt. And speaking of Eli's a camera guy.

For me, I got to film him shoot an Osceola yesterday. In the most fellas, I'm talking about the most beautiful setting that a Turkey could, I'm not gonna say ever be killed in because there's some pretty good views out west. But as far as the south goes, like it was like the most beautiful live oak hammock where there was a cattle farm and cows had pretty much grazed all the understory out.

And we called this bird like [00:44:00] o over half a mile. When I put the pin on it, we called him for over a half a mile straight line, which would be. Lord knows how much in the actual route that he took, and he came in spitting and drumming and gobbling and freaking strutting around. It was the most beautiful thing in this perfect live oak hammock.

I mean with, oh, I just can't, y'all saw the video. It's so beautiful. We got there that morning. We were like, what a beautiful place that was. This would be to kill a Turkey. Like I don't even want to kill a Turkey in that dumb pasture over there where we're probably actually gonna kill a Turkey at.

I want him to be in these dang woods. And we, he never even, his foot never even hit that field. He walked the woods, those oaks, the whole way to us. Just down, like an old road bed. Oh, it was like a maseo catalog. It was. There's a big difference in that. Those private land birds in Florida and the public land.

[00:45:00] Gobblers, man I got to hunt both last year. Ugh. It's so nice. Like hunting, like around the orange grove, these cattle pastures, all the oaks, the Spanish moss. It's just beautiful. I don't think there's any other state. I've never hunted Florida, but when I watch those Florida videos, it's, it's night and day difference, what the terrain is like.

Yeah. On private land versus public land down there. Now, a lot of places in the southeast, you could probably say the same thing, but there's a lot of private land, got hardwoods and ridges and haulers and everything else in Florida. If that, if the grass ain't waist high, they're probably on private

It's true. Yeah, it's true. If your feet are dry and the grass isn't too tall, . Yeah. , you're on private, if you're comfortable . Yeah. If you're in any shape or form comfortable. You're definitely hunting private. I got, [00:46:00] yeah. And this year for whatever reason, there wasn't as many burns.

And so like when you get in those burns, it's pretty easy. Walking in Florida, that's a good thing about a lot of Florida is they do a lot of prescribed fire and they just didn't this year, cuz it was dry or whatever. And so everything was just nasty thick. Why in the world, why in God's name want a Turkey ever wanna live here?

And so you're just kinda left. You find like random little tiny spots you're like, oh, this was where a Turkey could be. But if he's not here right now, I don't know if he's, I don't know where he is gonna be at. And they're, the birds out there they don't have any trouble in the swamp.

It just, It's a mental thing. I think you're like Turkey. Why would a Turkey ever want to be here? And then before you see a Turkey across the road and you drive up there and it's like, where did he even, why was he here? Why was she even here? How did it fit through those gallberry bushes?

It's just, it's wild. But the private land was like, I felt like I was in Texas. I felt like I was hunting a [00:47:00] high fence in Texas. That's what it feels like. Like just beautiful manicured, like perfect property. Looks like they could either have made a high fence ranch or a golf course. Wow.

Yeah, it was beautiful though. We took some really cool pictures. And Eli, he's 19, tore up about some turkeys and I'm telling you, both of those guys, Eli and Casey, they're impressive young dudes. And I expect that people are probably gonna hear more about them one day in the future.

We had when we had a blast together. It was so much fun. And we got great video footage for this hunt. So at some point this stuff's all gonna be up on YouTube for everybody to watch. Make it quick cause I still got a few more weeks so I can turn you on

That's rough. Yeah. I've talked to plenty of people from Tennessee as I am doing currently and , how are you boys feeling about that? Are you happy that they're doing something to maybe decrease some of the pressure and let a few birds live? Or are you just [00:48:00] more bummed that you can't hunt turkeys till the 15th?

I don't really know if I want to go down that rabbit hole tonight. , but . But since we're here, I have mixed feelings on the biological reasons. But I am anxious to see what it does to our hunting pressure. And we've talked about that on here before. We're gonna be opening up right alongside. , a handful of other states, and I make to see what it does.

Tennessee gets a lot of publicity. Let me and I'm gonna just burn a state real quick. All right. Since Tennessee's our home state, Joey, I hope you'll appreciate this. Cause we get so much publicity. , if you guys look at Kentucky and the number the harvest numbers out of there and the days allowed to hunt, which is way less than Tennessee, it's three weekends, right?

