Planning for Success in Drought Conditions

Show Notes

Stay inside and beat the summer heat with a good old fashion BS session this week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast. The dog days of summer are here and it is hot and dry. This week on the podcast, John discusses his off-season prep, his plans for this upcoming fall, and gives his two cents on the current dry conditions. John talks about how he thinks the drought will affect the deer herd, and how that will play into his hunting strategy for this fall.

A large portion of this week's podcast is about John's plans for this upcoming fall, and if you are a listener of the show, he is looking for your input! Oklahoma whitetail, Texas whitetail, and Colorado elk are already on the schedule. John also has an opportunity to hunt whitetails in Nebraska, and the potential to hunt black bear and mule deer in Oklahoma. He is looking for some listener input to help him decide, so give this episode a listen and then let him know what you think!

Show Transcript