Yeah. And their tag, their number of tags you can get has always been around more like two versus where we at one point had four and [00:49:00] Kentucky consistently harvest as many birds as Tennessee neck and neck every single year. So now I, here's my thinking. If guys are really paying attention out-of-state hunters and they're saying, okay, Tennessee, Kentucky opens the same day.

and Cantu. Looking at those numbers, Kentucky might be my better state. I think it's time to go get that Kentucky tag. What I'm trying to say is, all of you out-state hunters are missing a good opportunity. Dang. Kentucky. Geez. Was that good? Did that feel good? Did that sound good? No I put myself as in that conversation as a Kentucky resident, and I hope you die today.


you sound like a really bitter Tennessee resident . We are, dude. We are. I'm Florida, man. . I'm be rolling up to the gate. See those Ohio tags? I'm just gonna whip in. I've been hunting here for the last three years. That's where I'm going too. That's why I'm [00:50:00] going. I'm going. That's why I'm going too

No, I, and I'm man, Alabama gets freaking publicity too, especially when it comes to turkeys because we've had so many Turkey tags and early opener. Early opener has always been a thing. Yeah. It's not really anymore if you're trying to hunt public land. . Yeah. We'll see if that helps things out. I don't know, Adam, you told me when we first started this podcast, one of the things you hate the most is a Turkey podcast host trying to talk about Turkey science.

When you're, I'm not an actual scientist for turkeys. I'm just a hunter and so I'm gonna be very careful, like my opinion is literally my opinion on things. Yeah, that's okay. I'm happy to see states doing something. Yeah. And they don't have to do everything. They don't have to, it doesn't have to be the answer, but like they're doing something and I think that's good.

I don't like that we have to wait longer and our seasons get cut shorter [00:51:00] and it's a little bit inconvenient for what I would like to be doing, but it is what it is. And hopefully one day we can figure out how to make this thing work. and how to sustain a population of turkeys.

I'm put I've got to put my trust in that I have, like I said, I have my opinions. I know everybody does. But I'm really interested cuz I like to hunt Tennessee too. I think Tennessee is a great state. Mostly cuz it's in close proximity to me. I can get there, I can get there the next fastest of any state.

And so I like it. I wanna see Tennessee make it. And I think, as it comes to deer and Turkey hunting, Tennessee's a solid state. It's a great place to be, not just because the, it's not like the hunting's easy, it's not like there's significantly more deer, turkeys or anything.

I just like the state of Tennessee. I think it's a pretty state and it's a great opportunity. I don't think that is burning anything. It connects to nine other states. So there's nine other states saying the same thing too, a little bit. I think it's nine, right Joey? [00:52:00] 11. Y'all keep talking and I'll rattle 'em off in my head.

Yeah, , yeah, you do that. I wanna clarify something real quick on the the Turkey science comments. So let me tell everybody why it's a little bit cringe for me when I hear every single Turkey hunting podcast. at the beginning of the year. They're all just focused on this Turkey science. All these hosts have all these opinions.

Everybody woke up one day and they're all a biologist now. There's a podcast out there dedicated to science and it's freaking awesome, right? And that's Wild tur the Wild Turkey Science Podcast. Now, that is an awesome podcast. That's right. Delivered by wild, like by office, by scientists, real life, by scientist scientists.

It's amazing the education you can pull if you listen to that. But some of these others, it feels like a business opportunity to, they're just like jumping in line and jumping in a trend. And we're gonna get your opinions on why Tennessee's gonna do this and Alabama's doing that, and how everybody else is wrong.

Nobody cares. Like you're doing this for a business is what it feels like. That feels cringe to me. So I like authenticity and [00:53:00] that's why I and guilty. Like I, I'm guilty as charged. I'm guilty too, because we all have opinions, right? And I know you weren't necessarily talking about me.

but it's hard when you have a platform, it's hard not to share your opinion about certain things. But at the end of the day I can't, I, I can't talk on things that I don't, I know nothing about it. It's just an opinion. And so I'm with you, dude. I definitely, that wasn't a slight towards you.

It was a I, I don't wanna talk about it because I don't know what I'm talking about. , honestly, most of the time the the positive thing out of all those opinions is that we have more people talking about turkeys. That's right. And even if they care for a handful of years, they care right now. And the negative of that is, could be what I just said, and I hope it doesn't turn out to be a trend of that.

People just quit talking about these Turkey science and how to put more turkeys on the landscape. I [00:54:00] selfishly want so many turkeys. in my area that I have to run 'em off my porch every morning. Yeah. So that's where I'm at on things whatever we can do to put more turkeys on the landscape I am for.

Yeah. And then, after that, hunting opportunities increase you, when you got more turkeys, you can increase hunting opportunity and let's just focus on making more turkeys and let's keep that going. We got a lot of people on board with it right now. Let's keep it going for another 10 years or so.

At least. I think I have the biggest issue with the whole thing when people make an assessment only based on how it affects them. Yeah. You know what I mean? I'm in favor of Alabama trying to see if, maybe five Turkey tags is too many, and they moved it down to four. I look forward to today, to the day when they say, you know what, maybe four is too many and they move it down to three.

I'm like, if for nothing, if we had the amount of turkeys that I felt like [00:55:00] it could sustain it, like sustain taking five birds, if we had so many turkeys that was o I felt like that was okay. All I can tell is my experience and my experiences. I go to other states that have a one Turkey, a one bird limit that have significantly more turkeys than we do, and it's maybe there's a correlation here.

I don't know, , I'm not a Turkey scientist, so I can't talk about it. The issues I have are when I speak directly with these biologists or whoever, when I talk to them on the phone or I'm in those meetings with them, that if. I think one common thing throughout most of the country is that people don't know exactly how many turkeys they have in the state, and you can give them the benefit of the doubt that they're reducing the limit to be on the safe side.

But when Turkey coordinators [00:56:00] cannot tell me a biological reason why they made some of these adjustments that I have a problem with now it's common knowledge. I think that we have less turkeys than we did probably 10 years or so ago. I think that's common knowledge. What I cannot find an answer to amongst all these doctors, biologists, scientists, state level Turkey guys, they cannot tell me if it is a true decline in that Turkey populations.

There's something happening that they're not making more turkeys than they used to, or. if it's like many other game bird species or rein or reintroduce species, after the market hunting area, after the market hunting era, if it is a plateau after an introduction, like in Tennessee for instance, we, they introduced turkeys, what in the eighties and then the [00:57:00] early two thousands, 20 years later, bumper crop of turkeys, piles of turkeys.

And there's been a decline from that. Now, I'm not ashamed to say that Tennessee still has a pile of turkeys. I'm not ashamed to say that on a podcast. Everybody knows we got a bunch of turkeys. . Adam's not happy with me . But Tennessee's got a bunch of turkeys. Alabama's got a bunch of turkeys.

Kentucky's got a bunch of turkeys. There are a bunch of turkeys in the southeast. And I think. , we just can't put a finger on if it's a hunting issue, if it's just nature doing its thing after an intro, after introduction or whatever reason. And I think some, I think because it's cool to talk about Turkey science and population decline and everything else, there may be some knee-jerk reactions from these states regarding [00:58:00] regulations.

And not necessarily because there's, there are biological reasons, but because there is outcry from the hunting community, because it's cool to talk about Turkey populations on social media. And it's easy to, it's easy to say we should just lower the limit. We should shift the season back. We should do all these things.

But we don't have a whole lot of data to prove that. And I think when we start, , when we start making regulations based on emotions and not science, we're no better than the anh hunters in my opinion, because a lot of their proposed changes is out of emotion and not science. And I don't think that's the route to go.

Okay, I'll shut up now.

Adam heard one thing and one thing only in that whole spiel. It was Tennessee has so many turkeys, , no pile [00:59:00] of turkeys. pile. Yeah. To quote pile of turkeys. I have a couple of sentences I'll send you after this this call, and I'll send it to you via a text message. Parker, I think you both know what his fucking like

Oh, inside joke. Inside joke. No. Here's the thing, man. And this is where I end this conversation. And seriously, I'm not Dogging you with this Adam? Like my opinion is just an opinion. Yeah. Pretty much on anything. With everything we've talked about today, when it comes to hunter ethics and things like that, it is an opinion.

And nothing I say should ever be, unless I tell you like I'm a hundred percent confident that what I'm telling you is fact. That's all it is. It's just an opinion. And I think that's where a lot of podcasts fall. You look at radio shows, talk shows, e s, espn, anytime anybody's talking , there's a lot of opinion mixed in with fact and [01:00:00] thus the world we live in today. And so I think using your best judgment I'm not gonna say like self-police, cause I don't, I just don't like the word, but if you got buddies, this is how I try to be if if I got buddies that I feel like are doing something unethical or whatever, which is common, I'm not, a lot of people, a lot of people do things, say things, whatever, based on what you're saying, Joey, emotion I'll sh I'll be honest with them and I expect my friends to do the same thing to me.

If I do something that maybe is questionable or say something that's questionable when it comes to p hunter ethics or whatever like I, I think we all need to be okay with growing in that thing. And I think that, and that alone is what's going to ensure that we can all enjoy ourselves when it comes to public land hunting and just Turkey hunting in general, you.

I will add that if everyone will go out and buy the old [01:01:00] Pro Turkey Hunter by Gene Nunnery the book or the audio book, read it, study it, treat it like your Turkey hunting Bible. , you'll, we'll all walk away. We will, we'll leave this a better sport. Whatever you'll call it, tradition than what we found it without a doubt that's a real plug.

Yeah. That is required reading in my opinion. Yeah, I agree. I think it's required req required reading every year. , I think it's a good one to ca catch up on. Yep. So 100% sir. I land. Hey, it's all an opinion to me. . The only thing you know for sure is there was a drunk guy in Florida. Jumped a fence, killed a Turkey and stuck his feather innuendo.

Yep. And that I've, and there's about, and I've still gotta pay taxes in April. That's pretty much it. And there's probably three times as many turkeys in Kentucky as there are in Tennessee. That's all I wanted to leave the podcast with. Not a, I'm taking that little bit of nugget to the innerwebs tomorrow during my workday.

I would say the people, I'll send you some data, [01:02:00] Joey, I would say the people of Kentucky would be mad, but they don't have internet, so they're not even listening to this. So there you go. They're all a bunch of deer hunters. Anyways they're all a bunch of deer hunters. They're fine. When Adam gets done sending me the mean text, he could drop me some knowledge.

All right, boys. Turkey season it's here. Fired up about it. It's beautiful. Ugh. I can't tell you how many times I got chill bumps this week. I can't believe this is right here. It's here. Dang. I think the two week getting push back is just making it even worse. Yeah, because I, you're seeing more people Turkey hunting before I can Turkey hunt where it used to be.

Yeah, I could probably deal with it for about a month, but now I gotta deal with it for a month and a half for go Turkey hunting. I'm worried about my kids, Joey. Cuz if you're able to take one of my children hunting, the other one's gonna be jealous that they're with you instead of with me after they hear you calling versus hearing me.

[01:03:00] Man I'm hoping you make that happen. That's still up in the air. We'll see we'll see what happens with that. I may I may have to postpone a couple things going on that week, , in order to be physically able to stomp around, but we'll figure it out. Let's let's wrap this thing up.

It's been a lot of fun catching up with you guys. I know everybody's itching to get in the woods. Those of us that have been able to taste a little bit of it, want a little bit more, and I know Joey's sitting there just hungry as all get out, and I know a lot of listeners are as well. Yep. Really good after it.

. Hey, one thing on the podcast, for all those that are listening we've already got some really interesting reviews, I'll say on Apple iTunes. If you guys wanna go read that, I would really encourage all of our readers, if you're not gonna leave a review, go to Apple iTunes, look at Limb Hanger.

I want you to really like, dig into that first one that you find and see if you find anything that might pop out to you. I think you're gonna [01:04:00] get a good chuckle, but if you would, if you feel like we've we've earned it, leave us a five star, say a little something nice about it, it's gonna help us out and move up those rankings and help people find out more more about our show.

And, we're, it's all our opinions, but we have a lot of fun doing it. Yeah. Amen. Yep. I apparently had a lot of fun in the making of that review. I don't remember with somebody's sister.

I wish I could, I wish I could tell you what that was all about, but I don't want to give it away too much. I think it'll be funnier if people just go look at it. Just go look at it. We wish you could remember too. Parker . Yeah, we do. . I never was much of a drinker or a druggie. Like I didn't

I pretty well remember most of my life, but I don't remember what did you call that thing? You lived in real quick? A Winnebago. Oh, I thought you called it like the Twinky or something. I got, I think I got that off [01:05:00] Obx . I got called it, I called it the beggar. The, that's really what we called it. We called it the beggar.

Mr. Baker. I like it. Wow. It's 77. A lot of things just made sense. All right guys, let's wrap this thing up everybody. Y'all have a good one. Thank you for listening. Good luck. Hey, thanks for listening to the Limb Hanger Turkey Hunting podcast. Hope you tune in next week for another great conversation about our favorite bird in the woods as the Wild Turkey.

We'll talk to you guys next week.